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Bagged & Burned

by Garbage Girl

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; bond; gag; chains; bagged; trash; garbagebin; truck; compacted; transported; loader; incinerator; death; climax; cons; XX

I have a pretty good life, being young and married to the man of my dreams. He was such a successful business person and he has provided for me well. When we did our finances, we figured it would be better for me to not work. Our agreement was he would take care of making the money if I would tend to the house cleaning, yard work, pay bills and cook the dinners. We’ve been married for a couple of years and enjoyed our lifestyle even though my husband would often travel.

It was one hot summer day when I was out doing the yard work and I heard the trash truck coming down the street. I’ve always admired those guys that pick-up the trash as it’s not always an easy job. So I run inside and grab a couple of bottles of cold water and return just in time as they pull the truck up to my house. He jumps off, grabs the bags and gracefully tossed them into the back of the truck and then grabs the large bin, hooks it to the auto dumper and empty’s the contents of the bin into the truck. He then turns around, looking at me in my low cut tank top and I offer him the cold water. He graciously accepts and says thank you.

I introduce myself and say, "I’m Jill". His name is Joe. I say, "It’s hot out and you looked like you need something". We chatted a few minutes, he finished his water, pulls the lever on the truck to start the compaction cycle and then proceeds to the next stop. I just watch in excitement as the packer blade of the truck comes down and compacts and scoops the garbage into the back of the truck. It just amazes me the way those machines work. I’ve always dreamed of being one of those garbage bags getting compacted in a rear loading truck like that.

Ever since then, I got to know Joe as this was his truck and route. If I caught him out on his route, I would offer him water or sometimes snacks to eat later. Through that friendship Joe would from time to time do favors for us such taking extra trash without the extra charges. As he said, it was his business and for the most part, despite the competition in the area, he believed in good customer service.

One day when he came to pick-up our trash, I asked him if I could operate the controls on the compactor. He said sure since the hopper was almost full. He even let me toss my trash bags in, showed me what to do and then I took control as he instructed. I was amazed as the packer blade opened up and gracefully came down covering all the bags of trash and then with no effort practically scooped everything into the truck. I told him how exciting this was to me to see everything get scooped up into the truck. I then said to him, "I that I would like to be in one of the those trash bags sometime and get scooped up into the truck like that as it excites me".

He said that he has done that for other customers before and that it was really easy to do. "If you would like to do it sometime, all you need to do is be inside a large trash bag, preferably doubled bagged and then tie a large yellow ribbon on the top". He also suggested adding some extra padding for safety. He said, "I just need to see the large yellow ribbon so that once I am at the transfer station, I can pull the bag back out and return you safely home."

I was excited and asked, "Do I need to let you know what, day I am going to do this?"

He said, "No just make sure the yellow ribbon is visible. No advanced notice required".

I said, "It may be a few weeks, but I want to try that soon".

He said, "Not a problem. The yellow ribbon is for visibility and safety and the double bagging is to protect you from most things. You know there is a risk, but because you are inside a trash bag, under state law you are releasing any liability for all risks assumed with this". He then said, "When I see the yellow ribbon, I will just scoop you into the truck without using a lot of compression. This then creates a nice fluffy pocket of trash bags around you to keep you safe and somewhat protected from the compressed trash. Also makes it easier for me to find you".

I knew at that point I was for sure going to do this sometime in the future once I could convince my husband to bag me up. I then continued talking to Joe for a few more minutes. One question I asked him was about the current trash rate because I said a new company has been advertising in the area for lower trash rates and I was wondering about that.

He said this new company that is trying to get customers in the area actually is using the low rate and will then increase the rates shortly there after. He also said, that they haul their trash to the incinerator in the next town and because they are a large corporation, they don’t put much into the local community. I had said my husband wanted to know because many of the friends on the street were making the switch. Joe said, "I hope I can still continue to service you and I will continue to give you the best rate. You are one of the few customers left on this street". I said thanks and that we plan to continue using him.

I told my husband this evening what Joe told me. He said he will continue to give us the best rate on trash service and their was no need to switch to save money short term. I also pointed out to my husband that Joe does take extra trash for us at times for no extra charge. He did agree with that. I then said, that Joe let me operate the compactor on his truck to today to compact the load. I even got to throw some trash bags in the back. I then told my husband what I had told Joe about riding in the back of the truck sometime. My husband was somewhat surprised and asked, "Are you sure about this and have you thought about the risks". I said, "Yes, I wanted to do it and I do understand the risks". I told him I loved him and gave him a kiss. I said in the mean time, relax while I take care of some housework. Little did he realize that this was all part of my plan.

I had spent the next few days cleaning house and filling up all the trash cans around the house. Finally I was ready and I called my husband up to the room and said I needed his help with some trash. He came up as I told him that I would get into the bag and he was to get trash from around the house to fill the bag and take it out. I got in, but then he said to get back out because he had some things to help me fit in the bag and to look more like a trash bag. He pulls out a clamp and places it around my neck. He then clamps two more to my ankles and two more to my wrist. He then runs a chain from my neck down to my ankles and locks it in place and then locks my wrists to my ankles with some more short chains. He then pulls out a ball gag on a chain and shoves it in my mouth. He says, "Since you want to be garbage, it is important that you not speak. Garbage does not talk so I don’t want to hear another word from you."

He then proceeds to put me into the first large garbage bag I had gotten and then puts me in the second bag. I was now at the bottom of the bag and could only look up and see the ceiling. "Now let me finish getting you ready for your ride".

He than grabs the bag and takes it downstairs and opens the bag back up and starts dumping trash into it from the full garbage cans around the house. First off, he pulls the can out of his den which was full of paper and dumps it in, next he dumps the kitchen trash, followed by the trash from the guest bathroom, even though it was not much. By now the trash was up to my chest as he next dumps my bathroom trash which had empty make-up containers, used tampon applicators, used pantiliners, tissue, used maxi pads and wrappers. It now came up to my neck as he then dumps the bedroom trash which included more tissues, worn out pantyhose, old panties, shape wear and other accessories I could now longer use or give away. This then covered my head.

He looked down and said, "I don’t see you anymore so the bag must be full. Time to take the garbage out."

With that, he then inserted a small tube for breathing as he closed the bag and tied it off with. He then picked up the bag with me in it and then carried it outside to our trash bin. He opened the lid and dropped me in. I landed onto one of the other bags I had tossed out prior. He then tied a yellow ribbon to my bag, closed the lid of the garbage can. I then felt it tip somewhat and as it started to move down the driveway to the end. He then made a few more trips to set out some more bags as he also had done some extra cleaning and wanted to get rid of stuff. There I was in the garbage can waiting for pick-up the next day. I was getting excited, but I know since it was night time I would have to wait a little while so I dozed off thinking about Joe and his truck coming to pick me up.

I was not sure how long I sleep, but when I woke up I could tell it was a new day as I heard the birds in the back ground and the occasional car driving by. As I listened I realized I heard a faint rumbling of a truck in the background. It started to get louder I could hear the hissing of the airbrakes as it would start and stop. I then heard it rev up and realized it was a garbage truck as it was going to through the compacting cycle. I thought of Joe and even though the truck sounded slightly different, I figured there may be some muffling of the sound because of me being bag and in the can.

The sound continued to get louder and I started to get more excited. I then hear the truck pull up next to me. I then felt my can tip back, go into the street and get hooked to the can lifter since it was a large bin. I felt the can lifting and I then fell out of the garbage can and into the hopper of the truck landing on some trash bags already in there. The garbage man then tossed the remaining bags next to my can and I felt the truck moving to the next house. A few more bags got tossed in and then onto the next stop.

There were maybe three more stops as I could hear and feel more bags being tossed in before there was a long pause as I heard the following conversation. "Jimmy, That house we stopped at is not one of our customers, what should we do?"

Jimmy replied, "I guess they are going to get a free pick-up from us because I’m not going to pull the bags out of the hopper and return them. It’s a mistake and they’ll get over it since its all garbage anyway."

What I did not know about yet, these guys were the competitor to Joe and they are the ones that picked me up and threw me and my garbage into their truck. To them I was just ordinary garbage. I heard the truck rev up and my excitement built as the blade of the compactor opened up dropping some of the previously crushed garbage onto the fresh bags in the hopper. The packer blade them comes down covering all the fresh garbage bags before the guys pull the next lever that starts the compression and scoping of the garbage into the back of the truck.

As I hear the compactor starts through the cycles I can feel the bags starting to crush and pop as pressure is applied and the bags are being crushed and scooped up into the truck. I climaxed as I realized there was a lot of pressure on me. I could still breath and I did not feel any thing broken so I was relieved as the movement stopped. I could tell when the truck started and stopped as the guys continued to load more bags into the hopper of the truck. I then hear the truck rev up again, felt the pressure released for a minute as I and the crushed garbage fell onto of the fresh bags of trash before the compactor started the cycle of compressing the new trash and forcing me and the crushed trash back into the truck.

I felt the pressure reapplied as the new trash was pushed against me. I then felt the truck start to move again and stop as they filled the hopper again with more garbage before the truck revved up again with new load of bags. I felt some movement backwards, but not as much as the first time around. The truck completed its compacting cycle pushing more garbage into the truck. By now I was pushed far enough into the truck I could only be aware of the continued starting and stopping of the truck and hearing the packing cycles as they continued on for sometime as I was pushed more and more into the body of the truck.

After some time it felt like the pressure had stopped, and I was well compacted into the truck. It seemed like the pressure had finally stopped and I was glad because I was not sure how much more I could take as it was starting to get pretty tight. I could tell we were on the road going somewhere, but not sure where. I then start to feel some pressure again, but it felt like it was coming from the opposite direction, when in fact it was. The truck had arrived at the dumping area and was pushing the load onto the tip floor. I could tell I as buried in a mountain of garbage as I waited there thinking Joe would come pull me out soon.

Little did I now about my next fate as a front loader came and started scooping garbage from my pile and dumping it into a hopper that was funneling it right into an incinerator. I could tell that I had been scooped up and was moving somewhere and then dumped. I felt something vibrating as garbage was being channeled into this opening into a large chamber. A few more piles were dumped in as preparations were made to fire up the incinerator. I hear a large roar of air as the exhaust fans start up followed by a woosh as the gas assisted burners light up and start burning the garbage.

It got warm as I realized that my bag started to melt and I saw the flames starting to burn the garbage surrounding me. I knew my fate as I watch my used maxi pads, old panties and shapewear burn an then flames consumed me and I became nothing more than a pile of ashes. The remaining ashes were then cleaned out of the incinerator and hauled to the landfill as I was nothing more than a pile of ash.

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