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Bin Night

by Bagme69

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© Copyright 2009 - Bagme69 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bagged; bond; zipties; gag; trash; messy; mast; toys; sex; reluct/cons; X

It was that time of the week again when the bin bags are put out for collection.

My husband was sat playing on the computer when I looked at him suggestively and moaned, “It’s your turn to take out the bins tonight”

He looked reluctant and acted very vacant to the fact that I had even asked him to accomplish this simple chore.

This made me slightly mad, yet a devilish thought entered my mind, I thought if he wants to act like a rubbish husband – he might as well be one, so I went in to the kitchen and searched frantically for the extra large 240ltr black wheelie bin liners. When I came across the silky roll, I rubbed the roll in my hand and a wicked smile swept across my face, ‘I thought, huh, I’ll show him!’

I held the roll of bags like a truncheon behind my husbands head and let the roll of bags unravel to the ground, mmmmm what could happen next.

I shook the bag open and pulled the bag over his head and pushed him on the floor – trapping him inside the crinkly black prison. He was shocked and started to panic and then when he realised that this could be very pleasurable he quickly became my submissive and tucked his feet inside the bag and lay curled up in the foetal position in the bag. I could hear his heavy breathing and the bag inflating and deflating so I decided to take it one step further by using zip ties around his wrists and ankles to refrain him from escaping from my power and then ripped off a piece of duct tape and used it as a gag. I could see he was turned on by this as his pants were revealing a hard outline of his erect penis.

Once he was zipped tied in place inside the bin liner I ensured the bag would close around him and started to double knot the top of the bag enclosing the space around my husband. ‘What could I do to him next? I asked my self. So I decided to use an additional bag, I unravelled this bag over my husband and as this reached the floor I rolled him over and pulled the bag from underneath him so I could find the ends to knot the second bag around him. The situation was making me so aroused that my knickers were slightly damp and my vagina was throbbing with excitement.

I took one sharp look at the back door and decided his fate – I grabbed the knotted end of the bag and started to drag the rubbish with all my strength to the back door, his curled up limbs brushing against the fridge freezer as I dragged him into the kitchen. Huffing and puffing, I stopped for a short rest.

I started to untie the bags, and for a moment my husband thought he was going to be freed – he was wrong! I picked up our kitchen bin and emptied the contents into the bag my husband was trapped in, I quickly refastened the knots tightly and finished it off by zip tying the knot. I then proceeded to drag him through the conservatory and out of the French doors and onto the patio: where I left him amongst our other garbage bags.

I returned indoors unbelievably horny and turned on that I couldn’t contain my excitement. I whipped down my knickers and started to caress my labia, and stroke my vagina. I peeped through the glass doors at my rubbish and thrusted a finger inside my self getting really turned on that he was out side for the rubbish next to all the other house hold rubbish bags. I reached for my vibrator and vigorously used it until I came to an amazing climax and a shuddering orgasm.

After I finished pleasuring myself I decided to go and spy on my rubbish – which was rustling frantically. He was masturbating inside the bag! I couldn’t handle it! I ran over and ripped the bags open laid him out on the patio, placed his tied hands over my head and fucked him hard with his mouth still gagged, until we both came all over the rubbish.

After that night, my husband has tried to refuse to take the bins out again, in hope of a repeat performance.


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