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The Daycare Dumpster Deal

by Frizzle

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© Copyright 2020 - Frizzle - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; lesbian; bagged; dumpster; messy; stuck; cons; X

“Ok listen up you weirdo, because I’m only going to say all of this once, and if you don’t remember any of it and you mess up as a result it is your own fault and not my own capeesh?”

I nodded sheepishly, at the thirty year old woman who looked sternly into my own eyes. Her name was Chantelle, according to her name tag on her employee collared shirt. The shirt was red with black stripes, and she had black tights with birkenstock sandals. She has an ankle bracelet on her left foot, and a wedding ring on her ring finger. Her hair was short, only just below her earlobes. It was blonde with some bright red highlights on her bangs.

“I understand,” I nodded sheepishly, a mixture of excitement and nervousness as I waited to hear what she had to say. We were striking a deal, one I hoped would finally allow me to fulfill my fantasies unobstructed and with a little bit of help on the side.

“Every morning at seven forty five on the dot, the cameras will be disabled for five minutes. The daycare opens at eight, and most of the workers show up five minutes early. I always open, so I’ll be the only one to see the cameras until eight at opening,” Chantelle explained, “if you fail to conceal yourself in time, or get out and are caught at any point throughout the day, I’ll be forced to comply with company policy and call the police.”

“Of course, I understand,” I nodded firmly, listening carefully.

“If you get caught while employees are taking out the trash, you’re on your own,” Chantelle continued, “if you are in the dumpster when the truck picks it up, you’re on your own. I gave you the waste management schedule, it is up to you to avoid those days. I will not disable the cameras on those days either as I’ll assume you won’t be here.”

“Ok,” I nodded again, getting increasingly excited.

“And lastly, all of the daycare garbage is piled and stored in the transfer room waste containment system where it is stored for the morning employees to compact, bag and dump into the outside dumpster bin,” Chantelle informed me, “as I’m sure you’re aware, we go through tons of waste of all kinds at our facility, and the dumpster that waste management has provided us is their largest size available to us. Naturally we compact all of the garbage every day in order to ensure it’ll fit inside the dumpster without overflow and additional charges.”

I was nearly salivating at the thought of it. They produce so much waste, that they have to compact it and then dump it!? Amazing! It’d be interesting to see what kind of compactor machine they had inside the facility, but unfortunately it wasn’t part of the deal and there was no telling whether it would even be safe inside of it or not. I had no clue what the machine was or how it compacted the contents within. Better left as a fantasy I suppose, this existing deal was all I needed to be happy.

“Any questions?” Chantelle asked, looking at her phone to see the time as she started tapping her foot, clearly becoming impatient.

“No ma’am,” I responded, very eager to begin the morning. It was twenty minutes to opening, and Chantelle would need to head inside to disable the cameras in five minutes.

“Good, that’ll be five hundred dollars as agreed,” Chantelle demanded, holding out her hand impatiently.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a check that I had written in advance. Chantelle quickly sighed in annoyance, “what the hell? I said cash you stupid broad!”

“Oh... It’s good I swear! I have the money, I just didn’t have time to stop at a bank...” I was suddenly stricken with fear, fear that I had ruined all of this over the payment method.

Chantelle snatched the check from my hand and inspected it closely, glaring at it and then at me continuously for a moment until she rolled her eyes, “if it bounces, I’ll throw you in the compactor myself for crossing me! Understand?”

As wet as that comment made me, I nodded sheepishly as the woman flipped her hair and walked off, leaving me alone in the parking lot. Was I supposed to head to the dumpster now? No... I had to wait until seven forty five, that’s when she said the cameras would be disabled. What if she lied to me though? What if she just wanted free money, and decided to take advantage of a weirdo like me? I suppose it didn’t matter to me, I was too excited to care. Was worth the risk as far as I was concerned.

I walked back quickly to my car which was parked at the far end of the lot inconspicuously. I quickly grabbed a black trash bag that hosted an extra pair of clothes in case things got messy, some wipes to clean myself if necessary, and a few more bags as well to bag myself with. Couldn’t have anyone peeping into the dumpster and spotting me after all! It would also serve as a means to hold any additional items such as my wallet, cell phone and more.

I closed my car door and locked it, before reaching under the space above my driver side tire and feeling around for a magnet I had attached a day earlier. I felt it with my hands, and positioned the keys over it which also had a magnet attachment I put on the key ring. Voila, the keys were now safely hidden under my vehicle. I had actually lost my keys before when dumpster diving, so this was an alternative solution for me. It would also serve as an emergency beneficiary in the event I had to abandon my belongings in case I needed to run away for being caught or what not.

I looked at my phone, it was a minute until seven forty five! I needed to hurry, not that it should take me very long to get in the dumpster and settled but I knew that five minutes could go by very quickly. I checked to ensure my vehicle was locked and after confirming so I began to speed walk towards the back of the daycare facility. I looked around frantically to make sure that nobody, absolutely nobody was around and could see me or where I was going.

As I approached the corner of the building, I peeked around to make sure the coast was clear. The back of the daycare facility pointed away from the main street, and there were very tall hedges surrounding the entire backside of the property which gave excellent coverage and prevented any other businesses from spotting me at other lots. There was only one possible way for me to be seen now, or two I mean. Either the cameras would record me, and potentially be reviewed... Or I’d get caught in the dumpster. Odds were low, as long as I was careful and followed Chantelle’s directive carefully.

I quickly took a final look behind me, and I saw a car on the street starting to make a turn into the lot. It was probably an employee arriving a few minutes early, and I took that as my queue to make haste as I rushed over to the dumpster. I could see the camera on the building up high pointing straight at me, and though I was nervous I had to trust that Chantelle would keep her end of the deal.

I flipped the lid of the dumpster, which was rated for about twelve hundred pounds of waste from what I could gather. I peered into the bin, the smell of diapers predominant amongst the other miscellaneous items of garbage that were tossed. The bin was about a quarter full, and it was emptied only a day or two ago from what I could assume. The perfect amount to get snug and buried under! And according to Chantelle, there’d be a nice pile waiting to be thrown out once the morning shift began their day.

I looked at my phone, and there was only a minute left before Chantelle would re-enable the camera. I hopped into the dumpster promptly and heaved the lid at the edge up as it swung back over and closed on top of me. Everything was now dark, minus some light that seeped through the edges of the lid giving me very little illumination inside the giant dumpster.

I opened my trash bag and pulled out two bags, before resealing the bag and hiding it under some bags of garbage and diapers. I then opened the bags up and began to bag myself. First I stepped into the initial bag, shifting my body inside of it until the top reached my torso. I tried to bend my knees up against my chest to settle into the bag further, until I was almost entirely in the bag. I then took the other bag and opened it up, covering the top of my body and doing my best from inside to get it somewhat over the other bag.

I was now completely covered in two hefty black bin liners, and began wiggling my body to settle into the pile of other bags of garbage. My heart was really starting to beat faster and faster, a mixture of excitement and anxiety as I prepared myself for the next eight or so hours of dumpster life at a daycare facility. The thought of employees dumping piles of compacted garbage on top of me and burying me began to turn me on, but I’d save some self pleasuring for after such has occurred.

Surely the camera was enabled again, so I did my best not to cause any commotion that could cause the dumpster to move, jostle or roll so the camera wouldn’t record anything suspicious that would give cause to investigate from any of the employees. All I had to do now was wait.

My name is Rosey, and I’m only twenty two years old. I went to college straight after high school, already having gotten my first year of college credits by taking advanced college classes my senior year of high school. I was rather smart, and I majored in software development and ended up with a well paying job at a big corporation that many would know as Microsoft.

The following year of getting my college degree I rolled in the big bucks, making well over eighty five thousand a year in my career. I was only scratching the surface of my potential, but after gathering the courage to meet with Chantelle and make this dumpster deal I was easily able to afford the five hundred dollars to make all of this happen. I was too nervous to attempt anything on my own, so having Chantelle agree to the check in return for allowing me to live out my fantasy with some sentiment of peace was a dream come true for me.

Of course she probably thought I was a freak, but she still went through with it so why should I care what she thinks of me? Of course she still might double cross me, but I didn’t have any reason to suspect such would happen. But aside from all of that, time had quickly passed in the form of thirty minutes when I abruptly heard the sound of the daycare's back entry door swinging wide open and the sounds of chatting employees echoing all around me from the outside.

“This is ridiculous,” said the voice of a female facility worker, of whom I did not recognize.

“You literally complain every time you get put on garbage duty, Rachel,” said the voice of Chantelle whom I recognized.

Rachel scoffed, “well yeah! This is a man's job, can’t you get any of the male employees to do this?”

“We don’t have any male employees you idiot,” Chantelle retorted, and I could hear as she began wheeling something outside. I had a feeling I knew what it was.

“Well maybe the owner could hire some?” Rachel questioned, the sound of her moving something around as well. It sounded like whatever they were moving were on wheels.

“Just shut up and do your job, I’m tired of hearing your bitching,” Chantelle ordered, “I’m technically your superior, so can you just shut up and help me dump this crap?”

Rachel couldn’t help but snicker, “crap, yes I can help you toss this crap Chantelle.”

“No puns allowed,” Chantelle rolled her eyes, “I’ll admit though, this is the most garbage I’ve ever seen in one night.”

“Right!?” Rachel snorted back, “I swear, compacting all of this crap every night is sooooooo much work! And dumping it is even more work! This stuff weighs like fifty pounds a bag!”

“Which is why we schedule two employees to handle this task instead of one, so let’s get this over with and then it is all said and done alright? You won’t be on garbage disposal duty again until next Monday,” Chantelle said.

I could hear them rolling the bins over to the dumpster, that’s what I assumed they were. The sound of the wheels rolling along the concrete was loud, and nearly drowned the sound of their voices out entirely. I grew very nervous now, and did my best not to make a sound. Chantelle knew I was inside this bin, and I had no previous knowledge that she would actually be disposing of any garbage herself! She was about to knowingly dump loads of bags filled with diapers and other waste on top of me, and I had a feeling she couldn’t care less. Lord, how wet it made me just thinking about it!

I could hear the sound of the two women lifting the lid and flipping it over, and it swung down and slammed into the dumpster so hard that I nearly jolted out of my skin. The vibrations shook me down to my core, and it was very exciting. Silence ensued for a moment, and I could only guess that the two women took a moment to peer into the dumpster.

“It fucking smells so bad in there!” Rachel complained, “God I’m going to quit, I swear I’m going to quit!”

“You can quit after we dump this garbage, now shut up and help me,” Chantelle said sharply, and I could hear the sound of a rustling garbage bin as the two women began to do their duty.

They grabbed one of the heavier bags and hoisted it over the edge of the dumpster before letting it fall in. In a second I felt the enormous weight of the garbage bag landing on my body, and I hadn’t prepared for how heavy it was. I let out a small groan of pain, but since the bag was filled with used diapers or so I assumed, it wasn’t too painful other than the weight of it all. The bag was so mushy from sloshing all of the compacted contents inside, it swallowed my chest and torso as it settled on top of me. The smell hit my nostrils, and though anyone else would have been disgusted I couldn’t help but feel delighted.

“Did you hear that?” Rachel asked, having heard my groan. This made me a bit nervous for a moment, but not after Chantelle responded.

“It was just the bag hitting the other bags, keep dumping,” Chantelle said impatiently, and I secretly thanked her in my mind for not blowing my cover. She was indeed keeping her end of the deal, I couldn’t appreciate her more than I already did. If anything, I was slowly starting to fantasize that she was enjoying all of this, but I knew she probably didn’t care one way or the other.

She was very attractive, and I was bisexual so I also fantasized her trashing me at her house, maybe teasing me or humiliating me. I was starting to get so wet I almost couldn’t contain myself, but I checked myself and reminded myself that Chantelle was probably straight, and probably wanted nothing to do with me anyways. I couldn’t ponder it much longer though, as I felt another bag land on the opposite end of the dumpster.

I heard as they began lifting lighter bags out of the bin now, and they started chucking bag after bag into the dumpster. One landed on my head, and another at my feet. Two more landed beside me, and then I heard one more catch a hinge before the sound of tearing plastic and spewing garbage ensued. Luckily I concealed in water tight hefty black bin liners, otherwise the disgusting contents of compacted diapers would have covered me for sure. I felt all of the loose diapers and other waste scatter all about, landing on me, beside me and everywhere else in the dumpster.

“Awww, gross!” Rachel held her nose in disgust, “it fucking stinks!”

“Shouldn’t have thrown it so hard,” Chantelle joked, “but yeah that’s pretty nasty.”

“Only three bags left, thank God!” Rachel said with relief.

I felt as three more bags were chucked into the dumpster, but unfortunately they all landed at the other end of the bin. I could hear the sound of Rachel or Chantelle wiping their hands together, before Rachel said, “all in a morning's work.”

“We still have two more carts of bags to dump, Rachel,” Chantelle informed, “now come on.”

“Wait, three more!?” Rachel sighed, “ugh... Fine.”

I heard some more chatter as the two walked off to get the rest, and once I felt the coast was clear I took in a deep breath as I repositioned myself to get comfortable. This entire experience was exhilarating, unreal almost. Chantelle was so uncaring about me in the dumpster, she’d almost fooled me into believing she’d forgotten I was in there. It was amazing!

Suddenly I felt my legs get a little wet, and I grew curious. I reached my hand down towards my legs and felt a wet diaper had somehow gotten in my bag. It was warm, and rather funky smelling, obviously. Then I felt the tear in my bag, oh no! I listened for the two facility workers, but couldn’t hear anything so I removed myself from the bags so I could grab a fresh pair, unfortunately that’d be a mistake.

Once I fully exited the bags I was in, the trash shifted and the next thing I knew a torrent of diapers and other waste washed over me. The bag that had ripped open by catching the hinge was near the top of the pile, but as I moved around the bags sank downward and shifted apart, creating a gap and nearly burying me in the garbage! Diapers fell on my face, making quite a mess and the putrid smell hit my nostrils causing me to gag for a moment.

“Did you hear that Chantelle?” I heard the voice of Rachel just outside the bin, and it dawned on me that they rolled the three carts over but I was so focused on the garbage burying me alive I hadn’t paid any attention to the sound of the wheels on the concrete!

I also realized they left the lid open, and I peered up through a gap and immediately met the eyes of Rachel who was peering into the bin. I froze, fear stricken as I wondered what was going to happen now. Chantelle warned me that if I got caught, I’d reap the consequences and on my first experience here I was already exposing myself. How stupid!

“What is it?” I heard Chantelle ask, “did you see something?” I heard the sound of more rustling bags, likely being grabbed by Chantelle.

I maintained eye contact with Rachel, and I thought for sure the jig was up. Chantelle wouldn’t expose herself as a contributor to all of this, so I figured Rachel would immediately inform her of my presence in the bin and start freaking out. But to my utter disbelief, this is not what happened at all.

Rachel suddenly winked at me, and I was immediately confused and gave her a strange look in response. She kept looking at me, then looking around the bin and inspecting it or something, I wasn’t sure. My heart had stopped beating entirely, as I waited to see what she was going to do. Then I heard Chantelle walk up to her with some bags.

“Hey, Rachel, you going to answer me?” Chantelle repeated herself.

“Hm?” Rachel finally acknowledged her coworker, “oh, no it was nothing. Let’s get this trash dumped.”

“So now you’re eager? No more quips or complaints?” Chantelle was baffled.

“Nope, just doing my duty!” Rachel grabbed the bags from Chantelle, snatching them almost, before heaving them over the edge of the dumpster and I watched as they both landed directly over my exposed face, which then concealed me entirely.

“Well alright then,” Chantelle grabbed some more bags, and the trashing continued while I sat in silence and confusion.

Unlike last time, it felt as if this time almost every bag landed on top of where I was. It was like Rachel was purposefully trashing the bags on top of me now, and I started to feel the weight of the garbage from above as I slowly sank lower and lower under the crushing weight of the daycare garbage.

I actually began having a bit of trouble breathing, as more and more bags landed in the dumpster. It had to be getting full at this point, the amount of garbage they were dumping was insane. I knew it would be a lot, but not this much!

“It’s getting full, and we still have one cart left,” Chantelle finally said out loud, “let’s bring this cart inside and we’ll dump it tomorrow after the truck picks it up.”

“Nah,” Rachel responded, “I have an idea.”

Before Chantelle or myself could even think of what Rachel’s idea was, I heard the sound of metal before a sudden impact landed on top of the bags which pressed them into me almost as if I was in a compactor. Rachel had hopped inside of the bin!

“What are you doing?” Chantelle asked, “get out of there!”

“Just wait, this will work I promise,” Rachel began using her weight to compact the garbage bags, which really began to frighten me because now I was being compacted tight in the contents of the bin! I was also completely exposed, and all of the waste and diapers were now being crammed into my body as Rachel began stomping around in the bin to force the bags deeper and deeper.

I tried to adjust myself in an effort to get comfortable and to lessen the pain, but Rachel was surprisingly powerful as she compacted the garbage with her own two feet, sealing me to my fate within the bin. I was at her mercy now, her complete mercy! She also knew I was in here now, yet she said nothing to Chantelle and was now torturing me it seemed. It made me incredibly wet, and as much as I loved the idea of being tormented by this woman, I grew concerned on how exactly I’d escape at the end of the day after being compacted so much into the bottom of the dumpster.

“And there... We... Go!” Rachel gave one last stomp, and of course it was directly over where I was.

“Well, I didn’t expect you to get your feet dirty like that,” Chantelle was impressed, “looks like there is enough room to fit the rest, now get out and help me.”

I felt as Rachel hopped out of the bin, and her and Chantelle began chucking the final bags into the dumpster. I couldn’t be sure, as I now had a bit of trouble hearing what was going on, but it felt as if they threw in another six bags or so before I heard the ear shattering sound of the lid slamming shut.

“That was fun, but back to work I suppose,” I barely heard Rachel speak out.

“Fun? Did an alien kidnap and replace you in the last two minutes because you’re acting really weird,” Chantelle still had no idea that Rachel had seen me.

“You converted me into a trash lover, Chantelle,” Rachel joked, “I think I’ll take someone's shift in the morning, is that alright?”

“For real? Uh... Ok,” Chantelle didn’t think too much more of it before I heard the back door of the facility slam shut, leaving me alone and buried just like I’d always fantasized.

Just one little problem, I was absolutely stuck. In no way, shape or form was I going to be able to get out. I struggled to no end, trying the best I could to dig myself to the surface, but found it was impossible. There was a massive amount of trashing sealing me at the bottom now, keeping me buried with the loose garbage from earlier which had completely made a mess of me.

As I tried to shift around, my face struck a pile of used tissues. I couldn’t reach my face with my hands, as they were stuck under other bags, so I tried rubbing my face against another black bag in an effort to wipe them off. They fell loose and I realized they were filled with snot, and some of it was smeared on my face. I was so horny now, but also terrified. I wanted to finger myself right then and there, but I couldn’t as I could hardly move at all.

I was also concerned, because I clearly heard that the truck would arrive in the morning to dump the load, of which I was in! What if I couldn’t get out by then? What if I was stuck through the night? What if the truck compacted me inside of the hungry destructive machine, or what if I was taken and dumped at the transfer station? So many thoughts running through my head, and my emotions got the best of me as I began to sob quietly to myself inside the dumpster.

The tears were not just because of how terrified I was, but also because I desperately wanted to masturbate and I couldn’t even do that. I was being tormented on two separate ends, this is not exactly what I had in mind for my first experience in the daycare dumpster. After what felt like an hour, I eventually sobbed myself to sleep.

Several hours had passed, as I finally opened my eyes after waking up. What time was it? Had the daycare closed yet? I wasn’t sure, I couldn’t see anything but darkness, and I was still stuck exactly how I was before falling asleep. I tried struggling again, and this time I did manage to shift the garbage a little but once it settled again I was stuck.

This time I twisted my head downward to try and see my body, but instead planted my face in an open wet diaper that just happened to be waiting for me under my chin. God it was humiliating, which was both great and horrible. I couldn’t really decide at the moment. I kept thinking how I’ll laugh all of this off once I finally got home, but as more time passed I realized that I was just fucked entirely.

The cruel reality of it all, was that if Rachel had never seen me, she probably wouldn’t have jumped into the dumpster to compact it, which is really what screwed me. The daycare had to be closed now, everything was so quiet, or maybe it was just because the bags drowned out any sound. I couldn’t tell.

Was Rachel really going to just leave me in here? Did she want me to get picked up by the truck? What if she was some sadistic psychopath, or perhaps I was just crazy. I started recalling her face as she looked into the dumpster. Bright green eyes, long and beautiful chocolate hair. A slim face, probably has a petite body, or maybe not considering how well she compacted all of the bags into me.

She was drop dead gorgeous, and to have her torment me, a complete stranger, was insanely hot. I just wish she wasn’t so cruel about it, she didn’t even know who I was yet she was willing to leave me trapped in here to be compacted by the garbage truck in the morning? What if it was morning? Oh God a million thoughts ran through my mind all at once.

Suddenly I heard the sound of the back door to the facility opening again, and my heart froze. I could hear the sound of footsteps, but it was very quiet and I almost couldn’t hear them at all. I contemplated calling out for help, maybe it was Chantelle? Did she check the cameras and see I never got out? I don’t recall her saying she’d ever help me out, the deal was she’d cut the cameras and look the other way and nothing more, I doubt she cared whether I stayed or not.

Suddenly the dumpster lid opened, I could hear it very clearly. I listened closely, maybe it was just another garbage dump? Then the sound of whoever it was hopping into the dumpster, and I felt the weight of them from above. Were they compacting it more? They had to be, probably trying to dump more bags. Oh no! This couldn’t be happening!

Then to my shock, I heard the rustling of bags, almost as if someone was digging around the trash. Now I was curious more than anything, what exactly was going on? My question was answered pretty quickly once I heard the very, very familiar voice of the woman who had trapped me inside here.

“Hey, you still in here?” Rachel asked, continuing to dig around.

I remained silent, unsure of what to do or even say.

“Hello? I checked the cameras and never saw you come out, I know you’re in here you little freak,” Rachel said, still digging around.

I still stayed silent, completely embarrassed and unsure if I’d rather face Rachel, or accept my fate. I even started to tear up again, but I also grew very horny.

“Fine, I’ll just leave you trapped in here and let waste management pick you up,” Rachel threatened, “I know you’re stuck in here, I packed this garbage in tight! You probably enjoyed it though, you little freak!”

“Just leave me alone!” I shouted, surprising even myself as I finally managed to spit out a few words.

“She speaks!” Rachel snickered, and suddenly I felt the bags around me shift and finally after all of the hours of being hardly able to breathe, I could actually move! I didn’t get the chance to do anything though.

I turned my body around to face upwards, and low and behold Rachel was directly above me at the top of the pile. She smiled down at me, a shit eating grin on her face.

“Look at little miss diaper queen, Jesus you reek of piss!” Rachel laughed.

“Why are you doing this to me!” I asked, tearing up even more, “please! Just go away!”

“I’ll admit, at first I thought you were homeless,” Rachel ignored my frantic screeching, “but you looked way too sexy to be homeless, so I figured you must be a freak for trash or something, or diapers, or whatever freaks like you are into.”

“S... Sexy?” Despite her rude insults, I couldn’t help but fixate on the fact she called me sexy. No woman had ever called me sexy, especially one as beautiful as her. I didn’t know her age, she seemed to be about Chantelle’s age, maybe a couple years younger.

Rachel kicked more bags out of the way as she made her way down until she straddled my entire body. It shocked me, and I tried to get her off but she grabbed both of my arms and held them down, also using her legs to keep my torso pinned. I didn’t know what she was doing, but she wasn’t going to let me leave in peace.

“Tell me what you're into,” Rachel demanded, “tell me you secrets!”

“What? No! Get off me!” I struggled to free myself, but she was surprisingly stronger than me.

“Tell me why you’re in this dumpster, and I’ll let you go,” Rachel said.

“You... You will? You promise?” At this point I just wanted to go home, this went way farther than I ever intended. I was not a very confident person, and the fact I ever built up the courage to strike a deal with Chantelle was a shock all on its own. But this? I couldn’t handle it.

“Yes, I promise,” Rachel grinned at me.

“I... I like being trashed...” I admitted, wanting to cry my eyes out out of pure embarrassment. I only told her so she’d leave me alone, but leave me alone she did not.

“Interesting,” Rachel thought for a moment, “very interesting...”

She leaned her face towards mine, her piercing gaze penetrating my own as I looked back at her. I flushed red, embarrassed and humiliated as she just hovered her face over mine. For a woman who seemed absolutely disgusted by garbage initially, she sure didn’t seem to mind it all that much now.

“Are you single?” Rachel asked, giving me a more softer smile now rather than an evil grin.

“Wh... What?” I was confused.

“Are. You. Sing-le,” Rachel spoke slowly and mockingly.

“Ye... Yeah...?” Where was this going?

“You’re super cute, and seeing you all trashed and dirty is pretty kinky, knowing that I'm the culprit,” Rachel gave me a toothy smile, and before I could react or say anything further she rushed my lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

I almost wanted to pull away, but upon realizing the back of my head was resting on a black bag full of diapers I couldn’t. But then again, I didn’t want to pull away. Suddenly I felt her hand let go of my left arm, and her fingers slipped themselves past my waistline and under my panties. Her fingers slowly began to caress my clit, and my eyes closed shut as I began to make out with Rachel almost as if it was a dream.

She then took two of her fingers and slipped them inside of me, causing me to moan as she forced her tongue nearly down my throat. She was quite aggressive, very aggressive but let me tell you I enjoyed every moment of it.

I almost wanted to pinch myself, could this be real? Was this really happening? I couldn’t believe it, this was the most unreal experience I’d ever had in my entire life. I thought I regretted making this deal, but now I felt as if this was the best five hundred bucks I’d ever spent in my entire life!

As quickly as she embraced me, she pulled her mouth away from mine and her fingers out of me. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them sensually, while maintaining eye contact with me as if to tease me further.

“Mmm... Were you planning on coming back here tomorrow?” Rachel asked me curiously.

“I... Maybe...” I blushed, and looked away nervously.

“Truck picks up the bins at nine in the morning, there’s a camera pointed at the dumpster but no one ever actually views it,” Rachel told me, “if you sneak back here at lunch time, nobody would notice.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked, still very confused and having very mixed feelings about all of this.

Rachel snickered at me again, grabbing my left tit forcefully and feeling it in her hand with pleasure, “because you’re hot, and trashing you and sealing you in this dumpster was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done. I want to do it again, so will you be here tomorrow or not?”

“I... I don’t know...” I answered her.

Rachel giggled, “yeah, right. You’ll be here, I know you will be.”

Rachel stood up and lifted herself out of the bin, and I heard her starting to walk away. I was a mess, but I felt around for my bag of belongings and then quickly jumped out of the bin as well. I looked up at the camera nervously for a moment, before running after the woman.

“Wait! How do you know I’d be back tomorrow?” I shouted at her, wanting to know what was going through her mind.

“Because you’re into me just as much as I’m into you,” Rachel answered, turning the corner of the building and vanishing from sight.

I didn’t go after her, I was a mess and there was still a little daylight out. I still tried to comprehend what had just happened, but I couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh to myself as I realized this was reality and not a dream at all. This is not what I had anticipated for my first experience, but Rachel was absolutely right.

There was no fucking way I wasn’t coming back here tomorrow.


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