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Eviction Notice

by Pegusas

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© Copyright 2011 - Pegusas - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; sbf; bagged; latex; toys; caught; stuck; garbage; truck; mast; climax; cons/nc; XX

Debbie had enough of her tenants drunken ways; she had sub-let the spare room in her flat to help pay the mortgage but his late nights out at the pub every single night had become too much for her. He always staggered in late at night or even early the next morning after an all-night bender; making so much noise and mess, never bothering to sorting it out the next day.

She had typed out an eviction notice for him; he was well behind in his rent as usual so he wouldn’t be able to contest it. She left it under his door for him so he’d get it when he staggered home, whenever that would be...

With that unpleasant chore done Debbie went back to her bedroom, she had got her package she ordered off eBay delivered today. She had waited weeks and weeks for it, she had almost had given up hope on it after it had taken so long. She’d ordered it from a latex supply shop, it was described as a “Latex Sauna Sack” and had cost her quite a bit of money, but then this wasn’t something you could get just pick up anywhere!

The latex sack was black and shiny, around two feet wide at the base, three feet deep and a foot wide at the top. It was designed for the user to get into it and sit with their feet folded underneath themselves or to sit folded up, with only their head exposed.

Debbie stripped off all her clothes and set out all her stuff, she planned on a little self-bondage and stimulation while inside the latex bag. She pulled a rubber ball-gag into her mouth, tying it securely behind her head. Then she selected her favorite dildo, the “rampant rabbit”, lubing it generously and pushing it up into her tight pussy. She next picked up a medium sized butt-plug, she had only just started using it but loved feeling of the intrusion into her, and again lubing it up generously she eased it gently in.

Debbie then got some sections of rope, which she had prepared in advance; she quickly had her ankles, knees and waist tied up tight. She sat down on the floor and stretched the latex sack open, sliding her feet in and then her legs, she leaned forward so she could slip her butt down into the bottom and then pulled the bag up her body until it was up around her neck. The latex quickly shrunk back down as much as it could around her body, tight but not too tight, she loved the feeling of the latex clinging to her body, wrapped around her naked form.

She felt around the bottom and found what she was looking for, a pair of soft covered hand-cuffs. She liked her bondage but wasn’t into pain, she fed them through the rope around her ankles and then secured her wrists into them. It would now be pretty hard for her to get out of the sack and the only key to the cuffs were somewhere in the bottom of the bag….


Debbie had relaxed her body in the confines of her bondage and was just beginning to enjoy herself when she heard a noise….

….Her flat-mate was back already!

She listened for any more noises, she heard him going to his room and then some banging...

“Who the fuck does she think she’s messin’ with!”

Her bedroom door crashed open, “Where the fuck are you bitch?”

Debbie sat there, as still as she could, wishing that she was invisible, hoping that somehow he wouldn’t see her.

“What the fuck? What’s this then?”

He walked straight over to her; he could see her body outlined by the tight latex and her head poking out of the top. He looked at her face, terrified and gagged with a ball gag, eyes screwed shut. He grabbed hold of her hair and tugged her head from side to side.

“So this is what you get up to on your own, you kinky little slut!!”

He ran his hands over her latex covered body, groping and feeling her all too intimately. He grabbed a hold of the top of the bag and pulled it open. He stared down at her naked bound body, she wanted to disappear, absolutely horrified at being ogled by him.

He pulled down his zipper and stretched out his rapidly stiffening cock, engorging and throbbing with drunken lust. He grabbed at the top of the bag, stretching it and pulling it upwards. Debbie could feel the latex material getting tighter and moving up over her body. Her view of the world grew darker as the latex was pulled up beyond her head and gathered together. He gathered the neck of the sack together and pushed his cock into it, all that she could do was lie there as he masturbated over her head. When he came his cum spurted down over her naked body, covering her with his seed.

“That was good fun slut but now I think it’s time for you to go. You were going to evict me, but now it’s me that’s going to evict you!”

Debbie was going absolutely silly with panic inside the bag but it was to no avail, she had tied herself up too well and she was too restricted inside the latex bag to get loose. She listened as he made his way around the flat, at first there was some sounds of rustling, these then turned to ripping and crushing sounds.

Her flat-mate was bagging up all her possessions, stripping her room of any trace of her. Once the bags were filled he piled them on top of her personal one. She could feel the bags pressing against her body through the latex; with each bag pressed against her she felt even more trapped, less of a person and more like just unwanted trash.

“I didn’t realise you had so much crap, that took me ages to bag up all your shit!” he said when finally done. We’ll, done with her room that is; he went on to bin-bag all the rest of her stuff that was throughout the flat; all her clothes, magazines, toiletries and all her food. By the time he was finished this time there were about twenty bin bags burying her in the middle of her room.

“Well, that was fun but now it’s time to take out all the trash so it gets picked up!”, Debbie frantically struggled inside the bag, but it was just no good, her bonds were too tight and her body just slid around inside the moist latex bag. She could hear him laugh as he took the bin bags outside, her bags, her possessions….

She sat there waiting for the inevitable, waiting for her own bags turn to be taken out for collection. And then it came, he picked up her bag and carried her outside. She could see the morning light through the thin latex, at first she was horrified that someone might see her but then she thought that might be her only hope of savior. She tried to groan and make a noise to attract someone’s attention…
“Nice try sweetheart but there’s nobody about yet”, and then he dumped her unceremoniously into the pile of trash. He brought out the rest of the bags and piled them up on top of her. She lay there surrounded by all her possession, utterly helpless surrounded by trash.

All she could do was sit there, tied up and being tormented by her dildo inside her. She didn’t want to enjoy this, any of it, but somehow the excitement/peril was getting her ever so wet, the energy built inside her pussy, more and more until she couldn’t hold it back. When she came she had probably the best orgasm she had ever had, she felt like she was going to break her bonds in two and suffocate at the same time. The latex clung to her body as her deep breaths sucked the air in before releasing it.

She could hear the rumbling noise of the garbage truck arriving. “We’ll Debbie, that’s your ride, looks like you were enjoying it in there too! I won’t say I’ll miss you and I doubt anyone else will, if anyone asks I’ll just say you went travelling and you put your stuff in storage.”

The truck stopped and the garbage man jumped off, “Morning”.

“Morning, thought I’d give you a hand seeing as it’s quite a big load” replied her flat-mate.

“Thanks, I wish some others could do the same from time to time!”

Between them they started picking up the bags, one by one she heard them being tossed into the back, the bags above had all been lifted off, she desperately tried to struggle and make a noise but the sound of the diesel truck drowned her out. She saw her flat-mate come over and pick her up, without even a word her took her over and threw her down into the bowels of the truck.

Her special latex bag landed and quickly sank down in-between some other bags. She could still see outside though only just, she watched as they brought over the rest of her stuff and dropped it down on her, gradually blocking out her view and simultaneously burying her underneath.

As her flat-mate brought over the last bag and dropped it down he said “Bon Voyage Debbie!! Hope you enjoy your new home!”…

The compactor rumbled into life and pushed Debbie and all her possessions back into the depths of the garbage truck, never to be seen again...

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