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Dumpster Slut: A Love Story

by Garbage Lover

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© Copyright 2010 - Garbage Lover - Used by permission

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It was just another Thursday night, another drive all around town… checking out the dumpsters. I turned the radio up… yawn. Another rerun of “This American Life”, one of my favorite radio shows. Ira, I've heard it all before. I switched on the ipod and played some ambient techno stuff, it always relaxes me when I do this.

Soft music played as I whizzed around town behind restaurants, inside apartment complexes, searching for a perfect trash bin in which to indulge myself. See, I've got this trash fetish. Wait, before you judge me. It's strange I know, but totally harmless. Since I was a kid, I've just always loved being around the stuff. It turns me on for reasons I can't explain. So, rather than denying it, I've chosen to embrace it and just enjoy my weekly jerkoff inside a smelly dumpster. Let me tell you, if you could understand how happy it makes me, you might try it yourself.

I stopped my car and slid open an office's dumpster. Rooted around a bit, but it didn't excite me. Not enough trash, the wrong kind of bags… I am rather picky, I confess. I got back in and continued my search, keeping my eye on the cop car that just passed me. It was 2 AM, so gotta look sharp. Cops are just looking for action at that time, but a burglar I sure ain't.

My car glided into an apartment complex that always has nice stinky piles of trash for me to romp around in. Up the middle of the neighborhood, sharp left and straight back. There she was, my favorite skip. Tall and blue and very private feeling.

I parked my car and grabbed my bag. It's always got a change of clothes, a towel in case I want to get a little messy, 2 cans of coke and a bottle of water, and my other ipod.  Slowly I walked towards the dumpster, relieved at finally finding a place to play tonight. I slid the side door open to investigate the situation.

That's when my life changed forever.

At first I had no idea what I was looking at. Some kind of animal?  A large stuffed polar bear plush that is no longer loved? Then it moved slightly in a rhythmic fashion, as it likely had been doing before I slid the door open… it was an ass, and a fine round female one I might add. And in the moonlight shining through the top of the dumpster I could see a carrot sticking out of that beautiful ass.

The the movement stopped. “Fuck!”, I heard a female voice scream. Like many a cat I have frightened in a dumpster by showing up so late at night, this girl flew around in a blur and straight out the top of the dumpster naked. It was fucking impressive, let me tell you. I can hop in and out of dumpsters with great skill, but she had me beat. I heard her feet land on the pavement on the other side of the bin, followed by hurried footsteps.

“Wait, hey!”, I shouted as I ran to the other side. She ran through the dark parking lot. “We need to talk!” I shouted, but she kept running. I looked around, realizing I might be causing a commotion. I couldn't chase her, even though I wanted to. She disappeared into the night and I sighed, my heart still racing from confusion and excitement.

I walked back to the dumpster, noticing the carrot laying on the pavement. It must have fallen out of her. Jesus, this is incredible, I muttered, and slowly got inside. She clearly had been having a good time in there. There was a lot of trash inside, and many of the bags had been torn open. On top of all kinds of paper, cups, tissues and old pasta I saw a torn open bag of carrots and a some celery stalks strewn around. She was pleasuring herself with this stuff! I coudn't believe it. How raunchy! And wow, how fucking hot. I didn't think a woman would ever have the guts to do such a thing, even if she really wanted to. But this one did. Then I saw a piece of clothing hanging from the top of the inside of the bin. A little summer dress with curvy lines and flower designs. It was hers! I grabbed it, and sniffed it deeply. A mix of trash and perfume, quite possibly the sexiest smell I had ever enjoyed.

Then it hit me: There's a female version of me out there, and I have found her. But wait, I didn't find her, she's gone. I may never see her. I held the dress to my chest, as I felt my heart still pounding. I breathed deeply and sat in the trash pile, wondering what to do. Even though I had just seen the most amazingly erotic thing in the world, I just didn't feel right romping around tonight. My mind was racing too much.

I hopped out of the bin and hooked the dress to the top hinge of the dumpster lid, displaying it for her. She was naked after all, maybe she would come back for the dress? She might. I decided to wait for her in my car. I just had to talk to her. A trash girl, just who I always wanted. I gotta wait.

So I sat in my car and waited. Turned on the radio, Ira was wrapping up his radio show. Back to the ipod. I feel like a stalker or something, fuck it, I thought as I drifted off to sleep with music playing.

The roar of a diesel engine woke me up at around 6AM. A big blue BFI frontloader garbage truck pulled into the parking lot near me and hungrily attacked the dumpster, lifting it into the air and dumping it's smelly contents into its big belly. “Damn, hope she wasn't in there”, I mumbled to myself as I got myself together. It's over. I started my car and went home.

A couple of months went by, summer gently segued into fall. The autumn weather always brings back amorous feelings, not only for love, but for my fetishes.

I thought of the girl from time to time. It was just my luck that I finally found another trashy person, and just my luck that I wouldn't ever actually get to know them. Life can be so cruel.

Thursday night, time to hit the dumpster. I decided to venture back to the same bin in which I had seen the girl months before. She had good taste, I could tell that particular skip was perfect for what we do. My car pulled up, I got out and was in the bin in record time. Moments later I was naked and the bottom half of my body was in a nice big black garbage bag and I began stroking myself under the moonlight that was shining into my little love nest.  I was listening to the rustling sounds of my plastic bag as well as the rustling of the leaves blowing in the cool night wind.

“Scruuunnnnnnnnch!” All that peace was broken by the loud sound of the dumpster being slid open suddenly. Fuck, this is it, I'm caught this time, I thought as I tried to quickly hide myself a bit. I looked up at the open side door of the dumpster, and you can probably guess what I saw, can't you, dear reader?

“Oh, sorry, I didn't realize this was occupied”, said a young woman as she backed away from the dumpster. I tried my best to conceal myself in the trash as I simultaneously reached for my bag with my clothes in it.

“Ummm, yeah, sorry I was just looking for something I threw away by mistake”, I managed to blurt out. She began laughing.

“Don't bullshit me! I've used that excuse before, too Hey, I bet you're the guy who found me in here a couple months ago! Your voice is familiar.”

“That was me, yep. So I guess you're the little dumpster slut I discovered”, I said as I managed to get my shirt and shorts back on.

Then to my surprise, she just jumped right in with me.

“'Dumpster slut', huh? I think I'd like to be called that if I actually knew you.”, she said as she chuckled a bit.

I stretched out my slightly grimy hand and offered it to her. “The name's Chad. Nice to meet you”.

She shook my hand. “Trisha. But if you keep being so nice to me, I might let ya call me 'Trasha”.

I smiled and rolled my eyes, “Cute. Actually that's probably the hottest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

I had managed to get myself together enough, and sat next to her right there in the dumpster. It was pretty amazing, we had a great little conversation in that bin, so casual, almost like we were at a coffee shop on a second date or something. She got more comfortable and laid back on some big black trash bags, propping her feet up on a white kitchen drawstring bag.

“So tell me.. how long have you been doing this, getting off in trash bins? I swear, I thought I was the only trash freak”, she said.

“Almost my whole life. Damnedest thing. I have no idea what it's all about. I just love doing this”.

She nodded. “More or less the same for me, though I didn't get freaky like this until my college years. I just couldn't resist the urge to trash myself an longer. I'd love for someone else to do the job, but haven't had any takers yet.”

I stared at her, and she at me. We'd been talking for a while, but the feelings between us were already becoming quite apparent. I sat up and leaned towards her, almost on top of her. The trash all around us made scrunching and popping noises as I moved slowly on top of her. A child's toy suddenly began chirping at us from under the trash out of nowhere.

“Elmo wants to be your friend… … hehehe, that tickles”,  a muffled Elmo voice said underneath us. We both laughed.

“Fucking Elmo! Nice way to ruin the mood, asshole!”, said Trisha as she fished underneath herself and found that little bastard. She flung him high over the top of the dumpster and we heard him smash on the parking lot, followed by a rolling sound that I figured was his batteries.

“Now, where were we”, she said as I moved back into position. Our lips met, and we kissed slowly there in the dumpster. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. Our kissing slowly turned to hot groping and writhing. I almost never fuck on the first date. I was gonna do way more than that tonight though.

I held her tightly as I felt her ass. Something was odd about her bottom, it felt oddly puffy. She moaned a little more as I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down. Her heart seemed to be beating like crazy, as I felt her ass again. Ah-ha!

“You're wearing a diaper? God damn, you are so fucking naughty!”, I whispered in her ear.

“The naughtiest you'll ever meet, dumpster boy. I love trash so much, I figure I might as well wear it as much as possible”. I slowly tore the diaper off her ass and flung it to the side of us, before giving her ass a nice firm slap.

She groaned as I did so, and turned over onto her tummy. I reached for one of the big black bags in the skip. They were heavy, all kinds of household trash was likely inside. I held her down in the pile with one hand as I dangled the big black bag over her.

“So you like being trash, huh? Let's see just HOW much.”, I barked at her.

I felt her quivering as I placed my knee on her back to hold her down. I untied the bag at the top and dumped the contents on her… paper plates, napkins, cups, spaghetti noodles, random trash of all kinds. The juice covered her skin and I smeared it around on her back.

“Mmpph” she moaned as I did this. I took the now-empty used trash bag and pulled it over her head, while I slapped her ass hard.

“You little trash whore. This is just how a trash whore should be”, I said as I pulled back on the dirty bag covering the top half of her body. That made her back arch upwards a bit. I looked around and found a half-eaten corncob in the pile. An evil grin crossed my face as I slowly slid the corncob inside her ass. She moaned and shrieked a little, before I felt her body shaking.

I masturbated her beautiful ass with the corncob right there in that smelly dumpster before I just couldn't wait anymore. I had to be inside this filthy dumpster slut.

I slowly mounted her properly, pulling back on her garbage bag like horse reigns. I stuffed some loose garbage, leftovers from a couple nights' worth of dinner, wilted salad and the pasta into that bag. At this point time moved in slow motion as I fucked her silly, her head inside the bag occasionally banging the side of the metal dumpster, making a pleasing metallic dumpster sound. The dumpster was literally rocking with us.

After a while, I turned her over, the top half of her still in the bag. I took another garbage bag and emptied it, sliding this one over the bottom half of her body, then tying them together. 

I got her into a kneeling position and spoke softly to her.

“Are you my dumpster slut?”

“Yes, yes I am” she moaned.

I tore a hole where her mouth was and forced her head, still in the upper bag, to my cock and slid it in her mouth. She sucked it feverishly, us both sliding around in the greasy garbage, until I filled her mouth with cream.

I figured it was time to let her marinate, and think about how filthy she was. Nothing but a bag of garbage. Using one more used bag I procured, I managed to get her arms tied behind her and sealed her in the bags again best I could. She laid on her back in her bag as I covered her with all the trash I could manage to in the dumpster. She was buried under about 3 feet of it, I reckoned, as I got myself dressed and hopped out of the bin.

“Enjoy being garbage forever. The truck comes tomorrow as we both know. It was nice knowing you”.

I heard her writhe a bit and shriek as I slowly walked away, but I knew this was what she wanted. I got into my car and drove away, only to return a few minutes later and patiently wait. I hoped this was how she would want things to go.

After letting her lay there for an hour, I jumped back into the dumpster and untied her. As I pulled the top bag off of her, I asked, “How was it?”

Her face was smeared with filth and she was sweating like crazy. She looked incredible.

“Fucking… … awesome… ..thank you… … I… … think… I'm in love”. Apparently she had managed to get her hands undone and it was clear from the fact that her hand was in her crotch that she had been pleasuring herself too. I kissed her deep and long until the sun finally started coming up.

She was mine. 

That was 3 years ago, and not much has changed really, only that our love has grown stronger and the play has gotten ever more intense.

She is my trash-slave, my dumpster slut, my every dream come true. Together we explore the depths of our filthy, trashy minds. Even now as I finish typing this to you, I can hear her muffled whimpers from inside our small horizontal trash compactor we bought and keep in our 3 car garage. Hang on a moment… .

“Shut the fuck up, you disgusting trash bag”, I call to her as I press the button to activate the ram again. I peek through a crack near the mouth of the ram to see her bag being smooshed against all kinds of garbage bags, popping and whining as the contents shoot out of them. Think I might let her stay in there overnight tonight. She loves it.

And I love her. Dumpster slut, indeed.



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