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A 'Birthday' Treat!

by Shokolada

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© Copyright 2009 - Shokolada - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bagged; sealed; messy; foodstuff; encased; trashcan; curbside; mast; climax; true; cons; X

Our new friend Mei had never heard of BDSM play with plastic garbage bags before, but she's taken to it like a duck to water, to the point where she'll make herself a trash bag dress to wear even when we're doing completely unrelated kinky activities. (Do I mind? Heck no!)

The other day when I came home from work, I found Mei and Azure tangled up naked on the bed playing around together, and I made the mistake of teasing them about it... almost before I knew what was going on, they had me naked and bound, and the black plastic was being zipped shut over my head. They proceeded to go on with what they'd been doing, as I lay there helpless and able only to listen. That was one of the most erotic afternoons I've had in some time, especially since they'd fondle and tease me during their breaks!

But the post I've been promising is about a few weekends ago, when Mei threw me a birthday party early on a Saturday afternoon. The fact that it wasn't my birthday didn't seem to slow her down a bit; when I came into the play room, the table had a few presents and was covered in whipped cream pies, frosted sheet cakes, cans of pudding, and much more. I opened my presents, but Mei decided she was very cross with me when I admitted that I hadn't gotten around to inviting anyone else to a party I hadn't even been aware of :)

She brought out the little PVC frame I'd used on sirgirlie, and soon I was sitting in the middle of it in the depths of a 55-gallon trash bag. Mei wasted little time covering me with every single one of the desserts she had laid out - I must have been eight inches deep in the stuff when she was done. (This, too, was her first messy play scene, and she enjoyed it so much that she's eager for some turnaround as soon as we can set it up.) Soon, satisfied with her work, she found a zip-tie and sealed me up tightly in what she merrily called my "plastic prison".

Now, I assumed she'd leave me in there for a while, teasing me a bit and possibly even using me once or twice, and that's exactly what happened. But after about a half-hour of this, to my surprise I heard another bag being shaken out, as she told me there were too many little holes in my bag now and she didn't want to clean up a mess. Mei rolled me back and forth, and from side to side, as she slipped not one but two more bags around me and tied them both off. I did have air holes, but I couldn't help but hope that they remained properly lined up through all those layers!

Then, I heard a sound I couldn't believe. The front door opened, and I heard the hollow rattling sound of the big blue recycling can being wheeled into the play room. I'd told Mei what I did to Girlie a few weeks ago, but I hadn't even suggested to her that we should do that scene together. And yet, I heard the noise of a couple bags of padding being tossed into the bottom, then the sound of the can being laid on its side so she could slide me in!

Now, a confession. Getting an adult human being into a four-foot-tall garbage can is not as easy as the stories say, especially when said adult isn't especially small. I had some trouble with my Girlie, and Mei put forth considerable time and effort to do it to me. She later confessed that next time, she's probably going to want the help of another top. But eventually she got me in, and tossed a few more bags in on top of me to get me the full effect... and soon I felt the rough bounces of the can going down the front porch steps!

The rush of endorphins was unbelievable. I certainly couldn't move in there... I could breathe fine, but not quite comfortable... and soon I felt the sun beating down on the plastic can lid, and the black plastic around me soaking up heat. I couldn't sense Mei around anywhere - I couldn't doubt she was nearby, but it was easy to imagine that she wasn't - that she was back in the house, resting on the couch and maybe watching TV as she left me to my fate. Cars drove by, and I feared to even wiggle too much in case I should somehow be seen.

There's not much more detail to tell. Mei says I was out there for over 45 minutes, and I will say that I could move just enough to give myself a powerful, earth-shattering treat, the afterglow of which lasted long after she finally retrieved me. Though she got me back to the steps, she was too worn out to get the can back up them, and I was so shaky from the cramping and endorphins that I couldn't even stand up. We got me out and in the front door, and dragged me to the shower where I could start washing all the mess off, and slowly regained the use of my legs. There was quite a lot of cleanup to do afterwards, I'm afraid... the can still has chocolate smears all over it... but I was grinning too much to care.

So that's my story of my first trip to the curb. I think there's a very good chance that it won't be my last.

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