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Anniversary Dump

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2013 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; bond; gag; bagged; trash; dumpster; truck; landfill; toys; insert; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

Dinner was fantastic. It was expensive, but you get what you pay for. Besides it was our anniversary. Miriam and I had been together for two years now and it was worth the celebration. I looked over at her across the table. She was such a pretty young thing. As I savoured and finished off the last of my steak, I reached across the table and took her hand in mine. She smiled sweetly at me. She loved me and would do anything for me, that was clear. Why I don’t really know, I’m quite a bit older than she is. But I’d reward her tonight anyway.

“You want to play tonight?” I smiled wryly. She grinned at me she knew exactly what I meant.

“Of course,” She smiled, a mischievous little smile. The waiter arrived quite suddenly and caught us both unawares.

“Sir, Madam can I offer you dessert?” He asked.

“Oh no thank you.” Miriam immediately chirped. Suddenly she was eager to get home. I chuckled to myself.

“Um, sure, I’ll have the double chocolate fudge cake, with cream please,” I smiled at Miriam, I didn’t really want desert. I knew she was excited to get home and I just wanted to make her wait. I’m just like that sometimes, a bit of a mean streak. She sighed and sipped her wine, a mock scowl, aimed at me over the rim of her glass. I just winked and took a lug of my beer. Part of the reason I liked this restaurant so much, was the beer. The best German imported beer in town. I did my best to get through the large dessert I had ordered, but barely managed half. She chuckled as I finally admitted defeat and gave up. She leant forward, resting her elbows on the table.

“Take me home honey,” She cooed. I grinned and called the waiter for the check. I finished the last drops of my beer as Miriam drained the last of her wine, I settled the bill and we went outside to get a taxi home. We held hands as I flagged a passing cab, and we were on our way home. She snuggled up against me, her head on my shoulder and holding my hand in her lap while we were in the back of the car. But we were home quickly and Miriam quite literally dragged me up the path, to the front door. I unlocked the door and no sooner had we stepped inside, she flung her arms around me and we kissed, with intensity, passion.

“Thank you for dinner tonight, now let me say thank you properly!” Her foot on the bottom step of the stairs and her hand, out stretched to me. She smiled mischievously as I placed my hand in hers and she led slowly up stairs and to our bedroom. I stopped and leant against the door frame as she took an extra couple of steps into the room. She stopped, her back to me. She looked back over her shoulder as she slid the first strap of her dress off one shoulder, then the other. The dress slipped effortlessly from her and appeared to melt into a puddle at her feet, and she was utterly naked. Miriam hadn’t worn underwear to our celebratory dinner tonight.

I stood there for a moment, admiring her young and attractive figure, taking in every curve and contor of her figure. A small gasp of pleasure escaped her as I tenderly placed my hands on her waist and kissed her shoulder, her neck. She turned in my loose grip to face me and hastily fumbled for the buttons of my shirt, her eyes closed as I softly kissed her. She delicately made her way backwards, towards the bed as I finished disrobing. She climbed onto the bed, not taking her eyes away from mine. She looked wilful, and eager as I approached and climbed onto the foot of the bed after her, she shuffled away towards the head of the bed. I grabbed her ankle. She grinned as I pinned her to the bed. I held her down by the wrists, she bit her lip lustfully as she looked deep into my eyes. Sex with Miriam was electric, powerful, charged with energy and that night was no different.

We lay there, spent from the carnal act we’d just undertaken. Miriam lay there, still breathing hard and staring at the ceiling. I turned my head to look at her and she must’ve felt me move as she did the same.

“Kitchen, Now!” I said sternly. A broad smile erupted on her face, she hurried off the bed and quickly out of the room. Now it was playtime, time for her reward.

I lay there for another five minutes or so, before I lazily swung myself out of bed, slipped on a clean pair of jockey shorts and a pair of jeans. I knew Miriam would be ready and waiting for me, but making her wait was all part of the game. As I made my way into the kitchen, I saw that I was right, of course. She was sat there, waiting. Kneeling in the middle of the kitchen, her hands behind her back and head bowed. She didn’t even look up as I strode into the kitchen, or when I leant against the kitchen table. I took an apple from the fruit bowl and took a big bite, watching her, waiting patiently, obediently. I smirked to myself, I knew how keen she was to play.

I took another bite from my apple and checked the kitchen table. She’d gotten everything ready. My rope, duct tape, ballgags, collars, bin liners and her toys too of course. I exchanged my unfinished apple for a few coils of rope, moved across the kitchen and knelt behind her. I bound her wrists firmly. She didn’t move or make a sound as I pulled her elbows tight behind her back and tied them securely. I guided her to her feet and she stood, still looking down as I fetched another coil of rope.

“Legs apart” I said and she quickly moved her feet a few inches each way, to open her legs for me. She glanced at me, she couldn’t help it. That mischievous, wry grin on her face. I scowled at her and she looked away. I smirked to myself. Within moments I had the rope looped around her waist, gently I pulled the extra length between her legs and began to pull it back up, firmly easing it into her pussy. She was hot, slick and obviously very excited. She gasped as I tied the crotch rope tight. I continued to bind her, tightly tying her ankles and knees together. I fetched my black ballgag for her.

“Open” I said and she quickly looked up, opened her mouth, ready for the ball. Her eyes following the ball as I moved it towards her open mouth, and then gazing into my eyes as I pushed it in and buckled it tight. Her eyes twinkling with glee. She knew there was still more to come and I could see her anticipation building, rapidly. I glanced over the vibrators that she’d laid out on the table. I selected a small remote controlled one and tucked it behind her tight crotch rope, making sure it was pressed firmly against the top of her sensitive sex and held secure by the rope.

Now it was time to get a bin liner ready for her. She watched me as I unrolled a big black bag, flicked it open and laid it open on the floor next to her. I lifted Miriam off her feet, back down into the bag and guided her, easing her into a sitting position down inside the bag. I completed the last bit of rope work, forcing her knees up to her chest and binding her into a tight ball tie. If she wasn’t helpless before, she certainly was now. She looked up at me as I pulled the sides of the large bag up around her, a wry grin on my face. She closed her eyes, quivering with excitement at what came next.

The contents of the kitchen bin began to tumble into her bag as I tipped and shook it out. Rubbish fell in around her and on her. Leftover food bounced off her and fell into the bag, strands of spaghetti hung in her blond hair and clung to her face. Empty milk cartons, eggshells, greasy kitchen paper and empty boxes filled Miriam’s bag over halfway up already. I fetched my apple from the kitchen table where I’d left it, stood over her bag and took a bite. I lazily crunched my mouthful as I looked down at the dishevelled, dirty girl that was Miriam, now covered and smeared in grime and filth. I smirked and dropped the rest of my apple in. I went to gather up the rubbish from the rest of the house, to fill up her bag. It only took a few minutes to fetch the rubbish from the bathroom and bedroom. It wasn’t a lot more, but it was enough to bury Miriam up to her shoulders. She looked perfect, like a piece of trash ready to get thrown away.

“Lets check this” I smiled as I flicked the control for her vibrator into the on position. I couldn’t hear it buzzing, but Miriam’s eyes closed and began to flutter slightly, that and the low mummer that escaped her led me to believe it was working just fine. I laughed to myself as I tossed the remote into the bag too. I’m not sure if she even noticed as I closed her bag and tied it off, sealing her away inside.

Now all I had to do was get her into the dumpster. It wasn’t difficult, it was late, nobody around and it was in an alley just around the corner. Less than five minutes and I’d heaved her bag up to the edge of the dumpster. I was about to heave it in. I’d forgotten to tie the ribbon on the bag. I gently brought her bag back to the ground. I pulled the long, thick length of red ribbon from my pocket and tied it securely to the top of the bag. It would come in very handy when I have to look for her later.

Now she was ready. I steadied her bag on the lip of the open dumpster, then let her simply topple in. I heard the soft sound of her bag falling in and settling with the others already inside. I hauled myself up and peered inside. There was her bag, aside from the red ribbon it was exactly like all the others. She could groan and squirm all she liked, but she wouldn’t be seen or heard now. I smiled to myself, knowing she was having a good time in there, the vibrator buzzing away for her and her ecstasy of being a piece of trash, thrown away. Now it would be about two hours before the truck came and about an hour after that for her to get to the landfill. So I had some spare time and I went back home.

I had been trudging backwards and forwards at the landfill for almost half an hour already. No sign of the red ribbon. I was getting a little concerned, but it wasn’t the first time it’d taken awhile to find her. Once the ribbon had simply come off completely and I’d had to tear open random bags until I eventually found her. Then I saw it, just a small length of the ribbon, jutting out from under another couple of bags. I rushed over and flung the few bags that were on Miriam’s bag aside and tore the bag open.

There she was, sweaty, filthy and thoroughly spent. I drew my scissors from my back pocket and began to cut her free of her bonds. She groaned in relief as I freed her limbs and she was able to unfurl. I covered her swiftly with my blanket and assisted her to her feet. I held her tightly as I helped her slowly across the landfill, towards my car. She was exhausted, but happy. I helped her into the back of the car and she immediately slumped across the back seat. She groaned.

“Oh my god, that was fantastic!” She beamed.

“Good, but we need to get you home and in the bath now darling” I said softly.

“Sure” She said weakly as she relaxed and closed her eyes. I climbed into the drivers seat and drove us home. She was asleep in the back of the car by the time we arrived. I unlocked and opened the front door, then went back to the car for her. She stirred slightly as I did my best to ease her from the car, but she was still asleep as I lay her across the sofa. I left her there as I went to run a bath for her. I ran a nice hot bath and put the relaxing bath salts in for her.

“Sweat heart, bath time” I said softly, trying to wake her gently. She stirred slowly and opened her eyes, immediately smiling at me. I helped her up stairs, to the bath room and into the bath. She let out a big relaxed sigh as she settled into the water. I got the sponge and soaped it thoroughly, then began to affectionately and meticulously sponge her clean. It took quite some time. Eventually Miriam was clean, refreshed and human again. She was obviously still tired from her adventure, but then I expected nothing less. Banked on it.

“Why don’t you go for a little nap for an hour or so” I encouraged, although she didn’t need any encouragement and eagerly nodded. I took her through to the bedroom and settled her into bed. She was asleep again very quickly. So I began to get everything ready for this evening, for her.

I was in the living room, waiting for Miriam to stir and wake up of her own accord. After nearly two hours I heard her coming down the stairs. She padded into the living room and smiled at me as I sat in the arm chair.

“Wow, that was amazing, I can’t wait to do it again” She beamed at me.

“Good” I grinned. “Kitchen, Now!” I said sternly as I usually would to start playtime for her. She looked a little stunned for a moment, a little unsure as to whether I meant it or not. We’d never played this game two nights in a row before.

“I said now!” I barked harshly, she immediately smiled, dropped her dressing gown to the floor and headed for the kitchen and I followed close behind. She quickly saw that I’d already prepared everything. All the ropes, gags, bin liners were already out and so she took her position, kneeling on the floor, hands behind her and her head bowed. I grabbed up some rope and immediately went to work tying her wrists. I pulled the ropes mercilessly tight and she winced. I roughly forced her elbows together and bound them equally tight. I yanked her up from the floor, pulling her to feet. She looked at me, perhaps a little stunned by my heavy handed treatment of her. She gasped as I reapplied a crotch rope, just a lot tighter than the previous night. Then I quickly, harshly bound her ankles and legs. It looked like she was about to complain. But.

“Hello Miriam” Steffanie chirped as she casually strolled into the kitchen. Miriam was taken aback. She looked at Steffanie, mouth agape and back to me and to Steffanie. She was trying to comprehend why her best friend was here.

“… What?… Why?…” Miriam blurted, fumbling in her mind to comprehend what was happening here.

“This is a fantasy of yours, isn’t it? To be trashed and thrown away by your boyfriend and another girl, right?” Steffanie said leisurely, as strode right up to Miriam, just inches away and began to slide her panties off from under her skirt.

“Err… Yes, but… How would you…” But Miriam was cut off abruptly, as Steffanie plunged her freshly removed knickers into her mouth. I held on to Miriam, but she didn’t struggle or resist.

“Well, Fantasy come true!” She smirked wickedly as she plastered several strips of duct tape over her friends mouth, sealing her underwear in and rendering Miriam silent. Then she turned to me, smiling. I let go of Miriam and stepped closer to Steffanie, until we stood, right in front her, and we kissed. Passionately, like lovers. Miriam squealed into her gag.

“Hello darling” Steffanie cooed at me warmly. Then she turned back to Miriam, sneering at her as she looked her up and down.

“I think you need a little decoration” She grinned coldly as she pulled a black permanent marker pen from her pocket. She grabbed Miriam by the chin and began to write on her forehead. She tried to pull away, but Steffanie had a good hold of her and continued to write ‘worthless!’. Steffanie smiled, pleased with herself and then continued to graffiti Miriam’s body. She wrote ‘cheap’ above one breast, ‘trash’ above the other. She wrote ‘well used’ across her belly and drew and arrow pointing down to Miriam’s pussy. Steffanie chuckled and laughed to herself as she continued to write and draw on Miriam. She was sobbing by the time her best friend had finished decorating her. Steffanie just glared at her for a moment, a real look of distain on her face.

“I guess I don’t need this anymore” She laughed as she popped the lid back onto the thick marker pen, then without a moment of consideration pressed it passed Miriam’s crotch rope and hard, deep into her pussy. She groaned in discomfort into her gag. Then Steffanie grabbed a roll of duct tape and wound a long piece around Miriam’s head, sticking it to her hair, covering her eyes and blindfolding her with it. She nodded to me and I manhandled Miriam to the floor and as before bound her into a ball tie.

Steffanie prepared a black bag and together we easily lifted and put Miriam inside it. I sat at the kitchen table, just looking at her, helpless and covered in humiliating graffiti, as Steffanie went to fetch some rubbish. She’d brought it with her and stashed it in the garage while Miriam was still asleep earlier, then she’d sat with me in the living room until we heard Miriam stir upstairs and then she’d hidden ready to surprise her friend. Steffanie returned with several bags of rubbish, more than enough to fill out Miriam’s bag with. Miriam flinched as we began to heap and pour the rubbish in on her, callously we tossed it into the bag. She was splattered by leftover food and used tea bags. Soured milk spilled into her hair from not quite empty cartons. Miriam was soon up to her neck in rubbish inside the bag. Steffanie knelt down, leant a little closer to Miriam.

“You know, every time you’ve been to the dump… I’ve been here… and ultimately Miriam, we came to realise we had feelings for each other and well… what started as a one off fuck, simply grew and we fell in love… which left us with a problem… you… and seeing as you love to be trash… we thought we’d make it a little more, how should I say… permanent for you!” She whispered to her friend and Miriam squirmed uselessly in her bag as Steffanie slowly closed the bag up and tied it shut.

“Now the only problem is there’s no truck till next week” I said. “So we’ll have to get her to the landfill ourselves… but I do know an area that’s getting filled in and levelled tomorrow… we should be able to dump her there in a few hours” I smiled to Steffanie.

“A few hours eh?… Well, lets put that time to good use lover” Steffanie winked and we went upstairs. Leaving Miriam to contemplate where she might be in a few hours.

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