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The Blue Suitcase for Kinks

by Polythene WrappedMe

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© Copyright 2020 - Polythene WrappedMe - Used by permission

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Being adopted, I found myself with a new family. A kindly couple, who had opened their home to me. Being just 2ft tall, I had wondered if a family would have me, for I was not the height of the average person. But they took me in, like having another child around the house, only when I reached 20 years old, I was no different in height as when I was when they first adopted me from the orphanage. They already had one child of their own. A pretty girl, named Kate, who was a few years older than me.

I really fancied Kate, but she just saw me as her brother, not a potential boyfriend. Furthermore, with her looks, she could have any man she fancied, and she never looked twice in my direction. Kate always wore the most evocative perfume, the sort that left its heady scent on all her clothes and seemed to linger in the air, long after she had walked passed. 

Growing up together, we had gone on family holidays together, and Kate had teased me, that a person my size could fit in her suitcase, and it would be cheaper to send me on holiday as part of the family's luggage. Perhaps I would end up being sent through the baggage area at the airport, and into the hold of the plane, just like any other object, possession, or belonging.

I found this talk of being treated so, most erotic, and whenever Kate spoke that way to me, in her soft, seductive, voice, it was hard to conceal my erection. Being older than me, Kate loved to tease. To make me blush. Perhaps not to make my trousers bulge, as I stood there fidgeting uncomfortably as my manhood tried to escape my pants.

Now older, the family often went out, and with Kate seeing her friends, I was often left in the house alone. Well there are no prizes for guessing what I got up to.

I would sneak into her bedroom. The room was still full of her scent, as she had applied too much perfume, to attract a local boy she fancied. In her wardrobes were her clothes, some of which still retained the scent from when she had worn them once, before they were due to be washed. I was able to stand inside her wardrobe, and I loved inhaling her seductive scent up my nose. The mere action of doing so, in her wardrobe, in her bedroom, was very naughty.

As I admired her pretty dresses, blouses, tops, skirts, and jackets, I found her blue suitcase at the back of her wardrobe, underneath the clothes hanging there. If I had not brushed her long dresses apart, I would have never seen the blue suitcase there, standing upright in the corner of her wardrobe, concealed amongst her long, hanging, full-length party gowns. My mind recalled her teasing me, about the fact that I was small enough to fit inside her suitcase, and my erection instantly doubled in size. 

The blue suitcase was one of those wheeled cases, and it had a large zip around its circumference, and it opened at the front, almost like it was a door! I unzipped her suitcase, and stood inside. Then I pulled her party gowns together on the rail from which they hang in her wardrobe, like a person drawing the curtains closed, for privacy and concealment. Next, I zipped her suitcase back up, from the inside.

It was true, I could fit inside and even her suitcase smelled of her perfume, from when it had contained her holiday clothes that she had worn. I now fantasized that Kate owned me, and she had put me inside, as I was now just one of her belongings. I was owned by her, and I was to obey her every command.

My hands wandered down to my waiting cock, and I made a mess inside my pants. Afterwards, I made my escape, and I made sure her suitcase and her wardrobe were exactly as I found them, for Kate was not to know what I had been up to. That would just be too embarrassing.

The next time, I was left alone, I fancied doing the same - only naked! The problem was spilling, or squirting, my semen everywhere. If my kinky habit was to remain a secret, there had to be no evidence pointing a guilty finger at me. I needed something to wank into. Something that would not leak. Something that could be disposable. Something that if it got dirty, could simply not need washing. After much thinking, I decided that a polythene bin liner was the perfect solution. No one would miss one, if I used it.

It was only after I bagged my naked body inside a polythene bin liner, and zipped myself back into her suitcase; did I realise how horny, the soft, silky polythene against my skin made me feel. 

I ejaculated within minutes. My mind partly thinking about being owned by Kate, and perhaps squashed in her suitcase, with her scented clothes; and partly I wondered what it would be like if Mom had bagged me with her trash, and thrown me away. Well, hello, to the world of trashcan fantasies!

I was enjoying myself for the fourth time - as the potent imagery helped me to cum quickly and often - when I heard voices. I had either lost track of time, or Kate had returned home early; and she was not alone! Kate's two friends, Emily and Sarah, had come home with her, and the three girls were now in Kate's bedroom.

Drat! I couldn’t escape now! And I could not be caught either. Naked, wearing nothing but a white polythene kitchen bin liner, which was now dripping with my cum, and inside her blue suitcase, inside her wardrobe, in her bedroom!

I listened to the three girls as they talked, laughed and discussed everything from boys, to clothes, and make up. Standing there, it was as if I were an honorary girl, listening in to the girl talk. But, of course, I never spoke. Whether I was a dress in her suitcase, or a bag of domestic waste, I had to remain completely silent.

To my horror, Kate even opened her wardrobe doors, and three girls flicked through Kate's clothes, as they discussed Kate's options for the next party. Little did they know, I was concealed in her blue suitcase, just inches from the three girls, and I remained undiscovered. Phew!

I stroked my cock softly, as I was now just part of the contents of Kate's wardrobe. So quiet was I, that I even managed to cum a fifth time, whilst the three girl's were still discussing party frocks, just inches away from me. Then I heard Kate close her wardrobe doors. The girls remained for a few hours now. All the while I was listening. Then the three girls left, and went out.

Making sure I could not hear anyone else, I unzipped the suitcase, climbed out of the wardrobe, took off the white polythene bin liner, and went to the bathroom to wash, before getting dressed in my own bedroom.

It was late before my parents arrived home, and even later, before Kate arrived home, rather drunk. Mom asked what I had been doing all day. A question to which the truth was not a suitable answer! So I mumbled something, and went to bed.

As life continued in the house, so my private trashbagging sessions, in Kate's blue suitcase continued, about one a month. Then Kate moved away to university, taking a much larger suitcase with her. This meant that her bedroom, her wardrobe, and her blue suitcase, were now free to use at much more frequent intervals. Dad was out at work, and Mom was often out with her friends. I kept myself to myself, and so I was often left alone to play. Lucky me!

Three years later, when Kate returned from university, she had fallen in love, and her boyfriend and her decided to fly the nest, and get a place of her own. Kate meant to take her old stuff with her, but like most children, she left a lot of old clothes, and her blue suitcase, at home. But whilst Kate might have forgotten about it, it had not been forgotten by me.

Unbeknown to me, Mom and Dad had decided to clear Kate's old room, and make it into an office / study, so Dad could work from home, so save commuting Mondays to Fridays.

During one ill-timed masturbation session, Dad and Mom came into Kate's bedroom to clear her stuff. Kate had already given permission, and all that remained was for them to sort through her belongings. The good stuff would go to a local charity shop. The rest would be put out for the weekly trash collection. As I was now one of Kate's "belongings", I only had one of two futures!

I stood there in the blue suitcase, naked and bagged in a white polythene kitchen bin liner, petrified I would be discovered, as I heard Mom and Dad start to move Kate's stuff about. I heard Mom take Kate's clothes off the hangers and she folded them for the local charity shop. That was when they discovered the blue suitcase at the bottom of Kate's wardrobe. I heard them reminisce about family holidays, and how this blue suitcase had been used so many times by Kate. 

...and me, I quietly sniggered.

Next I felt the suitcase lifted downstairs, and I was taken outside, on the kerb. Mom and Dad had already done a lot of spring cleaning, and had boxed out sets of old glasses and crockery that was only fit for the trash. They would buy new, of everything!

They had paid the driver of the Geesink Vulture rear loader garbage truck to take away the pile of discarded belongings, on the basis that they helped him load the truck! Dad decided to film it for Youtube, and called the Vlog "Bulk Waste", so that Kate could see it was all gone.

In went the glass and crockery, as it made a smashing sound as it was hurled into the truck's metal hopper, and then even more smashing, and breaking and popping sounds, as the packer scooped up the contents and compacted the trash.

Quite a crowd of neighbours had gathered to help, watch the spectacle, and help load the truck. There was no way I wanted all them to find me, naked, and trashbagged, in his sister's suitcase. Just as I was pondering how to escape, someone lifted the blue suitcase into the hopper!

At first, I landed on my head, upside down. Then the person pushed the blue suitcase deeper into the hopper. This did two things. Firstly, it righted the blue suitcase, so it was now standing on its base, and its occupant was now standing upright again. Secondly, it moved the suitcase out of the way of the descending packer blade, so the blue suitcase was scooped up, as opposed to sliced in half! Thankfully.

The noise of the broken trash all tumbling inside the garbage truck, was almost as deafening as the roar of the diesel engine. It was quite clear where I was going! And I was very frightened.

The scoop picked up the suitcase, and it disappeared under the packer. There it held the suitcase. To my total surprise, I was not flattened. More junk and trash was lobbed into the hopper, by the assembled crowd. Then the packer was activated a second time. On the video, you could clearly see the blue suitcase fall back into the hopper, totally unscathed from its ordeal. It was as if I was being given a second chance to scream, and make myself known.

But having survived the first compaction, I thought, this is not too bad, I might survive being Kate's trash. Then the packer plate descended again, and this time, the blue suitcase, was scooped up, but the addition of more trash, forced me deeper into the garbage inside the truck. For the action of additional trash, is what pushes the contents, deeper; and deeper you go, the more pressure there is!

The little blue suitcase did not survive much longer, as it caved in on all sides, and despite me pushing from inside, I was no match for the powerful machine and tons of trash. I became trapped inside my kinky home. There was just enough time for one last wank.

But you will notice, the blue suitcase is never seen again, and nor was I. Here is the video.



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