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Bagging a Roomate

by Phil

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© Copyright 2007 - Phil - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; naked; bond; gag; balltie; bagged; messy; party; trash; stuck; mast; cons/reluct; X

“Come on, Amanda! It will just be for today, and not even for that long!” Sherri’s voice took on an almost pleading tone as she widened her eyes with a mixture of hope and apprehension. Clasping her hands together in front of her chest, Sherri looked up towards Amanda, not letting up for an instant, “Besides, you agreed to it already, and you’re the only one I’d trust with this!”

Amanda couldn’t help but feel herself slowly giving grounds to Sherri’s heartfelt pleads. Sherri had been her roommate for over two years now, and in that time, she had quickly learned of Sherri’s skill at negotiating matters so she got what she wanted. Even still, it hadn’t stopped Amanda and Sherri from becoming fast and close friends, and had led to a few interesting nights between the both of them; generally due to Sherri’s insistence and fantasies, from bondage to a bit of sexual play, generally with Sherri asking to be tied up or used in some way.

This time though, Amanda had begun to wonder if Sherri hadn’t gone completely nuts, and she found herself repeating words she had been speaking for almost half an hour, “But Sherri, you want me to tie you up… and put you inside a garbage bag! I mean seriously, regardless for how long it’s going to be, why on earth would you want to do this?”

Sherri looked back up towards Amanda again, gazing over her taller roommate for a moment. Amanda stood at least a full head taller than Sherri, and her dark brown hair was a nice contrast to Sherri’s own pale blond. She snapped her attention back to the matter at hand, grinning like a kid, “Because, I’ve always had a thing for playing around in plastic… and I’ve never tried this and been unable to get out myself. C’mon Amanda, you already have all these trash bags out for cleaning the apartment, so I’d just be in another one; besides, I know you like tying me up.”

As Sherri finished her words, she gave Amanda a soft seductive wink, while taking a small step closer. She could see Amanda’s will weakening as she looked over the several trash bags already laying on the floor of their apartment, and as Amanda finally sighed and rolled her eyes, Sherri felt her heart skip a beat.

“Oh alright, Sherri.”

“Thank you, sweetie! I promise you won’t regret this.”

Amanda couldn’t help but grin a bit, and leaned down to give the other woman a quick but gentle kiss, “Yeah yeah, just go and get me the trash bags.”

She had barely finished before Sherri was almost running for the box, while Amanda took a moment to clear a seat off on the couch. She could feel a little curiosity growing in herself now, wondering what it would be like to have Sherri inside a garbage bag, and feeling a bit of excitement at the thought. Amanda didn’t get a chance to finish her thought though, as the smaller woman came skipping back, box in hand, and being offered forward like a new toy. Amanda took the box in one smooth motion, and then stood up, glancing over Sherri’s short skirt and her tight tank top. Giving only a single nod as she considered it, Amanda tore off a single trash bag from the roll, “Alright, strip.”

Sherri did so without hesitation, sliding her skirt and panties down her smooth, creamy white legs, and pulling her tank top off to free her breasts to the cool air; her nipples already firming up from the breeze and the thought of what was about to happen. She was already barefoot, so that wasn’t a problem. Barely a moment passed from the time her top hit the ground to the feeling of Amanda taking her wrists, and began wrapping the garbage bag tightly around them. In a moment, Sherri felt her hands bound firmly, with barely an inch to wiggle her wrists in. Amanda didn’t waste any time at all, soon having torn off another bag, and sealed Sherri’s ankles together under the unyielding plastic.

As Amanda stood up, she noticed the moisture between Sherri’s legs, bringing a wicked smile forth, “Don’t get too far ahead down there, little one. We’re just beginning.”

Sherri could only nod her head faintly, even as she felt her heart continue to race faster as Amanda snapped out yet another trash bag, letting the cool plastic settle before setting it down onto the floor near to where she was tied. Amanda walked away from the open bag and came back over towards Sherri, looking over her bound form with a strange gleam in her eyes, and one that made Sherri just a touch nervous.

Amanda’s voice snapped her out of her musings on what it could mean though, and she felt her knees being pushed up against her chest while Amanda’s voice filled her ears, “Can’t have you moving inside your bag, now can we?” Another unfolded trash bag was tied tightly around Sherri’s body and knees, keeping them pinned up tightly to her chest. One more bag locked her bound ankles back up against her bum, and her wrists down over her calves, and then Sherri found herself unable to move at all, and she looked up to Amanda with a brilliant smile, her recent worry now forgotten with her fantasy so close.

“Amanda this is great; I can’t move at all. Are you going to put me into the trash now?”

Sherri’s voice betrayed her eagerness, and she was answered with a firm shake of Amanda’s head, “Not yet, first I need to keep you quiet.”

Sherri wasn’t given much time to think on this before she felt a thick wool sock pushed past her lips, and from the taste of the fabric it hadn’t been washed in a while. The tearing of tape reached her ears, and a wide strip of duct tape came down over her mouth, sealing the sock in place. Amanda gave a slight grin now as she smoothed the tape out, “That’s an old sock that’s been on my floor a while; it has a hole in the heel, so it doesn’t have much use. I was going to throw it out anyway. Speaking of which, it’s your turn now, honey.”

Amanda picked up the edge of the bag, showing Sherri a dark cave awaiting her for only a moment, before she rolled her friend down into the plastic. Taking the opening and giving it a firm shake, she settled Sherri onto the bottom, and peered down at her through the top, “Well here you are, Sherri, hope it’s as much fun as you thought it’d be. Now I’m going to finish cleaning around here, and you’re not getting out until then.”

Amanda twisted the top of the bag closed; making sure to keep it somewhat loose so she could get her bound friend out more easily later. With a wistful sigh as she looked down towards the trash bag, she then turned back to her work, idly noting just how much like a normal trash bag it looked like before she began cleaning again.

Sherri, meanwhile, was having the time of her life. She had never been so excited before; here she was, actually bound up inside a trash bag!

Sherri could still see out through the liner somewhat, and she could hear Amanda going through the apartment, ignoring her bagged friend while she went through her chores. It had already gotten quite warm inside her bag now, so Sherri leaned back and closed her eyes now, rocking her hips down onto her heels to help the growing pleasure she was feeling there, even as she began to lose all sense of time. She began to rock more and more steadily now, a muffled moan escaping her confines. She began to dream, imagining herself being picked up with the other garbage in the apartment, her roommate not realizing her mistake until too late. As the first of these dreams hit her, Sherri exploded into her first orgasm…

Amanda, meanwhile, had finished cleaning up the apartment, and sat down in a heap onto the couch, holding the last trash bag in her hands. She glanced over towards Sherri’s bag, and her roommate’s soft cries barely reached her. A deep frown crossed her face now; why should Sherri get all the fun? Just then, Amanda got a wicked idea, and had barely picked up the phone before she began to pound numbers into the keys.

Sherri came down from yet another high… gasping deeply from past her gag. This had been a wonderful afternoon, but she had already been in this bag several hours now, and moisture lined the bag freely. She wiggled just a bit, wondering when Amanda was going to let her out; it had to have been long enough by now. As though in answer to her questions, the top of the bag suddenly opened, showing Amanda’s grinning face above her.

Sherri began to make soft mewling sounds into her gag, but her roommate shook her head once, “No, not just yet Sherri. I’ve been working hard all day, just for you to have some fun? You wanted to be like garbage today, so that’s just what I’m going to treat you as.”

Sherri’s eyes widened as she listened to Amanda speak, and then she began to really squirm, but her bonds were too tight, and all she managed was a light rocking of her prison. Amanda giggled at the sight of her, and then slid out of sight. Sherri felt her bag rolling a bit, and then she heard the plastic around her rustle, and the walls grew even darker. Amanda was putting another bag over her!

Trying to call out again, her tall roommate appeared overhead once more. Her bags began to drag as Amanda moved her towards the kitchen of their small apartment, and Sherri could only watch as the opening of the bag was propped open against the counter. Before she could wonder what was going on, a sudden rush of items and some liquid flew over her, slapping lightly against her body and filling up the bottom of the bag. As Sherri cleared her head, she looked down, and cried out loudly. Garbage, Amanda had begun to fill her bag with actual trash from the kitchen! The smell hit her nose a half second after the thought became clear in her mind, but before she could protest she was hit with another load of kitchen trash. Sherri noticed that she was now nearly half buried in the stuff, with most of her head and shoulders coated or covered in some manner. Once more, Amanda appeared, her grin nearly from ear to ear.

“How are we down there, little Sherri? I should probably tell you I invited nearly all our friends to come over tonight, we’re going to have a large party. I’m also going to make sure you’re the only bag around to use, and the way you look right now, I don’t think anyone will notice you.”

As Amanda walked out of sight, Sherri began to get really nervous… she knew what kinds of parties they threw, and by the end of it she was sure to be buried in garbage and food. She began to try to struggle anew as she realized that her fantasies of being thrown out with the trash were become more and more real with every second. Even as fear began to flood her through, she felt a new warmth and wetness between her legs, and it wasn’t from the waste surrounding her… all she could do now was wait for the party.

An hour later, Amanda let the first guests in, welcoming each one warmly, and telling them that Sherri was unable to join them tonight. She had made sure to tell all of them to bring some kind of food or another, and she was rewarded with several cakes and puddings, as well as numerous chips and salsas as more guests arrived, to say nothing of drinks. Silently glad the bags she had used were heavy duty, Amanda could only chuckle as she watched the only bag in the kitchen filling up more and more as the party drug on. Her plan had worked! No one had so much as even looked into the bag, much less noticed any cries from it. But between the conversations and some music in the background, Sherri’s chances of being heard were next to none.

Inside the bag, Sherri was nearly chest deep in trash now; her body coated with some kind of food or another. Her legs and arms had gotten very sore now, and the smell that was rising wasn’t too pleasant either. She had given up trying to get help an hour ago; no one was paying her any mind. Her only relief was that her bag was nearly full, and that wasn’t any kind of relief at all! Even still, she had made the best out of her situation… and had climaxed twice more during the entire party. As she gasped loudly for air, she began to drift towards sleep, relieved to hear that people were finally beginning to go home.

Sherri awoke suddenly as she felt her body being shook by some force… and after a moment’s struggle, remembered where she was, and what kind of predicament she was in. Looking up, she once again saw the grinning face of Amanda, and Sherri also noticed that the music and other voices had stopped… the party was finally over. She squirmed a bit inside the bag, giving Amanda a wide-eyed pleading look. The garbage in her bag was up to her neck, and she couldn’t even see the rest of her own body! Amanda simply shook her head once, even as she gathered the edges of the bags. With a sinking feeling in her gut, Sherri had a pretty good idea what was up next as Amanda spoke.

“Mmm… you were right, Sherri. This was a lot of fun! We’ll definitely have to do this sometime again. Right now though, I’m going to head to bed… since you’re such a mess, you’ll just have to stay there the rest of the night. Can’t have the smell getting out though…” with that, Amanda quickly closed the bags up, tying them shut with a pair of zip ties. She poked a small hole in the top for Sherri to breath, even as the faint calls from her roommate barely penetrated the plastic. Amanda simply ignored them as she turned off the lights, leaving the large bag of garbage resting against the counter with some of the other bags from earlier.

There was no difference at all, save for the slight that could barely be seen from the largest bag in the pile. Inside her plastic prison, Sherri gasped heavily through the sock, rubbing herself to yet another orgasm as she waited for morning; hoping desperately that Amanda would need to clean the apartment again very, very soon!

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