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Cum or Go

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2010 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; bagged; breathplay; dumped; compactor; disposal; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

She grabs his balls and squeezes them as Her slave almost drops to his knees in pain. "Do you wanna cum slave?" She asks.

The Mistress is about six feet tall and dressed head to toe in sleak, black rubber.

he nods his head up and down.

The five foot slave is naked and gagged with his hands bound behind his back with black duct tape. A thin, leather cord is wrapped and tied tightly around his hard cock and shaved balls.

She releases the slaves balls and starts to slowly stroke his erect cock teasing him.

The Dominatrix stops and walks over to a nearby table in the shady room and picks up two trash bags and some rope.

The Mistress returns to Her slave opening one of the large, shiny-black bags.

"Get in and sit down in this garbage bag, I don't want a mess on My floor".

The submissive steps into the smooth, thick, garbage bag eager to cum, he then sits down very turned on by the kinky situation that he is in.

The Domme lowers the trash bag, that engulfs Her victim, down onto the floor.

Next, She uses the rope to tie the slaves ankles together. Then She uses more rope to tie his bound hands and ankles together securing the slave in a tight fetal position.

The Mistress pulls the other garbage bag over the slaves head and ties the last length of rope around his neck as She says, "I'm not taking this plastic bag off of your head until you cum slave. If you suffocate to death before you cum, I will just close the garbage bags around you and crush you in My trash compactor."

She kneels in front of Her gasping slave and lowers Her head between the subs bound legs to start sucking his rock hard cock.

The slave moans and wiggles around trying to break free as the thick, plastic bag billows in and out around his head.

The Domme starts sucking harder and faster as the hot, sweaty bag sticks to his face. The Mistress grabs the slaves balls and gives them a firm squeeze as the sub cums down Her throat. Then She stands up and pulls the rest of the the bag that is secured over the victims head down, over his naked, bound body as She says,"I hope that was the best orgasim you've ever had because it's your last. I lied about releasing you and now your nothing but trash. It's My turn to cum and seeing your garbage-bagged body being crushed in the compactor with trash will get me off hard!"

The slave franticly moves around trying to get free as he gasps for air.

The Dominatrix pulls the huge, trash bag that is under him up, once again engulfing his whole body and ties it shut over his head.

Finally, she carries her moving, bag of garbage over to the door that is opened to the compactor outside.

She tosses the heavy bag into the opening of the trash compactor and it falls into the compactor just like all the other bags of real garbage except this bag moans loudly when it lands in the pile of plastic wrapped trash.

The Mistress unzips an opening between Her legs and begins to rub Herself as She watches the suffocating slave wiggle around, moaning in the shiny-black bag.

When his moans subside and the twitching slows She presses a green button on the wall and watches as the ram begins to crush the bagged victim in with all the bagged trash.

With a loud moan of pleasure She shudders in pleasure as the garbage is pushed out of sight and only the sound of the hissing hydrolics, rustling trash bags and popping bags are heard...


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