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Disposable Slave

by Italian2525

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I was lonely and looking online for a dominant girl that I could worship and take care of. My life alone was not worth it anymore and I decided to look for a girl that needed a personal slave to help and worship her. After months of effort I was successful at finding a gorgeous girl; a perfect 10 on her profile picture! She wanted me to be her live-in slave and to worship her and service her needs. She commented that she was looking for a new slave to service her every need so I wasn’t sure if I was supplemental or a replacement. I was willing and ready to live a dream of worshiping a perfect 10 – Goddess Rachel. We setup a mutual meeting place at a mall and I was excited and nervous.

I was sitting on a bench when she approached me. "Are you my new slave toy?"

"Yes Rachel, I am".

"You may address me as Mistress Rachel, Goddess or Mistress, I will not tolerate your informal gibberish you understand me slave!?"

"Yes Mistress I do".

She was so hot and I was lucky to find a Mistress so beautiful and perfect. She quickly tested my allegiance to her while she dragged into several stores.

"Get on the floor slave."

Rachel ordered me to the ground where she stepped on me with her high heel shoes to reach something on the shelf while we were in Victoria Secrets. I looked up a bit and saw some hot girls looking over and laughing at me, I can hear them say "what a fucking loser". Rachel looked down at me with a look of disgust and said, "You better get used to it, you are my slave now and you will be humiliated like one".

She stepped down and off me making a special effort to step on and twist her foot directly on my balls. "I am done with you slave you can get up and follow me." I muffed "yes mistress". She had bought a bunch of sexy lingerie, underwire and bra’s. She was a goddess in her 34 DD she looked like one of the Victoria Secrets models! I couldn’t wait to worship her!

We were finally done with shopping at the mall and I was carrying all of her bags that must have weighed at least 60 pounds. While on the way to her car she heard me sigh and glance in the direction of another girl. I sighed because of the weight but my mistress didn’t think so! At first she didn’t say anything and we approached her Jetta and I packed her bags in the back of the trunk. She gave me a look of disgust and ordered me on my hands and knees facing the front tire. She had the car started and she got out and behind me. She kicked me in the balls so hard I dropped all the way to the ground. She got back in the car and reversed over my hands. I was already in pain and now she ran over my hands. I am so glad it was a light car and she did it quickly.

Rachel got out of the car and stared down at me and paused. "I will not have my Slave stray his eyes away from me ever or their will be consequences, consider this a warning. You are so pathetic, get in the fucking car before I run you over."

My hands had tire marks on them and it stung for a couple minutes but it was OK. My cock was so hard after that, Rachel’s domination was awesome! The ride to her home the only thing she said to me is that she has lots of chores for her little slave.

We pulled up to her house in the middle of a large cul-de-sac neighborhood secluded with lots of trees. I gathered up the bags from the trunk and followed Rachel into the house and she directed me to her room where she requested that I unpack her lingerie and place them on her bed. I stood there until she came back. She didn’t say much, she grabbed a few new items off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. She came out with one of the sexy baby doll type dresses on and my jaw dropped and my cock started to get hard. She was an angel and I would do anything for her I thought to myself.

"You like what you see slave?" asked Rachel

"Yes mistress very much so".

"Maybe now you will think twice before you disappoint me, I have no problems torturing my slaves, you got off easy today! Now if you want to worship this body you have to work for it. You are just a slave and when I am in the mood I will use you for my personal pleasure. You got that?"

"Yes my goddess Rachel".

"Now come follow me, I have a ton of chores for you to do. Things have not been done around here since I had to get rid of my last slave".

"Yes anything goddess Rachel, I am here at your disposal".

"First you have to clean out the old left-overs from the refrigerator, trash the old milk and all the expired items like the half-and-half. Most of the refrigerator is filled with old left-overs from all of my parties, just throw it all out. Then empty all garbage baskets and take everything outside. Tomorrow is garbage day".

"Yes my sweet mistress".

I would walk 10 miles just to stand in her garbage, and now I get to collect her garbage and take it out for her. I was in heaven. I cleaned out the refrigerator and started to dump the old milk and other items down the disposal and Rachel quickly stopped me. "What are you doing, just throw that shit in the garbage!"

While she said this she took the open Milk container and held if over the garbage can stared at me and dropped it in. "In the GARBAGE! It’s that easy you stupid slave".

From that point on, I was sure not check any of the containers or try to empty or consolidate them. I had filled 3 bags just from the kitchen plus one that was overflowing from before and my personal favorite; I got to pack it down before taking the bag out. Many of the bags where juicy especially the open container ones. I continued to discover the house as I searched for all of the trash bins she had in the house. The entire bathroom bins where overflowing and filled with 'girl garbage'. I set the bags in the kitchen as I continued and on return with the last of the trash bags Rachel was there all sexy looking at the pile in her kitchen.

"What the fuck are all these bags doing in the kitchen, it’s starting to stink? These go into the garbage cans on the side of the house. Get over here NOW!"

Rachel grabbed the hair on the back of my head and forced me to the ground near the bags. "You smell that garbage? Look it’s starting to leak now-- Gross!" She shoved my face into one of the bags while I was on my knees and she let go quickly and grabbed my hanging balls and squeezed them tight. I groaned in agony and sighed in relief when she let go. "I hope you’ve learned your lesson slave, now go take those nasty bags outside".

With my balls still hurting, I quickly got up and gathered all the garbage bags from the kitchen and found my way to the side of the house where there were two huge garbage bins, 95 gallons with liners. Both were closed and several trash bags where just lying outside of the bins. I opened one of them and it was full! Oh my -- Rachel had so much garbage! I then checked the second garbage bin and I shouted out in shock "Oh my god!" I couldn’t believe what I am seeing. A man was sitting on a few bags of garbage at the bottom of the bin. He was gagged and tied up. I didn’t know what to do. Rachel came to the side of the house from the back.

"What the fuck is wrong with you; can’t you do a simple task as taking the garbage out?"

"I am sorry by precious Rachel, but there is a man in your bin!" Rachel peered down into the can with the look of disgust.

"That’s looks like garbage to me! It stinks. This should have gone out last week with all this other garbage, but I had no one to take it out".

"But Rachel…" I said.

"Are you a garbage picker? Why are you looking through my garbage? Don’t make me throw you away too! Tomorrow’s garbage day and I need all of this gone before next week’s party. If I throw it away that’s it, its garbage. Slaves are like a toy vibrators, once they stop working you simply throw them in the GARBAGE."

I gulped deeply as my heart dropped and my dick got hard. She looked at me as she took one of the nasty bags that was leaking and hang it over the trashed slave.

"This is how you put the bags in the garbage can!"

She didn’t take her eyes off me as she simply dropped the bag from higher than normal right into the large bin. Seeing those sexy hands holding and releasing the bag turned me on even more. She trashed a slave! My hard on started to show. The bag dropped hard onto the man in the bin. Rachel peered in the can quickly to see what she had done and commented that she can’t wait until garbage day to get rid of this garbage.

Rachel ordered me to put all the wet bags in first and then the dry ones. She said it will be a tight fit. I placed all but 3 of the bags in the bin as they didn’t fit, she had so much garbage! Rachel stood by watching me work and said she wanted all those bags in there she didn’t care what it took. I didn’t want to pack the garbage too much.

"You can get all that garbage in there, pack it down slave! It’s just garbage it will be crushed anyway. "

I pressed all the garbage as much as I can, I could hear some of the bags bursting under the pressure as I got all bags in. The trashed slave moaned as the lid was forced closed; she didn’t like the lid to be propped open or showing any of her trash. She was very particular on how she wanted things done.

"I feel better already, I think you liked that slave, I can see your pathetic little hard on, you must like playing in the garbage." she said.

"Yes my sweet Goddess. I love everything you do, touch or throw away".

"You fucking loser! Get over here and lay down you loser."

We were still outside near the trash cans and over in the grass. She walked over to me and I was looking up at her beautiful body in her sexy lingerie. She hovered over closer and I could see her sweet pussy as she was not wearing any underwear. Was she going to sit on my face?! Yes! She squatted down and hovered directly over my head.

"Worship this you fucking loser!"

I felt a warm wet feeling dripping on my body. She started to pee all over me!

"You like that loser? Use the outside shower and get ready for me. If you smell like garbage or pee you will get to sleep outside. I am horny and need a slave to abuse. "

I found the outside shower and luckily shampoo and soap was available. I washed really well as I didn’t want to disappoint her; I know what she was capable of doing to a slave object. I air dried off as there was no towels and I waited for my goddess naked in the back yard. I could see my sweet mistress making her way toward the French doors leading to the back. Rachel changed into another sexy dress which was very revealing. She opened the doors and just looked at me standing there naked.

"Get your sorry ass in here and follow me. I hope your dick gets really big because you are disappointing me with that limped dick of yours."

"Yes mistress I will try not to disappoint you".

I followed Rachel up to her bedroom and she ordered me to lie on the floor. She used me as a step stool up to the bed then gave me permission to lie on her bed. She was dressed in a sexy shiny black dress that was very revealing. She stood over me on the bed and I can see that beautiful ass and pussy up her short skirt. She didn’t say much to me and she started to bend down, her ass heading for my face. Was she going to pee on me again?

She continued all the way down and placed her sweet ass on my face. Her full weight had beared down on my face, the pressure was amazing. She pushed herself down a bit and I was now deep in her sweet ass. I can feel her wet pussy on my face as she started to grind my face using my face to masturbate. I licked her sweet pussy and she started to moan and move more erratically. She started to getting excited and grabbed my balls and started to squeeze them and stroking my cock. She continued to pound my face until she came all over me. Her sweet juice all over me, I was in heaven. She ordered me to clean her pussy and I licked her until she was satisfied.

She started to get up slightly and she planted her ass back down. She said, "Clean my beautiful ass you piece of shit slave!"

I continued to lick her ass, and she started to abuse my cock and balls. She would scoop them up in her hand and punch them. "Look at these pathetic balls! I think I need to step on these balls and crush them under my sexy feet, I love crushing balls under my feet! Now get on the floor and sit there. I am going to have my way with you."

I did as she wished; she first crushed my cock with her full weight under her feet and played with my balls with her toes. She removed her top and exposed her supple breasts hovering over me as she continued to play and abuse me. Rachel bent down while still solidly standing on my cock with by balls under her toes at her mercy.

"You’ve been very bad today; it’s only your first day as my slave toy. At this rate you might find yourself rotting at the bottom of my garbage can".

She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and forced my head back to look her in the eyes as she slowly pressed down on my caged balls with her toes. I squirmed under the pressure as she stared at me and laughed. "Poor pathetic slave destined to be thrown away like a piece of garbage. Believe it or not slave, you better cherish every minute with me, this is the highlight of your slave life."

"Yes my goddess Rachel", is all I could muster under this ball flattening moment when I realized that I too was just another toy, just another object that she uses and tosses out when she’s done with it. My heart sank with this realization that I could never be her slave forever or go back to my normal boring life.

She continued with her sadistic torture and verbal assault. She tied me up and had her way with me. She untied me after her punishment and ordered me to stay outside and wait for her. It was midnight and I had to sleep outside. She said it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow! I found a spot on the porch and I was extremely sore from Rachel’s abuse.

When morning came I woke to beautiful Rachel standing on me with one foot on my hard on looking down at me. "Get up loser, I need for you to take all that Garbage to the curb, I hear the Garbage truck."

She stepped off me while lastly grinding my hard on and I got up quickly. I walked around to the side of her house and propped open the gate so I could drag out the two huge garbage cans and they were heavy especially the one of them. I just got them down and started to close the gate and Rachel came out from the back with a bag of garbage. "Hey slave what the fuck is in my hand? Why am having to do this myself?"

"Sorry mistress I will take that down for you".

I quickly grabbed the bag from her and started my way back to the curb. Rachel followed me down and I could see the garbage truck coming down into the cul-de-sac backing up. I placed the bag next to the can and Rachel disapproved its placement. She took it and opened one of the cans and pressed the bag firmly into the can causing the bag to hiss as it exploded in her hand. I glanced at the garbage truck now just a few feet away and to my surprise there were no men, it was only girl.

Rachel said hi to Ashley the garbage girl. The Garbage truck was now at Rachel’s curb ready for collection.

Ashley said, "Hi Rachel you have some special garbage for me today, I see you have lots of it?"

"Yes so much garbage and this is my new slave, he will be helping you with all the garbage in our cul-de-sac."

Rachel and Ashley began to talk and I pushed the heaviest garbage bin to the back of the truck between the pickup arms. The hopper was about half full already. Ashley signaled to Rachel to operate the truck. I was shocked she knew how to operate this thing. Rachel dumped the first bin into the hopper. I knew this bin had the slave she threw away. I took the empty bin back to the curb and brought over the other bin so Rachel could dump it. After the second can was dumped the hopper was quite full with mostly bags and a few wooden items and toys.

I glanced over to Rachel with compassion hoping that she would recover the trashed slave under all that worthless garbage. I walked up to her quietly asked her if she was going to get the slave out reminding her.

Rachel graciously said, "Yes let’s get that piece of garbage out".

She ordered me to enter the hopper, I hesitated a bit and she insisted with a firm, "Get in the hopper now slave!".

I couldn’t resist her beautiful and powerful dominance she had over me. I climbed onto the mound of garbage and worked my way towards the back and starting digging through trash. Ashley jokingly asked Rachel if she was going to throw away two slaves today.

"Apparently this slave wants to dig through the garbage to save something; it’s worthless whatever it is".

I was making a hole toward what I thought would be the location when Rachel's gorgeous body lurched a bit near the compactor controls. She started the compactor with me in it!

"Times up slave, time to crush the garbage now!"

The packer opened up exposing the previously crushed wall of garbage that started to fall on top of me. The packer dripping its juices glided over the entire hopper as Rachel looked on with disgust at the sight of the nasty garbage. Rachel said, "You have 30 seconds to get out of that hopper before I crush you in all that garbage!"

I quickly forgot about why I was in there for and climbed my way out, not easily done when you sink with every movement. I finally escaped the impending crush by my mistress.

"I told you before I don’t think twice about what I throw away, you stink I should have just thrown you away too."

"Please no mistress I still need to finish gathering the neighbor’s trash".

Rachel rolled her eyes and turned to the controls. "You cross me I’ll throw you away like garbage you are slave."

Rachel looked into the hopper and pulled on the compactor controls to finish the cycle. Rachel looked on with excitement watching the garbage crush under her command. The compactor stopped just above the hopper bottom the entire edge was lined with ready to pop bags getting squished. Rachel quickly finished the compaction phase. The bags protruding out exploded under the pressure. The compactor blade made is unforgiving move through the hopper as the garbage bags hissed, popped and crunched. The back of the hopper was dripping with trash juice as the garbage was squeezed.

Rachel looked very pleased with what she had done. Rachel said she loved the sound of the garbage popping and crunching; it made her wet with excitement. My heart dropped watching Rachel’s dominance over her ex-slave and power she had over me. She just simply threw that slave away in her garbage, "dumped" and forgotten. She looked on with ease as her bagged slave was crushed in all the garbage.

Rachel looked at me, "Are you missing something slave? Go and get all of the neighbor’s trash and throw it in!"

I continued quickly to drag tons of garbage over to the back of the truck and started dumping can after can into the back. The back was almost full again when a couple of the bags fell out toward Rachel and touched her gorgeous feet. Two bags lay at goddess Rachel’s feet and she was none too pleased with me. The look of disgust with me filled her face as I am sure she was formulating a punishment for me in the moment of silence.

Rachel sternly pointed down at the nasty bags lying by her gorgeous feet. I approached her and she quickly grabbed my hair and forced me to the ground where my head landed on top of the two bags. Rachel took off her high heels and stepped on my face forcing my face deep into the garbage bags. My face dug deep into the wet nasty smelling bags. Rachel pounced on my face smooching my face deeper with each pounce of punishment from her feet above, while the bags below slowly ripped open giving way under the pressure. My face now met the gooey content of garbage without the bag to protect me.

This was disgusting and Rachel and Ashley just laughed at me calling me a looser. She stopped pouncing on my face and turned toward the compactor controls while grinding her feet on my face while still under her feet. She started the compactor cycle while I still pressed in the trash bag. The sound of the compactor sounded different and amplified from under the truck. I can feel Rachel’s weight shift with the completion of the crush cycle. I could hear the bags hiss, pop and the crunching as the compactor made its way.

Rachel moved again and I heard the garbage truck idle down. Did she finish the cycle? It was very short. Rachel stepped off me and said, "Get up looser".

I rose slowly with garbage dripping down my face. Rachel said, "Oh my god what a fucking loser! Listen I want you to dump those bags you were playing in and finish dumping the rest of the garbage cans. After you are done with that you will go in the hopper, you understand me loser?"

"Yes mistress as you wish". The compactor was not raised all the way, but I continued to dump the rest of the cans and loose bags from Rachel’s feet.

I looked at the partially filled hopper and then again at Rachel with hope she would not make me go in the hopper again. She approached me and Ashley came up from behind. "Strip off your clothes; I want to see your naked body thrown in the garbage."

I stripped leaving my clothes on the ground before me. Now naked and at her mercy, being naked exposed my hard on I had the entire morning. Rachel looked down at it, "Look Ashley he likes this".

Ashley peered around from my back side "Wow, what a small limp cock!"

Rachel kicked me in the balls and I hurled over quickly in pain. Rachel bent down grabbing my balls and squeezing them tightly forcing me into the hopper on top of the garbage mound. Ashley while behind me pushed me toward the hopper’s edge and grabbed my legs and tossed me in. I sunk into the garbage a bit facing up still with my hard on even harder now. I could feel the cold steel and garbage juice on my bare ass. The smell of the garbage was very pungent and the compactor blade didn’t retract so it was very close.

Rachel finished the pack cycle and the engine roared alive and the compactor blade continued up into the body. The garbage behind the blade gave way popping more bags under the pressure. As the load got tighter it squeezed juices out of the bottom and hinge of the compactor blade spraying all over me. Rachel stepped back and looked on as the compactor sprayed its hopper juice laughing at me.

Ashley commented to Rachel that I would smell like garbage for a long time. Rachel said, "Yeah it’s like a stained pair of pants it’s easier to throw them away and get a new pair. Looks like I’ll have to trash this one too and get a new one".

Rachel bent down exposing her cute ass while I was hopelessly dominated right into the truck to pick up my pile of clothes. She just tossed it into the hopper and shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh well!"

Rachel stepped up on the side of the truck and Ashley drove the truck to the next stop. I could see a huge pile of bags and some toys. Rachel stepped down from the platform and Ashley came around back to load up. Ashley said, "This house always has lots of garbage I usually have to cycle the compactor twice just for this house. They usually have a can full of diapers alone".

Ashley flipped open the first can and said, "Oh here is the diaper can, it’s really heavy". Ashley hooked up the can to the tipper and Rachel dumped the can right on top of me. The bags landed on me hard burying me under the first load. The next can came quickly dumping its wet load and several black bags landed at my head and feet.

I felt so humiliated; I didn’t care what happen next. I was naked and thrown away by my Mistress and Ashley. I felt like I belonged there amongst the useless garbage. I disappointed my Mistress and I was not adequate enough to please her. Now I was covered in loose garbage, yard waste, wet leaky kitchen bags, and diapers waiting to be crushed at the mercy of Rachel’s command. I took the last ounce of dignity I have left and move my head and looked at Rachel.

" Please don’t throw me away Rachel; I will do anything for you!"

Rachel didn’t answer and just rolled her eyes and threw one more bag in on top of me and said, "Oops!" as she started the compactor cycle.

The compactor blade hovered over me as it continued down to the front of the hopper. Rachel’s and Ashley cute faces disappeared from view as they stood back. The crushed garbage from the previous cycle fell in on top of the load and the garbage bags at the front smooched down and sealed the light. The hopper juices from the truck body fell back into the hopper as I felt the juices rise high up over my hips. It was a dark and smelly tomb waiting for my Mistress Rachel to finish the pack cycle.

Thirty seconds later the packer blade continued down into the hopper. I heard a loud CRUNCH and then the bags started popping and garbage bags quickly enveloped me suffocating me. The bags around me popped and the air squealed out and then started to crush me. The pressure built up and every orifice filled up with the hopper juice and my entire body was now wet as the pressure built and the garbage juices surrounded all the garbage finding weak spots to escape back into the hopper. The packer blade continued up into the body starting the relentless crush into the body of the truck. The sound of rustling plastic, bags exploding everywhere and crunching was muffled as my body was compressed and smothered into the garbage.

I was just another piece of garbage to Rachel. Used, disposed and crushed only to be forgotten a split second after thrown away. Rachel continues on this day like nothing happened. For Rachel it was just another garbage day.

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