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Bagged Up

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2003 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; naked; bond; tape; gag; bagged; enclosed; trunk; truck; disposal; landfill; cons/nc; XX

I was expected by the Mistress I found over the net on a Monday morning. I worked nights, so it worked fine for me. I arrived to find her also cleaning out her house; she had a lot of different boxes, bags, etc. sitting in the living room.

“So you want to experience being bagged, huh? Well, you’ll have to deal with the fact that I’m also cleaning my home. I normally only have sessions in the evening and overnight, but I’m doing this due to your work schedule. Understand?”

I tell her Yes.

I strip in her dining room, I am gagged with duct tape after a bag is shoved in my mouth, my arms and legs are tied together with garbage bags, and one is tied around my eyes and another over my mouth keeping me quiet. I am made to get into a fetal position and more plastic is tied around me to keep me in position.

She brings over some very large, extremely thick garbage bags. One is laid on the floor and I am rocked over it, and she brings it up over me where she ties it shut. A small hole is made for me to breathe. Then I am bagged inside another with it also tied shut and a hole for breathing is made.

“I agreed to do this for you for 8 hours, so you could sleep before working this evening. Hope you enjoy it, I’ve got work to do.”

I’m curled inside my little bit of heaven dozing, but can still hear her working, apparently bringing up more trash and such. I then hear a group of men come in and call for her. She comes in and tells them all the trash and stuff in the living room is what they are to haul away, she’ll keep bringing stuff up from the basement.

I hear them working hard, and complaining that some boxes are empty, so they shove junk in the boxes and move them full, making things easier. Suddenly someone grabs my bag!

“Here’s one in here. She must have left it by accident. Man its heavy! Didn’t we see an old trunk? Yeah, grab it, we’ll put it in there and haul it to the truck.”

Wait! I’m in here! I try and scream… doing all I can to thrash and kick to let them know there is someone in this. But the plastic that she wrapped me in a ball with works to well, and I’m too well gagged. Where is Mistress? She must be downstairs still. I’m rolled into the trunk and the lid is locked. I feel myself being carried and I’m thrown up into something, and roll until I’m on my head.

What’s going on???

More things can be felt being loaded onto the truck as well, and soon we’re moving. After a period of time, we stop and I hear them throwing things off the truck, and soon I’m rolled off as well, landing hard. More is thrown off on top of me.

“Can you believe that woman? Call us on our cell phone on our way here to the landfill saying to look through the bags, we’d picked one up on accident? She wouldn’t say what was in it, only that we’d know it was important when we saw it. I’m not going through anyone’s junk. Its bad enough I have to move it.”

“Yeah. I went and opened a few of the big one. I thought of that big heavy one we put in that trunk, but its down under a lot of stuff so I’m not going after it. She can live with it gone. She shouldn’t have had an important bag so close to all the trash she was having us haul out.

I can vaguely hear them. I now know my fate, and there is nothing to do but wait to either die of thirst or suffocate when the landfill equipment buries me.

Oddly, I am not upset, but greatly relieved that I’m going the way I am.

Bagged up.

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