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The Date

by Schattenrose Miriam

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© Copyright 2014 - Schattenrose Miriam - Used by permission

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It was a nice evening and after a nice bath I sat at my makeup mirror and was brushing my hair. Out of the corners of my eyes I saw the door to our bedroom swung open and you came in. As usual you stepped behind me and placed your hands on my shoulders. I smiled up to your image in the mirror, seeing you glancing down to me. While I continued to brush my hair you lent down a little to inhale the fresh scent of my hair.

“Mhh!” I heard coming out of your throat and your closed eyes told me that you loved it.

Slowly I felt the fingers of your right hand slide into my shiny blonde hair on the back. Then you pulled it aside to free the soft back of my neck. In the mirror I watched you lean down a little more, soon I felt your lips kissing and caressing the back of my neck. Making purring noises I put my brush aside and lead my hand up and backwards to crawl the back of your neck. Again and again I heard you inhaling the scent of my hair. Your kissing lips send exciting showers down my spine. Slowly your hands slid up and down at my upper arms making me feel warm and loved.

“You always look so beautiful, my little princess” you whispered into my ear.

Your soft but also strong voice in combination with you warm breath at my ear let more exciting shivers run up and down my spine. With my fingertips I drew along the shape of your hair in the back of your neck. I knew you liked me to do so and I knew it made you get goose bumps.

Slowly your hands were wandering down and started to fiddle at the plushy belt of my bath robe. Without need to look down I knew you were going to open the belt and shortly after you pulled my bathrobe aside. Now I looked down to see your hand wandering upwards to cup my bare breasts. The warm and soft brush of your palms immediately made my nipples stiffen. You always exactly knew how to touch me to make me longing after you. Longing for more touches, more kisses and an exciting time with you making love and other things. Suddenly your hands disappeared from my breasts and I felt you close my bathrobe again.

“Not today my princess.” you whispered into my ear again, “But for tomorrow I promise you a date with me. A date with all you can imagine and where you get all you need.”

Your hands were on my shoulders again, giving the gentle squeezes. Again I smiled up to you in the mirror. You were smiling back and for just a little moment you lent down to inhale the scent of my hair once more.

“What are you up to?” I asked.

“Oh, a lot of things. Especially with you,” you grinned now wryly, “But don't worry about. It's a surprise I've planned a long time for you. All you need to do is to dress yourself nicely to go out with me tomorrow. I'll come and catch you at 7 PM.”

“Okay.” I replied simply, laid my head back into my neck and gave you a sweet smile.

With your fingertips you drew along my eyebrows causing me to close my eyes in joy. And soon I felt you lips on mine. My lips parted slightly to welcome your tongue. Just it's tip slid between my lips. And the tip of my tongue started to stroke softly at yours. I liked this taste. Sweet like strawberries. And this feeling was always wonderful. Too soon you withdrew, leaving me back with open mouth and softly panting. Then I heard the door of our bedroom going and knew you went to do your usual chores.

For endless moments I just sat there, eyes closed and savoring the remaining taste of you. My thoughts were running. You told you wanted to date me tomorrow with a surprise you had planned for me a long time. Where did you want to go with me? And what sort of surprise will you'll give me? I could continue to just sit there and wonder about and so I stood up to make myself ready for bed.

* * *

The next day was a very long one. You know, if you're longing for something, time will be like a snail. I did my usual chores around the house and went to buy some groceries. To distract me from my thoughts about your surprise I started early to think about what I could wear for our date. You told me to dress up nicely and so I just wanted to look like a bobby-dazzler for you.

At first I took a nice and long shower, taking my time to shave all necessary spots. I also washed my hair again to provide you the scent again you loved so much. After I took my time to dry up my body and hair, I put some lotion onto my skin and rubbed it in. Then I went into bedroom. There was no need to put on my bathrobe because no one could spy in.

Now I sat down at my makeup mirror and started to work on my hairstyle. My hair on front was short so I simply left it there as a pony. The rest of my blonde hair was sleek and long. On backside it reached down to the half of my back. I decided to let it open there and just took the long strands at the temples on each side of my head. Carefully I tied them up into long and thin bunches which I then led to the back of my head and fixed them with a hair grip.

With a little smile on my lips I stood up and started to check up my clothes. I wanted to look beautiful for you and so my first pieces were beautiful white hold-up stockings. Sitting on the edge of the bed I started to pull them up my legs, taking care that they sat perfectly.

Next decision I need to do was if I was to wear panties or not. I thought a little moment about and since you want to go out with me I decided to wear a pair. I took a nice one, white with lace. It was matching perfectly to my stockings so I quickly slipped in. Quickly I found a matching pair of high heels to wear.

To find a matching dress was a little more difficult. It shouldn't be something too simple and I also not wanted to look too cheap. After almost a half hour checking up my clothes I found a nice dress. It was also white as my stockings, underwear and high heels. And it was like I wanted to dress up for our date. I pulled it on and stood in front of my head-high mirror to admire myself from all possible directions. My dress had just spaghetti straps at my shoulders, a nice but not too obscene cleavage and left the half of my back free. Attached to it's front were a row of pearls which let my dress glitter glamorously. On my right leg the dress reached down to my knee while on my left leg it covered only the half of my thigh. I could only smile because it was simply perfect.

All I need to do now is to put on makeup. I took a decent amount of eyeshadow to let my eyes shine a little more. A little bit of mascara to let my eye lashes look a little fuller. A little powder for my nose and cheeks and then I just added delicate pink lip gloss to make my lips look more sweet. And a discreet amount of perfume should make you appetite for more.

A look to the clock shocked me a little. Preparing myself for our date took more time than expected. Quickly I took some makeup and the lip gloss and threw all into my handbag. Then put on my high heels and I was ready for you.

* * *

You were exactly on time. Prompt at 7 PM you stepped into our bedroom. My heart pounded and I smiled as I saw you smiling at my sight. Presentable I turned around to give you a full view of my dress.

“Wow! You look really like a princess!” you admitted, coming over to me for an embrace.

You felt so strong and your scent was alluring. To hear you inhale the scent of my hair told me you think the same about me. For a moment you backed up a little to look deep in my eyes. I looked back and just thought how good they matched to your face. Slowly our faces came closer, our lips met and I opened my lips to welcome your tongue for a passionate welcome kiss.

“I'm sorry but we can't waste too much time.” you told me with low voice, “I reserved a table for us and if we don't hurry it could be given to another couple.”

With a slow nod I backed up a little off you. You offered me your right arm and I hooked my left in. Then you led me outside to your car, opened the door for me and helped me to sit in. While I fastened my belt you hurried around your car to sit in by yourself. Soon the motor was roaring up and we drove to our destiny from that I didn't know where it could be.

You drove into the city, houses flew past and got bigger. Very soon the small buildings of suburb with one or perhaps two families living in got replaced by higher buildings containing several flats for a higher amount of residents. While in the suburbs you could find single shops and perhaps the one or other discount for groceries, the view of buildings in the city got interrupted more by great shopping centers. One of those centers was our destiny.

As you drove into parking ramp I could read the big sign that read “Gourmet Temple”. I smiled to myself because this was one of most popular places for people to visit a restaurant. Different restaurants with meals of different nations had their location for business here. Now it was just a question to what sort of restaurant you wanted to take me out to.

It wasn't easy for you to find a place where you could park your car. You needed to drive several rounds to find a free lot. Quickly you drove in and shut down the motor. I unfastened my belt and waited patiently for you to get out, walk around your car to help me out. Hooking my arm into yours I let you led me into the temple. It was amazing how many people were around here. So many restaurants side by side and out of each came a delicate scent. Right now I felt my stomach rumble because it was a long time ago I ate my last meal.

Your destiny for us was a french restaurant. It was my first time that I'd ever I visited one of those. Right as we entered the dining area we were greeted by waiters and typical french music. Tables were greatly decorated in french style and also the walls had colors of France to symbolize the theme of this restaurant.

One waiter asked us if we had reserved and you told him yes and the name of reservation. With a smile and a bow he suggested us to follow him. He led us to a beautiful table next to a window but a little separated from the rest by a low partition. As we sat down at our table I looked back and noticed that other guests should just see our heads over the partition.

We hadn't to wait for long as until a waiter came with two glasses of wine. For me it was a little strange because I always thought they would basically serve unopened bottles of wine in restaurants. But maybe it's a little different in France and so they did it here too.

“For a great evening!” you told an lifted you glass with a smile.

“I'm pretty sure about.” I smiled back, let our glasses clink and added, “That's a wonderful idea of you to take me out to this restaurant. I like this surprise.”

You simply smiled back at me while I took my first little gulp of wine. It tasted sweet but somehow a little strange. I wasn't drinking wine very often so I couldn't tell if this was normal.

We had to wait a little for our meal. I didn't noticed that you ordered something for us, but as the waiter came with two plates I was pretty sure about. Perhaps you already ordered our meal in combination with the reservation.

Like an accident you stroked over my hand while we ate and drank. To my surprise it was like a little electric jolt running through my whole body and ending up between my legs. A little sigh escaped my lips and I felt my cheeks blushing. Similar jolts I experiences while we continued to eat. Every little bit and every taste was an extreme joy and by the end it felt almost like little orgasms.

After finishing our meal and empty our first glass of wine I felt so hot that I needed to excuse myself for a fresh up in the guests bathroom. On my way to this bathroom it was as if I could flee the eyes of every guest touching my bare skin. What was up with me now? I've never felt this way just from taking a meal.

Inside the bathroom I took a look into the mirror. It was obviously that my cheeks were reddened, also the skin of my cleavage was reddened a little. And I felt very hot. With a bit of cold water I tried to cool down myself a little but if felt as if the water was vaporizing right as it touches my skin.

Also between my legs it felt so hot. After a short look around I quickly lifted the skirt of my dress and let my fingers run over my panties. They were hot and wet. I panted hard of my own touch and barely got an orgasm. So I decided to give my pussy a chance for cool down too and quickly slipped out of my panties.

As my panties were down to my knees I couldn't hold myself back. My hand wandered between my legs again and upwards inside of my thigh. As soon as my fingertips touched the sensitive lips of my pussy I felt the next exciting waves rush though my body. With little moans I let my fingertip make little circles on the hood of my clit. Then I let my fingers simply slide in with a louder moan. I was surprised about how wet and hot my pussy already was. And every little movement there was sending new waves of pleasure through my body. It was hard to take my fingers out and as I did, I lifted my hand in front of my face to see my fingers glisten from my juices.

Still panting a little I cleaned my fingers, reordered my dress and put on fresh lip gloss. As I took the bottle of perfume I pushed a little too much onto it and added more perfume to my skin than necessary. But that didn't matter for me now. I was horny as hell and all I could think about was you and how I wanted you to take me.

As I came back to our table the dishes of main course were already taken away and dessert was served. Carefully I sat down next to you and had a hard time to not moan due to my rubbing thighs. Would you notice that I wasn't wear any panties anymore? I looked at you a licked over my lips. You gave me a smile in response and we toasted for a wonderful evening again. I was surprised how fast I emptied my glass of wine and you gave me a wry grin of that.

“Do you want to have more wine, my princess?” you asked while already waving for the waiter.

Soon a waiter was at our table taking my empty glass away and serving a full one for me. I felt his eyes checking up my cleavage and my legs as far as he could see. Something inside me screamed to simply spread my legs to show him my bare pussy. It was very hard to resist those screams. So I led my attention to dessert to distract myself from those intense thoughts.

Dessert was simply devine for me. Every little bit again was like an orgasm of taste and I enjoyed them with loud moans. Somehow I could flee the eyes of other guests looking over to us. It was a little embarrassing for me but I couldn't hold back this behavior. Between my bites of dessert I always took a little sip of my wine.

Suddenly I noticed that you were just sitting there, watching me with a big grin. For a little moment I forgot to breathe. Then, as I felt you put your hand on my thigh I needed to take a big gasp.

“Seems you're enjoying our date?” you asked me.

“Oh yes! It's a date I'll always remember!” I replied, automatically grabbing your hand to guide it under my skirt.

“Glad you like this idea.” you grinned at me as you felt my heat, “But there is more to come. I still have a big surprise for you.”

“I was hoping for more.” I told you with racing heart and slid closer to you. “I was hoping to get you to feel and taste.”

You gave me a wry grin while you stood up. Then you reached out your hand for me. I took it and let myself be pulled up by you.

“One moment, my princess.” you told and I saw you hand slid into your trouser pocket. “Before we can do anything else I need to do something.”

With pounding heart I watched as you pulled out a shiny black scarf. Immediately a grin flashed over my lips and I turned around. You stepped up very close to me. I could feel you at my back and somehow a bulge at my backside. While you reached around to grab the scarf with both hands in front of my face I slowly rubbed my ass cheeks at that bulge. Soft moans escaped my lips and I needed to take a hold on your arms to not lose my balance as you placed the scarf over my eyes, sending me into darkness. It was curious because every little touch on my skin was sending waves of pleasure through my body.

Even my dress felt strangely exciting to my skin. My nipples were as hard as little rocks and every little movement let the fabric of my dress rub at them. It felt as it the sensations raced straight into my brain and my pussy of course. My knees, no my whole body was shaking a little to each touch. Then as you took my right hand into your firm grip a louder moan escaped my lips.

* * *

I wasn't aware that you led me out of the dining area. All I felt was a gentle pull of you and automatically walked along with you. Each step I did send waves from my feet upwards thru my legs ending inside my now boiling like pussy. Oh I could barely feel my own juices slowly flow down my thighs.

There was a door you led me through. Was you leading me into one of guests bathrooms? The sound of my heels changed. The ground was soft now, like as I was walking on a carpet. Suddenly you urged me to stop.

“Now it's time to thank you for our dinner.” you whispered into my ear and at the same time I felt your fingers slip under the straps of my dress.

I could just moan while you slowly pulled the straps off my shoulders. While you did your lips kissed it's way from may back downwards on my back. I got goose bumps over all and the shivers you caused to run through my spine were incredible. I wriggled my hips a little to help you as my dress reached them. Slowly my butt got exposed to your eyes.

“Mhh. My princess doesn't wear any panties.” you announced.

I had to giggle to your words. I didn't worry about that fact now. I was horny and your kisses were pure pleasure to me. Just a few moments later my dress dropped to the floor and I stepped outside.

“Now kneel, my princess!” you ordered and I obeyed.

The fingers of my right hand found their way between my legs. With soft moans I started to caress my now very sensitive clit.

“Open up!” you told me now.

I wasn't sure about what you had in mind but my mouth swung wide open to your words. Then I felt something hard at my lips and it was pushing it's way between my teeth. Curious I let my tongue wandering over it's surface. It was a ring gag! Shortly after I noticed that I felt you pulling it's straps very tight behind my head. I moaned loud and immediately my saliva started to flow. As you were finished with the straps there was no movement on me anymore. Trembling with anticipation I knelt just in my shoes and stocking on the floor.

“You wanted to feel and to taste me. Here it goes!” you told and shoved your cock into my warm and wet mouth.

I moaned in pleasure as I got your manhood to taste. My tongue flung around it's head and so I started to savor your contours. My saliva was like a little bath for you. Your moans told me that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

“Good girl. Take what you want and say thank you.” you moaned and I was sure your eyes were closed.

I pulled my hand out of between my legs. Both hands I took up and placed them on your butt cheeks. As horny as I was I simply pulled you towards me. Your rock hard member found it's way to the back of my mouth. I coughed a little but pulled more on your hips. Soon your whole manhood sank fully into my warm and wanting mouth. Your tip slid deep into my throat, cutting off my airway. I didn't care about that. Horny as I was I kept pulling on your hips to hold you in this position. Slowly I ran out of air which caused me to gulp around your rock hard cock. More and more I gulped you down. Your groans got louder and then I felt your hands at the sides of my head.

I let go of your ass cheeks. Now it was up to you to guide my head as you wanted. And you did. It was furious speed you used to move my head up and down on your cock. My fingers again found their way to caress my boiling hot pussy. Saliva started to flew out of my mouth. Smacking and slurping noises were filling the room we were in. Suddenly you pushed all the way into my throat and held yourself there. I felt your cock twitching and then hot sauce erupted from it. It shot straight into my throat. No need to swallow for me. I felt as if you shot it straight down into my waiting stomach.

It took a few moments for you to unload your semen in my mouth. As I felt your cock softening I started to swallow and lick on it. A few last drops came out and tasted heavenly to my tongue. Then you withdrew. I wanted to stand up but you pushed me back down onto my knees.

“I told you to thank you for our meal.” you said softly. “You're not done yet.”

Your words were like exciting showers to me. Again my fingers found their way to my pussy. Easily they slipped in and let me moan loud of pleasure. Then I felt you shove your cock back into my mouth. But hey! Something was different. Never heard that a man could be hard again in such a short time! And also your tip felt different. It was a little bigger than before. Again I felt hands on the sides of my head and the cock started to pound inside.

Feeling it's contours I was sure now, that it wasn't your cock. Someone else seemed to took your place, using my mouth for his pleasure. I moaned around the cock, considering to take off my blindfold and look up. But I decided not to do. My fingers pushed in and out of my pussy in same pace as the man took my mouth. Again slurping noises filled the room. I felt my saliva dripping down onto my breasts.

“Like a dirty little whore!” I heard you say.

Suddenly I felt him pulling out. I was gasping for fresh air as he did. My fingers also stopped pounding my hot pussy. Then I felt his first shots hit my bare breasts. He was unloading his hot semen right on my body. Every hit of the sticky fluid send waves of pleasure through me. I simply moaned and pushed my breasts forward, wanting him to cover them with his semen.

Shortly after he was done with me another rock hard cock pushed it's way into my held open mouth. I should be surprised of course but I wasn't. I was just happy to get another cock into my wanting mouth. Also this man started to pound my mouth with a high pace. It was easy for my finger to catch this pace and work my pussy in same manner.

The whole scenario went on a long time. There were many man who used my mouth. I started to imagine the whole personnel of the restaurant to be in this room with me, using my mouth again and again as a thank you for their efforts on the meal. My breasts got fully covered with hot semen. It also ran down on my belly and between my legs. My fingers always worked on my pussy and at the end I was always pushing semen of strangers into my love tunnel.

* * *

Just a few minutes after the last man in my mouth I noticed it was over. I was still panting hard and knelt with my fingers in my pussy on the floor, waiting for the next one going to use my held open mouth. But no one came. Suddenly I felt a grip at my right arm and a pull upwards.

“You've done very well, my little princess.” you told me while pulling me up to my feet, “With giving yourself for their use you'd paid our debts for the meal and also brought in some money.”

To hear you say those words made me feel used and sold. I felt like a real whore paying my debts with my own body rather than with money. My body felt sticky with all the semen covering it. My chin was wet too from my saliva and some sperm on it. Right now I felt a little exhausted and wanted you to take out the gag and remove my blindfold. But something inside called still for more. It was really strange. After getting used by countless cocks and a lot of orgasms I was still horny. In my mind I imagined you now bending me over to push your hard cock up my pussy or perhaps my tight ass.

“I promised you a surprise.” you told me now, “And who would I be if I would breach my promise?”

I wanted to answer you but noticed that I was still gagged. My thoughts raced. The whole date was full of surprises for me. Even this glorious gang bang of my mouth. What would come now? I was curious.

“Come with me.” you told me, taking a hold of my arm to lead me to somewhere. “We've to walk a little. Then I'm going to show you my surprise for you.”

And so you led me out of the room. I noticed that I was only wearing my shoes and stockings as I felt fresh air on my bare skin.

The sound of my heels echoed through a hallway as you led me further. Cold chills ran down my spine. What if someone was around seeing me walking naked besides you? My Pussy was leaking out and my arousal grew to that thought.

“Careful princess.” you told me slowing down our pace, “Here is a stairway. Trust me and I lead you down safe.”

All I could do was to nod and follow you down the stairs. The air surrounding us got cooler again. I had goose bumps and my nipples seemed to get even harder.

Reaching the low end of stairway you let go of me for a moment. I heard sounds of you opening a heavy door. There was a squeak like a heavy metal door was swinging open. Again the air got a little cooler. I shudded and twitched a little as I felt your grip at my arm again. Slowly you led me into the next room.

I had no idea where we were now. Due to my blindfold I lost all orientation. All I knew was that we should be in a basement now. But why should you lead me to here? You led me further into the room. Then you urged me to stop.

“Be careful. Here are some steps upwards.” you told me to let me feel safe in your hands.

Carefully you led me five steps up, then urged me to stop again. I was shaking from coolness and anticipation. You let go of me and suddenly I felt a muffled bump somewhere below me.

“Don't move too much now.” you told me while I felt your hands at my hips. “I'm going to lift you now.”

I gave you a single nod and you lifted me up. My body shifted into a horizontal position for a moment. It told me that you must be stood lower than me. Slowly you lowered me further down and placed me on my feet.

“Hold on a little. Soon I show you your surprise.” you told and I imagined a wry grin on your face.

Then I heard a sound of a very long zipper. You must be opening up a sports bag or similar. Then I felt a movement at my left arm. You wound a silk rope around my elbow. I wanted to take my arms behind my back in thought of you wanted to tie them off there, but you stopped me to do.

“No. Now just put you left hand to your left shoulder!” you ordered.

I did and you wound another length of rope around my wrist and upper arm, pinning my hand to my shoulder. I felt the other rope dangling down from my elbow and touching my thigh. Then you did the same with my right arm. It was funny and arousing for me. I moved my stumps of arms like the wings of a bird.

“Now sit down!” you ordered and gave me support while I sat down.

It was a cold and smooth surface at my bare ass cheeks. You pushed me backwards so I had to lay down on my back and felt the surface all over. With your strong hands you pulled me into that position you wanted me to have. Then I felt you opening my high heels and pulling them off my feet. Now I lay there just with my white stockings on and my front still soaked in strangers semen.

“Bend your knees a little.” you ordered and I obeyed.

Very soon I felt you wind some rope around each knee. Slowly I opened up my legs to give you a look at my soaking wet pussy. Somehow I wished that you would touch me there or even better simply pushing your cock into me. But nothing like that happened. I just felt you pushing my calves to my thighs. Then you wound a rope around my ankles and thighs. I felt so helpless and wriggled my hips in anticipation.

“Hold on. Just a little more and I'll show you.” you told me and I tried to be patient.

I wasn't easy to stay patient because I was still horny as hell. I didn't knew why I was so horny. Other people would get scared at this point. But not me. Something must be different today.

Suddenly I felt a yank at the rope at my left elbow. It pulled my stump of arm aside and as I tried to move my arm it wouldn't response. Then the same feeling at my right arm. My upper body was in tension due to your strong pull at the rope. I panted very hard now.

As if it wasn't enough I felt another yank at the rope attached to my right knee. You pulled my leg aside and I barely heard you tying the rope off. The same I felt at my left leg as you pinned me fully to the floor. I was under full tension now, unable to move any bit. Finally I felt your fingers at my pussy and moaned aloud. The orgasm you sent through me was another little relief, sending me into a world of pure pleasure.

* * *

I had to blink a few times as you took off my blindfold. My eyes had to adjust to the light that fell in after the long time in darkness. First thing I noticed was you standing above me, a wry grin on your face and pure desire in your eyes.

As my eyes got accustomed to the light I looked around. I've found myself lying on the floor of a very small room. My arms and legs were stretched aside and the ropes at my elbows and knees were tied off at all four corners of the spare room. All four wall were made of a shiny black material. And they didn't seemed very high. The only opening of this small room was right above me. Outside I saw a high gray ceiling far above me and nothing else.

“Stay calm, princess.” You told me, kneeling down at my side and stroking my cheek. “I'm going to explain you all while I have to fix the last details.”

Curious, a little afraid and still horny I looked into your eyes.

“You always asked me why I have always to work at night..” you started to tell me, ” And I've never gave you an answer about. I think it's just fair if I would tell and show you why.”

My eyes followed your hand as you reached into your bag to pull a shiny object out. It was a conical ring made of stainless steel with a length of maybe 5 centimeters. Then I felt the fingers of your free hand starting to rub around my anus, causing me to moan from the sensations.

“My job is very different to usual ones.” you continued to tell me. “My clients are from all social classes. Mostly I get hired by women for themselves. But I also get hired by women to do other women or by husbands to do their wives.”

I looked up into your eyes and had to moan as you slowly pushed the conical ring into my backdoor. You pushed it in so deep that it widest part was going to hold my backdoor open. I felt very vulnerable now. And yes, I felt also very sexy.

“I'm pretty sure your want to know what I am doing to them.” you said with a wry grin and I respond with a single nod.

Then you reached into your bag again to pull out another shiny object. It was made of stainless steel too. It was shaped like a long dildo with some lines from the tip to it's base. You rubbed it over my sperm covered skin to make it slippery.

“They want me to tie them up.” you explained, “I'm doing it in different ways, mostly how my clients are wishing. But they all want to have strong and tight bounds. They also want to be gagged....”

With a loud moan I felt you pushing the steel dildo into my hot and wet pussy. My heart started to pound faster and my breathing heavier.

“For my job I have to drive to different places.” you continued and fucked me gently with the cold dildo. “And all my clients want me to do my job at a special time... you like the dildo?”

I gave you another nod, coming close to another strong orgasm. I was always trying to lift up my hips a little to give you better access. But your bounds were too tight and pinned me down to the floor.

“Glad you like it. It's a special creation.” you explained, “with a little twist here at it's base.... “ you did this twist. “'s going to spread open your dirty little cunt to it's max.”

I groaned loud due to the feeling. Then you took your hand away from between my legs and showed me a far smaller shaft. My pussy felt incredible wide open now and I could feel the air inside.

“It's sheath is now extended to it's max and locked into your pussy. Nothing could get it out there anymore.” you grinned down at me and placed small tubes into my nostrils like you know from intensive care of hospitals.

Then you sealed my nostrils with epoxy resign. Immediately I felt fresh air pumped through those tubes into my nose. I was confused and all I could do was to watch you close your bag and climb out of my little prison.

“Well, I need to tell you more about my job.” I heard you talk outside, “ My clients want me to treat them as trash. Women want to feel like trash, Women want to make their rivals feel like trash. And Men want to get rid of their unloved wives so they want me to treat them as trash.”

I looked upwards and saw the ceiling started to move over my prison. Then I saw your head while you peered down and me and in between looking towards a point far in front of you.

“And this is what I'm doing all night long.” you explained further, “I have to meet my clients or their victim one day before it's trash day. I'm tying them up, gagging them and mostly put them into trash bags. Then I'm going to simply discard them like usual trash.”

My prison was bumping a little like as if it was rolling over small surface irregularities. The ceiling above the opening seemed to get lower and it looked as if you were changing the direction.

“It is my desire. I have too treat woman as trash...” you told with a grin down at me, “That's because I have to do it to you now. Now that you know about my desire I don't need you to tell the wrong people about it.”

I was in shock. But I was still very horny. My juices leaked out of my held open pussy and I felt them flow right into my held open backdoor.

“But I'm going to make it very special to you due to my feelings for you.” you told me now. “I'm sure you wondered about why you're as horny this evening. The manager of this restaurant is a good friend of me. I told him to put drugs in your wine and food. Now a huge amount is in your circulatory system and I'm sure the effect of the drugs is keeping you horny for several more hours.”

Suddenly I saw a huge black mar appearing in the ceiling. It was a square and it's visible end was made of stainless steel. It seemed to reach very far upwards and it was just black after a short distance.

“You liked me to take you out for a dinner date. So I was thinking to extend your dinner. You're inside a disposal bin for food waste now. Soon all restaurants will start to throw all remaining food away. It will be mostly the rest of meals not completely eaten by the restaurants guests. But they'll also dispose of cooking waste what they couldn't use for their meals. All that will end up in this bin with you at its bottom!”

My heart started to pound very heavy in my chest now. I started to plead with my eyes to you to get me out of my prison. All my tries to move ended in nothing because your bonds were too tight. All I could do was to turn my head from one side to the other.

“I'll tell you a little more before I leave you alone with your extended dinner.” you smiled down at my helpless form. “The ropes I tied you to the bottom with are made of special material. As soon as they get contact with some liquids of food, they start to dissolve. That means a few hours after contact you could be able to move your stumps of arms and legs again. But I'm pretty sure you can't move them at this time because you'll be buried under a huge amount of food waste. Don't worry about air supply. The tubes will give you all the air you need to live. And you'll not get hungry in there because you can always swallow any food you can fetch into your mouth.”

For a short time your head disappeared out of my sight. I felt some little jolts. It felt as if you were fixing the brakes of the bin I was in. Then I saw your head again, grinning down to me.

“At least I want to tell you that you'll not stay too long in this bin. With all those restaurants in this temple it's going to be full quite fast. And tomorrow a lorry will come to dispose of all the food waste into it's belly.” Again I saw a wry grin on your face. “And this lorry will transport all the food waste into an incinerator plant where it get burnt to generate energy for all households.”

I still tried to plead at you with my eyes. My tongue swirled helpless around in my held open mouth. My breasts were lifting and lowering with my heavy breath.

“Now it's time to say good bye, my princess.” you told with a little hurt in your eyes but mostly I saw pure desire in them, which told me you wouldn't alter your decision. “I wish you much pleasure in there for the up coming hours.”

With that your head disappeared out of my sight. Outside I heard your foot steps and they were fading the more you went away from my prison.

* * *

For a long time nothing else happened. I was also be able to calm down a little, always starring up to the black maw in the ceiling. Lifting my head a little I saw my stiffen nipples. I also could feel my pussy still leaking out with my juices. All the sperm on my body has started to dry.

Suddenly I heard noises coming from the open black maw above me. There were rumbles and they got louder. Soon after it had started the first food waste fell down and straight onto my helpless body. I gasped hard from the impacts. Lifting my head I saw the food must came from an Italian restaurant. It was mostly pasta with several sort of sauces. It still felt a little warm to my skin as it slowly slid down off my helpless body. Some of this pasta and sauce was also ran into my held open pussy and my backdoor. It was an incredible feeling and soon I was close to a climaxing again.

At this point it was very hard to hold a clear thought. I wanted to cum right now. And all what could send me over the edge was more food waste that could caress my helpless form. Longing for more I looked up to the black maw above my bin.

I hadn't to wait for long. More restaurants were disposing their food waste into my bin. Very soon it was around me as high as my body was. And I came several times from the impacts and feelings of food waste sliding over and into my body.

More food came down onto me. The bin was going starting to get fuller with each load. Just moments later barely my whole body was covered with food waste. It was hard to keep my face above its surface. The weight of the food waste forced it deep into my held open pussy and my backdoor.

The next load came down. I was be able to close my eyes right in time before it completely covered my face and filled my mouth. The taste was incredible. Another orgasm rocked through my body just from feel of the waste on my skin and the taste the delicious food. I started to swallow it down.

More food waste got disposed of into my bin. The first loads I noticed by their impacts but later I just felt growing weight on my helpless body. The tubes you'd fixed in my nostrils were the only way for me to get fresh air now. I was fully covered and surrounded by the food waste now. It's weight pushed more of the bin's contents into my pussy and anus.

I don't know how much time I spend inside the bin. I was pinned down by the weight of all food waste and it was unable for me to move. From time to time I swallowed down a little of the food but I was already sated. Somehow I felt that no more weight got added to the pile of food waste on me. Then I felt a sudden movement of my bin. What was happening now?

I could just feel little bumps of my bin as it got transported to another place I didn't know where it could be. Then I felt a heavy jolt rocking through the bin and then it felt as if my bin got lifted up. Oh my god! The lorry is already here! It's going to dispose of all the food waste into it's belly! And with that also me! My heart raced, I felt the bin got toppled over and the weight on my body then decreased.

Oh no! I was moving out of my position. The ropes which held me in place were already gone. For a short moment I was be able to look straight into the lorry's maw. Then I slid in with all the food waste. With a loud splash I landed in the belly of the lorry. More food waste followed me and partially covered me again.

I turned my head to look back. I saw the bin I was in now from outside. It was empty again and the hydraulics were lowering it now. I wanted to scream and tell someone that I was inside the truck but I was still gagged and my mouth was full of food waste.

Then I saw the heavy doors of the truck got closed with loud noises. Even if I could scream something, this was louder as I could be. Soon I was surrounded by darkness inside the lorry. I heard it's motor roaring up and felt the movement as it drove away from the restaurant temple and towards my perhaps last destiny, the incinerator. A last and very strong orgasm rocks through my helpless and trapped body, sending me in unconsciousness.

The end

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