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Another Bag In The Pile

by Shokolada

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© Copyright 2013 - Shokolada - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bagged; trashcan; gag; bond; discovery; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

It was dark in here, really dark. My eyes were covered twice over and the lights would be off anyway - it's rare these days to be swallowed up by that much black. Thankfully it didn't smell bad in here... most of what I could smell was my own body, and that's not unpleasant at all. All I could taste is the gag, and all I could feel is slick plastic: that, I felt everywhere. That, and nothing else. Very little to hear either, except some household utility mechanism doing its 24/7 thing. Honestly, the whole experience is usually pretty restful.

Suddenly I could hear muffled voices approaching, two of them and I knew Pam was up to her old tricks. Not a hell of a lot I could do about it at this point, though it would be interesting to see how this played out.

Abruptly, dim light filtered through the plastic over my face as the lid of the large bin in the utility room creaked open, and my girlfriend's voice became suddenly clear from a dim shadow as she said, "Just toss the bags in there." Three large plastic bags of dry trash landed among the others surrounding me, but the last one bounced off my stomach, and I grunted loudly.

"Holy crap, is there someone in there?" said another voice, almost certainly one of Pam's 'very close' lady friends. "When you said you'd dumped your boyfriend, I thought that meant you'd gotten rid of him!"

"Well, I did! But if he's very very good, I'll take him back eventually. Took a hand truck to get his bagged butt into the bin, but I've had practice."

"My god... it's like he's just another one of the bags of trash in there. How did you get him in that bag? How does he breathe?"

"Oh, he's got a couple air holes. It's a big 55-gallon contractor bag, after I tied him up and gagged him, I just slipped him cross-legged into it and zip-tied the top. The great thing is that I still had access to the remaining useful bits." Pam shoved aside the bag that had been sitting on me, and began fondling my crotch through the plastic. She knew just how to touch me, and I moaned past the gag.

"Useful - you fuck him in there?" her friend asked, still amazed.

"Sure. Wanna see?"

"What, watch you fuck your dumped boyfriend in the trash bin?"

"No, silly."

"Okay, wow."

"I meant you should fuck him in there."

"ARE YOU KID- Ummph." I heard some wet sounds, and easily imagined Pam's mouth lustily on her friend's. Pam had boundaries, but that wasn't one of them.

"C'mon, let me help get that off of you."

"Oh gosh." Now I heard clothes rustling. "I must be drunk or something. Did we have wine tonight that I don't remember? 'Cause I don't remember both of us being naked on the plans for tonight."

Hands tore a small hole over my stiffening dick and pulled it out of my plastic prison. "Wanna put this on there for me?" And then I felt a condom being rolled onto me.

"I gotta admit, that's a nice cock..."

"He's always biggest and hardest when I do this to him. Probably why he ends up dumped so often. Here, let me help you climb in..."

I heard and felt Pam's friend bumping against the sides of the box, and then the rustle of the filled bags as she stepped among them. I felt her weight settle down on top of me, and the spike of incredible pleasure as her hand guided me in.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, I can't believe I'm doing this," she said as she started riding me, her movements imitating her swearing. She felt incredibly good around me, but trapped as I was I could not fondle or guide her, only buck up against her. It seemed to take no time at all before the bin bumped and wiggled again as Pam joined us in it. "Hey - what are you up to now?"

"I'm not here to watch," Pam said in a voice dripping with evil glee. "I'm here to play too." And her fingers tore another hole, this one directly over my mouth. Through the hole, she worked the gag loose and under my chin, then before I could even consider words, covered the hole with her crotch. I wasn't really thinking of complaining just then; instead my tongue immediately sought out all the spots I knew would thrill her.

One lady bounced on my crotch, while the other ground against my mouth. All I could do was wiggle against them, with my arms and legs useless and my body cocooned in shiny black. I knew I'd be sore tomorrow and didn't give a moment's damn as we all rocked and writhed in the middle of that glossy plastic pile, rustling and creaking, moaning and gasping. I sensed the shadow atop my head lean forward, and Pam's friend sighed with what must have been attention from Pam's talented fingers. I could hear more kissing sounds.

"This - is fucking - crazy," Pam's friend gasped. "I must be - fucking crazy! But I think I'm going to fucking come!"

Pam pressed harder against my face, making it very hard to get air around the plastic. "That's what I want to hear! Put this bag of trash to good use!"

Pam's friend leaned forward, grabbed the sides of my chest through the bag, and grunted loudly. On the last grunt, she clenched hard on my cock, triggering off my orgasm; I screamed into Pam's pussy, which set her off as well. After we were all done moaning and shaking, both ladies dropped off of me into the pile, within cuddle reach of each other.

"I can't believe you talked me into this," Pam's friend said as she caught her breath. "I'm not complaining, mind you... but this is totally freaky."

"Freaky's the best," Pam replied. "Besides, what better way to brag about my boyfriend's cock?"

"Ha!" her friend said, then began extracting herself from the pile of black bags. "Well, either way, I need a shower, and my clothes. Oh - but what about him?"

"Oh! Thanks for reminding me," Pam replied. She reached into the hole over my mouth, and slipped the gag back into place. I hadn't managed to say a word yet. She climbed out, following her friend. "Gotta keep things nice and quiet in the trash." The lid creaked shut, and once again it was dark, and quiet, and slick, and a bit sweatier.

Being dumped is awesome.=

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