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Double Stuffed

by crushedwithdiapers

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© Copyright 2021 - crushedwithdiapers - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; trash; bagged; dumped; truck; messy; mast; climax; cons; X

Oof! “What happened to my head?” I groan, while gradually getting my vision back. “I feel like someone hit me…” Starting to recover from the stars circling my head, I look up to see my girlfriend with a golf club. A nine-iron to be exact.

“What’s the big idea…” I start to moan out before she screams back “Silence! How dare you bring another girl into our apartment! Into MY home!” The scowl across her brows shows she’s clearly pissed off.

“What are you talking about?” I quipped. She throws a pair of silky, laced, red panties into my face. I’ve never seen these before in my life! Where the hell did she find these? They aren’t her style, nor her size! Before a few seconds pass as the look on my face stays quizzical and befuddled, I hear “Well, I don’t care what you have to say. You’re leaving tonight!”

As I try to stand up on my feet, just to leave this insanity, I quickly realize that my ankles are tied together, and my wrists are tied at the back of my lower back. If I can get up, it’s only a few inches as they are also linked together. I plop back down on my ankles shortly after discovering I was in a bind.

“I have no need for trash in my life. So therefore I have no need for you!” she says pointedly as she walks back into the hallway, then proceeds to open a linen closet and grab several trash bags. I look out trying to see around the corner out of site into the hallway when I realize around in front of me is a pile of bras, panties, several items I bought for her bedroom time (cat ears, tails) as well as personal effects (stuffed animals, toy bears, and the large stuffed dog I won her at the fair two summers ago drunk as hell that night).

She abruptly walks back over, shaking out a very large black trash liner bag. She quickly slides it over my head, then forcing my body to tumble over as she maneuvered it over the rest of my body, rolling me into the rather surprisingly large garbage sack. Still tied up, I’m not really able to position myself in a decent position except at the bottom. I try to get up again while shouting “What’s the big idea!” when she kicks me in the ribs with her shoes. I collapse with a thud. Oh god, I’m too drunk for this! I just came back from the bar where I was celebrating my new promotion at work with my friends.

We’d been all trying for the same position, but after putting in a bunch of overtime, I secured the eyes of upper management, and managed to make the job, bumping up from a mid 5-figure salary, to a low 6-figure one. My work friends were admittedly jealous, but my entire time I was out of the house extensively, I was putting in long hours. Not messing around.

She walks up to the bag, and looks down at me while holding it open. “Well, since I’m getting rid of trash, I’ll be getting rid of all the garbage that came with that trash.” Immediately, she takes some panties (probably not too washed) and balls them up, shoving them into my mouth, followed by another set she used shoving them over my face. I’m looking up at her through the leg hole, which aligns with my right eye. Trying to scream, I’m muffled by the satin panties in my mouth. I watch as she starts tossing handful after handful of panties, bras, swimsuits, stuffed animals, bedroom play sets, such as lingerie tops, and after filling the bag halfway up with almost all of the sexy underwear I had bought for her over time, she then starts chucking the larger effects into it; one being a very large stuffed dog I blew $80 trying to win her.

After she fills the bag up to my eyes, with me in a semi-sitting position, she remarks, “So now, trash gets what trash deserves,” while drawing the strings shut, leaving only the slightest hint of visible light coming in. She then proceeds to grab a second trash bag, shake it out, then drop that over the top of the strings, flipping me and the contents upside down and drawing the string on the bottom side of the bag I was directly in.

This is ridiculous, I’m fuming. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. All I did was go out and celebrate. I didn’t even get to tell her about the promotion yet!

All of a sudden, I feel myself being dragged about 10 feet, and with much grunting and straining, I am hosted up into a 4-wheeled cart. After being haphazardly thrown into the cart, I can feel the small bumps as I can only imagine her making her way out of the apartment, and into the elevator.

“Since you decided to mess around, the only thing I can do is make sure you are gone, as I’m not going through a nasty breakup, nor losing my home. I know you are on the lease, and I’ll just tell them you took an emergency trip for family in another country. Then after you are off the lease in a few months, you’ll be out of sight, out of mind.”

I struggle to move around in my very packed surroundings. Due to the way I was double-bagged, it was starting to get very humid, and stale inside the back. I’m feeling sick from the nausea of being kicked in the ribs, as well as the five pints I had at the pub before coming home. I’m trying to maintain my composure and not vomit.

I start with trying to get some better air. I manage to get the panties out of my mouth, and bite at the bag, putting a tiny hole in both liners, allowing some fresh air to come in. Maybe I can get a view of where she plans to put me. Hopefully just out on the sidewalk, where I can get out of this.

As we exit the elevator, she takes a left. Oh god, I thought, is she really going to throw me in the dumpster? Before I can even ponder more, I’m being grabbed, heaved up, and thrown, falling on several trash bags.

“It looks like I’m in luck. They haven’t picked up the trash yet. Well, they are late today, but I’m sure they’ll be by early in the morning. Since whenever they miss collections, they get here bright and early at 4:30 AM to take the garbage with them. You’ll be out of my life, and no one will even know. Nice knowing you, asshole!” and with a “hmph”, she turns and leaves the back platform of the apartment, where three dumpsters are kept to collect residential trash.

After I hear the door to the building slam closed, I try to wiggle free from my bonds. However, try as I might, I am unable to get the ties off my wrists and ankles. Even worse, the hole I made is letting some nasty smells in. I get kinda sick and end up vomiting down the inside of the bin liner, but at least the underwear and plushies absorbed it. It doesn’t smell pretty, but my stomach feels slightly better. I start getting sleepy, and without the strength to get free, I end up just falling asleep. I’ll see if I can make enough noise to catch the attention of someone when they come. I don’t want this to be my fate… With that final thought, I pass out.

Some time later, still dark outside, I hear a loud truck approach. It awakens me, and I’m confused. It doesn’t sound like a diesel. I hear the door slam shut, followed by some rustling. After what seems to be half a minute, I start to feel a ton of bags thrown on top and all around me, followed by a female voice “I can’t believe Vicky is too cheap to pay for a proper pickup at the day care. Instead, she makes us get rid of all the trash by throwing it in dumpsters on the way home. What the hell?”

A second voice picks up “Yeah, and these bags of diapers are foul smelling. They’ve been sitting outside in the hot sun for like four days. We had to use a pickup truck to get them here so we didn’t have to smell them. And we’ve accumulated over thirty large trash bags of these. I feel like quitting. This is pretty degrading, and feels quite illegal…”

While hearing the females talk, I try to rustle and make noise, and to scream, but the bags they tossed in just buried me. I can’t make much more noise, as the weight of the full bags push me down, through the other bags to the bottom. What’s worse, I feel some kind of liquid coming down the bag. Hurk! I feel like I'm going to vomit again!

Finally, after about three minutes of having bags thrown onto me, the door slams again, and I hear the pickup speed off. Crap, I missed a chance to get saved. Oh well, next time I guess! Shortly after these thoughts, I hear a deep rumble followed by some air brakes in the distance. My heart goes cold. And about now I start to panic. Oh crap! That’s the waste collection company. I know the sound of that truck anywhere! It just entered the complex!

After a minute, I hear the throaty engine of the Mack trash truck roar around the corner, and start the dance of turning and backing up. Once it stops, I try to yell, but my voice is drowned out by the truck revving its engine to pump the hydraulics up.

After some more beeping, I hear it come in contact with a dumpster. It’s the furthest one from me. I hear the slamming as it tips up into the back of the truck, followed by the packer blade running. Then comes the screaming of the bags, as with each packing cycle, it devours the helpless bags. The whistling, the popping, and the clanging is deafening! Shortly after the dumpster is emptied, it’s dropped and the truck repositions itself to the next dumpster. The one right next to the one I’m buried in. Unfortunately, it didn’t leave me much time, as the truck immediately shifts into gear, and backs up to mine. I’m guessing the dumpster didn’t have anything in it. And that’s when I felt it. The beeping, followed by the loud bang as it backs right into my dumpster. Oh god! I’m really going to die like this?

Within seconds, I hear the truck revving, followed by a tilting motion. I hear bags rustling and then feel myself slightly moving to the side. Then I hear that horrible fateful noise. Bags. Being. Crushed… The massive screaming, popping, and pleading they make is unbearable. Like they are protesting the act of being compressed, and pushed up into the truck. Crying out for something to save them.

After about two packing cycles, the bags next to me start to shift for quite a long ways. Then a bag explodes next to me, as the Leach 2RII packing blade crushes down on it. I hear the unmistakable sound of the bag screaming as it quickly flattens it, dragging it up into the truck body. I hear other small bags popping, and liquid pouring out from under the blade into the hopper below.

Finally it’s my turn. I try to make myself as small as possible, maybe hoping not to be killed by the blade. I slide down on what appears to be small tube-like bags. They aren’t very soft. Are they sandbags?

Then I realized what happened prior to the garbage truck arriving. And the smell of the contents hit me. I was now sitting in a hopper, with bags upon bags of diaper genie tubes completely full of diapers. As I prepare for my fate, I hear the handles being activated, and the packer blade starts to extend out, then right as the scoop maneuver starts to perform, the truck dies. Everything comes to a halt, and the stalling of the engine causes the truck to jolt slightly, causing a wall of trash bags that had just pleaded to be saved, to slightly fall backwards, and down onto me. bringing fifteen almost completely flattened trash bags down onto me and the plethora of diapers under me.

“Shit!” I hear a man exclaim. I hear doors slam, and someone comes around the back. “Well, let’s just try to get this dumpster emptied, and we’ll get to the landfill, then back to the repair depot. I swear. Those mechanics are both lazy and incompetent. This keeps happening, and two months with no one fixing it right.”

The sanitation engineer that was running the controls agreed, then was asked to see if he could get the truck going. After about four minutes, sitting almost completely buried in the bags, with almost a sigh of relief, believing this would save me from being crushed, I heard the unmistakable sound of the diesel engine catching, followed by it fully roaring. That’s when I felt the movement against me. Oh crap! This is it! He must’ve activated the packing before the engine quit!” Within seconds, I was shoved into the already flattened bags, with more bags of diapers jammed up on the other side of me, coming to a very tight rest. “Well, at least I survived that! It must’ve been the stuffed animals and clothes that saved me” I thought to myself.

Trying to ignore that I was now stuck inside a garbage truck with a bunch of dirty diapers shoved up against me, I now figure I can get help out at the landfill. I’m sure if I survive the trip, I should be able to survive being dumped. And with that thought, the truck lurched forward, and started to drive away with me in it.

About ten minutes later, in traffic, the truck stalls again. except after fifty minutes, they couldn’t get it running again. After what seemed an eternity a tow truck arrives.

Back at the apartment, my (now ex) girlfriend is sitting on the couch, talking to her friend on the phone how she just “dumped” her boyfriend; she hears a knocking on the door.

She was up all night afterwards, just getting stuff bagged up to throw away. Not like she’d be needing them. She gets up to answer the door, and finds four colleagues of mine at the door. Mostly hung over. Mike is the first one to talk. “So, how’d you do with the prank?”

Ex answers “Huh? What prank?”

David, my cubicle buddy at work chimes in, “where is he? I would have loved to see his face when he finds out we put the panties in this apartment while he was gathering his items to move his office?”

The ex stumbles, mouth gaping open and drops her half-full glass of wine on the floor, shattering it on the tile at the door way. Almost in complete shock, she didn’t expect to hear this.

“So where is he?” Collin pipes up.

“Oh my god! I didn’t know you did a prank on him! Why would you do that?!” my ex screams.

“Well, we were kinda all vying for the same position at work and he started working overtime, and ended up getting the massive promotion we were all gunning for. Didn’t he tell you this?” Mike responded.

My ex screams “No! Oh my god! This was a prank?!”

“Hehe, Yeah a good one” Collin added, “One that I masterminded. We wanted revenge for him putting in all that time and stealing the 6 figure salary we all tried to get by being so sneaky. We figured after borrowing his keys, that we would make him miserable at home by making it look like he cheated. Where is he? We gotta let him know we pranked him. Then take him for his first day as our direct manager.”

The ex turns ghost white before barely audibly making the statement, “I threw him out.”

“What?!” Mike shot back, “You broke up with him? I figured he’d just be in the doghouse overnight! Where is he, like at a friends or a hotel?”

“No!” my ex screams, “I really threw him out! I threw him in the trash for cheating on me!”

The four at the door looked at each other, confused, then horrified when they realized the impact of what she said. “Well, let’s go retrieve him from where you threw him.”

With that, my ex grabs her coat, throws on her slippers, and heads out the door, through the hallway, into the elevator and down the floors to the dumpster area. Running flat out, hoping they were delayed. However, her stomach was knotted, as it was 8 AM now. Surely though, she’ll be in luck. As she slams through the door to the back deck of the complex, she stands there in shock. All. Dumpsters. Empty.

That’s when she screeched and started panicking, before emitting a full blown nonsensical scream and crying. My colleagues rush up from behind to see what is going on, that’s when they realized what she really meant. She trashed her ex, and the trash was actually taken out. Unsure what to do, they try to calm her down, as one calls the waste management number, and the others plan to head for the landfill. Maybe there’s a chance he was rescued, or maybe he survived. They all hopped in Mike’s van and headed for the municipal landfill. Speeding the entire way.

Jesus, it’s eff’n hot out here! I’m sweating to death sitting in this truck and it’s not moving. At least the engine isn’t on. I thought, trying to ride out the heat inside the vehicle’s body. I’d gotten quite used to smell I don’t even notice it.

After another large vehicle pulls up, and the air brakes hiss, I try to listen into the conversation going on outside the body of the truck.

“Hey, you needed a tow?” shouted the tow driver to the crew.

“Ah, yes! Thanks for coming. The engine died and we can’t get it started again.”

“Yeah,” the tower mentioned, “About that, we can’t tow a fully loaded vehicle. It’s gotta be about 14 tons on top of the weight of the truck. We’ll have to get another truck and offload it, so I can take your truck to the depot. I believe your company is sending a vehicle now. it should be here in 10 minutes.”

Now I’m freaking. Are they kidding me? They are going to move me into another truck? They don’t even know I’m in here! Well, maybe I can escape at that time!”

Shortly after, another truck pulls up, and backs up to the rear of the dead trash truck.

That’s when I noticed a clang, as pegs were removed and the tailgate was manually raised by an attendant, causing my bag and others to spill out… right into the back of another rear loader… Oh shit! Really? Round two?

Within seconds, I slammed into the hopper floor, only to feel the steel blade push me up against the slanted wall. All the while I’m just in disbelief. And that’s when I noticed, the entire time, since I was shoved into the bag, with all the underwear and plushies, that I had a raging boner that never went away. How drunk was I that I never noticed that?”

My thoughts are interrupted when after a brief second, the blade starts to extend out towards more bags that transfer over. as the blade extended, my back fell into the hopper right behind the blade. My foot had somewhat broken through the bag, but the unfortunate part was that the truck was trying to transfer so fast, they didn’t see it while starting the scoop and packing with the next load of bags from the DOA truck. And that’s when the dozens of diaper bags met me again. As I was feeling myself rise up from being scooped into the new truck, a diaper sausage pushed into the bottom of my back between my thighs against my hard dick.

 It was slightly cool, from all the liquid it contained. Between the bag I was in, and my crotch was tons of very soft panties. Now all pushing very hard against me. Before I knew it, I was starting to grind. Every scoop and pack would bring more and more pressure on me, and with that some pain. But I was starting to get into it. And it felt great. Then shortly before I knew it, I realized that something had torn my pants at the front. Same with my boxers. I was now grinding into what I thought was smooth panties down at my dick. I was getting closer and closer to orgasm, when I felt something cold.

I managed to get my hands to move from behind to my thigh to tell what it was, and that’s when I realized what I was really grinding against. Apparently, a very full wet diaper had gotten in front of me, and was completely cradling my rock hard dick. With one more packing of pressure, I ended up having a full body orgasm as I heard bags coming up at me popping, whistling and begging for it to end. I came into the wet diaper more than I’ve come before, adding to the diaper. while simultaneously succumbing to an orchestra of tortured bags, pleading with the truck to stop the pressure. I could feel the bags pushing against me. The soft plastic at my back was all the silky panties and lace jammed up against me. I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t care less, as wave after wave of orgasms took over.

Every time the packer blade extended, grabbed more bags, and dragged them with no mercy, compacting it up against me and the dozens of other bags jammed into the back of the body with me, I orgasmed. It was shuddering, shaking and bliss for 10 minutes, as every time that truck swallowed more bags, I burst one after another. Finally, I felt a sense of calm, as the truck stopped. Following that, I felt something buzzing between my butt-cheeks.

“What the hell?” I barely groaned, extremely weak and completely spent. I finally realized what it was, after suffering another round of body blowing orgasms, even though the truck was stopped. A vibrator had gotten lodged against my perineum. It must’ve turned on when the truck started crushing all of the bags against me. With that thought, I felt the truck I was in starting to move. And then it was in and out of consciousness, as when the truck was stopped in traffic, It would cause the vibration to get more intense. I was grinding into the diaper on my own out of automatic reflex, and passing out after every major orgasm. I’d doubled the diaper’s swelled size with my cum alone. And the entire way to the city landfill, I orgasmed, passed out, came, and repeated. If you could get blue balls from something like this, I certainly had it.

The ex-girlfriend arrived at the landfill with Mike and the others. She exited the van quicker than they could stop, and rushed up to the gate entrance. In almost less than a half second, she blurted out a massive sentence that the guard couldn’t even begin to guess what she said.

“Slow down, what’s going on?”

“I accidentally threw out my boyfriend, and he was collected by the trash truck.”

“Aw fuck… another one of you idiots? What was he doing? Playing in the trash?” the guard lamented.

“Ah, no…” she replied. Looking down at the ground, she barely got out the words loud enough to hear it. “I thought he cheated, and I bound him and threw him in a dumpster.”

“Fuck! Jesus Christ lady!” The guard cussed. “You know what you did amounts to murder, right? No one can survive that!”. He grabs his radio, and calls dispatch to stop all vehicles on all gates for inspection, and to send for police, paramedics and track down all vehicles and order a halt on collection practice.”

“Lady, I hope you have a good lawyer, you’re about to be arrested for murder,” he said with a straight face. “Jeez… I was supposed to go on vacation. Now because of you, I’ll be spending my next few weeks buried in paperwork, and probably recruited for a search and recovery party.” He let out an exasperated sigh. “They don’t pay me enough for this crap…” he muttered.

Within fifteen minutes, the ex was read her Miranda rights and led to a squad car. While sitting in the back seat, she heard over the radio that a truck coming in might be carrying his body. But it was a replacement truck for one that died, and it was having axle problems and probably wouldn’t be able to make it to the landfill without breaking the axle. The truck was being diverted into where they release special loads like Yard waste and recycling.

She tried to bolt out of the back seat through the officers body standing with his back turned against while in the frame as to allow the heat of the car to escape and her to cool off while they finished questioning people but was quickly caught and hogtied to prevent her from bolting again, then thrown into the back of a van they normally use when arrest massive groups of people. She was shortly driven off, never to see her boyfriend again.

The truck I was in was struggling. Between the orgasms, passing out and the crunching and clunking I heard from inside the body due to constant self-pleasuring - which turned me on anytime I started thinking about the situation causing me to constantly stay hard - I didn’t realize it was now making its way onto smooth ground. Before I could even grasp what was going on, I felt the wall I was grinding against with the diaper between me and it - now extremely wet, and sticky - move abruptly, dumping the contents onto a concrete floor. The lights inside hurt my eyes as I looked up in a stupor. Completely exhausted and spent, my vision was initially blurry, but started to make discernible shapes. And that's when I saw her. She had red hair, wearing overalls, and drop-dead gorgeous.

“Have fun did you?” she cracked a smile while commenting. I barely could make out a gasp, having lost so much energy. “I envy you…” She followed up with, “Not many people would survive that, let alone twice. Even more interesting, you managed to make yourself even bigger of a mess than what you were compacted into. You don’t look hurt, short of some scrapes and bruises, and frankly you look hot, even like this.” She cracked a bigger grin. ”You got to live out one of my biggest fantasies. Well anyways, can you stand? Paramedics are in the corner with a stretcher to take a look at you and take you to the hospital. But it doesn’t look like you’re in that bad of a shape.”

I struggle to get on my feet, realizing the bonds on my ankles and wrists were cut already. I was too tired to care or be embarrassed that I was standing there with a massive erection in front of this really hot girl. As she helps me out of the pile of bags, she goes to remove a set of red-laced silk panties plastered to the back of my head. “I think I’ll keep this,” she says, grabbing it and shoving it into her pocket. Then after taking me over to the gurney, she turns around and walks off.

Four days later, after being in the hospital for MRIs, CT scans and X-Rays, I’m getting ready to be discharged. while getting some new clothes on, I look up to see that girl that rescued me from the trash pile and orgy I had found myself in.

“Heeeeyyy!” she smiled, with a bit of a blush in her cheeks. “Your friends from work told me you were recently single. I don’t suppose you’d be interested in going out for drinks or dinner sometime, would you?”

 I looked up quickly, sliding my pants up. “I’ll skip the drinks. Seems to bring too many issues, but I think I’ll take you up on the offer of dinner,” I said with a slight twist in my smile.

“Good, I’ll be taking you to your home when you get out. I was told that after what happened, you were given a free upgrade by your landlord to a two bedroom apartment, and your friends fully furnished it with new items as a way to apologize for their prank. When you get done, meet me downstairs at the entrance. I’ll be in my vehicle waiting for you.”

“Huh? How will I know which one?” I replied. “Oh, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” she said playfully as she wisped around the door and gaily skipped down the hallway almost whistling with a bounce in her step.

After getting all things accounted for, I headed out of the hospital, and what’s when it rolled up. The Mack MR Leach 2RII. After hearing that engine for hours, I can’t forget it. And I now realized I was rock hard after hearing it. As the truck stopped, she opened the passenger door.

“Hop in!” she yelled over the idling engine.

“Oh, what the hell…” I said to myself as I stepped up into the cab.

“I hope you like the place I’m taking you too. If you like sushi I mean…”. And with that, she shifted the truck into gear, and we sped off.

This feels like the start of a good relationship, at least one based on a story that I’ll never be able to tell people how we met… So I guess this is my next adventure…



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