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Date with a Dumpster

by trashbagme2

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© Copyright 2006 - trashbagme2 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; strip; naked; wrap; tape; gag; bagged; breathplay; toys; cons/reluct; XX

Part One

i met Her on the internet about two months ago. i only know Her as Mistress. She finally agreed to meeting with me to do a trashy session. She agreed to bag me as long as i kept our meeting confidential and her Girlfriend could be involved. i had followed her orders and was now walking down the quiet alley to the back door of Her shop. The plaza shops were all closed on Sundays and we would most likely be the only people around for blocks. As i walk past the large, green, garbage dumpsters i can't help but wonder which one i would soon be deposited in.

Mistress knows all about my fantasies and has planned a very kinky session involving an actual garbage dumpster full of real trash. She told me not to worry, the dumpster wouldn't be picked up until Monday morning. i arrived at the door with a number 8 on it and rang the buzzer as instructed.

The door opened to reveal two very aggressive looking females in tight, black, latex outfits. i stood there drooling at the sight of the sexy Dominatrices' as they ordered me to enter, "Cum in slave". 

i was led into the back room that was used for storage, shipping, and a place to keep the garbage until it is taken to the dumpster. The door was closed and locked behind me as i glanced around the dimly lit room and noticed the pile of shiny-black bags of trash in the middle of the industrial appearing room. 

"Undress for us slave, and put your clothes in this garbage bag here.", instructed one of the tall Doms' as She pointed to a separate couple of garbage bags not yet sealed shut. 

i did as i was told quickly without saying a word, i knew better. As i put my clothes into one of the two open bags i noticed the bag was filled with real trash and i thought to myself that i would need to do laundry a bit later. i was then instructed to sit down next to the pile of bagged garbage, naked as a jaybird while Mistress twisted the opening of the trash bag i had just put my clothes in tightly shut and sealed it with a zip-tie. 

The Doms' looked at each other with a devilish smile as they saw i was beginning to get aroused. i simply could not believe what i was doing. It was like a high from excitement or danger or something. Knowing i would soon be naked, bound, and gagged in a smooth, plastic, trash bag. Inside of a real garbage dumpster. Filled with real garbage. Totally dependent upon these two gorgeous, fetish Queens to get me out before tomorrow mornings dumpster pick-up.

i sat very close to the pile of bagged trash as ordered. The pile looked a lot bigger from this lower, sitting position. Mistress wrapped black, duct tape around my hands made into fists as Her friend gagged me by taking a trash bag and tying a knot in the middle of the bunched up bag and putting the knot in my mouth, securing it behind my head with another knot. The Women had fun as they tied me very restrictively with rope into a really tight fetal position. 

Mistress was really giving to me when She put a battery powered, vibrating, rubber sheath on my swollen cock. The pleasure tube was then tied in place with a thin cord and turned on. The cord was wrapped tightly around my cock and balls and then tied into my bondage so that movement caused tugging on my package. It felt good but kinda hurt. i was really quite shocked how little time it took to have me in such restrictive bondage. 

However, They agreed that it wasn't enough to "make sure i stay put.... no matter what". 

No matter what? What was i in for? They wrapped wide, shiny-black, pallet wrap around my body cinching me into an even tighter ball. With some effort They rolled me into a 39-gallon, cinch-sack type bag. This black bag was squeezed around me by the sexy Goddesses. Their smooth caresses through the plastic felt wonderful against my skin as They pushed out most of the air in the bag. 

The opening of the bag was then cinched closed around my neck and the plastic, cinch strap was tied in several knots behind my neck. i moaned as i struggled a bit and was barely able to move an inch. 

"You complaining slave? I'll give you something to complain about!", said one of the Doms as She grabbed a small, clear, plastic bag. As She walked towards me, smiling, slowly opening the bag i realized what was about to happen. i shook my head no and moaned into the trash bag gag, which i could hardly hear myself. She simply ignored my pathetic plea and slipped the smooth, fresh bag over my head as i stared into Her dark, cold eyes. 

The other Dom peels some duct tape off of the roll and starts winding it around my neck. i quickly try to inhale as much fresh air as i can before the bag in sealed shut. The plastic sucks in tightly around my face and i realize the bag has been sealed completely. i struggle against my bondage and end up tipping over against the bags of trash next to me as the two dominating Women laugh at me. 

"you just can't wait to get trashed can ya? Well, lets give him what he wants.", the Suffocatrix teases as She grabs a 55-gallon, shiny-black, garbage bag. 

She lets the huge, thick bag unfold to Her feet, right in front of my bagged face. She flicks the bag a few times in the air, quickly opening it up and fluffing it out. i watch through the plastic in a dream-like daze as They work the bag under me. i am then tipped upright and the bag in pulled up around my entire body. 

"I think your in over your head this time slave", Mistress said giggling as They look down into the garbage bag at me. i was gasping pretty hard now and i was getting more aroused than ever before. They just stood there, holding the mouth of the trash bag. Watching me suffocate and squirm in a sexual manner.

to be continued...

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