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Cuckold Garbage

by Traitor

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© Copyright 2014 - Traitor - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FM; bond; rope; bagged; garbage; messy; trashbag; dumpster; disposal; compactor; cuckold; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Laura is a young girl that lives in an apartment with her boyfriend, Zachary. They love each other and are very sexually compatible. Laura knew of Zach's trash fetish and she tried her best to make him happy. Laura usually wasn't too interested in bagging her boyfriend but did it anyways because they would usually have great sex afterward. Mostly it was just bagging for a few hours before he was released.

One day the landlord, TJ, came by to check if everything was alright, as he frequently does. Laura answered the door nervously and let him in. They chatted for a few minutes and TJ flirted with Laura in a subtle way. It was always obvious to Laura that TJ had a crush on her, but she never mentioned it to her Zach, for fear that he would be jealous. This time was different, though, because Zachary had just been bagged by his girlfriend. Laura had just dumped most of the apartment's trash onto him and then tied the bag shut. He had been in the bag for several hours enjoying himself when TJ knocked.

TJ and Laura finished chatting and TJ was about to leave. Just as he was turning to leave he spotted a full trash bag sitting near the doorway in the kitchen. "Before I go I'll just take this bag so you don't have to strain yourself" TJ said.

"Oh, no that's not necessary its really heavy so I will just get my boyfriend to do it!" Laura replied.

TJ got a little jealous at the mention of her boyfriend. He continued toward the bag anyways and picked it up. It must have weighed 150 pounds! He didn't really want to do this but he wanted to win Laura's favor. "No, No its really no problem its part of my job anyways, Besides like you mentioned it's really heavy, probably too heavy for your skinny ass boyfriend".

Laura didn't know what to say, So she just smiled as TJ strained with the bag out the door and down the hallway. "Thanks!" Laura said meekly as he disappeared from view.

She was really worried now because she wouldn't be able to get Zach out until dark, and even then there would be so much trash on top of him. Laura continued worrying until it started to get dark outside. She was just getting her nerve up to go dumpster diving for Zach when the door opened. It was him!

"Urgh I'm so stiff" Zach complained.

Laura was surprised, "How did you get out?"

"You didn't tie the ropes very tight I just wiggled until they were loose," He replied.

He approached her to give her a hug. Laura backed away. "C'mon I'm horny!" Zach said.

"I know but you are too messy go take a nice long shower then we can do it".

Later that night in bed they made love longer and harder than they had in quite a while. "What's gotten you so turned on tonight?" Laura said as she laid her head on Zach's chest after making love.

"Our landlord, TJ. He flirted with you earlier, didn't he?" He asked.

"Yeah sorry if I made you jealous, but what's that have to do with being so horny tonight?"

"Well..." Zach said slowly. "It kinda turned me on when he flirted with you."

Laura sat up and looked at Zach with wide open eyes. "It turned you on that another man was flirting with me?" She said astonished.

"Yeah, I mean I was so aroused that I had twice as many orgasms in the garbage today as I usually do".

Laura sat silently, she didn't know what else to say.

"Do you like him, TJ I mean?" Zach asked.

She thought about it for a little. "Yeah, kinda I guess. He's got a nice body with big muscles, and he seems nice enough. But what are you getting at?" She said.

"Well.." He started cautiously. "If you want, maybe you could flirt back, maybe go on a date with him!"

Laura could see the excitement in his eyes, and his penis was already hard again. Laura was also excited about this new turn of events, TJ was really well built and had a lot of money. If they dated he could buy her some nice things and hopefully fuck her nice and hard.

"That sounds fun, but.." She replied. "But how can I date him if we are still living together?"

"Okay, uhh, I'll come up with some kind of plan, but for now just flirt with him when you see him, okay?" Zach said.

For the next few weeks whenever Laura would see TJ, he would flirt with her and she would flirt back. TJ would also come by every week to help her take out her garbage. Curiously though he never questioned why the bag always weighed so much. Zach would hide out in the garbage bag every week also and listen as TJ and Laura flirted with each other. There was an obvious spark between them but TJ never asked Laura out. Zach would get thrown in the dumpster every week by TJ and then come back later than night to make love to Laura.

After several weeks they had both got frustrated. They had continued their fantasies of Laura and TJ dating but he wouldn't make the first move. They figured it was because Zach lived there and TJ didn't want to cause any drama. Zach decided to put his plan into action in a desperate bid to get TJ to ask Laura out. Zach started moving most of his stuff into the guest bedroom and made the apartment look messy. The plan was to get TJ's attention with the messiness and when he asks about it Laura will inform him that she and her boyfriend haven't been getting along very well, so he moved his stuff into the extra bedroom, until he can find another place to stay. This was all in hopes that he will see Laura as a single woman and ask her out. Zach knew this was risky, that he could lose his girl, but he kept letting his fantasies dictate his thinking.

Finally the day came when TJ usually comes by to pick up the trash. Laura got a few garbage bags ready, double, and then triple bagged them and set them on the floor. She had Zach sit in the middle and tied him up like usual. Laura then proceeded to get that weeks garbage. First the kitchen which contained used paper towels, paper plates, forks, spoons, empty food boxes, half eaten food, and stale bread among many other things. Next came the living room, which contained a bunch of magazines, the contents of Laura's ashtray, candy wrappers, and much more. Zach was on the edge of an orgasm every time Laura dumped trash on him.

Next came the bathroom trashcan, followed by the bedrooms. This week the bag was pretty full, and as she was trying to tie the bag shut she couldn't quite make it, so she decided to crush the bag. She stepped on it putting all her weight down and then sat on it. Zachary had an orgasm when Laura sat down on him and the rest of the trash. Laura then closed the bag tight and set in next to the doorway in the kitchen like she does every week. It wasn't long before TJ knocked on the door and Laura let him in. Laura tried to act tired and downtrodden. TJ caught onto Laura's negative attitude and the messy room so he asked if something was wrong. Everything was going according to plan.

"It's just... we've been fighting... My boyfrie.. Zach and I have been fighting". Laura was able to conjure up a single tear. "He moved into the other bedroom I feel so alone now, I've been a wreck for the last week!"

TJ had a look of concern. Laura knew his concern was genuine. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I shouldn't burden you."

"NO, NO!" TJ replied as he went in to hug her. "Everything will be fine."

Laura now had a line of fake tears running down her cheek. They hugged for about a minute before they broke apart.

"Listen, I know what will cheer you up!" Said TJ. "Ice cream cheers everybody up! There is a new ice cream place down the street."

And so they went on their first date. It didn't take TJ long to realise that this was the girl of his dreams, his soul mate. When they arrived back at Laura's apartment, they had a loving hug that lasted almost a minute. TJ took the trash and Laura thanked him for everything that he had done to help her through this tough time. From that point on Laura and TJ were an official couple. Every week Zach would still get thrown away and then taken by TJ to the dumpster and later would let himself out. Zach and Laura would still make love frequently, and still slept together most nights.

Zach watched as Laura slowly gave herself to TJ. He watched as the pictures around the house changed from pictures of him and Laura to pictures of Laura and TJ. He watched as Laura's social media profiles changed from 'in a relationship with Zachary' to 'in a relationship with TJ'. He watched as people cheered Laura and TJ on as a couple. One night several months after everything started, Laura and Zach were in bed fooling around. Zach was about to put his penis in Laura's vagina when she stopped him.

"Wait!" She said, her face had a look of sadness. "I'm sorry, I... I just don't feel like it's right to have sex with you anymore!" She started crying.

"It's okay, I understand," Zach said as he hugged her.

"I..I feel like I'm cheating on TJ!" She said through her sobbing.

"I understand, we don't have to have sex. I still love no matter what".

Her crying slowed and eventually stopped. She wouldn't have sex with him but decided it was still fine to give him a handjob, but only if he wore a condom. They talked as he was getting a handjob.

"So tell me about your relationship with your boyfriend, do you like him?" Said Zach.

"Well, yes I like him, I think I love him." She replied Zach blew his load when he heard that she loved him.

He settled down a bit and threw the condom away in the trash, he knew in the back of his mind that he would see that condom again when he was thrown away later that week. "You must have some pretty good sex if you don't to do it with me anymore!"

"No..." She said, "It's not like that. We actually haven't had sex yet. I want to feel like I belong to him and only him, so that's why I want to just be platonic with you."

"You still love me though right?" he asked with a hint of fear.

"Of course! I love you more than anything in the world!" She hugged him and further reassured him. "When I'm done with TJ, You and I will settle down and get married!"

Laura paused for a while and got quiet. "I think that I'm going to make love to TJ for the first time tomorrow" she said timidly.

Zach suddenly got hard again much to Laura's surprise. "Where are you going to do it at?" He asked.

"Probably at his apartment on the bottom floor," she replied.

"Could you do it here at this apartment please?" Zach begged. He desperately wanted to hear what was going on.

"I guess I could come up with some kind of excuse to bring him here." She said.

The next day after work Laura started to get ready for her date with TJ. When Zach saw her he was amazed at her beauty. She never pretties herself up like this for him! Laura finished getting ready and informed Zach that if she was going to bring TJ back to their apartment, then he would have to be bagged up. She didn't want TJ getting nervous of an ex-boyfriend lurking around tonight. Laura prepared the triple bags and had Zach step into them. After Zach was tied she went around the house getting the trash and dumping it on him. Soon the bag was full and Laura tied it off and went to watch T.V. as she waited for her boyfriend.

Whenever she bagged Zach she always ignored him as a person and just treated him like a bag of trash. She wouldn't talk to him through the bag or even try to humiliate him. They had both agreed early on that when he was bagged he was just trash and nothing more. There was a knock at the door and Laura answered it. It wasn't long before they were both gone. Laura had informed Zach that TJ was taking her to an expensive restaurant tonight.

Zach sat in his bag jerking off and thinking of what would happen tonight. He didn't want to cum just yet because he wanted to save it for when Laura was in bed with her boyfriend. He suddenly got sad. 'Her boyfriend' Wasn't him anymore. He had let TJ take his girl because of his sick fetish. He couldn't help it. Part of Zach hoped their affair would end soon and the other part hoped they would go all the way.

Zach woke with a jolt when the door opened. Laura and TJ were whispering and giggling. Laura completely forgot about Zach in the moment. Zach could see through the bag as TJ picked Laura up and she put her arms around him and kissed him. Zach saw as TJ carried Laura out of sight toward the bedroom. He then heard the door close and the lock engage. Here he was in the garbage bag covered and surrounded by trash while his ex?-girlfriend was in bed with another man. He didn't like to think of her as his ex. They still loved each other.

It didn't take long before Zach heard the first moan. It was a loud moan that was obviously the moan Laura gave as TJ penetrated her. Shortly after that he started to hear frequent loud moans and bedspring squeaks. An hour later the moaning slowed down and stopped. There was some commotion as the lovers walked around the apartment getting water and going to the bathroom before it all went silent again. The moans started again an hour later and, like last time, continued for an hour. This time the lovers fell asleep in each other's arms. Zach had several orgasms listening to Laura moan as she was fucked by TJ.

The next day TJ and Laura got up and had a nice morning quickie. They then had a nice breakfast that Laura cooked before they left for work. TJ got the trash and took it out to the dumpster as he left. Zach, now in the dumpster, was a little worried. He had never been in the dumpster an entire day and was worried that he wouldn't be able to get out. He loosened his bonds and waited for the sun to go down. Many hours later and many trash bags later, it was dark. Zach was able to struggle out and returned home.

That night Zach begged Laura for more than a handjob, but Laura wouldn't budge. She had a boyfriend and didn't want to cheat on him. Zach settled for a handjob, and was unhappy when Laura still made him wear a condom. This continued for several months. Laura would go on a date with TJ and sometimes Zach would be thrown away, But most times he would just hide out in his bedroom because there wasn't enough trash. Zach really enjoyed listening through the door when Laura and TJ had sex.

Sometimes Laura would stay with TJ at his place, which was a lot nicer, but Laura would always return and give Zach a handjob as she told him about what she and TJ did. She would explain about how he buys her expensive things, and how they go to so many different restaurants to eat. Zach listens as Laura tells him about how charismatic and manly TJ is. He listens when she tells him about how good TJ is in bed, how big his penis is which is 'this big' as she uses her hands to demonstrate. The most arousing thing for Zach is when Laura tells him about how his penis fits snugly into her, how it fills her up just right and hits all the right places without being too big. Zach also liked when Laura would tell him about how much better it felt with TJ than it did with him.

"Is sex with him better than with me?" he would ask.

She would answer "Yeah, A LOT better".

Zach still didn't know if she was just saying that to arouse him or because it was the truth. Over time TJ slowly won Laura more and more with his superior looks, his money, and his charisma. One day, Laura came to Zach with worried look on her face. "What's wrong?" Zach asked.

"Look at this," She handed him a small paper.

"Uhh, it looks like a receipt? Whats so specia.. oh, I understand."

"It's a receipt for a ring from Kay, I found it in his coat pocket while looking for the car keys!" She said what he already knew. "I don't know what to do," She said as she started to cry.

Zach hugged her and responded, "Well he is probably going to propose soon, so you will have to come to a decision before then".

"How?" She said through her sobs. "How can I make that decision, I love you both so much".

"Well, Lets think about your future, If you accept his marriage proposal you will be much better off financially than with me, and he is so much more handsome than me". Zach didn't know why he was encouraging her to marry TJ, probably because of his stupid penis that got hard the moment he read the receipt. "And you said the sex was better with him!" He continued, "But the real question comes down to love, Do you love him more than me?" Zach felt himself tense and felt sick to his stomach because he knew her answer.

"I think I do..." Her crying got more intense, "I love him more than you I'm so sorry".

"Then you have made your choice".

They kept hugging for an hour before they fell asleep together.

A week later TJ invited both Laura's parents and his parents for a get together. Laura knew this is where it would happen. She had already met his parents and he had already met hers, so that was one weight off her shoulders, but she still didn't know if she was making the right choice. The event went as planned, and Laura was having so much fun that she even forgot about the proposal until TJ called her up in front of everbody. TJ got down on one knee and proposed in front of both their families. She wasn't surprised but did her best to act like she was. She jumped up and down and cried a little before she accepted and then they hugged and kissed.

A few months later, the day before the wedding, Laura was having most of her stuff moved out from her old apartment to a house TJ just bought. She still cried every time she saw Zach, but he still assured her she made the right decision. "I'm happy for you but I'm also sad that this is it for us" Said Zach.

"Same here, we shouldn't have even started this stupid game. I should be happy that I'm getting married but I'm also sad that I have to give you up." She said.

"I can't imagine a life without you," Zach said. "So could you do one last thing for me? Please?"

"Anything!" She replied.

"I want to be thrown away for good, Thrown away permanently. Tie me up tight so I can't get out and the trash truck will take me". He said as he started to cry.

"Okay, I will." She said as they hugged for the last time before she went to get the bags. Laura put three bags together and put them on the floor like normal, Then tied Zach up in the center.

"What's going to happen?" Zach asked with fear as Laura poured the kitchen can onto him.

"They... They take the trash to an incinerator." she replied, tears running down her cheeks.

"I'm Scared" He said. Laura forced a gag into his mouth, she couldn't listen anymore, she was about to fall apart. "I know you're scared but that's what happens to trash. It's what should happen to trash and it's what will happen with this bag." She kicked his bag.

She was trying to play the part, but tears were still flowing. After the rest of the trash was stuffed into the bag Laura tied it closed and poked a few holes. They both knew this was the last time that they would play this game. She set him near the doorway to the kitchen like always. After most of Laura's stuff was moved to the truck the only thing left was the old appliances, old furniture, and the trash bag sitting in the doorway.

TJ took the bag and Laura closed and locked the door behind them for the last time as they walked to the dumpster. The bag was thrown into the overflowing dumpster, and unfortunately it was too full so it fell down to the side on top of a few other bags. TJ and Laura held hands as the walked to the truck and Laura looked back one last time, regretting her final decision.

The next day Laura did her best to forget about Zach, in his trashbag. The wedding was keeping her mind off of Zach which was good, because she was supposed to enjoy this day. Zach was taken by the truck shortly after TJ and Laura left. He felt himself get thrown in the back and then compacted, but unfortunately he still lived. He was afraid but he still hoped he would die from the compactor because he didn't want to die in a fire. Zach felt like he was making a sacrifice for Laura, so she could marry the better man and so she could more easily forget about him.

Zach rode with the garbage and finally the truck came to a stop. He felt himself get dumped along with the other garbage. A short while later he felt himself getting picked up by an arm and carried to be dumped onto the conveyor to the incinerator. He knew this was the end.

At that very moment Laura said, "I do" and kissed her new husband. "This is the happiest moment of my life".

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