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Dumping A Love Rival

by DumpsterLife

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Storycodes: F/f; shoppingmall; revenge; trash; dumped; messy; naked; video; confession; compactor; garbage; compacted; transport; landfill; buried; nc; X

Another day finished. Working as a manager in the top range fashion store in the city's massive shopping mall, Erin was locking up at the end of the day. She was wearing her usual black leather jacket and leggings combo, her brown hair straightened out. She was beautiful and sexy. She began making her way through the mall when she spotted Ashleigh, one of the shopping mall cleaners. She was quite a plain girl, blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, but still attractive. Ashleigh noticed Erin looking at her and grabbed her chance to speak with her.

Walking over, Ashleigh said, "Erin, follow me, I need to speak to you in private. It's about Gary".

"OK?" replied Erin. Gary was Erin's boyfriend, and annoyingly for Erin, Ashleigh was a friend of Gary's too and had been for years. That is, throughout the whole 5 years Erin had been with him.

"In here" pointed Ashleigh to the Garbage and Recycling Area.

"Really?" said Erin with a look of disgust. Ashleigh nodded and Erin walked in. Ashleigh locked the door behind her. Erin wondered what the hell this was all about.

"Follow me". Ashleigh walked towards the other end of the room. Rows and rows of the big four wheeled bins lined the wall they walked along, some overflowing with trash. The smell was nasty. "Stand here" said Ashleigh, right next to a huge metal thing. They were stood on some sort of metal grate.

Erin was getting annoyed now. "Why here? It stinks. Why can't we stand near the recycling at least?" Ashleigh ignored her. "What the fuck is this about?"

"What's this about?" replied Ashleigh. "I know you've been cheating on him."

"What the fuck? You stupid lying bitch. I haven't cheated on him".

"I've seen you with Ben. All cosy with him. I seen you snogging him last week. When Gary said you were out all night last Thursday, I seen you were at the hotel on the other side of town. I was there myself for my job interview. I stayed the night. Room next to yours. I could hear the fucking bed rocking through the wall! Gary has done nothing but look after you and love you and you go and cheat on him! You stand there looking all pretty, wearing your expensive full black leather clothes, acting all innocent but I knew you were no good!" Ashleigh slowly stepped off the metal grate they were stood on.

"Fuck you bitch!" shouted Erin. She needed to deflect from this and fast. "You know what everyone here calls you? Trashleigh! Trashy Ashleigh! Go play with your garbage you stupid girl! You are so fucking jealous of me because I have Gary and you never will! Stupid girls who empty bins don't get good looking guys like Gary!"

"You've struck a nerve there bitch" said Ashleigh, smiling slowly. Her finger went straight on the button on the metal wall. Without warning the metal grate Erin was stood on lifted up towards the top of the metal wall.

"What the fuck is this?" screamed Erin.

"You'll see" laughed Ashleigh. The grate tipped over the top of the metal wall and came to a stop. Erin fell into the gigantic trash compactor they had been stood next to the whole time, landing in a pile of trash bags. Ashleigh climbed the ladder next to the grate and peered into the trash. "Struggle to see you in there, your leather makes you blend in well with the black bags!"

"Get me out of here now or I will kill you!" Erin shouted at her.

"And how do you plan to get out? The walls on this beautiful metal unit are a bit high, no?"

"Help meeeeeee!" screamed Erin.

"The walls are soundproofed here babe. No one can hear you."

"Please just let me out! It stinks in here! This isn't fucking funny!"

"I'm just doing my job, disposing of the trash in the shopping mall."

"Please! I'll do anything!"

"There we go". said a delighted Ashleigh. She got her phone out. "I will record you on here. You will confess to everything. If you refuse to confess you will be compacted".

Erin looked fearful now. "I haven't done anything!" sobbed Erin.

"I think we need some convincing here trashbabe." Ashleigh pulled the first four wheeled bin onto the grate. She connected the holding frames to the bin. Then she hit the button again.

"What's that noise?" said Erin, scared.  Next thing she knew, a bin full of trash bags fell around her, some directly on top of her. "Ewwww stoppppp! Okay okay!" begged Erin. Ashleigh climbed the ladder, got her phone out and nodded. "Gary" started Erin, "I've got something to tell you". Sobbing, she continued", "I've been cheating on you with Ben for two years now. Please forgive me, I'm sorry and I love you".

"Wow two years?" said Ashleigh, evidently surprised by this revelation. "Fucking hell, well I did plan on letting you escape, but no chance of that now!"

"Noooooo, please! I'll do anything, I won't contact him again if you want me to leave him alone, just please get me out of here!" whined Erin desperately.

"Don't worry babe, he'll remember you. He can have this video. If you had spent more time with him you might have realised he found girls in trash sexy! He will enjoy this video for a long time. When I break the news to him and he sees your confession, he will want me instead! I know he finds my job sexy, emptying bins every day, operating compactors, I'll even wear a bin bag for him and he can play with me tonight!"

Erin was in tears. "You've humiliated me enough! Let me go please!"

"Sorry babe! I've been saving the trash in these bins all week. All for today to give you what you deserve. Don't worry, it's all bagged... for now. I can't promise the bags won't burst in the compactor though!" Ashleigh exclaimed with glee.

Erin desperately started trying to climb out of the trash compactor. Her foot stepped right through a black bag and she lost her footing. She was left facing upwards, just in time to see an overflowing bin tipping over, and a pile of clear trash bags came raining down on her.

"Guess what time it is! Who's the trashy girl now?" cackled Ashleigh. She hit the second button.

Erin suddenly felt the trash around her moving as she was pushed along towards the back of the compactor. The compactor retreated. Erin hadn't been squished. Maybe this is just a cruel joke, the compactor is only a quarter full... but then Erin heard another bin being emptied. Erin desperately fought to make her way back to the start. She could see the phone sat on the compactor at a distance, pointing at her. Recording her becoming trash.

She broke through another couple of trash bags then the compactor came towards her again. Pushed back again but no squishing. No exploding garbage bags. Another couple of bins were emptied as Erin made her way back to the start of the compactor again.

"Had enough? Want out?" Ashleigh threw a rope out to Erin. Erin took the rope and pulled herself up to Ashleigh. "Take my hand." said Ashleigh. Erin grabbed her hand. Ashleigh pulled her onto the grate.

She looked below as she could see trash bags, black, white and grey all beneath her. It was over. She was out of the garbage.

"Take off your clothes, you stink" said Ashleigh. Erin, not wanting to argue, did as she was told. Ashleigh took the leather jacket and leggings and threw them into the compactor.

"What did you do that for?" said Erin before she could stop herself.

"I thought you would ask that" replied Ashleigh. Suddenly she pushed Erin back into the compactor! Erin landed and fell through some of the garbage bags. "Haha! That was hilarious!" laughed Ashleigh. "Like I would really save you! This will add to Gary's excitement seeing you naked in the compactor!" 

"Helppppppp! Please noooooooo!" screamed Erin.

More trash rained on Erin. And another bin. Then compaction. Erin felt the compactor moving beneath her. She could hear the occasional popping noise... it was getting full. All Erin could feel on her body was the cold plastic of the surrounding bin bags. The compactor retreated and Erin fell downwards. She was still too high up, but she was covered by trash as another bin was emptied on top of her. She was enclosed by various bags of waste, cold plastic touching every part of her body. There was too much garbage on top now to escape through.

The compactor retreated again. Erin fell down towards the bottom of the compactor with her fellow trashy victims. The compactor pushed forward and Erin felt a much tighter compaction this time as the garbage pushed into her slim, sexy body. Some of the bags started to split under the pressure. She felt something squishy and sludgy between and around her boobs. More bags broke apart. The compactor retreated but Erin was tight in the trash now. The compactor started again. The black trash bag against her face split to reveal rotten fruit and veg as she came face to face with banana peel, lettuce leaves, squishy mouldy potato went straight into her cheek. A garbage bag above her leaked milk into her hair.

The compactor retreated again. Erin couldn't wipe her face as her arms and hands were stuck. Another bag, black again slid down towards her face. She had no idea if all the bins were emptied yet. Another compaction started. Erin's hopes that the new trash bag in her face would hold lasted only a short time as soiled nappies and feminine hygiene products clung to her face. The leaky milk exploded over her head from above. The compactor stopped but it didn't retreat. Then Erin heard a door slide down on the trash holding unit. Erin was sick from the smelly mix of rotten food, nappies and milk close by. She soiled herself too a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh was delighted with her work. She had caught out Gary's girlfriend. She trashed the slut. She had recorded Erin's compaction, one with Gary's favourite leather clothing, and another compaction with Erin completely naked. He had something to entertain himself with when Ashleigh was away. She knew he would ask her to be his new girlfriend, they had always been close. And with access to the shopping mall's Garbage Area, they even had some bins and compactors to play with. In time she could do her own video for Gary without Erin's disgusting consequences. Life would be great now. If only she could see the state Erin was in as the garbage truck swapped Erin's compacted unit for an empty one.

Life for Erin however would not be so great. Once beautiful and sexy, she was now a piece of trash being taken to its resting place. Still stuck and unable to move, Erin had to accept she couldn't remove the banana peel/female pad combo covering her face. Before long the door of the unit opened. The unit was tipped upwards from behind, and the compacted trash slid out into the big hole in the ground. Erin briefly saw daylight as she slid out with her new friends into her new hole home. She managed to get her head above the trash. Of course, just like her luck through the rest of her trash journey, sure enough there was a garbage truck ready to empty its load. Right on top of her. With no chance of escape under a full garbage truck's load of trash, she accepted her fate. She was no longer Erin. She was the real Trashleigh.

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