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Dumpster Play

by sealed up good

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© Copyright 2011 - sealed up good - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/m; spandex; bagged; bond; tape; gag; dumpster; oral; mast; true; cons; X

I just got back from my holiday in Florida, and had arranged a session with two of my Bear friends, here is how it went:

I got in around 5 P.M. Friday and we started to play around 8 P.M. (not sure after bagging) We arrived at the corner store around 9:00 P.M. (closed of course) and I go to the back room with them and slide into my black PVC thong, silver spandex hot pants and matching t-shirt.

The Bears ask me to do a twirl so they can check me out and I do. They unzip their jeans and tell me to get on my knees, and I service them both thoroughly.

They open a sixty gallon black trash bag and lay it on the ground and have me sit inside, they then duct tape my hands and feet in a crossed position as I requested and gag me tight with a ball gag.

I am so excited I can't believe it, then the bag is pulled up and as they look down at me, I giggle and wave bye bye, they laugh and then tie off the bag and poke three air holes in it.

I hear plastic ruffling and then they pick me up briefly and set me down, I then feel the second bag pulled up and three more air holes are poked and the bag tied off.

I realize it is really tight inside, I am then asked if I am ready to go out to the dumpster and I giggle and shake my head yes.

I am picked up and carried and I hear a door open and then the creak of the metal dumpster door and the slam of one of the top doors.

They slide me through the side door telling me to keep my head down, which I do, I then hear one of them climb and jump in the dumpster.

I feel the top of my bags pulled and I slide and drop about three feet as I land the bags under me give dropping me another two feet and causing the bags around me to cave in burying me. Then I feel more bags being piled on top and packed down.

The smell of rotting food is strong and the sinking feeling wonderful. It is fairly tight but I can still wiggle and  rock a little bit.

I then hear the lid slam and the side door shut and then faintly the store door. I then hear car doors shut and a car pull away.

I start to pleasure myself repeatedly enjoying the darkness and the sound of the trash settling.

I go to sleep for a while after getting myself off several times (no idea what time it is.)

* * * *

I wake up and and can feel my hot pants really tightly riding up my butt, I become excited and get myself off again several times.

I hear a car pull up and for a moment think it is a garbage truck and that it has been called in for a pick-up. I then hear the top of the dumpster open as well as the side door and someone climb in.

There is rummaging through the bags and I hear a voice say, "Where are you?"

I make mmmmffff sounds and move as much as I can.

I then feel hands tear open the top of my bags and I can see it is one of my Bears.

I am helped out and sat on the top of the garbage and my restraints and gag removed.

I had asked for a four hour encasement and was shocked it was over as quick as it was.

The dumpster far surpassed the can or just laying on the bags. The only complaint I have was that I wish it could have been tighter but other than that an extremely exhilarating experience.

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