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Becoming Trash

by Trash Mouse

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© Copyright 2007 - Trash Mouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; furry; naked; bagged; transported; dumped; potion; spell; transformed; trash; truck; compacted; sex; cons; X

I was sitting at my computer when Hank came up to me, wrapping his arms around my chest and pressing his muzzle against the back of my ears. His breath was warm on my fur & teased my ears. His arms were strong, held tight under my chest and he had the smell of trash lingering over him. No surprise as he was a garbage man. It was how we met in fact.

Leaning my head back I looked up at my sexy tiger, lifting my head up to give him a kiss. "How are you doing, love?" I asked him.

He smiled at me and turned my chair around, bending down to look at me. He leaned in and gave me a firm kiss before pulling back and chuckling, his striped tail flicking in excitement behind his feet. He was still in his work clothing, his normally green jumpers marked with a few new stains from his job.

"What's gotten you so worked up?" I asked him with a curious smile, placing my chin in my hand.

"I found a perfect spot, a nice full dumpster well out of the way, and I have a surprise for you!" he said with a pleased chuckle.

I shiver at that, licking my lips. It had been a couple weeks since he had last thrown me in the trash, and I was starting to crave it. There was also the hope of some fun in the trash before I was properly bagged. It's funny to think that my adventures in the trash were how we had met. My future husband had found me double bagged behind an old office building and luckily enjoyed the idea of my being trash as much as I did.

"What's your surprise?" I asked, slipping out of my chair and starting to pull off my clothing, my shirt going first and being thrown in the corner.

Hank snickered and shook his head. "I'm not going to say, at least not until we are there, but I think it's something you will love," he said, his eyes twinkling as I pulled of my bra and threw it over my shoulders. My breasts weren't huge, but they did stand out on my small frame.

My tiger walked up to me and gave me another kiss, the front of his overalls tenting slightly as a new stain was starting to form. I giggled at this and pushed him away. "You silly thing! Go get the bags," I told him as I slid my skirt down over my hips and let it pool on the floor.

He nodded and slipped off to the kitchen. I kicked off my panties, taking only a moment to sniff at the wet spot my arousal had left on them, and followed after him. By the time I reached the kitchen Hank had one trash bag open and held ready for me.

We didn't have to share a word. I stepped into the bag and gave him a kiss, then curled up as he pulled the black plastic around me. It took only a few moments before the light faded out as he closed the top of the bag.

I wrapped my arms around my legs and held myself tight as he shifted my bag around, the familiar feeling of another bag pulling around me. The air in the bag was already growing warm and moist from my breathing.

Hank left me on the floor for the moment, and I tried to relax as the air started to grow a bit stale as the heat increased around me. I tried to stay relaxed as it started to grow a bit harder to breath. I knew my tiger wouldn't allow me to come to harm, but there was always the chance that I would need to cut open the bag with one of my claws.

Luckily my husband knew just how long to tease me. As I was starting to find the air growing heavy around me there was the sound of the bag being pulled and a cut with a knife. A moment later another slit was cut into the bag a few inches away from the first one, both well away from me.

I shifted around and pressed my nose against the hole, taking in a deep breath of fresh air. I let it out and leaned back in my bag, finally allowing my paws to slip down between my legs to start and tease my wet cunny. My juices were running heavy that night and were already starting to gather on the plastic under me.

The bag shifted around me then grew tight as Hank picked it up and carried me out of the house. I held my place, not wanting to give myself away to our neighbors, but still let out a squeak as I bounced my tail against the stone stairs as we went down them.

He carried me through the parking lot and hefted me in the air. I landed on a sloped metal surface, sliding slightly to rest against another metal surface, this time curved. The back of my husband's truck, empty of all trash but myself, but it was a nice place to stay while we went around town. Sometimes he would put me there when he did a small trip, but not enough to compact me.

I relaxed against the cold metal, twisting myself a bit and working my fingers past the lips of my sex. I waited until I heard the truck start before I allowed myself to make any sound. Though the sounds I did make was mostly soft gasping as I played with myself. The truck started moving, bouncing over the mostly poor roads around the town. The truck had bad shocks, but that made sense, why would trash need comfort?

We drove around for a while, I would guess at least half an hour, and I continued to play with myself through the whole trip. I tried not to push myself over the edge, but it was a close thing, there were very few things that I loved more than being trash.

The truck's engine finally fell silent, the vibrations falling away from. A moment later I heard the sound of Hank's door closing and the sound of his footsteps around the truck. Soon his firm hands were lifting me again, then throwing me. I landed in something deep and soft, the sound of my impact echoing around the metal about me.

Soon the tops of the bags started to twist and I saw the outline of Hank's face in the light of the city. He smiled at me and motioned for me to crawl out of the bag. I did as I was told and found myself in a half full dumpster. Bags and lose trash filled the bin, squishing and moving around me. There was lots of papers and boxes in the bags, apparently it was some sort of office dumpster.

Hank climbed into the dumpster with me, shrugging off his overalls. The only other thing he had one was his shirt, which he shrugged off and threw to the side. He smiled at me, his cock bobbing in the air, so very inviting. I reached for it but he put his hand out, bringing me to a stop.

"What is it?" I asked, sitting back in the trash, feeling myself sink into it, the bags squeaking around me as my weight settled on them.

My dirty tiger smiled at me and reached into his discarded pants, pulling out a small glass vial of a brownish liquid. "Your surprise," he said, handing it to me.

I took it from him and looked it over. The vial was plain; the only thing on it was a small cork stopper with a simple handle on top. "What is it?"

"It's that slime that collects at the bottom of dumpsters," he said with a smile.

I smiled in return, giving the vial a shake, it was hardly very much of it, but maybe I could use it as a sort of perfume, something to give me that trash smell when we weren't able to get out on the town. "Thank you," I said.

"Drink it," he said.

This took me by surprise, as fun as it was, it wasn't something that would be that safe to ingest. "Huh?"

The tiger nodded his head and reached out to fondle one of my breasts. "Trust me, it's special. It will be safe, and you'll enjoy it."

I looked at him for a few more moments, and then nodded my head. Undoing the stopper I lifted the vial to my lips. The smell was nasty, the distilled muck and grime that made up the trash I loved so much. I took in a long breath of it, than closing my eyes I threw my head back and poured it into my muzzle. It was just as nasty as it smelled; the taste was indescribable, just pure trash. It sent a tingle over my body as I gulped it down, allowing it to fill my belly.

Hank reached over and took the vial from me, closing it and carefully putting it back into his pants. "How do you feel," he asked.

I leaned back, rubbing my belly, my head feeling fuzzy and my body tingling. "I'm not sure," I said.

"You feel like trash," he said, leaning it closer to me and grabbing my breast. His fingers sank deep into my flesh as the familiar squeak of a plastic bag echoed throughout the dumpsters.

A shiver ran over my body as me twists his paws over my breasts, the squeaking came again. Slowly I looked down at my chest only to find that my husband wasn't grabbing my breasts, but two small, but tightly filled bags of trash, but at the same time they were my breasts.

I lifted my hands up and touched my breasts, feeling the trash move under the plastic. I let out a soft cry in pleasure and looked at my husband. "What did you do?"

"A little spell I had made up, it will last until morning, until then my dear, you're going to be nothing but trash," he said, kissing me firmly. As he did so I felt my lips grow softer as my teeth became more plastic as well.

He wrapped his arms around me and threw me onto the trash. I landed and bounced a bit, feeling lighter already. I could see the shine of trash bags starting to creep over my fur in different places as a feeling of pleasure ran through my body.

My husband kissed me again as my tongue started to puff out as trash began to fill it. I kissed him back, my tongue wrapping around his as he pressed my legs apart with his knees. Skillfully he slipped his cock into my soaking cunt, which, for the moment, was still flesh, and began to thrust. Each time he pressed against me I heard the ruffling of plastic as my body shifted under him.

I wrapped my arms around him, holding him close, though finding my grip going a bit weaker as my arms starting to swell and bent in interesting way. I watched in fascination as my fingers melted back into the trashbags that made up my arms.

Hank started to pick up the pace, growling with each thrust as his body pressed against mine. I humped back at his thrusting, my face starting to grow taunt as my muzzle pressed outwards at it filled with trash from the inside out. Soon my head was just a trash bag in the shape of a mouse.

I was finding it harder to move as the trash took over my body. I did what I could but it was my husband's show now. He pressed my breasts together with his hands and buried his face between then, nuzzling and licking at the plastic bags as the trash moved inside of them. His fucking growing stronger, hotter, as he pounded against me, his tail thrashing over my legs.

Then with a growl he slammed his cock into me and started to cum, his seed hot against my plastic body, his weight causing me to move and shift in strange ways. I wanted to cry out as well, but I couldn't, I couldn't move anything at all, I was just a pile of trash in the rough shape of a mouse, nothing more.

My tiger fell down against me, panting hard against my odd form. "God, you are a good fuck like this," he said.

It was good to be fucked like that, but I would have to make sure that the next time he let me cum first!

He slipped out of me, wiping his cock on what had been my legs. Thanks to his weight on top of me I had been misshapen enough to see my cunt, which was just a bunching in the full trash bag that looked strangely like a pussy, and leaking his cum.

Carefully he pulled his clothing back on and climbed out of the dumpster. I watched him go, wondering what he was going to do next, or if he was just going to leave me here, where ever here was. A moment later I heard his truck start up, for a second I worried that he was going to leave me there, as trash, but that worried flickered out as I felt the dumpster I was in start to lift.

I wanted to cry out in pleasure as it was lifted into the air, then started to tilt. Other bags of trash, some of them once a part of me, rolled around my body, but I could still see the open top of the dump truck as it hung open under me, then with a jolt the dumpster tipped and I, with the rest of the trash, crashed down inside of it.

The landing was soft, there was still quite a bit of trash inside, he hadn't emptied it that night like he should have. A few moments later the greatest sound I had ever heard filled the inside of the truck. The whining of the compressors as the compacter started up.

In moment the pressure started to build around me, the trash pressing against me, flatting and stretching me as we were pushed together. One of the bags that had been me burst under the force of it, my trash mingling with the rest around me. The pressure grew stronger, spreading the bits of me further away. I wasn't even thinking of myself as a person anymore, just trash.

I was nothing but trash, mingling with the trash that shared the truck with me. I knew, deep in my trash filled heart that it was exactly where I belonged.


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