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Family Garbage

by Phil

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© Copyright 2006 - Phil - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; bagged; gagged; messy; trashcan; stored; cons; X

Stacy took in a deep breath as she walked up the small steps of the porch to the door of the huge house. Pausing to set her bags down and smooth out her knee length skirt, she then put on her brightest smile and rang the doorbell. She felt months of tension trying to leave her shoulders, even as she took in another deep breath. While she waited, she couldn't help but marvel at the mansion sprawled out at the top of the hill. Pristine white, with sparkling windows and a wide lawn, she couldn't help but nod her head once, speaking to herself, "Mom and Dad sure did do well with this place."

A few moments after that, the door opened up, a woman dressed as a maid, and only a little older than Stacy greeting her with a slight bow, "Oh! Miss, you're early! Come in, come in! Your parents weren't expecting you for another half-hour. Please, let me get your bags." Before Stacy could even offer an objection the tall, matronly woman swept past, taking up the two bags in one hand each without any difficulties.

The woman was nearly a full six inches taller than Stacy's own height of five foot five, and much stronger to boot. The maid's hair was also a deep black color, with lush waves running through it; a sharp contrast to Stacy's own golden-blonde hair, which was straight as can be. She also had a very shapely body, with wide hips and large, soft breasts, nearly a full double D cup size.

Stifling a giggle, Stacy sighed, but knew better than to try to argue with her, "Thank you, Greta." She smiled warmly if a bit tiredly to the woman, and took a brief opportunity to give the dark-haired woman a hug; she'd been like a nanny and best friend to Stacy for years now, and Stacy always enjoyed her company, even if the woman could be a bit formal. Taking a few steps into the doorway, Stacy called out into the house, "Mom? Dad? It's me, I'm home!"

Stacy's cry was rewarded with a muted answer, and then a woman who looked like an older, slightly more shapely version of Stacy appeared, her long skirts brushing her toes, "Oh, Stacy! You're early, I take it traffic wasn't bad?" Stacy shook her head even as she shared an embrace with her mother. As she pulled back, she noticed that Greta had already gone into the house, probably to drop her bags off.

She gave her mother a small smirk, "Nope, plus I also wanted to surprise you and Dad. Is he home?"

"No, your father will be home later this evening, he had some things to take care of at the office. Oh it is a surprise, but I'm glad you didn't show up any earlier, we had a surprise for you ourselves, and we'd have hated to have you show up before it was ready." Stacy's mother looked over her golden-haired daughter with a mischievous smile, even as Stacy felt her hand being taken as her mother began to tug her, "Let me show you the house... it's simply fantastic! And you're going to be with us for the entire time?"

Stacy nodded her head, while a giggling sound escaped her lips. She knew mom loved to show off, so indulged her this. The tour went quickly, with Stacy being shown a variety of guest rooms and bathrooms, the expansive living room, the study, and even her parent's bedroom which brought a blush to Stacy's cheeks for some reason. Stacy couldn't help but frown a bit as she hadn't seen her luggage in any of the guest rooms so far, and turned to ask her mother which room she'd like her to stay in. She was waved off with a wide smile from the older woman, "Greta's getting it all ready for you now honey. Don't worry you'll see it soon. First though follow me into the kitchen."

Getting tugged along further, Stacy couldn't help but blush again, "You guys didn't have to go through so much trouble, really."

They entered the large kitchen a few steps later, and Stacy found her hands curled around a warm cup of tea, while she shared idle gossip and chit-chat with her mother. Her schooling at college came up, but Stacy had things well in hand, nor did her mother seem even remotely worried about her capable daughter. Stacy's eyes began to drift, taking in the various details of the room. Marbled flooring, wood countertops, and a multitude of plants gave the place a very warm atmosphere. What caught Stacy's eyes though, was the large black plastic trashbags that had been hung on a rail beside the trash bin, which had several full bags tied off around it. A wistful sigh escaped Stacy's lips, and her mother followed her gaze, giving her daughter a knowing grin while she took a sip of tea, "Mmm, still enjoy some of your old hobbies, dear?"

Stacy felt her cheeks turning red hot, but nodded her head once, "Yeah." She didn't bother to deny it; she had liked playing in trashbags for as long as she could remember. Her parents had found out fairly quickly, and although they had some initial concerns, they saw nothing wrong with what their daughter was doing. Both parents played with her; watching her sit in bags and wrapping them loosely at her neck, letting the girl squirm in the black plastic at her leisure, or watching her dive into other piles of full bags and hiding in them, spooking anyone who wandered by. Other times they would pretend not to see her, and say that the bags were looking full, so they should be taken out. She never did anything dangerous, and Greta always was close at hand to make sure little Stacy didn't do anything to get herself into any major trouble.

As Stacy had matured, her innocent play began to take a subtle turn, but her parents' support continued on, still occasionally teasing their daughter when they found her shifting through any garbage bags that would be on hand. As time passed, Greta had taken a more active role, teasing her young ward by putting Stacy in bags while Greta did the housework; a feat the strong woman was easily capable of. Since Stacy had gone to college though, she hadn't had a good play in a long time, and couldn't help but feel a bit of desire to go romp through the bags.

As Stacy began to slip out of her reverie, Greta appeared a few moments later from the door to the backyard. The maid gave a nod to Stacy's mom, who turned back to her daughter's curious face, "Well honey, you know your father and I have never stopped you from having some fun. Besides, you're on vacation; indulge yourself! We've heard you over the phone, and you've been working yourself to death. Just take some moments to relax, for me?"

Stacy grinned as she saw her mother give an encouraging nod, and with only a moment of hesitation Stacy was sweeping herself up out of the seat, and walking over to the bags hanging. She picked up the first one and gasped at the size of it, grinning up to her mother, "Oh thanks mom..."

"You're welcome baby, but wait, what are you doing?" Stacy's mother changed her tone as Stacy began to snap open the bag, giving her daughter a curious look. Stacy stopped in her tracks for some reason, and then shrugged her shoulders. Before she could reply, her mother shook her head, "You know better than to open a bag without a proper dispenser for it. Greta? If you would."

Stacy watched as the taller woman opened up a small cabinet, and pulled out a large metal trashbin. Stacy nearly squealed with excitement, and then turned her face back to her mom, opening her mouth to speak. She stopped as she saw her mother holding up a single hand, palm up, "Shush now. Now I know you're on vacation, but with this new house poor Greta is horribly overworked. Until we can hire some new help for her, you're going to have to assist her with some chores around here." She paused long enough for Stacy to give a knowing nod, but her mother cut her off again before she could speak, "Now then, Greta and I had talked about this already, and we felt that you helping with the garbage would be the most help to her."

Even as she listened to her mother, Stacy suddenly felt her hands being pulled behind her back. She couldn't help but begin to breathe a bit quicker as she turned to see Greta beginning to bind her hands with one of the free bags. Stacy felt a small rush of excitement running through her... she had thought these games had just been between Greta and herself, but she should have known her parents would have known too; Greta didn't keep many secrets from them.

As her hands were secured, Stacy gave a small smile to the taller woman, who gave a wink back to her. Her mother cleared her throat to bring Stacy's attention back to her, "Now then, I have some things to attend to on the other side of the house. After you and Greta finish playing, she'll show you where you'll be sleeping for your stay here." Stacy watched her mother walk up, pecking her daughter gently on the cheek, "Good to have you home sweetie, we'll finish catching up later after you've unwound. Now, that's enough. You two best get to work. Greta, get this garbage picked up, would you?" With that, she slipped out of the kitchen.

Greta nodded her head firmly as she called out to Stacy's departing mother, "Yes ma'am." Kneeling, Stacy soon felt her ankles secured as well with another bag, and she tested her bonds idly. She grinned as she felt them not allow for any give; Greta hadn't lost her touch. "Just like old times, eh Greta?" Stacy chimed in.

"Yes miss, now open your mouth." Stacy did so, soon feeling her mouth filling with a pair of panties, which smelled like they hadn't been cleaned. Before she could offer any protest, she felt another bag wrap firmly over her mouth, sealing her gag in. Greta gave her a playful wink, "Wore them just for you, miss. Just like always since you grabbed mine by mistake that time."

Stacy rolled her eyes, but smiled behind the bag; she had been teasing Greta for most of the day once... and in one of her more direct moments Greta calmly asked her to find something to fill her mouth with. Stacy had grabbed a pair of panties from the laundry, thinking they were her own without really looking, and had stuffed them up into her mouth. She had gotten a bit of a surprise, but kept them in there to spite Greta. Since then, Greta had always made sure to have a pair in case they were needed. This time was no exception it seemed. Bound by garbage bags and gagged by her best friend's panties, Stacy gave a small muffled sound to Greta as she watched the woman snapping open another bag, "Now then, time to get you ready to properly help me."

The black plastic whooshed open, showing Stacy a small dark cavern that she knew she'd be entering soon. Greta put her hands onto Stacy's shoulders, pushing her down to bend her knees. After Stacy was sitting on her rear with her legs bent up to her chest, Greta used the last bag to tie her knees to her body, keeping her in a small ball. Stacy's shoes were removed, and the girl squealed loudly as Greta took advantage of it to give her friend a quick tickle. She began to roll Stacy into the bag, pulling it up around her, "Mmm, now don't you worry... heavens knows you've done enough of that at school; and don't try to deny it, your calls told your mother and I just as much. Now then... almost... there!"

She had the ends of the bag gathered up around Stacy's neck, and used the ties to keep the ends secured in place. Gently, Greta leaned down, picking up the petite woman and carrying her to the trashbin she had revealed just a few moments ago. It was already lined with another black bag. Stacy found herself slipping into it, and wiggling around in the large bin. It certainly was roomy in here. She turned her eyes up to Greta in thanks, but also curiously. As Greta began to talk, she began to wheel the bin out towards the backdoor. "You'll be seeing your room soon enough miss, first I need to get this trash picked up."

Outside, Stacy saw the massive backyard pool, stylized to look like water flowing down a set of short cliffs, and gathering into large pools. One even looked like a hot tub. She hoped she'd get a chance to try that soon. She gave muffled sounds to Greta, who chuckled and seemed to know what was being asked. "Maybe later, miss." They went down a short trail behind the pool, revealing a small building, that looked like an apartment. It followed the styling of the house, and Stacy called up to Greta again. The woman merely chuckled, "Hmm? Oh no, that's where I sleep. But don't worry, you're nearby."

Stacy hmmphed as she was rolled around to the side of the apartment, where several bins and bags were already sitting. Getting a bit of a worried look, Stacy squirmed a little in her bindings, though she felt her body trembling with excitement. Greta merely picked up the first bin, and turned it over onto Stacy's head. Trash flew down over Stacy, gathering in the bottom of the bin she sat in, and Stacy shook her head while she giggled happily. Before she could do anything else, Greta dumped the other bin onto her head... this one though was full of food and liquids. Stacy screamed in shock as the cold liquid soaked her hair and face; the food and junk sticking into her hair and over her features. Greta walked over and bent over, winking. "Mm, you look quite like trash now miss. I just need to fill your bin up with these bags here and we'll be done for the day."

Stacy shook some of her hair out from her face, grinning faintly at Greta at the growing mess she found herself in. She'd quickly learned when she was younger that she enjoyed getting messy almost as much as she enjoyed playing in trashbags. Soon Greta began to fill her bin with more bags, each one squeezing into Stacy a bit more, limiting her movements further with each additional one. When the last one was in, all you could see of Stacy was her gunk-covered head sticking out of a pile of bags. With each one added, Stacy felt a warmth spread through her, making her tremble in her bonds while she closed her eyes. Greta rolled her to a side door of the apartment, all the while ignoring Stacy's heavily muffled voice as she called out to her friend; wasn't it time to let her out?

Greta opened the door and pushed the bin in, and Stacy found herself into a mostly empty room, save for a few pieces of cleaning equipment and a few more bags of garbage in one corner, while the other side of the room held another door, probably leading into the apartment itself. Locking the outside door behind her, Greta then took Stacy's bin into the corner filled with full garbage bags, and Greta stepped back, keeping her hands on her hips as she made sure the bin was safely nestled into the pile. "Now then miss, I did promise you to show you where you'd be staying for your vacation when we finished putting the trash away... and here it is!"

Greta smiled at Stacy's confused look, "Oh, see your mother and father actually need to be gone for the next few weeks, so they put me in charge of your care. We all knew if you would have free reign of the house, you'd just start working on something for your schooling again, and give yourself unnecessary stress when you should be relaxing. Do you know how much you've worried your parents with all that?" Greta shook her head almost sadly, but her smile remained.

"Oh you'll be helping me around the house alright... I have a wonderful little uniform for you to wear. And every night, back into that nice little bin you'll go, always wrapped in a garbage bag and stuffed with the other garbage." Stacy looked up at her friend with a wide-eyed stare. Greta couldn't be serious, could she?

Catching a look of her older friend's gaze, Stacy let out a soft moan; she knew that look, and Greta meant every word. She struggled lightly in her bag, but even without the extra trash it would have been almost impossible; now all Stacy did was make a soft rustling sound. Greta walked over to Stacy, rubbing her cheek gently, "Shh, relax my little pet. We'll start work first thing in the morning. Be good, and you'll be let out to help me work. Misbehave and you'll stay just like you are for the whole day... or longer. Who knows, maybe I'll even give you to the garbage man, to toss with the rest of the trash."

With that Greta turned swiftly to the inner door, turning out the lights as she walked out the door. She gave Stacy one last smile before she closed the door, letting Stacy hear the lock slide into place; sealing Stacy within the room. Stacy couldn't believe what she just heard, even as she finally stopped her struggling. All around her, she could feel the bag holding her snug, firmly within its warm grip. Despite her worries, she couldn't help but feel a growing heat in her groin, and she began to pant loudly while she rubbed her ankles against herself. She already wondered if Greta meant her last threats... and couldn't help but already think of ways to get in Greta's way tomorrow... Stacy had a feeling this was going to be a vacation at home she'd never forget!
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