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Belinda's Garbage Run

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2006 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo/f; wetsuit; dumpster; messy; truck; collected; compressed; dumped; landfill; buried; mast; climax; cons; X

It must have been about seven thirty in the morning when she walked out the door wearing her wetsuit, it clung to her lean body like a second skin keeping her warm in the September sun. She walked across the parking lot of her apartment complex, past her car, past the trees and the walkway. She then stopped and opened a door on the Dumpster, and tried to push her bag of trash into it. It was near full and reluctant to take it, but she persisted.

She closed the door and threw the bag on the top of the Dumpster, and proceeded to scale the side of the large container. Once on top she opened a lid and looked in, it was full all right, not much room for her stuff. She put her bag of trash in and tried to close the lid, but it wouldn't shut. So she opened the lid back up and jumped on the bulging bags of trash, it was kind of fun. She looked at the back of the Dumpster and their was a large place in the corner she could put her trash. So since she was in a wetsuit she wouldn't get dirty, and she was going diving any way, she grabbed her bag and crouched down and pulled it to the back and shoved it to the side.

Just then she started sinking in all the light trash bags in the back if the Dumpster, up to her chest. The more she struggled the deeper she went. Then she heard a sound that she heard before, it was a faint deep rumbling growing louder and louder, and then it dawned on her. Then it got quiet, eerily silent, and then something hit the Dumpster. And then the Dumpster started to rise into the air. Crap! It’s the trash truck! What do I do now, I can’t move. Well I'll just wait till it dumps me out; heck it might just be fun. She lands in the back of the trash truck with all the trash, she looks around and notices that the trash she came in was loose in the floor and then the top started to close. As she looked to the back she saw that all the trash was formed into some kind of wall, she started to walk back and then notice the bags in the back weren't so soft and fluffy. Not like the ones that was in front of her, and then she thought it was almost like the trash in the back was.... SQUEEZED!

Oh shit! No way, it couldn't be, or could it? Just then the truck started to move, driving to the next stop. She sat down on the floor so she wouldn't fall, maybe it was squeezed before it was dumped in the truck, but then why is it in the back? Just then she felt something start to touch her leg, it was a trash bag, then she noticed that it was closing in on her. Everything that was dumped in was coming her way. Slowly powerfully and steady, she looked around and the lid was closed and there was no escape, she had to think of something and fast. The first thing she did was face the trash and put her arms out to try and stop it, slowly the trash was pushed to the back of the truck. The farther it went the higher it got.

The trash was squeezing her legs and feet and it was up to her waist. And it kept moving, past her chest, and then finally over her head. It was getting really tight now; she could feel the trash in front of her getting crushed into her. It felt weird hearing things pop and snap and crunch, against her. She was pinned, arms still outstretched and it was still moving at the same speed. Just as her body started to throb from all the pressure, crushing her tighter and tighter, it stopped, and then slowly returned to the front of the truck at the same speed it came at.

As the truck drove through the streets some of the bags from the top of the heap fell to the floor. This exposed Belinda's head and arms, so she could start to extract herself from the large mountain in the back of the truck. Once out from under the pile she started looking around the truck, it was a huge steel box, and she was trapped in it. So then she thought, when the next Dumpster was dumped in, then she could climb the pile and get out while the lid was up. So she sat up by the wall in the front of the truck waiting for the next one to get dumped in.

After a short time the truck came to a halt, and the lid opened again. Great, now I can get out, then the trash fell in, right on top of her. She ducked but it was too much weight. It pinned her to the floor but she wiggled and struggled her way out of it just to watch the cover close again. Crap, not this again she thought, everything got really dark and then she felt everything start to move. She lay in the pile as it was slowly pushed to the back of the truck as the truck drove on to the next stop.

She waited for the wall to get to the pile in the back, cause that’s when everything got really tight really fast. And that’s when she started to feel the pressure squeeze her supple body, slowly compressed into the rubbish; packed tighter and tighter. The pile, to be crushed slowly engulfed her. Once again the wall went back to the front after the trucks contents were squished. Once again she climbed out of the heap and brushed herself off and went to the middle of the truck and sat and waited. Yet again the truck stopped and the lid opened and she was all set to bolt up the pile as soon as it hit the floor. And then the Dumpster dumped in the truck, all of maybe twenty or thirty bags, not enough to climb out on.

Crap not again, and then the lid closed yet again, she got to the back expecting the worst, and the truck started moving again. It drove around for a while but the wall stayed up front, maybe it wasn't enough trash. Then it stopped again the lid rising up again, and a very full Dumpster starts pouring into the truck. Quickly she moves to the back and tries to get away from the falling trash, but she gets pinned to the back of the truck, then everything got dark. The trash was up to the top of the truck and was sticking out the big hole it was dumped in. Then she saw the lid slowly close in the trash pushing it into the truck, making it impossible for her to move.

Then she felt the truck start moving again, crap here we go again, maybe it might be too much trash for the truck to move. Again the huge wall starts moving to the back of the truck with no difficulty. She starts to feel the pressure on her almost immediately, she takes a deep breath and again lets the compactor have it’s overwhelming way with her, tighter and tighter it gets compacting everything in it’s path including Belinda. She gets pressed to the back just like everything else in there, when the wall returns to the front Belinda remains stuck in the mass of trash. Unable to move much she has to wait for the trash truck to stop a few times for the trash to loosen up it’s clench on her.

Then just as it looseness up some she feels the truck stop again, and the truck shakes again, oh crap. Still pinned in the trash the truck dumps another Dumpster in and closes the lid. Stuck ten feet in the trash Belinda can’t see what’s happening but she has a bad feeling about it. Then she feels it getting tighter again; the wall is once again compacting everything to the back, slowly, forcefully and entirely. Powerless to do anything she feels the wall return to the front of the truck. Now she’s deep in the back, compressed in the trash, and helpless. She begins to revel in the tight feeling of enclosure, the absolute loss of control as the garbage holds her against her will, unable to move.

She remains stuck inside the variety of garbage bags and rubbish, as the truck seems to come to a stop. The engine noise stops and she listens to see if anymore bags are to join her inside this prison of hers. She feels the smooth plastic against her exposed flesh, against her cheeks and pushes her face into the soft plastic. Her body is covered by the rubber wetsuit and is now encased in trash, her limbs unable to move, she settles herself in for the ride. Her sex becomes moist as she struggles held in bondage by the relentless grip of the garbage. If only she could get her hand free and down to her hot love button.

Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the truck engine re-starting, they must have taken a lunch break she thought. Her stomach growled at the thought of food. But unless she wanted to eat leftovers, she’d have to wait until she could get free from the trucks confines. As the truck gets to the next Dumpster he stops in front of it and pulls a lever. Belinda feels the truck stop and is waiting for the next batch of trash to get dumped in. It takes a while longer than usual for the truck to dump it in; all most like it can’t lift it up. Then she hears a loud bang and the truck lurches up again, again the engine revs up and the truck sinks down in the front. Wow it must be too heavy to lift she thinks, good I don't need anymore stuff in here anyway. She can hear the engine strain as it tries to pickup the huge heavy Dumpster, and then it idles again, hmm, why didn’t it bang again if he can’t lift it?

Just then something shakes the truck and she hears metal smashing sounds, that doesn't sound like trash bags to me she thinks. She hears the empty Dumpster hit the ground, hmm, well it’s in the truck now, maybe we're at the garage down the street, that’s why it’s so heavy. It gets kind of quiet for a while then she hears a screeching sound, he must be closing the lid and pushing everything down into the truck. That sucks, that means the Dumpster was full, and soon to be coming her way. She can’t do anything about it but wait, and then the truck starts moving again. Each time the truck stops it loosens a little in the back, then the truck stops again then she hears it’s big diesel engine rev up a lot. Just as she was able to wiggle a little she hears a metal screeching sound, and then a crunching, moaning noise, well here it comes again. She takes a deep breath and then feels it moving her back further in the truck, squeezing her tighter than ever before.

The trash was still pinning her tight, and she didn’t hear or feel the wall return yet. It was still pushing very slowly, it couldn't go much more, and the truck was quite full. The truck drove around for a while, she could feel it stopping and turning and then it stopped and revved up but didn’t move, oh great another Dumpster, just what I need, NOT. The truck shook again and she heard the Dumpster hit the ground, and then started moving again. She felt him leave the parking lot and make a right, the truck started accelerating pretty fast for a while. Good it’s full and he won’t compact it this time, she hopes. The truck drives for five minutes, nothing happens; she just stays pinned there, crushed in the trash, that really smells, very very bad....

She feels the truck make a hard left turn and slow down, then stop, then the truck revs up again but doesn't move. Damn I don't think I can take much more pressure, she feels the trash getting compacted again, tighter than ever. As the wall moves back it squishes, crushes, and compresses everything in the truck into a block. After the wall moved back 3 feet she felt everything loosens up a bit, the truck opened up the back door and was pushing everything out onto the ground. As the block moved out of the truck it broke apart into huge chunks of trash, and slid down the slope into the landfill.

Unfortunately she was still stuck in part of the block, but she could breathe easy now. As she wiggled she felt she couldn't move very well. She felt something under her moving, it was the bags underneath her shifting. She was about two feet under the trash, she wiggled and squirmed up to the top of the pile and looked up, she was still chest deep in the trash and six feet below the truck. She watched as the truck closed it’s rear door and drove away leaving the garbage behind. Half buried in the rubbish, she began to work her arms free to aid in pulling her trapped body from the pile.

Just then she heard another truck revving it’s engine and looked up to see another garbage truck backing up with another load. She doubled her efforts to get herself free before the next truck dumped it’s load on top of her, burying her under more rubbish. Too late as she looked up she began to see the trash topple out of the rear of the truck, she tried calling out but the noise created by the truck drowned out her voice and besides the driver remained in his cab and there was no one else around. She took a deep breath and prepared for the next load to hit her.

She ducked but it still landed on her, pushing her down onto the pile of trash. As the truck moved back the trash left inside slid into the pit slowly. She could feel it moving and hear it dropping just a couple feet above her. She tried to wiggle but there was a lot of trash on top of her, as the bags under her slowly moved she lost her footing and was dragged along with the rubbish as it slid down the slope, she was engulfed by all the trash on top of her. She slowly sank to near the bottom of the pit as the truck completed it’s delivery and drove away.

All went quiet and she began to wriggle her way upwards towards the top of the pile she was held in. As she was working her way to the top some of those car parts that got dumped on top of her trapped her. The weight held her slowing her down, she was lying on her stomach trying to get past the parts when she started to feel more pressure from above. It must be another truck dropping its load on top of her pile. She couldn't get around them so she stayed in the squished trash bags resting and waiting for the new garbage to stop falling.

She now had to get through six feet of trash above her before another truck came back again. She could do it but it would be hard. She began pushing her arms upwards creating a path for the rest of her body to follow. The smell was overpowering and several times she had to stop because she was gagging on the stench. She continued upwards, sometimes she had to move through the bags themselves as they had burst under the strain and she was covered head to toe in food scraps and filth. It took her a while but she began to see daylight above her, this gave her the renewed strength to make the final effort to break free.

But just as she surfaced she looked up to see another truck backing up and opening the door on the back of the truck, she tried to scream but the noise muffled it. She resigned herself to getting buried again, she began to think that maybe she’d never get out of here. That she would end her days inside the landfill as just another piece of garbage. She decided that she may as well go out with a bang and pushed her left arm down into the garbage that surrounded her body, reaching between her legs she began to stroke her tender wet flesh, seeking out the pleasure center of her being. The heat of the garbage surrounding her and her own body heat seemed to increase, her wetsuit trapping her sweat inside against her skin.

The bags continued to move and settle around her as she moved her fingers over her soft nub, waves of pleasure sent shivers through her tightly enclosed body. The smell from the garbage now seemed a distant memory as she worked her body towards her nirvana. Her climax when it came was one of the most delicious and intoxicating she had ever experienced, she saw stars before her eyes and blacked out from the sheer pleasure of it.

She awoke to find herself still half-buried in the rubbish around her, but it had settled and stopped moving now. No more loads had dropped onto to her, but she could still hear engines in the distance. She now managed to get her head above the pile and her right arm. Her left was still near her crotch after she had brought about her climax. She began to look around, the light was beginning to fade into early evening.

She again tried to climb up but some bags under her gave way and she lost her footing and her head disappeared again under the trash. It was a set back and the weight of the trash pressed down on her but she still struggled to get out.

After some frantic struggling and sheer human effort on her part she managed to work herself through the garbage until she had both arms free and her head again above the pile, not long after followed by her torso. At last she found it easier to breathe, although the smell was still there but not as bad as when she was buried underneath. She rested for a short while until she again heard the sounds of an engine, only this time it was getting closer. It could be another truck with more garbage, but she figured that they had finished for the day. Then it dawned on her that the sound she heard was from the dozer that cleared and piled the days garbage further into the landfill, if she didn’t move and get herself free she again faced the prospect of being buried, this time for good.

Fear drove her onto feats of incredible strength, whilst she had come to like the feel of the enclosure from the garbage and the intense orgasm it had created, she really didn’t want to remain as part of it. Moving her body across the top of the garbage pile she managed to get her legs free from it’s grip, it had felt like she was caught in quicksand and still did as she made her way across the top layer she slipped into a pocket of rubbish, something gave way under her and part of her fell into the hole. With sheer will and determination she managed to make it to the side of the landfill pit, she felt exhausted and elated at the same time. Above her was freedom, all she now had to do was climb up the mud slope and she would be out of danger.

She didn’t hear the sound of the motor until it was too late, piles of earth came toppling over the parapet above her, the dozer had come to bury the rubbish, her rubbish and her along with it too! She leapt for all she was worth to the side to try to get away from the earth as it fell towards her, she nearly managed to get out of the way but found her legs caught under the weight of the earth. The dirt stopped falling and she heard the sound of the dozer as it moved away to collect more soil. It was now or never, she had to get herself out or become part of the landfill. She shook her body and wriggled her trapped legs in an effort to break free, she heard the sound of the dozer returning with fresh supplies of dirt. Just as the next pile began falling down the slope she managed to get her legs free and scramble to safety. She turned around to see her pile of garbage disappear for all time under the earth, she had managed to get free and live another day.

She wandered over to the landfill site office, there waiting for her was her husband, his garbage truck parked by the side of the building. She hugged him, gave him a kiss and thanked him for suggesting that she try his idea for her to become another piece of garbage for the day. Climbing in the dumpster had been one of the most exciting things that had happened to her, and the ride as part of the garbage topped it off, she couldn’t wait to try it again…


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This story is loosely based on a story "Km's Compactor" by 'Inspector gadget'


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