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Business Trip

by diapered_binman

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© Copyright 2020 - diapered_binman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; trash; compacted; dumpster; mast; orgasm; messy; death; cons; XX

Seems like every few months you’re doing this. Head off to a new part of the country in the hopes to wrangle in some new clients for the company. You’ve slowly worked your way up but now being one of the sales managers, sometimes taking trips sends you to new places that you’ve both wanted to explore and could care less about.

Well this past week was no different. Grab the rental car and head off. Nothing like a 7 hour drive to clear your head and over think things. But by the end of it, you just hope the hotel you’re booked into is decent.

Upon pulling into the hotel, your worst fears may become a reality. It’s a decent sized and standard suburban roadside motel, but there just seems to be a feel for it that you don’t like. It’s a tired looking building and you just hope that the room is decent.

You grab your bag, check in and head up to the room. You open the door to the faint scent of cigarette smoke (so much for smoke free) and before even reaching the beds you can spot a handful of carpet stains you want no part of. You try the bed and the metal squeak of the springs sends shivers up your spine. Yup, this isn’t going to be a good week, is it?

Your first day was a disaster. You gained no new business and may have even lost a long time client. All you wanted was to go home, but no. You had to push through until the end of the week.

You pull into the motel lot and none of the good parking spaces are left, so you decide to swing around back and hopefully grab something by the back door. You roll up and notice the dumpster in the corner of the property. It’s a decent size for the motel but you don’t give it much more thought. You just want to get up to your room.

You collapse on the bed and are immediately welcomed by the discomfort of the spring mattress. After today you really could care less and just want to go to bed. But the noise of the neighbours isn’t really helping as they’re no doubt having a good time. The bouncing on the bed and the constant squeak of the mattress is enough to make you bang on the wall, but the passionate lovers persist.

Your mind wanders and the thoughts of that dumpster start coming back to you. You didn’t plan to go diving because the long days you expected from this trip meant you wouldn’t really have much in the way of spare time. But it’s probably really quiet out there. Anywhere is quieter than the other side of a poorly insulated wall from a couple of ravaging love rabbits. You throw a T-shirt back on but stay in your boxers and head out to the car.

You pass by your car and head towards the dumpster enclosure. It’s nothing more than a chain link fence with some privacy panels in it, but it’s enough that no one is going to notice you back there. You approach the gates and they’re not locked, so you pull the slide pin on the gate, slip around and then latch it back into the ground. The enclosure has a pair of dumpsters - one for cardboard and one for garbage, and the later is nicely filled with mostly white transparent bags. You hide your room keycard into one of the groves in the side of the bin for the truck, take one last look, and climb over.

The very light trash gives way easily as you sink almost to the bottom of the bin with little effort. There’s enough of it you can crawl under the bags and easily cover yourself. And it’s blissful. Finally some peace and quiet. You feel comfortable amongst the trash and you slowly drift asleep.

You awake abruptly. It takes you a few moments to realize where you are, but you remember that you crawled into the dumpster late last night to get some sleep in peace. You can see light shining in through the bags before a thud above alerts you that the cleaners are taking out the morning garbage. A few more thuds and then the sound of the gate closing means you’re left alone again. You’d never experienced having trash thrown out on you before, and you're shocked to realize you’ve pitched a tent in your loose fitting boxers. You start massaging yourself and realize that your new found pleasure is really good and getting you hard. You open up the flap in your boxers, poke a hole in the nearest garbage bag and begin jerking off. Soon after you’re shooting your seed into the bag followed by an orgasmic shiver, the likes of which you haven’t experienced in many years. Once you come down from your high, you realize you really need to take a piss. You tuck in your penis and start working your way out before you hear the sound of the gate opening again. You freeze, but in doing so your head is now above the level of the bags. You tuck down behind one in front of you and you only hope you’re hidden from view.

The caretaker pays no mind as they throw in another six bags of garbage from cleaning the rooms. Once they’re done they wheel the cart out of the enclosure and close the gate once again. You reach up and move the bags that landed on your head out of the way so you can finally climb out. You also realize that you’re hard again from the events that just transpired. Perhaps this trip won’t be so bad after all.

You climb out of the bin, grab your keycard and head back to your hotel room in your boxers. You get into your room and head into the bathroom to finally relieve yourself. When you’re all done, you walk out and reality sets in when you realize it’s 9:10. You had a meeting to attend ten minutes ago and you’re nowhere ready or close by. Maybe you were wrong about how this trip was going to be after all.

Another day and the missed meeting was just a drop in the bucket. You lost another deal later in the morning and the boss called in the afternoon. You may as well enjoy the rest of the trip because you’ve been terminated. At least the boss was nice enough to not leave you hanging for the bill for the car and the hotel, but that also means you best start looking for a new job.

After parking at the hotel and finding a nearby bar, you attempt to drink your sorrows away. Even a somewhat attractive woman offered to make your night a little better – for a price – but you politely declined, just wanting to be alone.

You stumble back to the hotel and drop your stuff in your room. Walking isn’t too difficult but you just want to go to bed. Thankfully or not, you’re still there for another two nights but no more company business to worry about. You stare blankly at the uncomfortable bed and while you can’t hear the neighbours getting frisky tonight, you can’t help but think about the dumpster again.

You grab your keycard and head out back, ignoring the fact you’re in your socks and didn’t even put shoes back on, stumbling back down the stairs as you’re still a few drinks heavy. You slip into the enclosure again and notice that a lot more garbage has been added over the course of the day. You hide your keycard again and try to hoist yourself up again, but being a little drunk isn’t helping matters. You finally get up but quickly lose your balance and fall haphazardly into the garbage. Like a flailing dummy, you also knock the support leg out from under the lid and it comes crashing down against the overflowing pile of bags you’ve sunken in to. You didn’t sink as much as the night before but you’re still well and truly buried. You’re in a comfortable enough position that you are quite content just falling asleep, but your penis has other plans. You decide your clothes are uncomfortable and restricting, so you take off your shirt, your pants and even your boxers, but can’t be arsed to take your socks off. You get a little more cozy in the darkness and grab hold of your erect manhood and easily bring yourself to climax. You don’t care that you’ve made a sticky mess everywhere because you’re happy now - being content in the garbage and completely forgetting about the day that transpired. Sleep comes soon after with little effort.

You wake up to the sound of birds tweeting, and a sliver of light can be seen under the lids as daybreak comes. You don’t know what time it is, but even with a little spinning from your head, you eagerly await the cleaners to begin throwing out more garbage through the morning.

After about ten minutes of fading into and out of consciousness, you hear the sound of the gates being opened and the cart being rolled in. The cleaner hoists the lid up and latches it in place, and proceeds to start grabbing bags to toss in. You hear the light thud and rustle of five bags land above you as you stroke your once-again hard cock and you experience what it’s like to be disposed of. Once the cleaner is done, she wheels the cart away but doesn’t close the gate. You continue wanking until you make another sticky mess against the smooth plastic of the garbage bags surrounding you. Just like any other morning, you come down from your erotic high and feel the need to use the bathroom. But you’re just too damn comfortable and not really wanting to leave, so you just lay back and relax enough that eventually you start peeing all over the place. Piss gets everywhere and by the end of it, you’re covered in it which is making all the bags stick to you like glue. But in the grand scheme of things, you’re loving this. Not a care in the world right now and you’re comfortable just being as you are.

But just as your mind starts to drift off into sleep, the cleaner and the cart are coming back with more bags. You hear a few thuds on top but then the sound of a large truck or bus in the parking lot is echoing throughout the bin. You can’t tell if the cleaner has left yet but you hear some chatter before the lid comes down again. It’s resting on the now overflowing pile of bags but much to your pleasure, it feels as though someone is trying to push the lid closed. Whatever the case you just wish whatever it was left because the sound of the engine echoing through the bin isn’t doing your hangover any good. Then you can just barely make out someone saying “there, hopefully they won’t fall out now” before they’re drowned out by the loud vehicle entirely. You’re too lost in your world to focus on anything, until you hear the metallic screech resonating off the sides of the bin followed by a loud bang as the bin lurches to the side. Shock sets in and you freeze. You know it’s the garbage truck, but you’re not escaping. You know you need to get out. You try to right yourself but the amount of bags is making movement difficult. Then like a bad elevator, the bin violently starts lifting off the ground and bounces a few times, making you completely unable to grab hold of anything and get out. The bouncing firmly settles the garbage down tighter before the ride continues. You’re still trying to fight your way out but you’re losing your sense of which way actually is out. Everything starts to move and you’re completely lost in a sea of garbage.

Finally the bin jolts and then rapidly starts tilting as down becomes up, and you begin to move with everything within. You become weightless as your naked ass catches a split second glimpse of the parking lot while you fall into the garbage truck amongst countless other bags of refuse. You tumble into the pile and are quickly overwhelmed by a growing pile now above you as you’re completely buried. The bin slams a few times before the bouncing of bags ceases and you hear the hydraulics lowering the bin down the ground. As everything calms down you try to get your bearings but the tossing and falling has thrown you into vertigo. You find the path of least resistance as the reverse beeper is faintly heard outside and the truck drives off.

As you finally reach through the garbage, you hit some resistance and realize you’ve found the garbage already compacted in the truck. You use the packed trash as a means to climb out and are finally able to view your surroundings. While the dumpster you came in with filled a fair amount of the truck, there’s also a decent amount of garbage in the back already. It’s been compacted a few times but nothing too seriously. You’re still in shock as it seems like a dream come true, but also a nightmare all at the same time. Not really knowing what to do next, you stay lying in the hotel garbage waiting for whatever comes next.

After a couple of minutes, you hear the sound of the trucks arms scraping the sides of another dumpster. You look up to the opening in awe as to what you’re about to witness. You’re not even sure if you’re in the clear but because the shock hasn’t worn off, you just stare dumbfounded at the giant pile of garbage in front of you.

The strain of hydraulics is heard and you gaze up to see black garbage bags come into view, resting atop a much larger dumpster than the one your drunk ass fell into last night. The shock immediately wears off and fear comes about as the bags start cascading in towards you. You put your arms up but the pile quickly engulfs you. Seconds after, the dumpster is slammed a few times and lowered, with a good amount of weight on top of you restricting your breathing. You start to push your way out of your predicament when you hear a high pitched whine start up. Before your thought process realizes it, you feel the slow shift and the movement of garbage in front of you as the compactor is pushing everything back. Slowly the pressure builds as you're frantically trying to claw your way out. Soon enough your feet get stuck in the bags under you as the packer continues its push, and you’re stuck in the middle of it all. The pressure slowly builds as you’re pushed back and upwards into the rear of the truck. After what felt like half a minute, the compactor retreats but the compressed garbage doesn’t want to let you go. You panic and begin fighting before you’re able to pull your legs free and then work your way out of the tight enclosure. Thankfully a lot of the garbage wasn’t too compressed but even after only one run of the compactor, it’s a lot more difficult trying to climb out of the pile.

You get your head above the pile when you realize this whole ordeal has been both the scariest thing you’ve ever experienced, but also the sexiest. Your stiff as never before cock is pulsing against the plastic and you can’t resist the urge to grab hold of it and start jerking off again, even though you’re nowhere near free of your garbage tomb. As you’re beginning to lose yourself in your blissful state and about to climax, you hear the sound of hydraulics again as another dumpster is seen coming over the top. You stare blankly again as you’re still beating your dick harder, as more garbage comes crashing out of the bin in front of you, piling up short of engulfing you again. Just as the dumpster starts being returned to the ground, you let out a loud grunt as you explode all over the bags in front of you. Your orgasm peaks so quickly and wildly that you pass out, slumped over a large bag of what feels like bathroom waste like a lifeless figure.

As the truck rolls down the road, the slow bouncing of the garbage around you brings you back to reality once again as you awake. You feel light headed and exhausted, and then realize you jerked off so strongly that you passed out. As you begin to pull your filthy and naked ass on top of the cum-covered garbage, you realize your socks are still on and just toss them aside. You look around and your clothes you were wearing at one point are nowhere to be found. Just the unmistakable sight of hundreds of garbage bags and boxes all around you.

You lay on top of the pile directly under the opening, watching the sky roll by as the light bouncing and settling of the garbage is felt through your rock hard penis. No need for viagra here as you’re in heaven. You slowly drift off a little more when the truck randomly starts compacting again. You’re on top of the pile so you just lay back and relax as the pile slowly gains height as the space closes in. The ram retracts and the pile you’re laying on sinks down significantly as you now see the sloping wall of garbage behind you appear taller than ever before. The ram comes forward again but this time you’re being pushed back rather than upward. You try to roll back on your stomach and climb the pile but the slow advancement of the packer is making it difficult. The garbage closes in on and overtop of you and your truly stuck now, being pressed deeper and deeper into the garbage. Things snap and break against you as everything slowly gets flattened.

The ram retracts just as you start to really feel pain, and fall back down with some loose garbage towards the front of the truck. You try to gain your footing and you realize you’re touching the floor of the hopper. You don’t feel comfortable there so you try to climb the sloping hill of garbage towards the back, but the bags are giving way. You try climbing again when you hear the unmistakable sound of the hydraulics working again. You know another dumpster is coming so you frantically try climbing. You begin gaining ground before a whole bunch of bags fall loose and send you crashing back down to the front, just as you notice the dumpster coming over the opening.

You scream loud as you’re staring up at the dumpster, as its contents begin pouring out into the truck. Immediately you’re overcome by the weight and have the breath knocked out of you. You can’t even get any leverage there’s so much garbage. The sound of the dumpster being banged a few times is eerily muffled. Soon enough, you feel everything tightening up and shifting as the compactor is pressing in again. But you’re right on the bottom and with no way out, you’re history at this point.

The sound of screaming bags echoes through your ears as you scream with them, both you and the garbage begging for mercy as the compactor continues its unwieldy strength. The sounds of garbage and all matter snapping fills your ears as everything begins to throb in pain. All the noises around you begin to echo and sound like you’re underwater as the pressure continues building. You can barely breathe with the pressures being exerted on your body but you try nonetheless. You feel a couple of snaps in your chest before you fade to black.

The compactor keeps pressing onward for another ten seconds but you’re oblivious to it all. You’ve blacked out and bones have snapped multiple times at this point. The compactor retracts just before another dumpster in the same complex pours in, filling the space you just recently were forced out of.

On into the day, the truck continued its rounds and by the end of it, your lifeless and severely compressed body is deposited at the transfer station where it’s not discovered whilst being carried into another compaction chamber for loading into a trailer. Everything gets pressed even tighter for transport to the landfill a few hours away, where you find your new position, one that you at least can’t be fired from.

The end.


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