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Diving goes Wrong

by Morton Mork

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© Copyright 2012 - Morton Mork - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; dumpster; trash; messy; compactor; stuck; caught; hum; trashbags; cons; X

NB: English is not my first language so please forgive any mistakes - please enjoy.

Last weekend a dive tour goes nearly wrong. It was an unplanned stay in a compactor in an Apartment complex. What I previously not have considered that the complex was very big and the compactor they use have arms to lift dumpsters. Thats what i know today.

It was 10 at the evening as i slipped in the nearly empty compactor througt the open ram. I expected that no one would be working at this time of the evening. So i make my dream run and all was ok.

Suddenly I heard someone outside talking and laughing. Everything was emptied in the hopper then all went quiet.

I am very exited to be in the compactor. But my rush was gone and i now wanna go home.

I waited a moment and crawled through the hole between the chamber and hopper, just when i wanted to leave the hopper i take a carefully look around. It's then that my heart drops, directly beside the compactor stands a man smoking a cigarette. I get back down and considered how i could escape this situation. I make a plan to jump to the other side and run as quick as i can. But that was not a good idea, as my bike stands beside the compactor and with idea dumped I take a second look over the edge of the hopper to observe what the smoker was now doing but i can't see anyone there.

A loud metal clang let get me down quickly. At this moment the hydraulic motor began to come alive but the ram did not move. I was confused and didn't know what i could do, stay inside the chamber or try to get outside of the ram. The I heard a hissing sound, that was new to me, i dont know what that can be. The whole compactor then started shaking. A rumbling above me made me look up, directly above me was a big silver dumpster tipping. Too late!

I was cought underneath and to my amazement very, very heavy contents of the inside of the dumpster then smashes down on me and pressed my body flat on the ground of the Hopper. I try to get up over the pile but i was unable to lift my body cause all around me are soft but heavy bags and a slimy grease that make getting a hold impossible. The weight on me continued to raise up and left no chance to get up & away. I had no way of using the strength in my arms and legs to escape the falling trash, I was well and truly stuck.

I lay there and the noise started changing, I feel a raising force from the side. I recognized this that the ram would start to do its work. My mind was befuddled before it switched over by the adrenaline rush, I can't get my thoughts together to make my escape. My face was covered with small trash contents and the slime compound that covers it all, so I can't get enought air to breathe. I hope that all will have a good finish. All was dark and i feel the movement of the hydraulic arm over the slimy floor. Popping, screeching and other noises get into my mind. I try to contract my body because I fear that my legs would ben broken by the ram.

A cold liquid then ran over my body and my neck then I would be pushed over a gap, I must be going in the chamber. I feel that the weight over me begin to decrease but the force of the ram was increasing. The movement stops and the sound says that the ram was goes back to grab new trash. That's my chance. I take all my power together and try to stand up. To my absolute amazement I found not more than a feet of trash covering me. I get carefully up on my feet and try carefully to open my eyes after wiping the slime away. I was so overrushed by adrenaline that I can't hold my position upright and fall back into a pile of bags, luckily for me it was a soft landing. But the ram then pushed more and more waste into the chamber, every 4 cycles I heared a metalic clang that must be the changing of the container. I lay in the pile and waited for the ending of the noise of the ram.

I feel the movement of the pile under me every cycle. At the back of the chamber the trash piled up and some bags and their contents roll down the hill of the pile. The time was endless. I counted 8 containers. Suddenly all was then quiet.

My legs are like jelly. The pile in the container was 3 feet above the hole to the Hopper. I try to listen outside and all was quiet. Only the squishing, rustling and crackling sound of the bags in the chamber are all I hear. I sit in the big pile of trash and my mind was overwhelmed. I din't know what I can do to get out. It was all so unreal. I gave myself a slap and begin to dig. It was so heavy, the bags are intertwined and very heavy to pull out or rip and the contents inside fall out. The big pile at the back of the chamber does not give me enough place to deposit the trash. Sometimes all the bags begin to shift and then buried my newly dug hole. All was wet and from some bags drained sticky, foul smelling fluid. It was as you were tilting against windmills.

I was disillusionatet and my arms burned, my whole body was covered with a slimy glue mixed with sand and other things from my journey under the trash. I dug through the trash and after what felt like hours I had a good hole to see the edge from the hopper. I dig some more and move some more bags then I can dug in the hole and see... the nearly closed ram !!! I started to weep I can't do nothing about that, I was stuck. I was in a very bad position with no way out in a compactor and no one would know that I am in there.

After some minutes my technical mind comes slowly back and I recognized that I've seen that a ram in an other compactor could be pushed back as it was shutdown in the closed position by the backpressure from the waste. So my lastest idea was to get my legs through the hole and try to push back the ram. I gave all my power and the ram moves! But not much. I try it three times and have good 1.5 feet. I take a pause to rest and considered my options for a moment. I lay back in my dug hole. At this moment the pile that I have shifted with the dug out trash began to shift and fall over me. That can't be, I worried. What is if he comes back and restarted the compactor I can't get away from this position.

My nose was blocked from dust and slime and very bitter fluids ran down my face and into my mouth that I cannot close at the mometn because my nose was blocked by many things & smells in the trash. At his moment I have had enough of Trash. It was my all time biggest dream to lay under a big pile of dirty trash. Now I have no other choice, I must push back the hopper. So I fight against the machine and thought that if I can push back the hopper half a foot and then I must wait a half minute. Then try again. I know that the Oil must in this position of the hopper and the valves back through the hydraulic pump. The Oil was warm from the work before. That was my luck so it was thin enough to leak between the pump rods.

I pushed the blade back 3 feet or so, then I recognized that much more trash lay in the hopper that comes down from the hopper blade. So I crawl through the hole between chamber and baler and try to get upwards to the top of the pile. It was very hot between the bags and other contents that I had no idea what they contained. So I dig and push the bags away so that I can stand upright in the Hopper. The most danger thing now would be that the compactor would restart and my legs are directly in the way of the packer blade. So I am in hurry to reach the top of the pile. More undefinable things run in my face and rinse through my clothes as I rip a bag over me so I can shovel the trash under me and get up. I wondered more and more that I can't reach the top of the pile. Than I grab into air. I touch with my hand around the air and feel a metallic surface. I grab my face free and see nothing. All was dark. That cannott be where am I?

I pulled myself onto the top of the pile and hit my head hard on a wall. I feel with my hands the walls. Right, left, above me the wall get a bit downwards. That must be an metal container. An electronic sound reminds me that I've connection to the outside world by my mobile phone. I pull it out and the light of the display was so bright that I can see where I am. I am in an topwards over tipping large Garbage container. That can't be I am thinking but I was so weakened now by my exertions that I lean back and try to regain my energy. My whole body hurt, the muscles in the arms and legs hurt so much from the activities to get this far. and I am so tired that I fear to fall asleep and get in trouble again. I try to call my girlfriend. But nothing gets on the line.

So I lay in an rustling and popping hill of garbage bags and think about what I can do. I swear profusely about my current position and remembered why the hell I got into this trouble. At this moment somebody hit from the outside against the container. A voice called, "Hey trash keep calm". It was my girlfriend. She giggled and asked what the fuck I am doing in there. I talk back and asked her how the hell did you find me.

"Not easy but I found your bike standing beside the compactor and the rest via an app to find your phone. Its late at night and you didn't come home, so I came looking for you. Ok you can come out now." she said.

"I can't!" I said. "The dumpster over me are my prison. Please search for the controll panel and try to lift the dumpster".

"Yes I see that my," girlfriend replied. "But there is an keyswitch without a key and a run button and an lever with letters up and down".

"Shit!" I said. "not more?"

"No", she replied and crawled upwards the dumpster to find any holes to help escape his prison. "Ok I can't find nothing and I cannot lift the dumpdter with my hand it is too heavy".

"I'll push from the inside and you pull from out there, let us try together," I said. But nothing moves it was too heavy.

"What we can do ask?" my girlfriend.

"Hmm search for the apartment manager, he must have the key to start the engine".

"Ok," she answered. "I'll try to find her."

She leaves the top of the dumpster and runs to the main hall. I sit in my trash prison and try to listen the sounds of the outside. The bags rustling and my adrenalin rush getting back. I feel my wet clothes which are soaked with many liquids and sand and other not identifyable things from the slide under the trash. I try to clean my nose. After half an hour I heard voices outside. Some males talking and coming closer. Somebody says what a luck for him that I have stopped the machine cause I went to the toilet.

"What the fuck is he doing in there?" he asked.

I hear my girlfirend talking, "Ahem... Yes he was searching for bottles for refund and then you have tilted the dumpster".

"Oh my god!" the other people said. "I've never take a look in a dumpster when I've compact the trash". Then he stand close to the hopper. "Are you ok ?"

"Yes", i said. "I am so lucky that you are here. Please let me get free".

"No sorry we must wait for the Police, then we can disarrest you". I heard the smirk in her voice.

"Sir", I said, "I think I've learned my lesson. I will show you what happened to me with the trash in here."

"Ok Sir that i will", see he smirks. "Ok please duck and have care I will lift the dumpster".

He started the machine and I hear the hissing sound from the hydraulic tipping mechanism. The dumpster tilted and went back to the ground. I came up between the trash and see about 4 people standing outside the compactor and looking at me. My girlfriend shined with a torch in my face and stared at me. "Oh my good" she shouted. She walked up to me in the trash pile and stopped before she hugs me. "Are you realy Ok?"

"Yes", I said. At that moment a blue flashing light was coming straight to us. My heart drops. The Police! But it was only an Ambulance, called from the App. Officer that my girlfriend had told the story. I carefully climb out the trash and as the Ambulance Officer saw me he said, "Wait I must put gloves on cause that I havent see this before". He and my girlfriend guided me to the ambulance. In the bright light of the Service lights on the roof of the Ambulance my girlfriend takes a picture with her phone and showed me the result. There stands a person only with underpants on who wwas covered all over with muddy slimy grease, mixed with small contents of waste like sand, coffeegrinds, shredded paper, food leftovers and so on. The ambulance officer examined my body and found some cuts from broken glass and many scratches, a very big cut on my back and on my foot that must sewed he told me, so we went to the nearest hospital.

My girlfriend stayed at my side and said that I must wear a ripped trashbag so that I can't pollute the seats and the equipement of the Ambulance. My shame was huge as we arrived the hospital and the nurses had their eyes open wide as they saw me. "Ok", she said. "First we must clean you, that your wife can doing while I get things ready". My girlfriend nodded. So we went to a shower room. And another young Nurse assisted us as my girlfriend helped to get me clean. My adrenaline started to decrease now and so my wounds starting to hurt with the contact with soap. My girlfriend lowering my pants touched my cock and looks down as my starting erection.

"Well boy you didn't have enough excitment from your surprise journey". The nurse saw that too and my face went bright red.

I said, "Sorry but there are too many pretty women in the room!".

So we went back to the Doctor and he sewed the biggest cuts on my back, she exam then my whole body for any inbound glass. "So we are done and you can put your clothes on now".

"I have nothing here", I said.

The Doctor lifted their eyes.

"I have a good idea", my girlfrind says and went out to the Nurse. She whispered something to the Nurse and both giggled.

"Ok" said the doc to my girlfriend, "that's your part" and disapeared in the sliding door.

The Nurse disappeared out the door and came back a minute later and held somthing behind her back. Both woman giggled and my girlfriend told me, "My you have survived this fantastic journey, so as you do your next journey it is I who will have the fun". The Nurse handed my girlfriend a roll of grey blue plastic trashbags. My girlfriend ripped two from the roll and flip one to open the bag. It was a long 120 Litre Bag that she cut 3 holes in and pushed the bag over my naked body. It covered me perfectly from the chest to nearby my feet. The second bag she wound a rope from it and bound it around my body like a belt for trousers. A third bag was folded and covered my front that was now rock hard. The Nurse can't do the back. She spanked my bottom and I moaned. My girlfriend giggles and spanked my bum too.

"I hope that will be okay, let us go home. I will try to catch a cab. Please take my boyfriend to the entrance". She said with an unnatural loud voice so you can think that the nurse are far away but she stood beside her.

"Ok" said the nurse back with an giggle in her voice then let us do it. I will take the underground system. We meet us in the cab space. So my girlfriend left the room and i stand there nothing knowing what happens next.

The nurse told me to follow her. "We're going downstairs to the service level. Here there are no people so that you can't be seen".

We were going down a long corridor to the end was a big door with an imprint 'Municipal Waste and Service Only entrance'.

So I said, "That's a good spot to have fun!"

The nurse then turned to me and grabbed my cock. "Ok that's a good idea!" she said with an smirk in her face.

I make an shy face and said. "Hello? My girlfriend is waiting".

"That's right let us look were she is", and opened the Service Door. Directly behind the door stood my girlfriend and made a strict face. "What you are doing with this girl?"

"Never I would do anything with this girl."

"I've heard it really clear through the door. And what is this ?" she grabbed my stone hard cock. "I think you will fuck anything with this nasty thing".

She gives me an big push so that I fell from the loading dock in a big garbage container with very loads of trash.

"You can't do that I cry".

"Trash belongs to Trash!" she replied.

The Nurse whispered something to my girlfriend and both smirking. "Why not?" my girlfriend said to the nurse and give her an big push. She yelped loud and fell beside me. She sinks down while she tried to stand up and the bags didn´t help. I spoke to her that she shouldn't move any more but she would not hear me. The Trash bags are so smoove that the heavy weight of our bodies would push the contents aside and the body would sink deeper and deeper in the Trash. We struggled and fought very hard but our bodies sink deeper and deeper in the Trash. So i have escaped the compactor but this is another problem!

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