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by malus_infantia

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© Copyright 2010 - malus_infantia - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; bagged; tape; transported; compactor; dumped; sex; mast; cons/nc; X

You wake up, and blink at us sleepily. You're cute, all snuggled up in bed and with the covers pulled up tight around you. I'm still on the fence about all this, but Jen is here with me, and she's sure to make sure I follow through with this.

You start, realizing that something's not right, and I guess you feel a little vulnerable having your girlfriend and her best friend stare down at you as you sleep. As you start to sit up, Jen drops a heavy canvas bag on the bed. You eye it suspiciously as you try to shake off sleep.

"Whu...Ash...what're you and Jen doing?" you ask, slightly puzzled.

I take a deep breath, as I'm not sure how to explain all of this. Jen doesn't skip a beat though. She climbs onto the bed, and begins rummaging about in her canvas bag. "You're being dumped!" she chirps merrily.

You shake your head, and look at Jen confused, then you look over to me... the confusion lingers, but there is a pleading quality on your face. I'm not sure if I can do this.

"You...You're breaking up with me?" you ask, your tone wounded.

"In a sense" Jen replies as she fishes some restraints out of her bag "You're being dumped, literally. In with all the trash you go" Jen finishes as she grins at you.

You're too taken aback to have the good sense to push Jen away as she comes near you. You just stare dumbly at me as Jen grabs one of your wrists, and pushes on your back so that you are leaning towards me. You start to struggle then, but I find my courage, and come to Jen's assistance. We easily get your wrists cuffed behind your back.

"Ashley! Stop!" you plead to me.

I grab your hair in response, pulling your head back. As you cry out in pain, Jen fetches a gag from her bag of tricks. She shoves the ball of the gag into your mouth, muting you as she fastens it in place. I find myself quite turned on by your struggles, much to my surprise. You continue to kick your legs, which Jen and I remedy by pushing you onto your back, and as I lay atop your torso, Jen cuffs your legs together. Now you're flat on your back, legs cuffed, wrists behind you and cuffed, and gagged. Your cock is hard, and I can see some precum seeping through the fabric of your boxer briefs.

I look down at you, and smile softly. Jen has retrived a handful of large black trash bags from her canvas bag.

"You know...I put up with a lot from you" I begin. "I love you very much. I'm willing to take the mediocre sex, I'm willing to put up with the messes you leave everywhere. I'm willing to put up with alot... but this" I gesture to Jen who takes the cue to snap open the large black trashbag, "I don't know what to say. My boyfriend wants to be bagged up like garbage, and thrown away in a compactor".

You close your eyes, ashamed of yourself and your fetish.

"You should have been more careful about clearing your internet history, sweetums."

Jen lifts your legs up, and slides the bag up to your groin. I can see just how excited you are, despite the shame of your situation. Jen hands me a bag, which I snap open as I continue to gaze down on you. I grab your shoulder, sit you up, and lower the bag over your head and chest before pushing you onto your back again. All that's exposed now is your crotch, with your rock hard cock straining against your briefs.

"Well... I'm going to give you what you want. Today your trashy dreams come true, garbage boy. I'm going to bag you up, and then Jen and I here are going to take you to the trash compactor. We'll throw you in there with all the other trash, and we'll watch your garbage bagged ass get crushed with all the other bags of trash."

You writhe and moan as I recite my little speech. I had done my homework, I knew what those Domme's said in those stories you loved to read so much.

"But First..." I nod to Jen, and she nods back at me, grinning wolfishly.

I take off my jeans and my panties. I didn't know that disposing of you would be so much fun... and such a turn on. Jen, however, she's the one that came up with this idea... I think she's been turned on from the start. I tug your briefs down just far enough to expose your cock, and then I climb on top of you. As I lower my hips onto your hardness, I hear Jen gasping softly as she begins to pleasure herself. I look over at her and smile as I slide you into me. I then turn my gaze back to your bagged top half.

As I ride you, and drive myself closer to ecstasy I whisper "You better not cum... you better not cum, trash boy... I'll throw you right in the garbage".

Of the three of us, Jen cums first. She moans loudly, which sets me off as I stare down at you, my little garbage boy. I'm propelled into a mind blowing orgasm, which then sets you off. I feel you cum inside of me... violently, and with passion and vigor I've never had from you before. You writhe in your bags, and scream into your gag.

Panting heavily, and after giving myself a moment to collect myself, I climb off of you. Jen throws me a towel, and I clean myself quickly. I redress as Jen gets the duct tape, tubing, and a few more garbage bags out of her canvas sack.

You're still, drained from your orgasm, as Jen and I slid the bag on the lower half of your body up, and the bag on the upper part of your body down. We duct tape the bags together around your waist. Jen then cuts a small hole in the upper bag before inserting a tube into the hole.

"Don't want you to suffocate before we throw you in the compactor, trash boy" Jen says to you.

You just moan in response, and struggle just slightly.

Jen and I then fold your legs up to your chest. Jen holds you in place as I whip open the third garbage bag, and working together, we roll you into it. You fit nicely, and your weak throes have me getting turned on again. Jen finds the tubing by feeling it out with her hands, and then cuts a small hole to pull it through the outer trash bag. That done, we tie the top of the bag closed. You look like a perfect bag of rubbish, a round bag of trash fit for disposal.

You're still writhing a bit, and I can hear you moaning as Jen and I lift you up. "Let's get this trash out of here" I say to Jen. She just nods and laughs in response. We take you out to Jen's truck. The bed is already full of other bags of trash we have prepared. We haul you up to the lip of the truck bed, and tip you into it. You land with a soft thud on the other bags of garbage. Jen and I buzz with excitment as she drives us to the compactor. It's not too long before we pull up to the trash compactor.

Jen backs her truck up to the side of the compactor. We both climb out of the truck, and have a look around. It's desolate. We did our research... wouldn't do to be caught crushing your boyfriend in a trash compactor... it wouldn't do at all. Jen starts hands me two bags of trash. Mainly papers and old clothes. I gingerly toss those into the opening of the compactor.

"Wow, look at all this trash... Looks like I'll have to crush before we'll be able to get you in there sweetie" I say right before I push the button.

You're struggling in ernest to get out of your bags. But you're well sealed within. You didn't think I would take it this far, did you.

The compactor is actually pretty empty, but you don't need to know that. The compactor cycles through, sweeping back the bags of garbage. With a hiss, the ram withdraws. Jen hands me a few more bags of trash which I toss into the compactor, and then she rolls your bagged body towards the dropped gate of her truck.

"Well, this is it, trash", I say to you in a sweet voice, "I hope you enjoy being garbage. Because that's what you are, and in just a moment, you'll be nothing but a bag of compacted garbage".

I'm not sure if the noises you're making are of terror or of ecstasy... maybe a little bit of both?

Jen helps me hoist your bagged ass to the lip of the compactor. "Say goodbye to the trash, Jen" I say.

"Goodbye Trash!" she chrips eagerly.

With that, we tip you in. I think I hear you crying or screaming as you land with another soft thud onto the other bags of garbage. I look in on you, pushing the button as I rub myself through my jeans. Your bag squrims slightly as the bags around you close in. I begin cumming as I hear the rustling hiss of all the garbage bags, you among them, being compacted. As I cum, I wonder if you are cumming too... Sealed up in your trash bag, slick with sweat as you struggle and writhe against your plastic prison, and getting crushed like the trash you are... convinenced that this, is indeed the end.

...But it's not the end. Like I said... I did my research. We picked a compactor we knew would be mostly empty, and that a person can survive being packed in. Jen and I will dig you out soon enough, but we're going to have some fun first.

And when we finally let you out of there... I don't think I'll have any more troubles with you. I've done this once... now I can do it again... and maybe if you don't please me more, your disposal will be a bit more final.


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