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Bagged Toy

by malus_infantia

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© Copyright 2011 - malus_infantia - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; club; maid; bond; gag; drug; bdsm; sex; bagged; dumpster; truck; disposal; landfill; buried; toys; climax; cons; XX

Usual cavaeat of this being a work of ficition, do not try at home, this kind of shit will porbably kill you, etc. etc. Applies. Enjoy!

That poor boy would never be found. Buried amongs piles of rubbish, bagged up like a worthless piece of garbage... well, that's what he is now. Just another trash bag of compacted garbage.

He didn't make wise decisions, it just wasn't something he was good at. He was in his early tweenties, had dropped out of college, and was basically chasing what highs he could. He'd hit the clubs of the city, and he knew where to score weed, booze, blow, and pretty much any other chemical worth hitting. He grifted the better part of his money from rubes that would pity him, and he drifted from couch to couch, not really caring where he ended up one night or the next. He was cute though, and he knew his way around the tender parts of women, so despite being a bastard he was often lucky.

His lack of discrimination and his hedonistic ways proved to be his undoing. He was crashing with one of his freakier friends and was invited to go out to the local fetish club. He planned on rolling out with him, and then ditching after getting in the door. He'd been there before, and he did enjoy looking at the women. Be they leather clad and severe Dominatrices, or the more scantily clad submissives... It was all good to him. He figured he might get lucky as well. Either by landing a sub for a little suck and fuck, or a Domme for a little tease and light bondage... He wouldn't complain.

So he dressed, shaved and made himself look all innocent and pretty. He had young face and a pitiable way about him, so the 'lost boy' angle worked well for him more often than not. He then went off to the club, riding the city buses through its desolate streets. He was greeted by a wall of cigarette smoke which mingled with the spicier scent of cloves. My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult was blasting on the sound system, asking rhetorically "Do You Fear For Your Child?". The kid eased into his environment with an alarming kind of grace. He passed by the main floor, shooting a passing glance at the women and men that were getting flogged against the wall. He smirked and siddled his way to the bar, ordered a whiskey, and found a nice smoky corner to sit in while he looked for something to score... be it meat or drug.

It wasn't long before a very pretty woman, maybe a few years his senior and clad in a delicious vinyl french maid outfit, approached him. Leaning towards him to speak into his ear, she asked in the quietly loud voice demanded by all clubs of this sort "My Mistress would like to see you, will you come?" Sensing the clever little entandre in her invitation, the young man stood up and follow the woman.

He was lead to a back corner where an imperious woman, maybe in her early thirties, greeted him with a pleasant, though slightly devilish smile. She was dressed in fine fetish gear... Black whale-bone corset, elbow length leather gloves, black leather skirt, knee high boots. "Hello there, boy. I am glad to see you were receptive to my Maid." The boy just grinned and nodded to the Domme.

"We're bored of this place, and you look like just the kind of play thing that knows how to have fun. We'll take you back to our place and give you the time of your life" the Domme explained. The young man just nodded his affirmation again. The Domme smiled wickedly, "But if we get tired of you, my Maid here will bag you up and throw you out in the trash!" she said in a sultury voice and winked at young man. He just chuckled, but if he had paid attention he would have noticed how worringly keen the Maid and the Domme seemed to be about this bit. So after reaffirming that he was game, they got their things together and the trio quit the fetish club.

The Maid drove the car home, while the Domme sat in the back fondling her new found toy, "Shhh... don't move... that's right, like a good little toy" she whispered into his ear as she caressed him to rock-hardness through his jeans.

By the time they got back to the Domme's play space the young man was extremely aroused. This was going to be a good evening, he thought. Once they entered the play space, the young man saw all sorts of neat toys and items meant to torture and delight. The Domme began to strip the young man's clothes off while the Maid went and grabbed a large 55 gallon black trash bag. The young man gave the bag a worrying look, but just grinned as the Domme caressed his now naked skin. "Shh... don't you worry little lamb. We just want to keep your things together" the Domme assured him as the Maid placed the young man's clothes into the trash bag.

The Domme offered the boy two pills, "this is good medicine... It will help you enjoy yourself tonight". One pill was ecstasy and the other percocet, a combination that would ensure that he was in a constant state of delight and arousal, but it would make it difficult for him to actually cum. The young man didn't really know this, or really care. He'd taken drugs from strangers much more sinister than this kinky pair. "Cheers" he said before swallowing them down.

The Maid brought the Domme a ball gag, which she quickly placed in the mouth of her new toy. "Toy's don't speak, we just use them!" the Domme whispered into the man's ear. He was still quite aroused, and he stood around waiting to see what would happen next.

Well... it was all a blur from there. The Domme and the Maid took their turns with their new toy. They fucked him hard, they fucked him slow. They spanked him, they flogged him, and one would masturbate while the other rode him. They used him up good, and being overstimulated, and with the little touch from the percocet not once did he cum... so he was rock hard and screaming for release by the time they seemed to grow weary of him.

As he laid there, covered in sweat and at full attention, the Domme grabbed some wrist cuffs, and arm cuffs. She cuffed the young man's hands behind his back, and after pushing him to the ground, she cuffed his legs. He just panted behind his gag, and looked at the Domme with the wild and tired lust of a person rolling hard on E. "Well... I think this boy toy is spent" she said as she looked down at him. She then turned to the Maid and said, "Get him ready for the trash... but make sure he enjoys it... he was fun, he deserves a squirt." The maid nodded and left the room for a little while. As she busied herself grabbing some items, the Domme placed her booted foot on the spent young man's chest.

"You're going into the garbage, little boy. Because that's what you are... a worthless, little broken toy. We're going to bag you up, little boy, and we're going to throw you into our dumpster. Then we're going to watch the garbage truck come, and dispose of you in its compactor. Maid and I are going to love waching you get compacted in the garbage. Then you'll be off to the dump, little boy... where you'll stay forever and ever as useless bag of compacted garbage!" The young man just stared at her in wide and wild eyed drug induced haze. The ecstasy was still coursing through him, so even the press of her boot felt like a buzzing bit of heaven. Some small part in the back of his mind told him that he was in too deep... that bad shit was about to go down. But he couldn't summon the strength to fight, or to care, really.

The Maid returned. In one hand she clutched lube, what looked like a butt plug, and some black duct tape. In the other hand she clutched a number of black garbage bags. She lubed up the butt plug, and gently slide it into the young man's bottom as the Domme explained, "But you were fun trash, so this vibrator going to massage your prostate quite nicely. It will make sure you get off nice and hard as you're being crushed in the garbage". Next the Maid paritally unfolded one of the black trash bags and slid it under the man's bottom. The Maid pulled the front of the trash bag up between his legs, and then using the black duct tape, she taped the makeshift trash bag panties nice and snugly into place. "That trash bag diaper will make sure the vibrator will stay in place... you also might find it nice to rub your little cock against as you're getting trashed" the Domme explained to the doomed young man.

The young man writhed around slightly. The slick trash bag crinkling between his legs felt like heaven as his skin was alighted with goose bumps, his cock strained against it's plastic prison, and his bottom felt so full. He was overwhelmed by the sensations. The Domme pulled the young man up into a sitting position as the Maid whipped open a 55 gallon trash bag. He was very compliant as they manuvered him into it, and it easily engulfed him as he sat down. Another trashbag was opened, and he was manuvered inside of it, and finally a third thrash bag. The smooth plastic of the trash bag rubbed against his sweaty skin, and felt like a tiny slice of heaven. The Maid places a small tube for air at the top of the trash bags, and then closed the triple bags up sealing out the light for good. The Maid zip tied the bag shut, and he was now bagged up like trash. He was trash.

He heard the maid and the Domme make love. They rubbed themselves against his bagged body, and they came more than once as he writhed in his trash bag, enjoying every sense and sensation as they delighted in what would become of him. After a while of playing with each other and with him the Domme said, "Alright, it's time to get rid of this trash". Together, the Maid and the Domme hoisted up their special bag of Garbage, and walked him out to the green dumpster by their apartment space. They tossed their special garbage into the side door of the dumpster, and he landed with a plastic thump among the other bags of trash. The bags rustled quietly as he writhed about, and his movement caused him to sink into the shiny, crinkling company. The Maid and the Domme watched him as they slowly caressed each other, keeping one another excited and just shy of orgasm. After a few minutes, the young man's movements became less frantic, but still he wriggled about amazed, terrified, and amazingly turned on.

After about twenty minutes or so, in the blue light of pre dawn, the garbage truck turned into the apartment complex. "Hear that trash? They're coming to take you and ALL of these bags of trash to the dump. They're coming to crush you up, like the worthless bag of trash you are."

The young man moaned, and perhaps tried to shout... but his gag kept the noise to a minimum. The garbage truck approached the dumpster, and the Domme and the Maid took a few discreete steps away. The arms of the front loading truck slid into the grooves of the waiting dumpster, and as the garbage truck started to lift the dumpster, the Domme flipped the switch on the remote control for the vibrator that was inserted in the young man. All at once he was overcome by the sensation of movement, and then ecstatic shock rippling through his body as he the vibrator massaged his prostate. As the garbage truck dumped him and the rest if the bags of garbage into its maw he started to cum with an insane intensity. He tried to howl his delight, but the air was knocked from him as he was buried in a cascade of shinny, rustiling, black trash bags. He writhed in his own bag, his sweat lubricating his black plastic prison, his cock rubbing ferociously against his trash bag diaper pants made slick by the copious amounts of cum and sweat trapped around his loins. A moment of pure sexual ecstasy in the face of his imminent death.

The Maid and the Domme watched with glazed eyes as the dumpster was emptied into the back of the garbage truck, waiting for that special moment, the hiss of the compactor. The dumpster was placed back on the ground, and then came the part they were waiting for. With a hyrdaulic hiss and the sound of a motor reving, the garbage truck started it's compacting cycle. The Maid and the Domme held on to each other as they felt their orgasms hit. They were both imagining their broken toy cumming all over himself in his shinny trash bag briefs as he was compacted in his trash bag along with all the other bags of garbage.

And that's just what he was doing, he was still cumming riding the E and the drugged euphoria as the wall of steel slowly pushed him into the trash in the back of the truck. And he was still cumming as he met the resistance of the already compacted trash in the truck. And he was still cumming as the ram continued to push against him, crushing him as he writhed and struggled. The Maid and the Domme watched the garbage truck drive off. They returned to their play space, and enjoyed each other for quite a while as they remembered the disposal of their little boy toy.

The garbage truck continued its rounds, and with every dumpster full of bagged up garbage the young man was compacted that much more into the trash. By noon the garbage truck took him to the land fill. He was unceremoniously dumped into its filthy waste. Completely unnoticed as the bag of trash he was. He was buried with the others of his kind... the other pieces of refuse that had been bagged up and discarded. Left to the mercies of trash compactors and earth movers. And that poor boy would never be found. Buried amongs piles of rubbish, bagged up like a worthless piece of garbage. Well, that's what he is now. Just another trash bag full of compacted garbage.

But the Domme was right... they'd showed him the time of his life.


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