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by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2006 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; wrap; toys; mast; climax; trash; food; messy; stuck; dumpster; truck; transported; dumped; landfill; buried; cons/nc; XX

I had thought of everything, I was very thorough in my preparations. The dumpster would be delivered on Thursday afternoon, and would stay till Wednesday evening, around 3:00-4:00pm. I would have time to play my games inside the dumpster all that time. I had gone to the store and gotten 55 gallon trashcan liners, the heavy reinforced ones, two boxes. My house was full of old things to throw out, but I took the last four months looking for garbage that I could stuff into the dumpster and not get hurt by. 

I told a local restaurant that I was going to have a “food fight” for a youth benefit, and they told me that I could have all their leftover food for the week, all I had to do was take it that night. Mostly bread and cake- it would not go too bad in that amount of time. I did this with three restaurants. On Monday night I gathered the first loads of garbage from the restaurants, it filled about eight bags full. I was surprised. The next night I got the cooks attention and they saved even more for my campaign. I think I got around 10 bags. On Wednesday night, I gathered 15 bags! So- before I had loaded my own trash, I already had 33 bags of food garbage! A real dumpster full of food!

The dumpster came late Thursday at about 7:00pm, and I began washing it out with my hose outside my house. I had the truck place it up my driveway, so it would not attract too much attention. I was happy to see it there. After all, I had 33 bags of garbage sitting in my driveway. After the leftover sludge was washed out, the smell was reduced by half. I would not be too bad off in this dumpster.

I knew that I would need to make a way to deposit the garbage on top of myself for this to work the way I wanted it to - so over the past three months of planning, I devised a method of pulling the garbage off the roof of my house, and into the dumpster. The dumpster was positioned right against the house next to both the carport, and the garage. Tonight I would lift garbage bags up to the roof, and place them on a sheet of drop cloth. I tied the ends of the cloth to an electric wench, which sat opposite the dumpster, controlled by a timer. I could get inside the dumpster, and the timer would do the rest. I wanted to test it, but I had no way of knowing how to test without the dumpster.

Now that the dumpster was here, I could see that it should work just the way I wanted it to. The lids on top hinged outward from the roof line, so trash won’t get hung up. I set the bags up one at a time, starting around 10:00pm, and I lifted 20 bags up till I could place no more on the drop cloth, judging by the size of the pile on the roof, this should nearly fill the dumpster ¾ths full. That should be plenty to hold me down for a good adventure.

I went inside and dragged out the old mattress that I was getting rid of. I toppled it into the middle, heaving it over the top. I got out all the old carpet remnants from the time I carpeted the floors and threw them in. I gathered the remaining food bags and pitched them in. I got into the dumpster, and positioned them all so I would have a place to lie in the center of it all - on the mattress. I could not wait to see how it would all feel!

I went into the house and began bagging the rest of my own garbage, and pulled it out to the dumpster. I turned on the lights, and began to hook up the timer. The wench, the drop cloth, the timer, all ready to go. I gave myself 6 hours to back out - set the timer for 5:00 am.

I eagerly went back into the house, took a long hot shower, and prepared my mind for what was to come. I was going to spend the next two days inside the dumpster. I decided to wrap my body in plastic wrap, and attach a vibrator to my cock. I wanted to give myself lots of stimulation during this time. I set a separate timer for the vibrator to go off every 4 hours, for hour intervals. In theory, I will cum every time. That makes around 6-8 times. I will get pounded by this experience.

To make things just a little better, I decided to make a brace for myself, and wear it in the dumpster. I took PVC poles cut to length; I will wrap them to my arms and legs before I lie down. This way I won’t be able to get up or back out. It is like my failsafe for going ahead with it.

Wrapping loosely, I cover my legs and arms, and then carefully wrapped up between my legs, pulling my butt cheeks apart, making my midsection hard to move. With a giant roll of wrap - I had plenty to spare, I think I got carried away. My whole body was stiffer, and I knew that I would be safe from any slimy trash that fell onto me. I finished up by wrapping my cock carefully, and then attaching the vibe to the shaft of my penis, with the arm of the vibe running between my ass cheeks.

I waddled out to the dumpster and took a deep breath. I needed to get inside. The dumpster wall was about 3 ½ foot tall, so getting in over the sliding door was going to be rough. I used a chair to get up from the outside, but I would have to “fall” into the soft bottom of the dumpster. I crashed onto the many bags, and slide down the side. After getting up - I made my way to the center, and started to stack out the bags so I could lie in the middle of the pile. Once there, I took a roll of wrap out and began to wrap the PVC poles onto my legs.

I felt so helpless now - I wanted more! I plugged the vibe into the extension cord, which was in turn plugged into a timer, and then started the last part of the bondage. I wrapped the PVC poles to my arms. This was tricky. I set the roll on a pipe mounted on the floor, and wound my arms around the wrap, until I could not get them free. I now had to lie on the floor and begin pulling at the bags around me till they fell over onto my body. This worked out great; I had about two layers of bags packed over my torso. I was pretty well held down too. I could just barely move my right leg, and it took a lot of effort to get my arms to lift. I soon gave up on getting free, and settled down to sleep for the night.

Sleeping was not something I would do a lot of, there was too much excitement. My cock was rock hard, and the anticipation of being buried by a mountain of trash from the roof was too much. But then, the timer for the vibe went off! It hummed softly under the garbage bags, working on me. I squirmed and wrestled around to no avail, it was out of reach. Even if I could reach to it, the poles held my arms outstretched so I could not do anything.

I was getting stimulated directly on my shaft, and the knowledge that it would not stop for an hour turned me on even more. I knew this would eventually make me cum, the question was when. As the humming continued, I noticed my breathing getting deeper, and I was trying to pump the vibe. I was getting there and it would now make me cum soon. I felt the bags pressing on me, and the smooth plastic crinkled around me. I came and began to loose control as the vibe continued to excite me. Nerves shot impulses up my spine and I quivered out of control. Shaking, I lost track of what happened next, all I know is that I awoke sometime later, with the warmth of the trash around me.

It was still dark, and there was a new smell of morning air about. I guessed it was around 4:00 am. I got my bearings, and could hear birds chirping in the distance. It must be nearly time for the timer to set off the wench. The winch was quiet, so I may not hear it at all. All I could do is wait. It was strange, looking at the top of the roofline as the light from the sun began to emerge. The sky I saw went from deep blue to a turquoise blue. Then I began to notice detail of the bags on the roof. It must be time! Then suddenly, I saw the bags lurch, then move!

The drop cloth had started to move, the bags fell one by one in rows on to the far side of the dumpster. I got hard immediately. The bags rolled off one another filling the dumpster, and I felt them bearing down on my feet first. They rolled towards my head as they filled the dumpster full on that side, and I knew I would be buried before long. The bags mounted up over my body and fell around me. Now the bags covered my head, trapping me inside the darkness of the bin. The weight kept pressing me though, and I had an ominous thought; what if I could not get myself free? I had done this plenty of times alone, without garbage bags, but covered by them? I might need help.

One thing I did know, I was getting my wish. The bags would soon cover me up and I would not be able to free myself. This turned me on, I was going to be helpless and pinned to the bottom of the bin. The only problem with this was that I would not be able to escape the getting “picked up” by the trash truck and taken away to the dump. I got excited by this thought, but also a little worried by the danger. I could be hurt or killed, or even better, trapped forever, by the tons of trash that are dumped everyday at the local landfill. The bags stopped falling, and I was quite immobilized, under about five feet of trash. The food stuff inside them was heavy and very limp- piling up nicely around the bin. I felt even distribution of bags everywhere. I lay there for several hours till the vibe burst to life again, bringing on a terribly intense orgasm, followed by heat and exhaustion. I fell asleep again.

I awoke to the heat of the sun warming the bin from the outside; it was going to be in the 80’s today. I smelled trash. I heard neighbors in the distance. I heard lawn mowers, cars, and dogs barking, children playing. Then I heard something close. It was my neighbor and his wife. He was calling my name - and he must be right outside the bin. I strained to hear them talking.

“He said we could get rid of some stuff, after he dumped his things…” He said.

“Well, how do you know he is finished?” she asked.

“Look at the dumpster; it’s nearly full, I’m sure that is all of it.” He said confidently. “Just put it in there, I’m sure he won’t notice.”

They walked off, talking about the garbage, as my heart skipped a beat. I was going to get MORE trash loaded on top of what is there. I hope they didn’t have much. The moments passed, and then I heard the scraping of something alone the ground, muffled “Umphs!” and various groans, and I knew something heavy was on its way to me. I listened for every sound for more information.

“Why don’t you put the lighter stuff in first - then you can get Bobby to help you lift the sofa, he gets home after school’s out.” She said.

“Ok, just help me get the things together…” He trialed off as he walked back next door, to get the trash. I didn’t know how many bags they had, but the sofa sounded like it was heavy. I felt really bad about things now - so I began digging around to free myself, if I could get out of the PVC poles, then I’d be ok. I could just lift my right arm slightly, then move it forwards. I tried to get it over to the over so I could rip the plastic wrap off from the ends. I managed to get the one arm to my side, but the bags would not let me cross over to meet them up. I could not get free, and my other arm was still outstretched, so getting to it was impossible. There was a little play in the wrapping, but not enough to give me any advantage.

My neighbor returned with some bags dragging behind him. I heard him grunting. I lay really still. He pitched the bags over the top, and I felt them impact on the pile. Several more bags hit the pile and then it was quiet again. About ten minutes later several more bags hit the top, building the weight over my trapped body. This happened several more times, and then stopped. I figured the bin to be nearly full to the top. Hopefully they would not be able to put the sofa inside. I breathed easy as he left again.

About an hour later, he returned talking to Bobby, his son. I tried to think about what might happen if they threw the sofa up there.

“You get up there, Bobby, and I'll lift this end up to you…” he said. And I felt vibrations on the walls as he climbed up to the top of the dumpster. I heard a scrapping noise as he positions the sofa to the side of the bin, and then a loud “thud!” as he flipped it on end to the dumpster’s wall. His son grabbed the sofa and started pulling it up and he pushed from below. The dumpster was ajar with all kinds of sounds, bumping and grinding of metals, this was a sleeper sofa!

Soon the end of the sofa tipped up over the top, and the end hit the pile of bags, his son worked to move the sofa into the center of the pile, and then I felt the full weight bear downwards onto my body, it was intense. I was feeling its weight settle the pile even more than before, and all the loose spots closed up. Now I really was worried.

“Son, the lid won’t close with it up there like that, can you push it down some?” He said.

“Sure Dad” and I felt him jump onto the sofa, adding his weight to the pile. Bags popped, and the food and trash oozed out- the bags settled and got tight around my body, I had no way of moving now. Whatever was inside the bags got compacted by the sofa, and was becoming very tight on me.

I heard them leave, and wondered if I could get out now. I strained, and nothing happened. I heaved, and nothing budged. I tried to yell, but the bags were thick around me, and nobody nearby, I’m sure it went unnoticed. I was in trouble now. My cock got harder than before and I loved the feeling of being trapped, but hated the fact that I would be hauled off with the garbage. I began to think about the time that I am in the bin as it is being emptied. Would I be turned over upside down? Would the bin be flipped into another truck and compacted? I did not know. I was going to find out it seemed.

The day was very hot and the smell of trash became all that I could breath in, my arm was getting numb, and I was sweating. I had two more days till the pickup time. I was hungry and tired. The vibe came on four times and each time I came, harder than before. I don’t think I could get up if the trash were removed, my body is so exhausted. I wasn’t too uncomfortable, but the heat was not kind to me.

The next day passed so slowly that I don’t know how I survived the time, the bin was hot and the trash stayed hot into the night. I had a headache and found it tiresome to breathe now that the trash is starting to take a toll on my chest. The weight is wearing me down. Tomorrow I get taken away to the dump.

The truck arrived at 10:00am sharp, right on time. I heard it positioning itself near the dumpster, and revving up the motor. A clang and jolt hit the bin and I felt the clamps lock onto my home. It lifted the bin up, and very fast, tipped me and the garbage upside-down into the bowels of the garbage truck. I was lucky that the truck did this, I was free of the weight on top of me, and unlucky because now I was inside the truck with no way out. My arms still wrapped to the PVC poles, I was like a rag-doll, still helpless and unable to move, I flopped into the pile of garbage, softly landing in the plastic gooey mess of leftover food. My arms were useless, as they had been trapped and lost feeling so long ago. I lay flailed out in no way able to get up - too tired from not eating.

The ride to the dump was uneventful, but there was one stop made, and a half of one dumpster was pitched on top of me - just enough to cover my legs. I was half awake when the truck backed up to the landfill and started to push the trash out the back, I went out in the middle and found myself tumbling over head first and rolling down a embankment, coming to a stop as more trash totally covered my body as the contents buried me. There seemed to be no escape now - the trash trucks continued to dump more trash onto me, and soon the giant trash dozer would smooth out the pile over top, and not a trace would ever be found of me. I lay in the trash for about a full day semi-conscious, and hard, feeling a bit like the trash I was in.


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