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Dumped on my Birthday

by trash is me

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© Copyright 2011 - trash is me - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; tape; bond; bagged; messy; trashcan; gag; garbage; cons; X

This story starts two months before my 40th birthday.

My girlfriend and I were talking about what our deepest secrets are and I was hesitant to tell her that I had a fetish for garbage and for trash bags. I wanted to experience this fetish and went online to find like people in this fetish of mine. This is where I found this great site of stories; I also found a site that dealt with dating people with fetishes. I got caught by my girlfriend in doing this and she was asking me why I had to look elsewhere for my tastes. This is where the truth about my tastes came to light.

I proceeded to tell her that I was interested in being tied into a trash bag with loads of trash piled around me. She was flabbergasted by such a request and said that she would not be interested in such activities, which she could tell disappointed me, telling her in the first place was hard enough but to get refusal and rejection is hard. Little did I know that she just put me off because she thought this to be disgusting?

Two weeks went by and she came to me saying that if I planned most of this activity that she would give me a birthday gift that I would not soon forget. Well you can imagine my reaction! I was dropping hints to her for weeks about what her part would be and how telling me that I was trash was most of the effect. She started to tell me that she was going to save some nice garbage and that I would not know what kind till the day. I looked forward and started to daydream about what may take place but I did not want to ruin the effect by speculating too much. I dropped her a note one morning asking her if I were to purchase a large receptacle to hold trash if she would use it to deal with me, she said YES. I proceeded to buy the trash can and set it up with the liners large enough to hold me and the trash.


She was coming over every weekend and was eating lots of bananas and throwing the peels in the trash. She was also making large quantities of food which meant lots of left over’s. She made the request that I buy cottage cheese, and sour cream which I thought were for the party at my parent’s house, so I did...

The anticipation was too much for me and I was getting super excited about my day. She told me that I had to wait till the day and the plans were taking longer for her to get ready.  On grocery day I bought more bananas and some ripe tomatoes, I also bought her some rubber gloves. I had some eggs that had gone bad and put them on the top shelf of the refrigerator, as well as some left overs that were getting bad.


I wake up this day with very high hopes of what might await me later in the evening. We go about our day and get ready to go to my party. Backing up a few days....we took her trash from her place to mine and I was not allowed to open the bag. Party took place and friends and family were to be gone no later than ten so that we could go home and she could get busy dumping me. We gathered all the paper plates and Styrofoam cups as well as soggy hotdog buns and such from the party and she told me to put it in the trunk of my car and that this was to be some of the trash that she would use....

Getting home and coming in to see the large garbage can sitting there waiting for me was so cool... I did not want to look over anxious so I empted all the bags of stuff from the party first and went to the bedroom to get into something more appropriate for the ocasion, my Birthday suit!!

She was looking at me and as I walked out of the bedroom a piece of duct tape went over my mouth, "I do not want to hear what you my piece of garbage has to say" "NOW get into the can and put your arms up so that I can tape up your arms." I did as I was told. She proceeded to do as she requested and then the garbage bags were brought over opened up and she put on the gloves; "you are going to smell so bad with all this garbage around you" as she reached into the bag taking out a hand full of paper plates and wet napkins. She finished putting the whole bag from the party’s contents in around me. "You can sit there till I figure out which bag to put in with you next" and closed the lid down on me. I was getting a bit concerned with how little space I had inside the can so I push up on the lid with my head, "Do I have to lock you in there, close the lid I do not want to have to smell you while I watch TV" I closed the lid and sat there for at least half hour.

The lid opened and she had a hand full of rotten bananas and peels and such and she just threw them in not looking at me or anything just dropping them in the can as if I did not exist, and closed the lid again. By this time I was starting to smell what was put in around me and my legs started to hurt so I let her know. "Be quiet over there, garbage does not speak it just sits there till it taken to where garbage goes" so I did not speak.

Next thing I know the lid opens she pores the corn syrup over my head and the sticky substance drips over my face and head covering my face and she puts in the bathroom garbage which sticks to my face. "Oh you like that do you? Well there is more!" she piles in all sorts of ripe smells and trash. This is now reducing more of my breathing space and she is not yet done closing the lid so I assume there is more coming? Soon enough she pushes in a bag beside my head and fills the can to overflowing.....closing the lid and zipper striping the lid closed. "You can now think about what you have asked me to do to you and wonder if I will take to the big bin downstairs and throw you away, never to see another Birthday again"

* * * *

So I was sitting in my mess and the situation was becoming clear that I was going to be sitting in it for awhile. My legs started to hurt and I could not feel my feet as the pressure from the garbage was pushing down on me. My anxiety was that I was unsure of my girlfriend’s intent and how long she was going to stay awake and whether or not she would take me to the bin downstairs. I begged her to let me out and that I was done playing and that I wanted out.

"You can sit in there till I let you out" she said. I really need to get out. "Garbage does not need to worry about when it gets thrown away, just sit there and if you are good I might let you out." So she cut the zip ties to the lid and added more garbage and pushed down and now there was stuff up to my mouth and I could almost eat the stuff and she closed the lid to the can, all that remained were six ¾ inch breathing holes in which I drilled out in the lid.

 "You smell so bad and I cannot put any more garbage in the can it is full, I guess I have to take and empty it so that it can be filled up again." With that the can started to move and I found myself in the bathroom. "You can get out now just clean up in there when you get out." I pushed my way up and out of the can as messy garbage hit the floor and in the bathtub. I was free for now and the smell was awful. I washed for at least two hours after that and spent the next three cleaning the bathroom. I came to bed and slept for about four hours.

I awoke to my Girlfriend telling me "I am not done with you where this is concerned. Go into the kitchen and grab yourself the big box of garbage bags, open five of them and put yourself in them. But before you do that put all the garbage from the night before in three or four bags." I followed her instructions and did as she asked.

"Have you got yourself in the bags?" YES "now put all the garbage from the night before and stuff them in around you." Done "Good you can sit there till I wake up" four hours went by and she was still not up, even being inside the bags the stuff I was sitting in smelled bad stuffed around me. My girlfriend was not amused with me for wanting to end the play prematurely the night before, so I could only imagine how this was going to play out. At least my legs were not cramping.

I heard some rustling in the bedroom and my girlfriend was awake, she came out and proceeded to the kitchen, started the coffee and sat down on the couch. "How is it in there are you feeling like garbage still?" YES was my reply "I will wake up and then deal with you, being a piece of garbage is not about comfort it is about sitting waiting to be thrown in a garbage truck and taken to the landfill"

This excited me she was telling me her intent to throw me away. I asked her "Are you going to throw me in the bin downstairs and how long are you going to keep me in here?"

"YES you are going to be in there for three days and you are going to be thrown in the bin at my place on Wednesday they will pick you up and take you to where garbage goes."

The next four hours were all about getting very messy and all sorts of stuff hit me. I was bombarded with eggs cracked over my head, cottage cheese, sour cream all over my face, more corn syrup in my hair, left over spagetti with the noodles hanging off my ears, the coffee grounds from this morning. Well you get it, I was a mess!

"There that should be enough for now till I put more in on you!"

I sat there four hours in this mess as I started to tip she came and put another bag over my head as I smelled up the place. This was hard to breath now and the smell was becoming unbearable.

"Can I come out now?"

"NO you may not! Do I have to duct tape your mouth again?"

I am a piece of garbage and am not supposed to be able to talk. I fell silent and sat in my mess waiting for my demise.


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