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by Quackenbushe

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My first time in a dumpster was a number of years ago, probably when I was in my early teens. I would climb into this one dumpster and play among the bags of trash, but that never really satisfied whatever it is that makes me lust for trash.

As I've grown older--I'm about to turn 27--my lust for trash has become a love. I love everything about it... The smell, the feel, the experience. On various occasions I have been in the throes of passion with a bag of garbage. One particular time, I actually ate some of the lettuce that was in a bag of garbage. It was delicious!

I have only been caught in the dumpster on three occasions. Everytime I easily talked my way out of it. Most people don't understand why.

I have thrown my own stuff in the garbage before, too. One of my favorite things to do, is put something of mine--a jacket, shorts, sneakers, an article of clothing--on the rim of a garbage can and wait for someone to drop it in the trash.

On a few occasions, someone has taken the article of clothing for their own, depending what it was. Sometimes it was a football jersey, or mesh athletic shorts.

On many occasions, I have watched my jacket or shorts, or whatever I placed on the trash be dropped in the garbage, have some trash added on top of it, and then the bag was pulled, tied up, and tossed in the dumpster. That makes me go wild.

I have also been inside dumpsters on many occasions and had trash thrown in on top of me. There were three times that were my favorite.

The first time, a guy was throwing out his girlfriend's belongings. She used to be a cheerleader, and he threw all her cheerleader gym bag, and a few other drawsting garbage bags--the sexy black kind with the red strings--in the dumpster. There were about six bags, as I remember.

All but two actually slammed into me. I was sitting upright under a blanket with other garbage strategically placed around me. I got pounded in the head a few times. He talked at her stuff, saying on one trip, goodbye, into the dumpster with the rest of the worthless trash. That was the first bag to slam into me. Then her cheerleader gym bag was the next to smack me on the forehead. When the last bag was thrown in on me, he slid the door shut like that was the end... Finality.

I basked in the warm dumpster smelling the sweet and intoxicating smell of rotting garbage.

The second experience of my favorites, was with another dumpster. I was hiding in it, and it was pretty well filled up. I had seen one of the neighbors trucks, and it had roughly six to eight bags of trash in it. Off to the dumpster with my big bag to hide in I went... and waited.

A little while, perhaps 30 to 45 minutes passed, and I heard a faint diesel engine while I was waiting in the dumpster. I'd left the lid flipped open on the one side, and dug out a spot for me to hunker down in, and to entice him to throw his garbage on top of me where the lid was open already, since the rest of the dumpster was packed with sexy bags of trash, waiting to cave in on me.

The diesel engine grew louder and stopped in front of my dumpster. I waited, fantasizing it was the garbage truck, coming to collect me with the trash. Alas, it was the man with the trash in his truck.

I heard him grab a couple of bags and heave them; one, two, on top of me. One landed square on my hard cock. It tore open a bit, and the sensual liquid inside the bag leaked all over my crotch.

"Trash, trash, trash," I could hear him say, as he threw the remaining six bags in on top of me. Then, the surrounding cast of garbage bags that were already in the dumpster, caved in on top of me. It was a good hour before I begrudgingly made my way out of the garbage-filled dumpster heaven.

My last story is my favorite. It involves the same dumpster.

One particular night, I decided to go to the dumpster and go play in the trash, and rub one out. I brought a large blanket with me to hide under, as well.

I opened the one lid, to find that the bags of trash in the dumpster all favored towards the front of the container. But the rear of the dumpster was nice and open. I climbed in, made a little trash pad to lay on, and closed the lid on top of myself.

I had just gotten settled and started to jerk off, when I heard an engine pull up outside the dumpster. "Oh, shit," I said, as I ducked under my blanket and pulled a few bags over my feet to conceal the "body" look. I heard the voices of two women. "He's a lazy-ass," one girl said, "we have to take out the stinking garbage."

With that, I eagerly awaited what I figured was a bag or two of trash. The lid started to open, and she said, "Look, there's no room."

The other girl peeked in, and said,"Yes there is, throw it in the back."

So the girl with the lid lifted up the lid, climbed up the outer rim of the dumpster (looking right in at me), and said "Shoo, it smells like dead shit in here."

The other girl replied, "That's the smell of days-old trash."

With that I felt a little pressure, as one of the lovely girls started pushing some of the trash from up front towards the back and on top of me. Ohhh, wow. I was able to masturbate a little bit, since they were making a decent amount of noise. More trash was piled on top of me, and then their bags started landing on top of me. It was winter, and their bags of trash were so nice and warm.

Finally, after about 10 bags went on top of me, the girl climbed back up the side of the dumpster, and brought the lid back down to cover me under my trash prison. while closing, she said "Shoo, goodbye stinky trash, have fun in the garbage truck tomorrow." And crunched the lid on top of me. I exploded, feeling the pressure and weight from the bagged trash.

Again, another hour before I was able to climb out of the container.

On other occasions, I have put articles of clothing in the dumpster on top of bagged garbage and watched people throw their trash on top of it. Sometimes they will pick it up, look at it, laugh, and toss it back in, then deposit their bag/s of trash on top of it.

Sometimes people will see it, and place their trash around it, until finally they can't anymore and it gets buried under black, white, grey, and sometimes silver colored trash bags.

I have also put clothing on top of the trash on the day the garbage truck was coming to pick it up. I'll watch and masturbate. Once I cum, I'm allowed to get my stuff back out of the trash. If the truck gets there before I cum, it goes bye bye.

One time I also put a pair of spandex/nylon football pants in one of the arms where the truck picks up the dumpster. The truck came, poked the lift arm through the leg of the pants, and I watched as the pants were flung helplessly back and forth on the arm while the truck emptied the dumpster into it's gaping maw.

The truck brought the dumpster with pants back down, but as it backed up, the pants remained on the pick-up arm. The garbage man then got out and tossed them into the dumpster. I rescued them once he left. The pants had holes ripped in them and was melted in some spots from the friction of steel rubbing against them.

Another time, I put this tattered Miami Dolphins sideline trench coat-style Starter jacket half in the dumpster and half hanging out, hoping that when the garbage truck came to lift the dumpster, half the jacket would get caught at the top of the truck and be half hanging out. The garbage man saw it, got out, and laid it flat out on top of the pile of trash in the dumpster. Then he lifted the container, and I watched my old Dolphins jacket as it went up into the sky before meeting it's destiny in the back of the garbage truck, buried under the pile of trash that was in the dumpster.


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