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Do You Really Have to Get Up?

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2013 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; tape; gag; toys; insert; bfold; bagged; messy; cartrunk; dump; disposal; cons; X

I caressed Miriam’s shoulder gently and kissed her neck, then taking the duct tape I tore off a long strip. She glanced over her shoulder at me as I began to grin and she put her hands together behind her back. I wasted no time and quickly wrapped the tape around her wrists. She gasped as I wound another strip of the tough sticky tape, just above her elbows. Admiring her now helpless arms for just a moment, I pulled her back against myself and ran my hands across her flat stomach and up to her firm round young breasts. She gasped as I teased her nipple and quivered as I gave her firm pinch. She turned slowly in my grip and we kissed, a lingering kiss.

I stepped back my wicked grin returning as I picked up her panties, that up until a few moments ago she had been wearing. She opened her mouth, I balled up her underwear, pushed it into her mouth and tore another strip of duct tape from the roll. I sealed her panties into her mouth, firmly sticking several strips of tape across her mouth. Her eyes twinkled and I smiled. Giving her a firm shove she toppled backwards onto the bed.

Her eyes grew suddenly wide for a moment, as I produced her largest butt plug and then she rolled herself onto her stomach and pushed her arse up from the bed, presenting it for me. With a healthy application of lube, I pressed the tip, gently at first against her anus and then began to push and twist it firmly. She groaned into her gag and closed her eyes as I pushed it, until it was in place, firm and deep.

I rolled her back over onto her back and showed her the large vibrator I’d chosen for her. She looked at it, her eyes showing a little concern for a moment. She was going to be quite full once I had this in place too. She hesitantly opened her legs none the less. It slipped easily into her already very wet sex and she visibly grimaced as I pushed it all the way in. I applied so much duct tape over her crotch, backside and around her waist, she almost looked like she was wearing new panties, made of tape.

I wound more tape around her ankles and above her knees, then pulled her knees up to her chest and taped her into a tight ball tie. Her eyes twinkled as the vibrator gently buzzed. I took one last length of tape and secured it over her eyes. Satisfied that I’d rendered Miriam utterly helpless, I rolled her onto her side and left her there, I went down to organize the kitchen.

It only took a few minutes to flick out the large shinny black bag and gather the kitchen waste, but I decided to just leave her to simmer for awhile. I knew how eager she was to play, but I switched on the TV, put my feet up and started to watch one of my favourite Spanish horror movies. As the credits rolled, I knew that I’d left Miriam alone, expecting for almost an hour and a half. I chuckled to myself as I found her groaning into her gag.

“Now, sweetheart, this is what you get when you’re too persistent… I make you wait” I whispered in her ear. She’d been asking to play all day. She let out a slight growl behind her gag.

“Behave or you’ll stay here” I said sternly. Miriam nodded gently.

I picked her up and cautiously took her down to the kitchen, sitting her gently into the open black bag. She cooed as I pulled up the sides and she could feel the slick plastic against her skin. I looked in at her, helpless bound, gagged with her own panties and stuffed with a huge butt plug and vibrator. I smiled as I tossed in the first handfuls of rubbish. Mostly left over fruit, apple cores, banana skins and orange peals. It clung to her as I tossed it into her bag. I poured spoiled milk over her, it sloshed in her hair and ran down her body, soaking her.

Last nights leftovers. I’d made pasta, lots of it and now I emptied it all over her and strands of spaghetti clung to her face and hung in her hair. She was already looking thoroughly pathetic, smothered and smeared with rubbish. I carried on anyway, filling her bag of trash with more empty cartons, leftover food and anything else I could think of. Soon she was sitting inside the bag with rubbish up to her chin almost. She groaned and squirmed. She was filthy and looked like a piece of worthless garbage now, perfect. Now for the rest of the game. I tied off the bag, sealing it with a zip tie over her head. I heaved her from the floor and began to take her out the car. I dumped her bag into the boot of the car with an indignant bump and slammed it shut.

It was a twenty five minute drive to the landfill. I’d made the drive many times as it was often a part of the game. Miriam liked to feel truly discarded, so I’d dump her at the landfill. She’d spend the night there and I’d come back for her in the morning. I knew the workmen started the early shift at seven in the morning and I’d be a little earlier to retrieve her. Sometimes I waited, close by and let her hear the machinery start, to make her think that I wasn’t coming for her. But I always saved her in good time.

I pulled up close to the dump, retrieved Miriam’s bag of trash from the boot of the car and began to head deep across the landfill. Finally deciding where to hide her until morning, I carefully positioned her bag.

“Have fun sweetheart” I whispered to the bag of trash, unsure as to whether she’d heard me or not. Then I just abandoned her there and made my way back to the car and headed home.

My alarm went off, I lazily swung my arm out and shut it off. I’d set the alarm the night before, when I’d arrived home from the dump. The clock said six fifty five.

“Do you really have to get up?” Steffanie asked sleepily as she propped herself up on her elbow next to me in bed.

“No darling, lets just go back to sleep” I said and rolled over and gave her a cuddle.

Meanwhile, across town at the dump. Miriam was startled by an unfamiliar sound. A hydraulic whine, quickly followed by sudden movement around her. Then she felt the rapidly rising pressure. The sound of bags popping and wheezing around her.

I lay there, at home, Steffanie, comfortable in my arms and wondered if Miriam had realised… I’d left her inside the trash compactor.

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