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First Time

by Anonymous

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My first time, truth or fiction???

I had been living with my boyfriend for about 6 months and we were now very comfortable with each other. We are both into the bsdm lifestyle so it was not uncommon for us to tie each other up. One night, Mike came up to me and asked if he could be tied up and then hidden someplace where there was a risk that he might be discovered.

He said, “It would be a rush to be hidden without people knowing that I was there, yet still have the risk of being caught.”

I thought about it for a second and then said, “OK, what do you have in mind?” Besides, this has the potential to be a real fun time for both of us.

Mike said, “You know that it is girls night out tomorrow?”

I said, “Yesssss and?”

“Welllll, what do you think would happen if one of them accidentally found me?” he asked all shy like.

“I think that they would turn red at first and then laugh their asses off once they got over the initial shock. Most of my friends enjoy the bondage thing, so I would consider them more enlightened than some other people might.” I replied. Besides I thought, depending on how he wants to get tied up, and it was usually naked, this could turn out to be a lot of fun for all of us.

“Ok” he said, “I think that I can handle if some of your friends think that I am a little weird.”

“They already know that!” I laughed. “So where do you want to hide in this spacious condo?” I asked.

“Well I thought that I might hide in the garbage since we don’t have any other suitably large enough hiding spots.”

I laughed as I looked over at the small white kitchen garbage can we had and said, “Sorry honey, but I don’t think that your going to fit in there”

“Actually, I have thought about that.” he said as he walked over to the kitchen sink. He bent down and opened the cabinet under the sink and pulled out a box of garbage bags.

I laughed, “You’ve been thinking about this for awhile haven’t you?” I quipped.

“Uh-huh” he said with that smile he has.

“Ok, have you thought about the fact that people suffocate in plastic bags?” I asked with some concern in my voice.

He replied, “I have thought about that, so you might have your work cut out for you, but I don’t think so. If for some reason you have to tie the garbage bag closed, take both ends of the garbage bag and tie them in a granny knot. Just leave a hole in the middle like this.” he demonstrated. “I will be able to get enough air through that hole.”

“How do you know?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“I tried it out to make sure that it would be safe for me before I asked you.” he replied.

“What if they throw dirty, stinky garbage on you?” I ask.

“Part of the price to pay for the thrill of hiding.” he said.

I reached over and grabbed his crouch. “And so what part of this idea got you all excited? The garbage being dumped on you or the hiding?” I asked.

“A bit of both.” he replied, “Cause if they are throwing garbage on me, then that means that I am successfully hiding and they don’t even know it.”

“Sex?” I asked thinking that since he has such a nice hard-on and he wants something from me, so I get to have whatever kind of sex I want tonight.

The next morning he woke me up with a smile on his face and said, “Remember, I get to hide tonight!” with excitement in his face and voice.

“Yea, yea” I replied still trying to wake up after a good nights sleep. “Just make sure your home before I start cooking supper, cause once I have started getting supper and the condo ready for the girls I don’t want to stop and hide you.” I stated with a stern voice.

“No problem, I’ll be there with bells on,” he cheerfully replied.

“No bells, they make too much noise.” I said as I laughed.

I had just gotten home from work and walked into the condo to see Mike sitting there on the couch with a smile on his face. He quipped, “Look no bells on!”

“Oh yea, I had forgotten about that part.” I said, “You get ready and get your stuff while I go get out of my work clothes.”

He quickly walked over to all the windows and closed the drapes on all of them. Next he ran into the bedroom with me, stripped down naked almost as fast as he does when I offer sex. Then he ran out into the kitchen and opened the box of garbage bags and took one out. Next I heard the closet door open and the sound of another bag hitting the floor. I came out of the bedroom to see Mike standing there, buck naked, with a huge smile on his face next to a garbage bag full of something and holding a new garbage bag in his hand. Next he began to unfold the garbage bag, which took a lot longer than I thought because this garbage bag was huge. He saw the surprise in my face at the size of the garbage bag and stated, “These are the garbage bags they use for construction. They are thick and big to hold lots of heavy garbage.”

“I don’t doubt that.” I replied, “So how do you want to do this?” I asked.

He got down on the floor sitting with his knees held tight against his chest. “First, wrap me up with a layer of saran wrap,” he stated, “Then take the duct tape and wrap it around me to hold me in this fetal position.” he said. After I had done that he rolled onto his back and said, “Now take the garbage bag and slide it underneath me and then lift it up so that I am lying on the bottom of the bag with my back on the floor.”

Again with some difficulty I performed the task he asked of me. “Now what?” I asked.

“Well you can open that other bag of garbage and dump in on me so that if your friends look in the garbage bag all they see is garbage and not me.” he said.

“Do you know that you are going to be in there a long, long time? Cause us girls have a supper and a chick flick and then whatever else comes up, going on tonight. You might be in there till tomorrow.” I stated. “What if there is so much garbage that I need to start another bag? Don’t you think that they might get suspicious if I don’t throw out the full bag?” I asked.

“Well, I knew that I was going to be in here for a long time which is why I wanted to lay on my back. I have already gone to the bathroom so I can make it till tomorrow morning. And if you have to throw me out in the garbage dumpster, the garbage truck does not come till Wed. so you can come let me out tomorrow morning.” he replied. “Just remember to leave that hole so I can breath.”

“Anything else?” I asked.

“Nope, I think that I’m good to go.” he stated.

“Ok, but first I have one more thing to add.” I said. I walked away to the bedroom leaving him there in the garbage bag all tied up. I came back with a ball gag and smiled at him down at the bottom of the garbage bag. He was a little crunched up with his head on his chest but surprisingly he actually fit in this huge bag. I rustled the bag down past his head and said, “Open wide! I don’t want any unnecessary noise coming from the garbage tonight.”

I place a ball gag in his mouth and secured it to the back of his head. Then I pulled the garbage bag up to the full height, I grabbed the other garbage bag and opened it up. I looked in side the garbage bag and saw him looking up at me. I smiled and looked down at his crotch. “Well, I do believe you are enjoying yourself, have fun and see you tomorrow.” I said. With that I placed the full garbage bag in the big garbage bag and shook it empty. I asked “Are you all right in there?”

All I got in reply was a “mmmmmm”.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” I replied. With that I threw the old dirty garbage bag in with Mike and his garbage and set about getting the condo ready for girls night out. First I went to the bathroom and cleaned it up. Then I took the bathroom garbage and dumped it out on him. I received one of those sexual sounding “mmmmms” for that effort. I quickly replied, “You can’t be doing that cause your supposed to be hiding, so you need to act like garbage.”

With that reply he got quiet. Next I set about cleaning up the living room. After throwing out a few papers I moved to the kitchen to start getting supper ready. I got the vegetables ready and was throwing out the bad parts of the vegetables in our regular kitchen garbage when I realized that it was full and needed to be also emptied. I took the garbage bag out of the small kitchen can and stated, “This could get a little smelly and gross but you wanted to hide there” and then dumped the kitchen garbage onto Mike. The garbage bag was starting to get full' it was over ¾ full with garbage and Mike.

With supper started and the condo now clean I heard the buzz at the door. I went over and buzzed them and turned to Mike and said, “It's too late now, your stuck in there for the night. Have fun and keep quiet.” I went over to the door to answer the knock on the door. “Come in.” I said to Stacy, Sherry and Michelle. The three of them walked into the condo.

“Wow, that smells like home cooking to me.” Stacy commented.

“What’s the plan for tonight?” asked Sherry

“Well we’ll start with chicken, rice, veggies and salad with a nice white wine for supper and for dessert we have chocolate turtle cheese cake. I’m feeling like a rebel tonight so I got the Thelma and Louise DVD to watch while we eat our dessert. After that I’m open to suggestions.” I stated. “Why don’t you girls go have a seat in the living room while I get the rest of supper ready. Is there anything I can get you to drink?” All three responded with “No thanks”.

Michelle asked, “Is there anything I can help with?”

“Nope, I have it all under control. I just have to carve up the chicken and we will be ready to eat.” I said.

“Need help setting the table?” Sherry asked.

“Nope, not tonight. We’re using paper plates, and plastic forks, knives and spoons so that I don’t have any dishes to do tomorrow. I hope you gals don’t mind?” I asked.

“Not at all, it’s a good idea,” said Sherry.

After I had finished carving up the chicken we all sat down at the table and had a very nice meal. We went through 2 bottles of a nice white wine with our chicken meal leaving all 4 of us a little tipsy. “Ok girls, time to do the dishes.” I said, “So everyone grab your plates and keep the forks if you want to or you can grab a new one for dessert. Just throw your stuff in the garbage and I’ll get the cheese cake and some more wine for the movie. Or does anybody want something else besides wine?” I asked.

“No wine is good” said Stacy.

“Go get the DVD set up Michelle, it is over there on top of the TV.” I said. After a few minutes of getting everyone their dessert and a fresh glass of wine we plopped ourselves down in the living room and started the DVD. I sat next to my best friend Stacy and got all warm and comfy on the couch. We finished off the third bottle of wine by 20 minutes into the movie and we started working on our fourth bottle. By this time we were all a little drunk and we were hooting and laughing with the movie sound cranked way up. We were having a blast. During the movie when the other two girls were not paying attention to me, I leaned over to Stacy and whispered in her ear, “Mike wanted to be tied up and hidden in the condo tonight. So I did!”

Stacy looked at me with a funny look and a grin she whispered, “Nooo wayyy”.

With that drunken smile I looked back at her and nodded. We both looked around to make sure that we had not attracted any attention and I went back to watching the movie for a minute to let the thought sink in. I saw her starting to look around to see if she could see were he was hiding. After watching her look around for a little bit I leaned over again and whispered, “And he’s naked too.”

Stacy’s eyes got big and she almost started to laugh but caught herself. She started watching the movie again because the other two girls looked over at us. We sat there watching the movie and started working real hard on that fourth bottle of wine. About 3/4s of the way through the movie she asked, “Where is he, I can’t see him?”

I whispered back, “Oh yes you can, as a matter of fact you’ve stood right next to him at one point this evening.”

Stacy’s eyes darted around the condo again, then she fixated on the big full garbage bag and looked at me and then back at the garbage and then back at me.

I just nodded my head.

The other two girls started just laughing at something in the movie and both Stacy and myself just lost it as well.

Michelle looked at us and said, “It wasn’t quite that funny.”

“When you're drunk enough it is.” I retorted and continued to laugh. When the movie was over Stacy and I had single handedly finished off the fourth bottle of wine and we were both completely drunk.

Sherry asked, “So you girls want to go out on the town now?”

I replied, “I think the town came to us tonight. I’m so drunk the room is starting to spin.”

Stacy said, “Same here. Aren’t you guys drunk too?”

Sherry and Michelle both replied, “Nope, you two lushes drank all the wine.” as they smiled.

“Well it was just sitting there on the table and you guys were letting a good bottle go to waste. So we drank it.” I said. It was 10 pm and the girls wanted to go out to the bar and party still. I looked at them and said, “You girls go out and have fun, I think I’ve had it for the night and I’m too drunk to go out.”

Stacy chimed in, “I need to sober up some too before I head home so you girls go on and I’ll stay here and help Teri clean up.”

Sherry and Michelle both looked at each other and then said “Are you sure you don’t want to come out?”

“Yes” I replied, “I will some other night.”

With that I let the two girls out and it was just Stacy and myself and Mike left in the condo. I looked at Stacy and then at the garbage and then back at Stacy and she just smiled at me. I told Stacy, “Go put on some good loud cleaning up music, it will make the job go quicker.” With that Stacy went and put on a CD and turned it up to a moderate but not loud volume. After the music was on I walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch and motioned for Stacy to come over and sit down. I whispered to Stacy, “God am I horny, not only did the wine make me horny but I actually enjoy the power I have over Mike. Besides you look hot yourself in that short skirt.” I leaned over and kissed her on the lips and we had a good kiss.

After the kiss Stacy replied, “Sure, get me all hot and bothered now.”

“Well why don’t we finish cleaning up and then we can sit back down and see what happens,” I said real nice and loud.

One thing that I should perhaps mention here is that both Stacy and myself are bisexual and we have enjoyed each other’s company many times.

I leaned over to Stacy’s ear and whispered, “He told me I could throw him in the dumpster, and I think he wants me to, so just follow my lead.”

Stacy whispered back, “Ok”

I picked up the dessert plates, forks and napkins and Stacy did the same. We went over and put them in the garbage together and then I said, “Looks like we're going to have to take this garbage out tonight, it's too full. Mike had dumped some really heavy garbage in the bag, so would you be willing to help me take it out?” I asked with a smile.

“Sure, no problem,” said Stacy returning the smile.

With that I tried to tie the ends of the garbage like Mike had shown me but it was too full. So I folded the top of the bag over the garbage and sat on the bag compressing the garbage. I actually did a little grinding on the bag working it all down nice and tight. Then I stood up and could tie the bag the way Mike had shown me. Although I actually had to tie two granny knots so that the bag would not come undone while we were pulling it. I looked at Stacy and smiled and then said, “Well let's go, you grab a part of the bag and I’ll grab this part.” With that we started pulling the garbage out of the condo and down the hall to the elevator. We pressed the elevator button and waited for the elevator to come.

Stacy asked, “How are we going to get this heavy bag in the dumpster? 'Cause I don’t think you and I will be lifting it in there, it's way too heavy?”

I replied, “Actually since this was an old department store there is a loading dock out back and the dumpster is lower than the walk way so we just have to drag it to the edge and push it in.”

“Ah” said Stacy with a grin.

With that the freight elevator opened and we dragged the garbage in and pressed the main floor button. We rode down quietly smiling at each other but saying nothing. When we arrived at the bottom the doors opened and we dragged Mike and the garbage out to the back dumpster. We dragged him up to the edge of the dumpster and looked in. It had some garbage at the bottom but was pretty empty. With that I gave a loud “Heave” and we pushed Mike into the dumpster. He landed with a resounding crunch and a metal dung. I said to Stacy, “You go get the elevator I just need to tie up my shoe lace here” as I smiled and motioned for her to walk away with a smile on my face.

Stacy replied “Ok” and walked away with a smile on her face.

After she was by the door I whispered to Mike, “Are you still ok in there Mike? It's ok, there is nobody around.” I said.

Mike replied with a muffled “Uh Huh” through the ball gag.

“Can you breathe ok?” I asked.

“Uh Huh” was the reply again.

“Are you having fun?” I asked

“MMMMMM” Mike replied in a sexual sort of way.

“I’ll get you out in the morning after Stacy leaves. Night, night, sleep tight,” I laughed and ran to meet Stacy at the door.

We ran inside and up the elevator. When the elevator closed Stacy laughed, “That was a lot of fun. It made me horny too. We’ll have to throw him out again, except next time can I grind the garbage down with my ass?” she laughed.

I grabbed her ass as the elevator doors opened and I said, “I’ll show you how to grind that ass of yours,” and we ran into my condo and had a great night.

We had a great night sleep in addition to the nights activities but we slept through our alarm set so that I could go down and get Mike out of the dumpster. As a matter of fact we woke up to the sound of a large diesel truck out back by the loading dock. My heart started to race and I jumped out of bed yelling “Oh my god,” as I put on my house coat and ran out the door. I took the stairs because the elevator was busy.

As I ran out the back door I ran into a big burly man who caught me and said, “Where are you going in such a hurry with nothing on?”

I immediately turned a bright shade of red and stammered, “I thought my boyfriend was leaving me.” I looked around and realized that it was just a moving truck and he was one of the movers. I grabbed a tissue out of my pocket blew my nose and walked over to the dumpster and whispered, “Mike, you ok? There is a moving truck out here with some guys around so I’m not going to jump in there and get you out. I'll phone you in sick and see you after work. I am already late for work, so bye honey.”

Mike replied with a quiet “mmmm”. With that I threw my tissue in the garbage and ran back inside to get ready for the day.

After work I rushed back home and even parked out back by the dumpster. The moving truck was gone but as I walked up the stairs to the loading ramp to look in the dumpster I saw that instead of being mostly empty like I left it this morning that it was now full. I thought “who in the hell would throw all the garbage in the dumpster during the day?” when I realized that there was a moving truck outside this morning and that they had probably chucked all this stuff in the dumpster. Now I was not only going to have to find Mike in that pile but I was going to have to dig him out of that pile before I could even get to him. I looked around to see if there was anybody within ear shot and then said, “Mike are you ok in there? It's me Teri.”

Mike actually heard me and responded with a loud “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”

As I was about to respond I saw a few of our neighbors pulling up so I said, “It's starting to get busy out here again and I am going to have to dig you out. I will be back after it gets dark and people have gone to bed.”

Mike responded with a resigned “mmmm”

I left him and went up stairs and got changed into some grubby cloths for my task tonight. I looked at the clock and it said 5 pm. The sun doesn’t go down till 9pm and people don’t go to bed till around 10 – 11 pm so I had some time to kill. I phoned up Stacy and asked if she wanted to come over for supper since I had some time to kill.

She asked on the phone, “Did you get Mike out of the dumpster?”

I replied, “Nope, you’ll have to come over and see for yourself.”

She said, “Ok,” and giggled, “I’ll be right over. Need me to bring anything?”

“Yea, some really grubby clothes, I could use your help. And pick up a couple salads at McD's for supper” I said.

Stacy came over after about 45 minutes and rang the buzzer to get in. I let her in and she walked right into the condo and put supper on the table. “Soooo,” said Stacy, “Tell me!”

I said, “Eat supper first, and then we’ll take the garbage down and I can show you.”

We quickly ate supper and then put the supper in a small white kitchen garbage bag, tied it up and then we both proceeded to take the elevator down to the loading dock. We walked out the door and as we got close to the dumpster Stacy quipped, “Holy shit, how did it get that full so fast?”

I threw the garbage on the pile and turned around and walked back inside and said, “Remember the moving truck this morning?”

As we walked in the door we opened it for another resident who was taking a large bag of trash out to the dumpster. I looked at the bag and at the dumpster and then turned back to walk inside to the elevator and said to Stacy, “I have to dig him out of there tonight and cut him loose. I think its going to be a long gross night tonight.” I said with resignation in my voice.

Stacy asked, “Do you want me to help you?”

“Actually, that is why I asked you to dress up in grubby clothes, but now that I have thought about it, it would probably embarrass Mike if you helped me dig him out. Remember he is naked?” I said.

Stacy replied, “I understand, and am actually glad that I don’t need to help you.” she said with a smile and started to laugh.

Stacy and I visited till 9:30 and then she left to go home for the night. I got all dressed up in some black grubby clothes and waited for it to get dark. Around 10:15 I decided that it was dark enough now so I headed down the stairs and out back to the dumpster. I looked around to make sure that there was no one around or could see. I walked up to the dumpster and then called out to Mike, “Hey Mike, its me Teri, I’m coming to get you out.”

With that I hopped into the dumpster and started moving garbage off of Mike and into the middle of the dumpster creating a little hole down to where Mike was. I got to Mike’s bag and started to rip it open. I stopped when I heard a door open. I looked around and I was crouched at the bottom of the dumpster beside a 5 foot wall of garbage just wide enough for me to get down. My one shoulder touched the side of the dumpster and the other the wall of garbage. I sat there curled up not making a sound, waiting for the person to leave. I heard the footsteps getting closer and the rustling of a bag.

Next I heard a man grunt and the sound of him swinging a heavy garbage bag. I looked up to see the garbage bag fly over my head and land in the middle of the dumpster. When it landed the wall of garbage came crashing down on Mike and I burying us both. I lay still and heard him grunt again this time I felt the heavy garbage bag land directly on the pile right above me. It flattened me out against Mike. I lay there quietly and heard his footsteps leave and the door open and close. I listened to make sure there were no other sounds before I tried to dig myself out. It took me about 10 minutes to dig myself out another hole again before I could get back down to Mike's garbage bag. I ripped it open all the way and took out Mike's ball gag and put it in my pocket.

He smiled at me and said, “Am I ever glad you came to get me. I thought I was going to die in here. I thought you were going to leave me to be taken out to the dump and buried. You may not like what I look or smell like. I wet myself a couple times today because I couldn’t hold it in any longer so please be careful. I can’t feel my legs anymore because they have been in this position for so long, so it might take me a while before I can walk.”

I was able to rip off the saran wrap but not the duct tape. I looked at him and said, “I’ll be right back I need to go get a pair of scissors and some clothes for you to wear.” With that I poked my head up out of the dumpster, looked around to make sure the coast was clear and climbed out of the dumpster. As I was climbing out of the dumpster my feet hit the wall of garbage and it came pouring back in on top of Mike again. “Shit,” I said with an angry voice and ran inside and upstairs to get some clothes and some scissors. I ran back down stairs and out to the dumpster. I looked around to make sure no one was watching and then I jumped back in and started to dig him out for a third time. I got down to Mike and started cutting the duct tape off. I got all the duct tape off and Mike was starting to stretch for the first time when we heard the voice of a couple of teenage kids walking down the alley.

One of the kids quipped to another, “I dare you to do a flip off that loading dock into the dumpster.”

“What’ll you give me?” answered the other.

“I’ll give you my last smoke.” he responded.

“Ok,” he said and with that we heard the sound of running footsteps getting closer to the dumpster and then this kid flying through the air landing on his bum in the middle of the dumpster on the big pile of garbage. The wall of garbage I had dug out came crashing back in on us yet again, but this time the kid came rolling back on top of the pile of garbage. We heard this big dwong of a head hitting the side of the dumpster and the laughter of the other kid killing himself laughing. The kid scrambled around on top of me squishing the garbage down tightly on me. The weight suddenly got less and the kid hopped out of the dumpster and said, “K, give me the smoke, my head hurts.”

The kids started walking away and we could hear them laughing down the alley. I waited till I could not hear anything anymore and then I started to dig myself out one more time. This time it went a little quicker as Mike was able to help. After we got our little hole cleaned out again, we got Mike dressed in some clothes and he said he was able to move now that he had some time for his legs to stretch. I poked my head up out of the dumpster and looked around and saw no one around, so I climbed out of the dumpster and helped pull Mike out of the dumpster. We both walked back inside holding each other’s hand and went and had a shower together. After that we both hit the sack and had a good nights sleep.

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