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Dumping the Slut

by DumpsterLife and Kaylee

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© Copyright 2019 - DumpsterLife and Kaylee - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; tape; trashbag; trashcan; waste; messy; gag; toys; insert; oral; mast; cum; dumpster; disposal; collection; truck; compactor; landfill; cons/reluct; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

“Damn it, I can’t remember if we needed eggs” Kaylee said to herself as she walked around the supermarket. She reached for her mobile phone so she could call her boyfriend, Alex. She checked her bag. She checked her pockets. However, her mobile phone was nowhere to be found.

“Crap. I must have left it at home. I’ll buy some more eggs just in case”. Little did she know how grave this error would be. And we aren’t talking about the eggs.

One week later, Kaylee was in an excitable mood. Alex had planned a “fetish night” for her, but Kaylee wasn’t one for the more common fetishes. Her preferred method involved trash, from playing with black trash bags to actually being inside a bin. The more realistic, the better. As bizarre as it was, Alex was keen to please her and always did his best to give Kaylee plenty of enjoyment. It had been a couple of months since the last fetish night, so Kaylee was feeling very horny for what was to come.

The evening came and the fun began. Kaylee stripped naked, ready for her enjoyment. Alex walked in and spotted his girlfriend naked, awaiting her fate as garbage.

“Time to dispose of the trash in here I think!” said Alex. Kaylee loved being referred to as trash. Alex lifted her up and brought her into the kitchen. Instead of the usual kitchen bin (which was harder to place a human inside), they had a large black plastic dustbin for these occasions. The bin was lined with a fresh black binbag.

“Before we place you in the bin, I have a slightly different idea today” said Alex. He opened up one of the kitchen drawers and pulled out some gaffer tape. Kaylee looked at him with excitement.

“Ooh, no escape for me then! Planning to dispose of me for real?” said Kaylee winking.

“I certainly will be” said Alex, with a wry smile. The female felt her senses go through the roof. Obviously he wasn’t actually going to dispose of her, but talking dirty like that was a real turn on. He bound Kaylee’s legs and body together. Once complete, Alex pulled out a brand new vibrator he had bought as a surprise.

“Extra treat for you seeing as you can’t reach your areas!” said Alex. “Remote controlled. I choose when you have pleasure.” This was getting better and better! He placed the vibrator in Kaylee’s vagina, and secured it with some more gaffer tape. “Sorted. Time to put you where you belong.” Alex lifted his girlfriend off the ground and placed her inside the bin. He placed the lid on the bin and left Kaylee in darkness. She was in her happy zone, loving the feel of the black bin liner against her body. And now there was extra tease with today, as Alex would be deciding when Kaylee could feel pleasure. She was desperate for the first orgasm to come, and after ten minutes the moment came as Alex activated the vibrator. It wasn’t long before Kaylee was enjoying a fantastic orgasm, hopefully the first of many tonight.

Soon enough Alex had decided it was time for a tidy up. Before long he removed the lid from the bin and started to dispose of some wrappers and packaging. Then he brought over the bathroom bin and turned it upside down, right over Kaylee. All of her period pads and tampons from the previous week showered her, alongside some used condoms from their recent bouts of intercourse. Kaylee watched above as leftovers from last night’s takeaway were thrown in next to her. Polystyrene containers, stale chips, half a burger and the last of kebab remnants joined her. Alex proceeded to dispose of the loaf of bread that had started going mouldy, emptying the bag over the female in the bin. He ate a couple of bananas and tossed the peels on Kaylee. Then without even acknowledging her, he placed the bin lid back on.

There was no denying the thrill for Kaylee. Being treated as if she was just another piece of garbage, having trash dumped on her as if she belonged in the bin alongside the waste, this was excellent. Maybe even the best fetish night she had ever had, purely because she had no control over what was happening, and Alex was deciding when she would have her pleasure. Right on cue, Alex started her vibrator again and Kaylee’s areas down below obliged as she enjoyed another orgasm.

Alex soon decided more trash was needed for the bin and the female inside. He peeled and chopped some vegetables for tomorrow’s dinner, and Kaylee helplessly watched as potato peelings, carrot peel and pepper stalks rained down on her. She then heard her boyfriend speak, and he said “These eggs are out of date”.

Without warning, Kaylee felt an egg crack on her head. The inside of the egg streamed down her face. Then another. And another. Six eggs later, Kaylee’s head was covered in eggshell and yolk. Four used teabags were chucked in the bin. Two coffee filters came next, and the smell of those hit Kaylee right away. Alex was increasing the level of disgustingness quickly. A mouldy tomato fell right between her boobs. Then an even stronger smell entered the bin as the remaining food from the cat’s food bowl were discarded, down Kaylee’s face and onto her boobs. Alex looked down at the disgusting mess in his bin. He placed the lid back on and allowed his victim to get used to the rancid smell inside her garbage prison. After all, Kaylee wanted to be trash, so she would suffer the reality of it. By now, the smell was very unpleasant, and Kaylee felt incredibly dirty. But this was what pleased her, and she loved it. Nearly half an hour later Alex operated the vibrator again, and the dirty girl inside his bin would be pleasured once more.

Two more hours passed before Alex finally checked on Kaylee again. He removed the bin lid, and Kaylee said the safety word (sausages), meaning she had enough now. The smell was getting too much and the disgusting feel of the waste around her was leaving her in discomfort. However, Alex had other plans for her.

“I don’t think so... you look a right state” said Alex. Kaylee looked up - was he kidding or being real here? He had never refused her request to stop before.

Alex removed the liner from the bin, and with great strength lifted the binbag out. He placed it on the floor and looked at his girlfriend with another wry smile. He began to tie the black bag around her neck, so her whole body (minus the head) was consumed inside the trash bag. As Alex tied the binbag up, Kaylee felt the trashy contents close in on her body.

“Alex, what’re you doing babe? I want to stop now please!” asked Kaylee desperately.

“Time for my pleasure, don’t you think?” queried Alex. Once complete, he looked at his girlfriend. Just a head remained, the rest of her was amongst the waste inside the garbage bag. And the head had seen better days, what a state she was! Her face was covered in trashy slime, and her hair was soggy and messy. He pulled his pants down and Kaylee saw his cock, hard as rock.

“You want out, do me a favour then!” he demanded, and thrust his cock into Kaylee’s mouth. She had no choice but to oblige, and began sucking hard. In fairness he had gave her a brilliant night, so it was only right to repay him. Eventually she began to deep throat Alex, and after a few minutes she felt her mouth being flooded with his spunk as he moaned in delight. She swallowed obediently. Now he was pleasured, that would be the night over. Right?

“Can you free me now please babe?” asked Kaylee.

Alex looked at the bagged up female. “No” he stated.

“Babe please, I’ve had enough now!” said Kaylee desperately. She had enjoyed her evening but she wanted to get cleaned up, the stickiness all over her body was becoming unbearable.

“Did you say that to Paul last week?” said Alex. And there it was. Kaylee’s face turned white with horror.

“Wait...wha-... what?” she said faintly.

“You know exactly what I mean. When you went to the shop last week, I saw a message come through on your phone. Something about how he had such a nice night with you! I ended up going through your messages, and it appears this wasn’t even the first time! Or even the first guy!”

“Babe, please! I’m sorry!” Suddenly, being tied up inside a trash bag filled with waste didn’t seem like such a great place to be. Matters weren’t helped when Alex taped her mouth shut.

“You are a dirty little slut Kaylee. I’m finished with you. I’ll decide your fate in the morning.” And with that, he closed the kitchen door. The threat of being dumped for real was now a major possibility. Tears streamed down Kaylee’s face. The idea of being dumped always interested her, but permanent disposal was not a reality she wanted to face. And seeing the anger on Alex’s face was deeply upsetting. Exhausted from the events that had happened, and filled with fear, Kaylee eventually crashed out.

The next morning Kaylee was woken up quickly when her trash bag was knocked over. She was unable to see what had knocked her over, but guessed right when she heard Alex mutter “Stupid bag of trash in the way”. Kaylee immediately tried to “mmmmmppphhhh!!!” at Alex but he ignored the piece of garbage, for who speaks to their garbage? Alex set off for work, leaving the helpless female still bagged up to her neck in trash. The hours passed as Kaylee’s body ached, and the smells began to eminate from her trash bag. Every inch of her felt disgusting.

It felt like forever as Kaylee waited for Alex return home, and when he did he continued to ignore his trash for a further half an hour. Once the thirty minutes had passed he opted to pay Kaylee attention for the first time today, taking a photo of his handiwork. He showed Kaylee the picture while he laughed at her misfortune, and she seen herself looking a sorry sight, bagged up in a black trash bag except for her head, which looked a state having been smothered with garbage. Attractive was not the word to describe Kaylee at this stage, she looked like the garbage bag was her rightful place. Alex placed Kaylee’s bag upright and walked up to her. Was he going to free her?

Apparently not, because he started to pull his trousers down. But instead of asking for another blowjob, Alex began to masturbate in front of Kaylee. She could only watch and wait as she saw Alex’s cock in hand going back and forth right in front of her face. Kaylee watched as Alex sped up, and suddenly the spunk was firing out of his cock, all over Kaylee’s face. She had no choice but to accept this. When he had finished, Alex wiped his cock on Kaylee’s head. Surely she had been humiliated enough now? Alex left the room again.

Two more hours passed before Alex returned to the kitchen.

“Urgh, this trash bag is stinking now” he said.

In Kaylee’s mind, she was thinking, “just let me out then!”

Alex looked at the pitiful head protruding from the black trash bag. “Time to dispose of the trash I think.”

“Shit, he’s actually going to toss me away!” Kaylee thought to herself. She tried shaking her head and attempted to scream, but it was pointless. Alex picked up the trash bag and made his way downstairs. After a couple of minutes he had reached his destination - the residential dumpster! She had always fantasised about being inside this dumpster, but up until now Alex had never tossed her inside!

“Well, goodbye Kaylee. I tried giving you everything, played along with your weird freaky fetish and all. You repaid that by screwing someone else. And when I say somebody else, I mean more than one person. So, seeing as you love trash so much, here we are. And let’s be honest, filthy little sluts like you belong in the garbage. To be honest, I think all dirty cheating sluts belong here. Anyway, enjoy your life as garbage, because that’s what you are now!”

Kaylee screamed but it was no use with the tape on her mouth. Alex hoisted the trash bag up and carelessly launched it into the dumpster. Kaylee landed inside the trash container, currently holding the latest week of garbage from the flats they lived in. Or in Kaylee’s case, had lived in. Much to her relief most of the trash, like herself, was held in black bags, although there was also a few stray bits of waste inside. Night was falling fast, so even if someone came to dispose of some trash, Kaylee would have been very difficult to spot. Alex had planned this well.

She’d just have to wait until morning to hopefully be found. But wait... Thursday morning.... what did she usually do on a Thursday morning? She’d watch the garbage truck emptying the dumpster, secretly wishing she was in there. Now it looked like her wish was going to become a reality! With the last collection taking place six days ago, the dumpster was close to full, and Kaylee didn’t need to experience this first hand to know six days worth of rotting garbage did not smell pleasant at all. Before long the dumpster lid was opened and Kaylee had her hopes up. They were quickly dashed though as the remnants of a takeaway were tossed inside. Ten minutes later the lids opened again, but not to Kaylee’s benefit as two black trash bags were disposed of. A further fifteen minutes passed, then the lids opened again. She heard a voice outside.

“Shit, this bag is about to split! Help me get it in there babe!” It was Tom, who lived in the flat below Alex and Kaylee. Accompanying him was his new girlfriend. Together they lifted up the trash bag as it continued to rip more. Luckily for the new couple, the garbage bag made its way into the dumpster. Unluckily for Kaylee, the bag ripped open fully as it was tossed into the dumpster, and most of the contents spilled right onto Kaylee’s head. In the darkness she couldn’t tell what these items were, but the coldness, stickiness and sliminess told her these weren’t overly pleasant. The dumpster continued to open through the evening as the residents disposed of their trash before collection tomorrow, but not one person noticed the helpless female trapped inside.

As things calmed down Kaylee gathered her thoughts. How stupid had she been? She had a man who willingly took part in her strange fetish, did so much for her, was always there for her, and handsome too, but the thrill of having sex with other men had always been a part of her. This lack of loyalty meant she deserved to be in the dumpster, with the rest of the disgusting, vile, unwanted pieces of garbage inside. Things that were past their use by date, usefulness had ran out, or just not needed any more. That summed Kaylee right up in Alex’s eyes. Her discomfort inside the trash bag was now extremely high as she felt food rotting away against her, while other items clung to her skin. Her appearance had seen and felt better days too, once an attractive woman, she now looked like she had spent the last six months living inside this dumpster. With thoughts running through her head, Kaylee dozed off...


What the fuck was that?

Where am I?

Wake up Kaylee!

Kaylee came to her senses. She felt wet, sticky, disgusting. Wherever she was, the smell was nasty. She looked around and seen trash bags everywhere. Wait... A dumpster? Oh shit, I’m still in here! Alex hadn’t come to free her!

She turned her head to look up. One of the lids were open. And then her heart dropped. She was pretty sure the vehicle in front of the dumpster was not your average lorry.

Her fears were confirmed immediately. Within seconds the dumpster was lifted up through the air. The trash inside the dumpster rocked around as the container moved upwards. Helpless, Kaylee knew what was about to happen, having watched it so many times from the outside. The dumpster tipped over, and the contents began to slide towards the garbage truck’s unwelcoming entrance. Near the top of the pile, Kaylee was thrown straight from the dumpster into the garbage truck’s body. No sooner had she landed on some garbage, the rest of the dumpster’s trash was piling on top of her. And then all of a sudden her vibrator kicked in. Alex must have been watching her being dumped inside the garbage truck!

As terrifying as this was, this was also the greatest thing that had ever happened to Kaylee. She had literally just lived her dream of being dumped inside a garbage truck, and with vibrator in action, she was not missing this opportunity to be sexually pleased. Her senses took over as the pleasure continued. She wasn’t going to be escaping this so she might as well enjoy the moment! The garbage truck moved off as Kaylee was entrenched among lots of trash. This was the ultimate combination of a dream scenario and complete terror.

Soon enough the vehicle stopped and Kaylee knew what was coming. Excitement took over as she thought to herself, “Come on, dump that trash on me!” The dumpster tipped over and more trash was emptied on top of Kaylee. The weight on top of Kaylee increased, but it just helped with turning her on more. She was garbage, she had been thrown away like garbage, and she had been dumped like garbage. This was Kaylee’s ultimate fantasy. The vibrator was still going. And then the moment came that she had been dreading, but was also desperate for. The compactor had started up!

The metal wall began to ease through the garbage, and Kaylee was quickly picked up in the pile. The helplessness to face this beast was a major turn on. Next thing she knew, things were getting tight real fast. Trash bags around her were popping and being ripped apart. A combination of the sounds inside, the tightness of being squashed in the garbage, and her own predicament lead to the greatest orgasm Kaylee had ever experienced. If heaven existed, this was it. Being crushed in a garbage truck, helpless and at its mercy, in amongst loads of dirty, smelly garbage, it was thrilling.

Having enjoyed the most wonderful orgasm ever, it was back to the stark reality of being inside a garbage truck with no way to escape. The compactor had eased off but now Kaylee was stuck towards the back of the truck, squashed in the trash. The next stop was here, and Kaylee could only listen as she heard more garbage landing inside the truck. In the next few minutes two more dumpsters were emptied. Then the compactor fired up again. Kaylee heard it coming closer and closer, and the pressure soon hit. Tighter, tighter, tighter. She was getting heavily compacted here. The contents of her trash bag were being squished right into her body, leaving Kaylee feeling even more unpleasant than before. “I wish this bag would split already!” Kaylee thought to herself, hoping that being free from the bag would somehow make her situation less disgusting. The compactor eased off and Kaylee was hidden right in amongst the compacted trash.

As yucky as she felt, and as scared as she was, Kaylee was also loving this. She had always wanted to be a piece of trash, and here she was experiencing what trash does. Everything turned her on, from the sound of more trash falling into the garbage truck, to the compactor crushing what was inside. Even the awful smell helped to moisten up her vagina. Almost on cue, the vibrator started up again. She had no idea how as she was sure Alex would be out of range with the remote, but that didn’t matter. The dirty garbage slut was about to have another orgasm in the garbage truck. She heard the truck lifting the next dumpster. She heard the sound of the trash crashing into the truck’s body. “I am so turned on!” Kaylee thought, wanting to scream out in glee.

Three minutes later, another dumpster was being cleared. “Keep it coming!” Kaylee desired. And soon another dumpster was indeed emptied. The sound of the compactor started up. “Here it comes!” thought the garbage slut. And the connection was made, new trash crushed into old trash. And at last the pressure was too much, Kaylee’s trash bag ripped open, slightly freeing her from the few contents that hadn’t quite been merged into her. As the compactor retreated once more, the orgasm came. Sweaty, covered in waste, and stuck inside a garbage truck would normally be a female’s worst nightmare, but for Kaylee, this was truly wonderful.

The next three hours passed with plenty more garbage entering the truck, but not much changed for Kaylee, completely stuck in her current position. She did have another three orgasms though, after all she wasn’t wasting this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Eventually the journey was over. The back of the truck opened up. This was it... the final destination. The resting place for the dirty little trashy slut. The compactor moved in and pushed out the garbage. All of a sudden Kaylee fell out of the truck amongst the waste, and immediately she was buried underneath the next lot of trash that was exiting the vehicle. Mouth still taped up, she was unable to scream. Body still taped, she couldn’t move. She had lived the dream, now she would suffer the consequences. This landfill site would become her permanent address. Still horny, she wished she could at least play with herself. Her vagina was dripping, but she could do nothing about it.

Five minutes passed. And then...

There was noise coming from above. Some garbage was removed from around Kaylee.

“There you are!” said a voice. One that sounded like...

The tape was ripped off her mouth. “Alex!” she screamed in delight.

“Andy, I’ve found her! You look terrible Kaylee!”

“I thought you wouldn’t free me! I thought I was finished!” said Kaylee, bursting into tears.

“I was tempted, trust me. Cheers Andy, we’ll make our own way from here.”

“Okay mate, see you later” replied Andy, who entered the cab of the garbage truck and drove off.

“Why are you freeing me?” asked Kaylee.

“Truthfully, I wasn’t going to. I was incensed when I found out what you’d been up to. I’ve wanted to dispose of you for good all week, send you where you belong for being a dirty little slag. Then I remembered Andy, an old friend of mine, well he’s a garbage truck driver. I spoke with him and he agreed into giving you the ride of a lifetime. I rode along with him, that’s why your vibrator was still working, you were never out of range. I know you’ve always liked random sex with others, but I’ve had enough. You’ve got a choice now. Commit to me, I’ve just given you your all time fantasy. Who else would do that? I will happily continue to play along with your trashy feelings. I even know of a compactor nearby we can use to dispose of you when needed. But I want commitment now. If you would rather continue to have sex with others, then I don’t want to be a part of this. I’m not giving you the pleasure of it if that’s what I get in return. I’m at my breaking point, I don’t want to be with a slut anymore. But I love you, and I want you to be happy. You have to choose now.”

This wasn’t a hard decision for Kaylee. Sex with others was good. But Alex played along with her fantasies, and she’d just had the ultimate experience - the garbage truck experience.

“Easiest decision ever! I will commit to you. I’m so sorry about what happened! I love you Alex, you deserve better. From now on I’ll be loyal. Just make sure you regularly trash me as punishment!” Kaylee winked at Alex.

“Well, that sounds like a good idea! I’ll free you now.” Alex removed the tape from Kaylee’s body. He then moved to take the vibrator away, but felt the moistness around her vagina. “Really? Not had enough?” he asked.

“Fuck me. Here. Right now!” demanded Kaylee.

Alex pushed Kaylee onto part of the pile from the garbage truck she had been inside. “Stay where you are garbage girl!” he said, unzipping his trousers.

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