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Bound n Bagged

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2010 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; lingerie; tease; wrap; tape; balltie; bagged; gag; oral; climax; trash; garage; buried; cons; X

I was feeling in a raunchy mood tonight, I think my hormones were raging and my pussy was very wet from thinking sexy thoughts most of the day at work. I needed to be used and abused, and my husband would be getting very lucky tonight.

Bill arrived home shortly after 6pm and I was waiting for him dressed in my sexy slut look, freshly showered and shaved, dressed in sexy black lingerie, skimpy undies and sheer stockings held up by the garter belt. My perky breasts held high by the bra, pushed up and presented forward for the perfect display of the two round globes of female flesh, my nipples standing firm and proud, catching his eye as he walked into the house.

Dinner was waiting for him on the table, something to build his strength and get him in the mood for some fun, but seeing me dressed as I was would be more than enough to get him hard. Desert would be me served warm, wet and wanting. Dinner was soon over and we retired to our playroom where I had things set up and waiting, we had only been married for a couple of years and had no kids yet, so the spare rooms in the house where put to other uses other than bedrooms.

The playroom contained several items of bondage equipment including a padded bench, which I’d been tied over several times and paddled or used by him for his (and mine) pleasure. But tonight I had something else in mind, over the last few weeks I’d been reading several stories where the female in the story gets bagged up and treated like rubbish and tonight I’d planned on trying this scenario out.

My husband loves getting blow-jobs from me, I don’t mind doing them but am sometimes reluctant doing them and they make me gag if he pushes too deep in my throat. Tonight he would be getting the best blow job I could do whilst being bound. I grabbed his hand and lead him down the hallway and into the playroom, his eyes never leaving the sight of my arse clad in the silky, skimpy knickers that barely covered any of the firm fleshy mounds of my perfect bum.

Leading him into the playroom I guided him over to a bench against the far wall of the playroom, on top of this was several rolls of saran wrap and tape, plus several black trash bags. He gave me a strange look as he took in what was laying there. I said that I wanted to give him the best oral sex I could but on one condition, that he would follow my directions first. He readily agreed and asked what he had to do.

“First I want you to wrap the saran wrap around my torso, making sure that my arms get trapped at my sides.” I said.

He picked up the roll and began to wind it around my waist, I held my arms above my head as he wrapped around my body, them once that area had a couple of layers I dropped my arms and he continued to wind the wrap around me and trapped my arms to my sides. I was now covered in several layers of wrap from my shoulders down to my waist and covered my arms down to my wrists.

“Now lay me down and wrap my thighs to my calves, so that they are held close together like if I was kneeling.” I said.

Soon both of my legs were bound with the wrap with my thighs tightly pushed against my lower leg and I was helplessly held and bound.

“Place some tape over the wrap around my legs so I’m held tightly and secure.” I asked.

My husband wrapped the tape around and around my shorten stumps and the stocking covered flesh soon disappeared under the grey plastic of the tape and held them firm in it’s grasp. I couldn’t move them nor get free.

“Okay do the same with the tape for my torso.” I said.

Soon too my body was wrapped in the tight confines of the tape; my breathing became more laboured partly from the tightness of the wrap and partly because I was getting so turned on by what was happening. Happy with what he was doing my husband took great care to ensure I was covered in several layers of the tape until all of the saran wrap was covered by the tape.

“Now I want you to push my thighs up against my body and wrap them tightly against me, then add the tape.” I said breathlessly.

Again picking up the wrap he pushed my thighs against my torso and held them there whilst he put the wrap around me, taking the time to make sure that the wrap was tight and pulling my thighs against my chest. The tape followed several wraps of the saran and soon I was cocooned with my thighs tightly against my breasts with only my head and feet left uncovered. ‘A little bundle of fun’ he called me.

“What next?” he asked.

“Please grab a couple of the black trash bags from the bench and put them inside each other, then roll me inside and pull the bags up to my neck and tie them in place.” I said.

“Kinky!” he exclaimed and brought back the two bags, rustling them to open them he placed one inside the other and held them open, the black maw of the inside of the bags calling for my tightly packaged body. “In you go!”

He rolled me inside the bags, he pulled and adjusted me so my feet where placed in the bottom of the bags and then pulled the bags up until they reached my neck, he then grabbed the strings and pulled them closed around my neck and tied them, but leaving them loose enough so that they didn’t stop my breathing.

I was now a tightly wrapped and bagged package on the floor of the playroom, with only my head exposed from the black shiny plastic of the garbage bags. I felt very sexy and turned on at this point and felt as though my recent fantasies were coming true. I could see from the bulge in his pants that my husband was turned on too!

“Okay now you’re wrapped up tight and bagged, what next?” he asked.

I was too lost in my dreams and fantasies, my pussy throbbing and getting extra wet from the binding and bagging that had occurred. I was in my zone, a sexy fog had descended over me my mind wandered off to all sorts of scenes that I’d read about in the trash bagging stories I’d been reading. I was brought back to earth when my husband repeated his question.

“Ahh!” I exclaimed as a mini orgasm ripped through my hot little body. Coming back to earth I explained what I wanted him to do next.

“I’ll tell you what I want to do now because after you’re finished I won’t be able to speak. Could you grab the smaller bag on the table and place it over my head, then tape around my eyes, under my chin and secure it to the other bags. Make a hole for my mouth and place the ring-gag in my mouth holding the plastic bag against my face.” I said.

He nodded and said, “Okay”

“Then I want you to get a couple more bags and place me inside those, please use my mouth for your pleasure and once you’ve finished with me place the tube into the ring gag and pull the other two bags up over my head and tie them off, but make sure the tube sticks out so I can breath.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I want to feel the pleasure I give you and taste you as you cum in my mouth, and then I want you to treat me like trash and bag me up. Then I want you to take me out to the garage and you’ll find some more garbage bags there, I want to be placed in the middle and have the bags placed around and on top of me and then left there as just another bag of garbage.”

“Well okay, if that’s what you want.” He said, “how long do I leave you there?”

“All night, and please ignore me if I plead to be released. Just treat me as another bag of trash.” I replied.

“All night, well okay.” He said.

He grabbed the smaller bag from the bench and pulled it down over my head and cutting off the light, I was now totally enclosed in plastic. Soon I heard the sound of the tape being pulled off the roll and felt the tape going around my eyes, then around my chin and more added to secure the bag to the others that contained my body. Then I heard my husband get up and go to the bench and return with the ring-gag.

“Open wide trash!” he said.

“One last thing”, I said, “In the morning when you come to fetch me, please use me again for your pleasure, use my mouth, or tear a hole and fuck me hard in my worthless cunt. Use me as your pleasure toy and take me as many times and as long as you want, I am your trash and you can use and deal with me as you wish.”

He placed the ring-gag in my mouth, I was now bound tightly, bagged from head to toe and gagged, now nothing more than his plaything and no way to escape without him freeing me. He placed more tape around my head so that it was totally covered, this wasn’t in my script and something that he’d decided to do, I was totally his toy now and he could do as he pleased. What was that saying, ‘Once bound you are a product to be dealt with!’

I was certainly his product now as I felt him rolling me into the other two bags and pulling them up over my already bound and enclosed body. He pulled them right up over my head and I felt that he was going to seal me inside before using me for his pleasure; I so wanted to be used and abused by him and taste his salty cum in my mouth before he placed me out with the rest of the trash.

Just as soon as he pulled the bags up he pulled them back down to rest on my shoulders, then I heard the sound of his zipper opening and then felt the head of his very solid member push against the flesh of my mouth, he pushed himself into my open mouth through the gag and soon I was using my tongue on the underside of his penis as he continued to take his time sliding all the way into my waiting, open mouth.

Then I felt his hands either side of my head and him pushing further into my mouth and down towards my throat, usually I start to gag when he get’s this far down but tonight I relaxed as much as I could and let him push himself further in than ever before. I was amazed at firstly just how far I’d been able to take and secondly just how big he’d become, he certainly seemed more turned on than usual. I concentrated on sliding my tongue around and using what I could of my lips to enclose him in the warmth of my mouth.

I heard a sigh of pleasure coming from him as he buried himself deeply into my tight throat, I swallowed to enable him to move there easily and he could feel the action on his member as each time I swallowed he felt the movement inviting him into my warm, wet throat. His hands placed either side of my head, he started to move my head up and down his shaft, using me as his fuck toy, each time going as far down into my throat as he could and then withdrawing, taking his time to savour the feelings he was getting.

This continued for some time and he seemed to revel in the fact that I could do nothing but be his sexual fuck toy, my mouth the warm, wet place he was using for his own pleasure. I continued to relax my muscles as much as I could to allow him to access the rear of my mouth and down into my throat and not once did my gag reflex kick in. I got immense pleasure from being able to deep throat my husband, my own pussy was keeping rhythm with his thrusting, each time he pushed inwards my pussy spasmed sending waves of pleasure through my tightly bound and packed body.

All too soon I could feel the unmistakable surge in his thrusting, his solid member growing larger in my mouth and thrusting deeper then ever into me, I held my breath and got myself ready to receive his load and he pushed harder and faster, soon I was rewarded with streams of hot, gooey cum hitting the back of my throat, I swallowed as quickly as I could but there seemed to be much more than normal as if I’d turned on the facet attached to his prostate. His climax ended and I continued to swallow and use my tongue on his penis in my mouth, not wanting it to end.

He started to soften and I held him with what I could of my mouth and tongue, the taste of his seed running over my taste buds, the deliciousness and wickedness of what we’d done sent shivers through my bound body. He withdrew himself from my mouth the last few drops hitting my lips and down on to the plastic that enclosed my chin and breasts.

“Well that was fantastic trash!” he said, “best put you out with the rest of the garbage now.”

He pulled the remaining two bags up and inserted the tube into the ring-gag, holding the tube he pulled the bags one by one over my head and tied them off, leaving the tube hanging out the top. He left me bagged there and went out of the playroom, I sat there bound & bagged waiting for his return, there wasn’t anything I could do now but wait, bound as I was, savouring the taste of his fluid on my tongue.

He returned and I felt him move my bagged body forward, then he pulled me back and I found that he’d brought the trolley from the garage and had placed my bagged body on top of it. He tilted the two wheeled trolley up and soon I felt movement as he wheeled me out of the playroom and down towards the garage. I felt the cooler air as we entered the garage and he wheeled me over the where I’d prepared the garbage bags before. The trolley dropped down and I felt him drag my bag over into the pile of bags in the corner of the garage.

“There that’s the last bag of trash for the night, better get off to bed now, I feel really sleepy for some reason!” he laughed. “better just tidy up these bags, don’t want to get any trouble with the wife.”

And then he started moving the bags around, placing bags all around me and enclosing me in the pile. More bags followed and more came on top and soon my bagged body was hidden in the pile of trash bags in the garage. He pushed them down to make sure that they wouldn’t fall off and squeezed them tight against my bag. I was totally enclosed by the bags and I could feel the pressure of the weight from above and also from the sides as the bags held me rigidly in their grasp.

“There’s too many bags here for the garbage truck, I will have to make a run to the tip to dump these in the morning.” My husband exclaimed.

I shivered at the prospect inside my bags, enclosed in the wrap and tape, secured in the bags and now left in the garage as just another bag of trash. I was in heaven and just as my husband said that he’d be dumping me in the morning another climax sent wonderful waves crashing through my tight little bound body.

I heard the light switch as he turned off the light and then the door to the garage close; I was now left inside my bagged enclosure, just another trashbag in the pile waiting to be taken to the tip and disposed off. I drifted off into my fantasies dreaming of dumpsters, garbage bags and being left as nothing more than trash.

Goodnight and sweet trashy dreams – sigh!


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