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Caught in the Dumpster

by Italian2525

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© Copyright 2006 - Italian2525 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FF/m; trashbags; dumpster; caught; hum; tease; compactor; force; trash; mast; climax; cons/reluct; XX

I was out scouting for places to dumpster dive and finally found a quiet spot behind a women's clothing store. I scored big knowing that most of the garbage came from a girls clothing store! It was pretty late and no one was around, so I began to climb in through the side door. I couldn't help but to shake knowing I was among tons of garbage bags that girls threw away. I buried myself deeper into the black garbage bags and laid there for a while, day dreaming how I was just thrown into the dumpster by a sexy girl! I loved the feel of the black bags crushing under me as I sunk deeper into the dumpster. Some of the bags were popping letting out the strong smell of "garbage".

Suddenly I heard faint voices in the midst of the garbage bags settling. I laid as still as possible but the bags still made some sounds and I was still partially exposed on the top. The voices were getting closer and soon I could tell it was two woman approaching the dumpster. I can hear them talking just outside of the dumpster where they stopped. I heard one of the girls complaining about her boyfriend. They stayed there for 5 minutes while one of the girls told the other how bad her boyfriend was and how she wanted to end the relationship. The other girl started to reflect on her relationship and advised how to dump him. She started to explain ways to dump him and that's when I started to listen hard!

She advised her of many options. They both fueled each other's ideas into more revolutionary ideas. Soon they related the act of "Dumping" to the garbage bags they came there to toss into the dumpster. They wanted duck tape him tight and throw him in the garbage and leave him out on the curb on garbage day or take him to a compactor!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! These girls were plotting how to throw away someone! By this time I was quite hard thinking this could be me.

They continued with different variations some including just throwing him into the dumpster. With that thought they opened the side door of the dumpster. I got startled and moved slightly and I could see her slightly. A beautiful blonde girl with light eyes peered in and with a sight of disgust commented on the bad smell. "Look at all this GARBAGE, phew!"

The other girl peered in for a slight second. She was also really good looking! I couldn't believe what was happening. This beautiful girl is going to throw her garbage bags on top of me. With that she chucked several bags into the dumpster and one hit me on the head. I moved slightly and she peered in wondering what moved under all that garbage. The other girl also looked and continued to throw more garbage in the same spot. I couldn't help but move again this time they were able to see me. My heart dropped, I was caught in the garbage!

At first they responded with "eww.. garbage boy" and laughed, "look here is what your boyfriend will look like in the garbage. Trapped under several bags of smelly garbage waiting to be picked up and CRUSHED in the garbage truck! Ha ha"

I couldn't say anything and wondered if I should just sink further in the garbage or try to get out and make up a story. I started trying to get back to the top of the heap and the girls backed off and continued to stare. I made it out the side of the dumpster and the girls were curious wanted to know why I was in there. I made up a story of losing my keys in one of the garbage bags. I don't think they really bought it but they acted like it. I took a closer look at the girls and they were too gorgeous... great bodies! They saw me taking a looking at them and they both looked at each other and nodded.

"You SMELL like the GARBAGE... maybe your girlfriend dumped you into the garbage to be crushed. I think we should do her a favor and make sure you stay in the garbage!"

I stood there with a hard on knowing my fate is back in the garbage. The blond turns to me and orders me to follow them. Of course my submissive self followed. I couldn't get too close though as they threatened me if they could smell me. I followed behind them looking at there asses in short tight jeans. They lead me up across another alley were I noticed a big green 40 yd compactor. The girls commented on the smell of garbage as we walked up to the loading platform. Scared of what was coming next she ordered me to sit close to the opening of the compactor. I did and I begged them not to throw me away.

"We are performing a service from one girl to another. We are doing it right this time. No escaping, just raw garbage compaction! We are going to crush you in this smelly compactor!"

I started to get up to try to escape and the other girl kicked me in the balls. Trying to recover from the giant blow to the balls they both took their feet and kicked me over into the hopper of the compactor.

"Look Amber the compactor is full!"

I pleaded once more not to crush me!

"Do it Amber, crush all that garbage. His girlfriend will thank you!"

With that Amber the blonde started the compactor. "Good bye GARBAGE!! CRUSHHH"

They both looked on as the compactor roared to life. They watch me in a hopper full of garbage get crushed into the container. The bags around me thankfully were soft and offered less suffering the first time around. The girls could still see me inside with the rest of the crushed garbage and decided to throw all the garbage that was waiting on the loading dock into the compactor.

Several bags later they started the compactor again, this time Amber wanted Jessica to start the compactor to feel the power for when she throws her boy friend away.

"Crush him tighter in that garbage... we want to make sure he can't get out." Amber said, "Feel the crushing power Jessica? See those bags pop under the pressure those boxes collapse. Bye garbage boy!"

After two loads I was completed tightly compacted into the garbage. All I could do was wait for the next load. It sounded like they were loading the compactor again... and shortly Jessica started the compactor again laughing... "this is fun!"

I came inside the thinking about the two beautiful girls throwing me in the garbage compactor and crushing me while laughing and humiliating me. Enjoying the ultra tight feeling that the packed garbage as it held me in it's tight embrace. My thoughts turned to how I would get myself out of here...

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