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Britney’s Bagging

by JayJay

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© Copyright 2009 - JayJay - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FM+/f; D/s; bond; collar; cuffs; chains; bagged; messy; dumpster; trashed; landfill; stuck; boxed; display; foodwaste; buried; disposal; cons/nc; XX

Part 1: First Time

Britney realized her submissive side early in life and was equally fortunate when her best friend Julie playfully dominated her one night during a sleepover. By high school Britney was regularly catering to her future owner’s needs, carrying her books, cleaning her locker, washing her car dressed in whatever getup she desired and making sure her more personal needs were met. Julie’s parent were quite well off, so it was easy for her to get her future slave inappropriate clothing for a high school teenager. By their senior year she had became her full time slave.

After graduation Julie’s parents bought her a loft apartment just outside of the trendy part of town and Britney moved in with her longtime best friend and future Mistress on her 18th birthday. To signify the event Mistress Julie had an extremely heavy steel chain wrapped around her waist. The chain fit snugly and dug into her narrowed waist and was secured by a thick padlock. Julie then produced a 1-inch thick metal collar. When Britney accepted the chain and collar she vowed to wear them forever, she didn’t realize just what that met. Julie then led her to the other room where a mutual friend was waiting. Within seconds the collar was welded closed and chain was permanently wrapped around her waist.

For her 19th Birthday she had the collar engraved with the word SLAVE on the front and had a large ring welded to the back. For her 20th Birthday a chain was attached to the back of her waist chain that was long enough to stretch to her neck, but also long enough to reach thru her legs and connect to the chain beneath her belly button. When the chain was not wrapped thru her waist it was locked to her collar and a large steel plate was secured thru her legs preventing access to her sex. More often then not, the plugs would be inserted in both her holes and locked in place using the plate or the chain. It had been three years since she gave herself to Mistress Julie and she was growing more sadistic with each year. Britney really hadn’t imagined some of the things her friend turned owner could dream up.

It was her 21st birthday and she was celebrating three years of slavery and one year without orgasm at the brutal hands of her longtime friend. Early in the night Mistress Julie had large steel bands welded to her wrists and above her elbows. The two metal bands were connected by six chains that were wrapped diagonally around her arms leaving her forearms covered in a fishnet pattern of steel chains. The chains flexed awkwardly over her elbows restricting her movement. Next she placed eight stainless steel rings on each of her fingers and welded short chains over the back of her hands to her wrist bands. Every time she attempted to make a fist or curl her fingers the short chains would get pulled taunt and dig into her sensitive flesh. She knew that just like the chain around her waist, these new additions were never going to get removed.

She was dressed in a revealing tight heavy rubber maid’s outfit and was forced to serve her Mistress and many of their S&M friends at a huge dinner birthday party. She thought since it was her birthday she would be the one to enjoy it. But instead she was wearing unusually high six-inch ballet heels, a very tight corset and a deep cut maids uniform that flagrantly displayed her ample busts.

Half way through the evening she tripped on a rug and sent a plate of chocolate covered cherries cascading to the floor. Her Mistress and her friends proceeded to strip her naked and gag her with a double ended penis gag. This gag went over her lips, under her chin and up the sides of her nose locking to a single point behind her head. Her Mistress had forced her to use it on her several times to pleasure her while poor Britney secretly dreamed someone would use it on her neglected pussy.

They locked a pair of steel and leather trainers around her feet forcing her up on her toes, using a dozen locks to prevent loosening of the leather straps. Then, using a single keyed lock, they connected her recently welded wrists together and locked them to the chain belt around her hips. They then used biodegradable rope to wrap her thighs to her calves to prevent her from standing or sneaking away. The steel chastity plate between her legs was removed and replaced by the more formidable steel chain that was attached at her collar. Massive plugs were forced into her ass and pussy then locked to the chain wrapped around her waist and through her legs preventing their removal. The metal braces on her feet forced her to spread her legs wide as drool began to pour from her mouth.

They placed her in a large biodegradable plastic bag and begin filling it with all of the table scraps, and tons of other cake batter, syrup, melted chocolate, nacho cheese, uncooked meat and spaghetti sauce from the nights preparations. The girls took their turns reaching into the bag or squeezing it tightly around her and massaging the disgusting concoction all over her body and rubbing it into her hair creating a knotted mess.

Before the bag was sealed, one of the girls injected her with 100cc's from a large vial of solution. While doing so she explained that the chemical is designed to induce a hibernating state slowing down her metabolism allowing her to fall into a coma like state for 3-4 weeks before awaking. Britney could feel the chemical work it’s magic as she slowly lost the ability to struggle and could only observe but not resist what was being done to her. Once the bag was at near bursting capacity they tied the bag around her neck using the same biodegradable string and placed her in the dumpster down below in the back alley.

Her Mistresses loft apartment is shared with several other lofts and a few semi-industrial buildings. As most of the resident are too lazy to operate the compactor (and often forget their keys which operate the device) many bags of garbage and a vast array of flies were collecting near the large industrial dumpster and compactor. The girls begin cutting open the dozens of bags left on the loading dock and pouring them onto her head. Once nearly covered they hit the compactor and squeezed Britney and several tons of garbage deep within the metal container.

Several times through the night and into the next day the garbage is forced deeper inside the large container as the trash is further compressed around her body causing her thin plastic bag to rip and tear. Britney screamed as best she could as the pressure on her body slowly increased. She could feel little traces of slimy food and garbage ooze past her plugs and force it’s way inside her nether regions. Her pleas for help went unheard, as all she could do was cry as she was pushed deeper into the 50-foot garbage trailer. She wasn’t sure how her friends planned to get her out of the container, but assured herself they would come get her once they felt she had suffered sufficiently.

She suddenly awoke when the metal container was moved and loaded onto the flatbed hauler. She knew it must be Monday morning as the truck always arrived bright and early to pick up the Neon Pink garbage container and clear away debris from the compactor. She also knew that her friends were not coming to get her and that her fate had been sealed. She knew exactly where she was going and knew the odds of rescue were nil.

California had just completed an incredibly huge very high tech waste management system entirely operated by computerized robots. It used some of the latest techniques for reclaiming residential and industrial waste in the greater Los Angeles Basin. Over the years they had developed many new molds, fungi, bacteria, and plant life that was especially skilled at returning waste matter to more useful compounds. They claimed they could sort and prep every ounce of garbage within 36 hours and turn waste into healthy soil within one year. The advertisements claimed they could operate above 98% efficiency, which was unheard of for waste and recycling plants at the time. She knew once she was inside this facility she could go completely unnoticed as the whole operation was autonomously operated and staff was kept off site away from the experimental methods used to breakdown the trash.

Upon arrival at the automated station, she was dumped unceremoniously into the vast concrete receiving area. Soon an unmanned bulldozer began collecting the trash from the various trucks dropping off their waste. She was buried, unburied, rolled over and over dozen of times before getting pushed to the far end of the collection area. She finally was pushed through a large hopper and dumped onto a conveyer belt for processing. By now her bag had all but ripped and torn to shreds while the last remaining bits of rope and plastic broke down from the liquids flowing in an ever-changing mix of rotted and disgusting byproducts. Her arms are still locked behind her back to her waist chain and her legs are still trapped to her thighs as her body is dumped onto the final conveyor.

She is lying flat on her back, as a waterfall of liquid sludge and a third conveyor of natural garbage from another part of the plant is combined into one solid stream. She was tumbled and tossed and further mixed with the sticky paste over miles of belts and sorters until getting shuttled outside and onto the outdoor landfill area. Each of the conveyors dropped onto a subsequent conveyor as she is moved to the far reaches of the complex. After what seemed like hours dropping, tumbling and gliding over the dozens of conveyor belts she was finally deposited into the outdoor landfill.

As she fell onto the ever-growing pile of trash one leg broke free from the thigh rope and sank deep into the unstable pile of trash while the other rests on top of the mix. Her chained pussy is resting on a spongy combination of trash, sludge and human waste. The sun is just setting as the roving conveyor moves away from her final resting spot. Her once lightly tanned body and long blonde hair is a matted rotting mess. Her body is bruised everywhere from the rough treatment from getting moved about the facility. Decaying food and slime continue dripping off her heavy D-Cup breasts, but the chemical in her bloodstream makes her unable to improve her situation. Her arms helplessly cuffed behind her back coupled with the hibernation drug prevent her from brushing away the trash even if she wanted to.

The stench is overwhelming as fresh garbage is continually delivered to the fill site. The automated conveyor continues oscillating back and forth all during the night quickly burying her to her neck. She strained to hold her paralyzed head high above the accumulating mess as the debris continued falling on her for the next six days. Finally the roving conveyor moves to another part of the field leaving the gagged and covered Britney amongst the seagulls picking up bits from the ever-deepening pile of trash. Her face is just below the level of the trash surface allowing her to breath the stale stench of the decomposing landfill’s air through her nose. For weeks the heavy vibrating compactor continuously drives over the mound further compacting the congealing mess around her body narrowly missing her head on several occasions. All the while the trash is becoming denser and heavier and constantly tightening its grip around her body. She can feel the pressure of the trash compress around her as the heavy robotic rollers continuously flatten the field of debris. All the while water tanks are driving over the field spraying a mist of chemicals to help speed up the rate of decomposition in the ever-growing expanse of trash.

Five weeks after her ordeal began the chemical begins to wear off and Britney begins to regain control of her body. It takes nearly two days to wiggle and writhe her body from the landfill. Her matted hair is covered in decayed debris. Her bruised body is littered with random splotches of mold. Her confined feet in the metal braces are extremely sore with large chunks of rotten trash wedged in between the metal braces and leather bindings. Her body is extremely weak from the lack of nutrition, but the approaching automated robotic compactor threatening to run her over spurs her on to begin the two mile hike back to the main processing plant. The hot Los Angeles sun is baking the garbage to her bare skin, drying it as one large wrap around her body. Her progress is slow as her entrapped feet and unstable ground causes her to fall several times further collecting random bits of trash as they stick to her filthy body.

Arriving back at the main processing facility she is careful to avoid getting seen by the truck drivers as they pull in to dump their loads as she makes her way to the main entrance where the filled garbage trucks arrive to empty their containers. To help pay for the reclamation center, businesses purchased their own custom painted or decorated dumpsters to avoid having a plain old industrial looking eye sore on their property. Her block had purchased a bright pink 50 footer to support breast cancer research. She waited all day for the familiar pink container to arrive and get dumped but never did see it arrive. After waiting all day a truck arrived with a container that belongs to a company only blocks away from her loft. As the truck pull into the first bay nearest her hiding spot, she figured this would be her safest bet to escaping the processing facility unnoticed. Not knowing if her own dumpster will ever arrive or what day it is supposed to arrive she quickly climbs into the container before the truck can drive off.

The truck finally arrives at its destination and deposits the container off in the dock. Before she can escape the compactor is activated and several loads of waiting garbage are pushed into the previously empty container. Once the compactor stops she begins forcing her way through the mess. As her hands are still locked behind her, she is forced to worm her way through the mess moving heavy industrial waste out of the way with her formally beautiful penis gagged face. It is late at night when she emerges from the dumpster covered in rotting trash, paint, tar and countless other debris. She slowly makes her way through the back alleys walking on her bound toes in the torturous foot trainers.

The rock solid hard concrete and broken bottles seem to slow her at every turn until she finally arrives back at her loft at 5am. It’s early Thursday morning and her Mistress is getting ready for college. Using the exposed end of the rubber double-ended dildo extending out of her mouth, she punches in her access code taking the freight elevator to the fourth floor loft. Her Mistress dressed to the nines is stunned to see her once beautiful slave arrive in a trash covered heap after nearly six weeks entrapped in a landfill and garbage processing center. She calls her various professors and apologizes for missing class claiming a personal conflict and proceeds to attend to her slave. She begins by removing the large plugs from her ass and pussy allowing her to use the bathroom for the first time in over a month. The penis gag is removed and Britney begs for her release and a chance to shower only to be silenced by her Mistress. Avoiding the raw sewage and stench of her smelly slave, Julie leaves Slave Britney there on the bathroom floor without removing or cleaning a single ounce of her soiled flesh.

Slave Britney eagerly ate any food given to her despite her dirty and trash-covered face without muttering another word. Her Mistress spent much of the day making phone calls as Britney is confined to the spare bathroom with the exhaust fan helping to expel the stench of her body. It’s late in the day when Britney is removed from the Bathroom, a different single penis gag is replaced and she is moved into her large steel cage. Her body is still covered in mold, trash, fungus, sludge and unidentifiable debris even though she spent the day locked in the bathroom just inches away from the shower. The cage has been lined with hard clear Plexiglas. She is placed inside the cage with her feet spread wide still wearing the torturous ballet foot trainers from five weeks ago while her arms remain locked uselessly behind her back.

A second padlock is added to the bands at her elbows thrusting her pert disgusting slime covered D-shaped breasts proudly from her body. A chain is wrapped around her breasts, ribs and shoulders then connected to the roof of the cage causing her to stand in the middle of the cage. The plugs in her ass and pussy are reinserted and the chain around her waist is locked on holding everything in place. The cage is placed on a platform and a plastic lid is secured overhead. On the side is a heavy industrial garbage disposal. A tube inserted into her penis gag is connected to a rubber bag filled with a nutrient rich supply medical supplement. Meanwhile her face is covered with a gas mask, which supplies air and nutrients via the two tubes. She is forced to stand on her painful toes inside the Plexiglas cage wallowing in her own stench. Later that night the guests begin arriving carrying plastic bags full of their own trash. Poor Britney is stuck on display while dozens of her friends admire her destroyed body.

Once all guests have arrived the guardrail from the upper story of the loft is removed allowing everyone to walk onto the top of the modified cage. Each one takes time to remove the access plate and publicly defile Britney inside the clear container. Various guests empty their personal trash on top of her, while others place the material in the disposal shredding the debris into a finely chopped sticky paste. Most guests even take the time to pee or defecate into the hole burying her in the clear prison. This continues for three days until the eight foot tall box is completely full.

The party Saturday night is finally over and her cage is completely filled. The dozens of guests help move the heavy steel and plastic cage out to the loading dock. Once at the dock, the Plexiglas inner box, is removed from the steel outer cage and dropped into the industrial sized pink dumpster. Completely blinded by the eight-foot tall clear box of trash, Britney can only wonder where she is and what just happened to cause such an abrupt jolt. The Plexiglas sides broke upon impact to the bottom of the compactor and are further disassemble as one of the guests dressed in an all rubber catsuit climbs into the dumpster to dig around and find the disheveled slave. She uncovers her head and removes the airline and feeding tube leaving the gasmask and penis gag locked in place.

She produces three vials of solution and begins injecting them into her arm. “If 100 cubic centimeters knocked you out for five weeks, I wonder what 300 cc’s will do. I guess we will find out in a few months Stinky Slave.”

Britney tried protesting but her already exhausted body combined with the penis gag and gas mask made any complaints a waste of time. Once the injections were administered, the cat suit clad nurse climbed out of the dumpster leaving Britney alone in the bottom of the compactor. She tried to climb out but the injections quickly overcame her body. Soon the other girls began dumping bag after bag on top of her burying her deep inside the metal container.

Once it was filled Britney began sobbing as the familiar hydraulic whine of the compressor started up and the crushing weight of the surrounding trash soon held her deep within the steel box. She knew it would be two days before she was picked up and delivered back to the landfill. As she began to cry in complete despair an unusual stirring began to overtake her loins. The pressure inside the compactor slowly increased as Britney began to pant in frustration. Soon she could feel the gooey slime sneak past the rubber dildos and leak into her private passages. Soon her semi-paralyzed body began to tremble from the invasion and she experienced her first orgasm in over a year as the stench became too much and she passed out inside the steel container.

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