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Cleaning the Room

by Garbage Girl

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© Copyright 2014 - Garbage Girl - Used by permission

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“Girls, you need to clean up your room!” Mom shouted to Beth, Julie and Stacy. “I’m not going to let you go out with your friends until that mess is cleaned up. I have some errands to run so Julie is in charge.” Julie and Beth were older than me, but we shared a fairly large room. We knew the room was messy so we figured we had better start doing some cleaning. Mom had left a box of large trash bags for us to clean up the mess.

Most of the mess was Julie and Beth’s, but I had some stuff but it was not a big deal to me. I just grabbed a magazine and sat on the bed reading while Julie and Beth started cleaning. Julie glanced over and said, “You better have this cleaned up by the time we are done or you are going to be in trouble,” and with that she continued picking up. About an hour later, Beth and Julie had both filled up two large garbage bags.

They had finished cleaning up and left the room for a few minutes before returning. They both walk up to my bed were I was sitting and Beth says, “What part of clean up the room do you not understand?” and she then grabs the magazine out of my hands. I leaned forward to grab it from her and Julie grabs me and pushes me face first on the bed. She then jumps on the bed holding me down and says, “Since you did not want to clean up, we are going to clean up.” Beth reaches on the floor and grabs a pair of my dirty panties and then stuffs it in my mouth and tapes it in place with some packing tape. She then grabs a couple pairs of pantyhose and tied my hands and feet together. They sit me up and then bring my arms around in front of my legs so that I am bunched up in a ball and finish tying me up.

I didn’t know exactly what they were doing, but I knew it was pointless to really try and struggle since they were both stronger than me. They grab one of the large trash bags and roll me into it. They pick it up with me in it and set it on the floor. Julie then says, “Since you are about as worthless as trash, it is fitting that we treat you like it. The room needs to be cleaned up and at this point Beth and I are going to take care of it.” I never thought they would do something like this, but I was going to go along with it. I’ve always had a thing for trash bags, but no one knew about it. I was living out a fantasy of mine. I figured it can’t be that bad, but apparently I was wrong as they started cleaning.

Julie and Beth start picking up stuff and throwing it in the bag I was in. They tossed in candy wrappers, old panties, empty drink cups, old panty hose, worn out clothing, old bras, papers, wrappers from maxi pads, and empty cosmetic bottles. They looked for anything that needed to go. Beth and Julie filled the bag up pretty full and the stuff in it was up to my face. They pulled the drawstring closed and said, “That should take care of everything. We’ll be back later to let you go” as they left the room laughing.

I didn’t like what they did to me, but I was stuck so I knew I would have to wait until they returned later to free me. It was definitely a different experience being on the inside of a trash bag. I ended up losing track of time now and must have dozed off. I was dreaming about being one of the many black bags of trash sitting at the curb waiting for the garbage man to come and toss me into the back of the truck with the rest of the bags. I was then startled as I woke up to find a can of garbage being dumped on me. It was from our bathroom and contained used tampons and applicators, party-liners, used maxi pads, wrappers, tissue, cotton balls, more empty make-up bottles, a pair of used panties, another pair of worn out pantyhose, empty shaving cream cans, and empty shampoo bottles.

Mom had come in and realized the bathroom trash had not been emptied so she dumped it into the bag I was in because it was the only bag not tied up. She then proceeds to empty another trash can of similar contents from her bathroom. She then grabbed the drawstrings and proceeded to close it up unaware she had just covered me up with garbage. She leaves to place the empty cans back in the correct location, comes back and grabs two of the bags next to me and leaves the room to take those bags out to the curb since it was trash day.

Mom then came back and grabbed my bag with both hands and without much effort, picks it up with me in it and carries it out of the room. She was taking me outside. I then realize she was going down the driveway and set the bag on the grass by the curb next to the other trash bags she had taken out earlier. I could not believe that what I was dreaming was coming true. I sat there for a few minutes in excitement until I then realized today was trash day. I tried to move, but I was tied up pretty good and the trash around me made it harder.

My only hope was Julie and Beth would come back and find that my bag was not there and tell mom. I listened and could only hear sounds of the occasional car driving by and the birds chirping. I also noticed it was starting to get warm as the sun was beating down on me. I was getting sleepy and dozed off for a little while only to be waken up by the rumbling sound in the distance. I listened as it started to get louder and realized it was the garbage truck. It was starting and stopping as I heard the hissing of the air brakes. It kept getting louder as it made its way around the neighborhood. I then hear it pull up next to me.

The garbage man jumped off, quickly grabbed the bags next to me and tossed them in the back of the truck and before I had a chance to react I feel a sudden weightlessness as he grabbed my bag and gave it a swift toss in the truck. I landed on some other trash bags with a soft thud and then felt a couple more bags land next to me in the hopper. The truck then moved onto the next house and I can faintly see the guy tossing more bags into the hopper. The outside of my bag is black and you can’t see in it, but I can faintly see from the inside out. Then my ultimate fantasy was about to happen as I hear the truck engine rev up as the packer blade opens up to cover the fresh bags in the hopper.

I watched the packer blade extend out as the trash man disappeared from my view until I see a small sliver of light. I then see the light disappear as the trash man completes the packing cycle by pulling the final lever and the packer blade starts pressing down causing the bags around me to start popping under pressure. I then start to feel the pressure on me as the blade pushes down on everything in the hopper and scooping it into the back of the truck. I only wonder what will happen next as I realize all the excitement this just felt for me. I think to myself I am nothing but garbage as I accept my fate in the back of the truck as the truck continues along picking up more garbage for the next compaction cycle. Julie and Beth were right, I am worthless garbage now.

When Julie and Beth returned later, mom asked where Stacy was. They respond, “She is tied up right now”.

Mom then says, “You girls forgot to take the trash bags from your room outside today. No worries, I was able to get it out before the garbage men came. By the way, one of the bags seems a little heavy, what did you put in there?”

Julie respond, just a bunch of useless garbage as she turned to Beth with a smile on her face and they walked out of the room knowing what just happened.

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