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Dollie Gets Dumped

by Disposee

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© Copyright 2018 - Disposee - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; prepare; bond; gag; boxed; sold; object; sexdoll; used; discard; compacted; trash; kerbside; cons/nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

This story is strictly fantasy! Do not try anything in it for real. The text of this story is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, meaning that you may share and modify this story so long as you credit the author, “Disposee”.

Susan had always been attracted to Jeff, ever since she had first seen him walk into the adult toy store, but it took her a couple of years to work up the courage to do anything. During those years, she had noticed how he came in – without fail – every Friday evening to buy a new high-quality sex doll from their ever-changing selection.

One Friday, when she was finally ready, Susan explained to her coworker, Eric, what she wanted to do, and he happily agreed to help her. Together, they worked to remove a doll from one of the boxes, and she slipped inside the box. Since the doll she was replacing was a “bondage doll”, pre-tied and pre-gagged, she went in the box likewise. Eric closed up the box, making it look as good as new.

When Jeff came in later that day, Eric gave him the box with Susan.

When Jeff got home and opened the box, he was stunned by how lifelike the doll was... and then it blinked!

“Well, what have we here?” he as he unpacked the doll, having realized what was going on. Susan, being gagged, could not respond. He’d never told her, but Jeff had always been attracted to her as well, and finding her like this was a dream come true. If she wanted to be his doll for the week, he’d be happy to accommodate her.

He continued: “You must be the most realistic looking doll I’ve ever seen. Oh, this is going to be a fun week...”

... and it certainly was. Susan had expected him to ungag and unbind her so they could just have some fun, but Jeff had other plans. He kept her silent and immobile, and used her whenever he desired just like if she was a normal doll. She was surprised at first, but quickly realized that the whole thing really turned her on. She had been packaged up and purchased just like a regular doll, and now she was being used in the very same way.

The week that followed was total bliss. Day in and day out, Jeff played with dear Susan like he would any ordinary doll. She was fucked, cleaned, and stored away in her box, and she was having the time of her life.

On the seventh day, Jeff took her – still in her box – and loaded her into his car. She wanted to ask where they were going, but of course she couldn’t. A half hour drive later and they had arrived at the warehouse where Jeff worked. On this day, he was the only one there. The building was technically closed on Fridays, but he had arranged with his boss to work the extra hours each week.

He took her out of his car and positioned her near a stack of empty boxes. As he went about his work for the day, he would take frequent breaks to use her in whatever ways he desired. Susan loved it. If this was to be her last day as his doll, since he bought a new one each week, it was a great day to go out on.

It started getting late. Jeff eyed the pile of empty boxes, which had only grown while he’d been organizing the warehouse. Susan watched him, motionless, propped up against her box and covered with the remnants of their earlier activities.

He walked up, took a few of the empty boxes, then carried them over to the warehouse’s big box crusher and dropped them in. He did so a few more times and then, to Susan’s surprise, he took her empty box and threw it in the crusher as well. “I guess you won’t be needing this anymore,” he told her.

He took a few more boxes, then sauntered back over to Susan, who looked up at him with curiosity.

“Well, Dollie,” Jeff said, “This is the end of the line. See, my favorite thing about all these fantastic dolls is watching them get utterly destroyed... and now it’s your turn!”

At first, Susan was confused, but when Jeff picked her up and started walking towards the box crusher, her eyes went wide with terror and she mumbled into her gag.

“What?” Jeff said. “You didn’t you expect this? I mean, come on, I get a new doll each week and I don’t have a collection of them just lying around my house. I thought it was obvious. I get rid of my dolls each week so I have room at home for a newer, nicer one.”

She struggled, but her bonds remained tight.

Jeff smiled as he stepped up to the box crusher. “Here we go, Dollie,” he said. “I’ve been dreaming about this all week.”

Without further delay, he tipped her out of his hands and sent her tumbling several feet down onto the layer of boxes already inside the machine. Without another glance, he went to gather up more boxes and began piling them in on top of her. As she struggled, the boxes rustled about... but since Jeff was the only other person there, nobody would hear her.

Finally, the crusher was full.

“Okay, Dollie!” Jeff said with a grin, “This has been an amazing week and... well, since you were such a good doll, I figured I should treat you just like all the others, and that means that this is it. But don’t worry! In another hour I’ll be picking up a new doll from the store, so I won’t be lonely without you. In fact, I’m rather going to enjoy this.”

He pulled down the grate which was designed to cover the opening of the machine while it is operating.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Dollie. I’ve disposed of over a hundred of toys like you this very way. You’ll be in good company with all the dolls you’ve sold me. Good company in the landfill, that is!”

Without another moment of hesitation, he pressed the button to start up the machine. The engine sprung to life, and at once, the heavy crushing plate began its brutal descent.

He began stroking his eager cock. This was always his favorite part of the week, but this time it was extra-special given the nature of the doll. She was his favorite doll he’d ever had, and he had loved playing with her for a full week but now it had come to the part of the week he most enjoyed, and he didn’t intend to give her any special treatment.

“It almost seems like a shame,” he said, ignoring the muffled pleas for help his doll was making. “You really were the best doll I ever had; we’ve had an amazing week. But, I was always fond of the destruction of beauty, and you were the most beautiful of them all. And now that I’m done with you, you’re nothing but TRASH.”

He emphasized that special last word, speaking it loud and clear to make sure she knew what she was. The boxes in the crusher began to crumple and collapse.

“You know what this machine is for? It’s to COMPACT all of the waste and reduce it into a much more manageable cube. Now, usually, it’s just used for all these empty shipping boxes, but nobody seems to notice if somewhere in the middle of the pile there’s a couple inches of crushed doll. Not that many people would get a chance to see it anyway. All of this WASTE gets picked up first thing in the morning and then taken to the DUMP.”

The machine began to slow down as the boxes got more compressed.

“And you know? I don’t really know what happens then. I like to think you’ll join my old dolls in a landfill, but who knows. Maybe you’ll get tossed in an incinerator, or tipped into a shredder. Or since this is otherwise cardboard, maybe you’ll get recycled. I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t care.”

The crusher slowed to a crawl.

“Well, goodbye TRASH! I hope you’ve had as much fun being disposed of as I’ve had disposing of you.”

The crusher stopped at its maximum compaction, and Jeff came, impossibly turned on by its destructive power. Slowly, the crusher began to retract. The cube of crushed boxes – and one crushed doll – expanded a little without the full weight of the crusher pushing down on it, but it was still much, much more square than it had been before.

Once the crusher completely reset, Jeff opened it up and tipped the cube out onto a pallet fork. It tumbled out as usual, and he walked up to it to inspect it.

“Well, Dollie, I guess this is the end of the line... hey, wait a minute...”

He looked closer and noticed some shallow movement from the middle of the cube.

“Wow, you’re a resilient dollie. Tell you what, if you ask nicely, I’ll get you out of there.”

Of course, he knew full well that she was both gagged and compacted. She couldn’t say a thing. Certainly not anything he could hear.

“Nothing? Okay then... I guess you really are excited to be treated like the crushed doll you are. Well, I won’t hold you up any longer.”

He went to the rear of the pallet jack and wheeled the cube of crushed boxes out to the alley outside. Once he had it adjacent to the dumpster, he lowered the cube down, then took the pallet jack back inside and closed up the facility. The last thing he did was pull down the large drive-in entrance. He always enjoyed taking the alley to leave.

He paused as he walked by the trash. He could still see the faint movements from her breathing, but only because he knew what he was looking for. If somebody didn’t know she was in there, they’d never notice her.

“Bye, bye, Dollie!” Jeff said cheerily. “Enjoy your disposal. Now I need to go find a replacement to keep me busy for next week. I sure hope she’s another good doll like you!”

When he came in to work the next week, all the trash was gone.

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