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Fateful Fantasy

by Trashbagme2

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© Copyright 2005 - Trashbagme2 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; naked; bond; wrap; cocoon; torment; breathplay; bagged; dumpster; compacted; collected; denial; mast; climax; cons; XX

I hear the frontloader type, garbage truck enter the dark and peaceful parking lot and feel it engage the dumpster as I gasp for air beginning to suffocate. I quickly realize this is no longer just role-playing as I struggle to break free from my tight bondage, causing me to sink even further into the plastic bags of trash.

I am naked, gagged and bound in a tight foetal position in four thick, shiny-black, 55-gallon, trash bags inside of the dumpster. 

I am gagged with a smooth, plastic, garbage bag and my wrists and ankles are bound together with duct tape so that my hands are behind my feet and under my legs allowing me to easily touch my tied cock and balls. More thick tape has been wrapped around my knees, keeping my legs held together and a rope has been tied around my neck, then strung down to my ankles to keep me in an unescapable ball tie.

"I might as well enjoy it", I think to myself, as I feel the dumpster begin to rise and tilt forward, so I squeeze my balls with one hand and stroke my hard shaft with the other. 

While the dumpster is being lifted and I am slowly suffocating, I recall how I got myself into this.

For as long as I can remember I loved to play in big, black, plastic, garbage bags (like a security blanket) so it was no surprise that my love for trash bags turned into a fetish when puberty hit me. I kept my passion a secret from friends and family but aggressively searched for someone who would be understanding and enjoy my fetishes and fantasies with me.

I finally found the Woman of my dreams on the Internet. She was Dominant and enjoyed mummifying and suffocating Her slaves with plastic bags. She was very interested in my garbage bag fetish and easily made me submit and meet with Her for a role-play session. She knew I would tell nobody where I was going and told me not to worry; I’d have the time of my life. 

We met at a burger joint and drove in Her car to the motel room that She had already gotten in advance. As we drove to the motel She ordered me to strip naked in the car. She was a tall, slender brunette with perfect breasts and full, luscious lips. She pulled into the motel parking lot and drove to the back to park. The motel had only a couple of cars near the front and the room was in the back near the large, green, garbage dumpster. 

She shut off the car and looked at me seductively. "Just remember slave, if you don't satisfy Me to the fullest extent, I will simply wrap you up in a few plastic, garbage bags and toss you in this dumpster with the rest of the worthless trash", She said to me sternly. 

This made me a bit nervous but excited me even more. After all, it was only role-playing.  'She wouldn't be able to lift me up high enough to throw me in that dumpster, I’m 150 pounds', I thought, reassuring myself that I would be safe with Her.

"Yes Mistress", I said softly, looking down at my hardening penis. 

"Lets go then, trashy slave", She said as She got out of the car. I checked to make sure the coast was clear then ran up to the door.

Before I knew it I was lying on the plastic sheet covered bed, bound and gagged. She slowly rubbed my hard cock as She called someone on Her cell phone. "Hello. It's set, he's all ours.” She said looking at me with a devilish grin. I moaned to her through the garbage bag gag and pleaded to Her with my eyes. 

"Don't worry bagboy, it's just one of my girl friends. We share all of our worthless slaves."

After Her friend arrived, they both undressed and put on shiny-black, latex, thigh-high boots and gloves that stretched up just past their elbows as they quietly chatted with one another. The next couple of hours were the best of my life. They mummified and suffocated me in many different ways with the fresh, smooth, plastic, trash bags as they made love to each other and kept me on the edge of orgasm without letting me climax. 

After they had several mind-blowing orgasms and were almost completely worn out, they restrained me in a tight foetal position that allowed me to jerk off but not escape. Mistress told me in a sexy voice how She had planned this whole thing out and the garbage truck would arrive at about 5am, which was in about 30 minutes. As they slipped me into the first big, plastic garbage bag, Mistress told me that they were really lesbians who got off on teasing and torturing worthless, male slaves like me and after talking to me online they decided it would be cool to dispose of me and no one would ever know where I disappeared to. 

I thought this was all part of the role-play and that made my dick even harder and her friend said, "Look, he really does want to be garbage". 

Before I knew it, I was wrapped up in four large, shiny-black, trash bags and they were tossing me into the garbage dumpster. 

"Man, they are so good at making fantasies realistic. I can't believe they really threw me in this dumpster!” I thought to myself as I listened to them walk away, talking softly.

I can't believe I let my fantasies and fetishes get me into this!

I feel the dumpster stop rising and suddenly it tips upside down, dumping me and the rest of the doomed bags of trash into the back of the garbage truck. In an instant I’m buried in smooth, plastic bags of garbage and the air in my bags rush out from the weight of the trash on top of me, causing the plastic to stick to my entire body. I pound on my cock harder and faster as the plastic clings to my face suffocating me unforgivingly. The scent of plastic and garbage is overwhelming as I wiggle around in plastic prison. 

Suddenly I hear the compactor motor start up and feel the plastic bags around me move. I picture Mistress and Her lover fingering each other as they watch their bag of garbage being disposed of. The rustling of plastic is echoing in my ears as the plastic bags surrounding me press against me harder and harder. I gasp hard into the unforgiving plastic as it clings tight against my face.

My body goes into uncontrollable spasms as my orgasm hits me. I relax, realizing my fantasy has come true as I am crushed in the trash compactor with the rest of the bags of garbage. I’m just a worthless piece of bagged garbage now.

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