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Fantasy One

by jejzie

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© Copyright 2017 - jejzie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; store; tape; fetish; fantasy; FF/m; bond; cuffs; hood; toys; estim; insert; trashbags; bagged; dumpster; tease; torment; denial; urine; strapon; climax; cons; X

I was just driving my car around town, with nothing much to do, when suddenly my mind was popping up with an idea. How about you buy some nice black bags and a few rolls of tape to play with...

Before I could think of a nice scenario I find myself steering to my local hardware store, I bought a 3 packs of tesa clear tape but didn't find the bags I wanted so drove somewhere else and on my way over there, I came across a new store, Fetish inc. I couldnt resist that... who can? hehe so I walked in .

It was Heaven on earth... latex, leather gags, plugs and many more, with some very nice looking ladies walking around as store personel.

One came up to me and asked me what I was looking for?

" .. uh well... do you sell trashbags?"

"Yes we do... small, big, colored?"

"uuhhh..." wow ..didn't expecting an answer like that so I said, "One that fits me?"

"Come with me," was her answer, "we can make them while you wait. How tall are you and what are you using them for? Do you wear them, or play inside them?"

... make them while I wait, my mind was going crazy so I said, "Both and you can deside what color and size."

"Ok", she said, "it will be purple and 2 meters in length and 0.5 meter width of soft, thick and strong quality."

"Fine with me", I said and ordered 10 pieces.

Then came the shock of my life when she offered the fetish fantasy shop special... when I asked what that was, she said a surprise package for one night for 500 euros plus some items from the store, "Now or never!" she said with a smile .

"Ok lets do that".

"Fill in this form of do's and dont's and write a little guideline for your fantasy the rest is up to us, we start at 18:00 till morning 06:00 then your free to go home".


So we went to do a little shopping for a hood with breathing tube, leather foot and ankle cuffs and an e-stim device for penis and anal play. Behind the store was another building where we went inside, it looked like a episode of storage wars on the inside. A hallway with on both sides big locking storage rooms for private playing... we went to number 7 and once in, the door went shut.

She told me to strip naked and put my hood on, while she prepared some items for the night. Once the hood was on I was blind, with only breathing holes...

"Sit down please", a voice said .. so I did. Then the cuffs came on with my hands behind my back.


This was it, no where to go till morning, thinking back to the list of do/dont's I couldnt remember what I filled in so a surprise it's gonna be for sure. The next thing I heard was something being rolled in the room, and I feel one of the new purple bags being pulled from my feet up to my neck and then something locked it in place .. it was a big leather neckbrace with several d-rings around it.

Then I'm being picked up by 2 girls and tossed in a large dumpster ( I think ) but no smell of real trash luckily. Now I lay there on a soft pile of bags, when I hear the girls laugh and say see you in an couple of hours, then they shut the top and all went quiet...

As time passed by I feel hot and sweaty but also happiness and I roll around in the dumpster thinking of what's coming later.

Two or three hours later the top opened again and I'm being released of my neckbrace and bag, my handcuffs are disconnected from each other and reconnected to rings in the corners of the dumpster, the same happened to my feet... now I'm spreadeagled on my back halfway in a dumpster, it was pretty comfy.

My breathing was attached to a longer tube to the outside of the bin, then the girls starting to throw more filled trashbags into the bin untill it was full past the top, and they have to stand on the lid to close it properly. Now breathing was harder but not uncomftable... time for the next two hours...

After ten minutes the e-stim came to life and I almost jumped (if that was possible) first the penis rings, then the anal plug. No steady rythmn but it was like they where testing the unit, after a time of pain and pleasure it stopped... come on please... then suddenly a nice pulse on my penis followed by pulsing in the butt then nothing again, this went on for two hours, then both jumped to life again for 15 minutes continously, an amazing orgasm followed... then silence again.

The pressure on my body got less so the lid must be opened now and the bags were removed, so was my hood.

"Time for some water", Two beautiful girls where looking at me with a wicked smile, they gave me some water and stuffed one of their panties in my mouth, then taped it in place, pushed a hole in the tape and feed a little funnel through the hole and one girl placed her pussy over my face and pee'd straight in the funnel and over the rest of my face. The second girl removed the e-stim and grabbed a small strapon and starting to fuck me softly.

I was treated more like trash than the customer I came in like and it wasn't over yet...

This went on for almost 30 minutes then they switched places and after 1 hour of piss and the strapon... the gag went out, E-stim back in, and the hood back on. All the bags piled back on top of me and the lid closed again... from there I lost track of time and fell into subspace... after a few orgasms I fell asleep dreaming of the girls.

Then I was dugout again for the last session with what turned out to be a nice 1.5 hour of playing in the dumpster with the two girls dressed in trashbags, fooling around till my time was up...

After 12 hours in the dumpster I was taken to a shower for cleaning myself and getting dressed again, they handed me my new pack of purple bags and we said our goodbyes....

Once I was at my house I went straight to bed and got a good sleep, then the alarm went of on my clock radio and remembed the adventure, it was indeed only just a fantasy, well maybe someday it will happen for real... .

now what is your fantasy?


author jejzie

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