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An Early Christmas Present for Someone Special

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; trashbag; dream; fantasy; mast; M/f; santa; voy; arousal; surprise; transport; factory; machine; naked; process; packaged; bagged; delivery; gift; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Hannah had always dreamed of Mr Right.

He would be tall, dark, handsome. He would have strong bulging muscles, capable of lifting her in his arms, and sweeping her off her feet. 

Perhaps he was a fireman?  The thought of a man in uniform, did have its appeal, Hannah smiled to herself.

With luck, Hannah thought his bulging muscles might include one between his legs, that got bigger as his eyes saw her for the first time. For she did believe in love at first sight.

Being just a naughty girl, she had often found a lump of coal in her Christmas stocking. But unknown to Hannah, that Santa had been sacked for cruelty to girls. I think the elves had put him in his own sack, and Rudolph had flown the sleigh, and dumped him in the Pacific. 

The new Santa was kinder, more forgiving, and more kinky.

He read Hannah's note:-

"I know I have been a bad girl as normal, but instead of a piece of coal this year, can I find Mr Right ?  Love from Hannah."

Santa scowled at the elves, "You gave girls lumps of coal!"

"It is what your predecessor ordered us to do!" they pleaded, knowing Santa was furious.

"Well that sort of stuff, is not happening on my watch!" Santa told them, "I think it is my job to grant wishes, even of the wishes of naughty ones (perhaps, especially for the naughty ones).

That night, he visited Hannah in her sleep. 

There before Santa's eyes was a beautiful girl, laying naked asleep in her bed, inside a 242 gallon commercial bin liner that she had purchased on line.

"The poor girl," thought Santa, "she is so poor she has to sleep in a trash bag."

Of course, that was not the reason she was wrapped in shiny black polythene against her soft naked skin.

Hannah was sleeping now, but only after she had brought herself to a powerful orgasm playing inside the polythene, pretending to be trash, dreaming she was carried away by Mr Right into his garbage truck. As Hannah slept, the strong smell of the thick black polythene filled her nostrils and entered her subconscious. Hannah was having kinky trashcan dreams.

Santa was shocked to see Hannah move and slide her body inside the bag, it was if her sexy dreams were making her enjoy the plastic enclosure as she slept.

It was quite erotic for Santa seeing her there, in the nude, sliding inside the polythene, as a sleepy Hannah was dreaming of where she was being taken. Perhaps a compactor ? Perhaps a garbage truck ?  Perhaps thrown down a trash chute ?  Perhaps taken to the dump, and discarded, to be crushed under the wheels of an earth-mover, like coal being crushed at a power station prior to being burnt ?  Maybe Hannah was to be incinerated as trash ?

Santa heard Hannah moan in her sleep, as she dreamt of pleading to be freed. Who would rescue this damsel from her fantasy peril ?

He had to admit, he found it arousing to see her like this. He knew it was wrong to watch, but he was captivated by her beauty and found he could neither look away nor move his feet. He longed to caress her, but he was afraid she would wake. 

Santa developed a bulge in his trousers. He was ashamed. For Santa was an old git. And Santa was not supposed to do this. 

Rudolph tapped his hooves on the chimney. What was keeping Santa. He had 8 billion to visit, and time was short.

The noise woke Hannah. The fictional person, she had thought did not exist, was standing in her bedroom. A tall dark stranger with budging muscles (from carrying all those heavy sacks), other bulging muscles (for he obviously liked the look of her), and he was wearing a red uniform too. :)

"I thought you were just fictional !"  Hannah said. "And I think you ought not to be doing that !  At least wait until I am awake first ! And another thing, I left all those mince pies and a glass of sherry for you, and a carrot for Rudolph all these years, and all I ever got was a lump of coal each year that made my stocking all grubby."

"Yeah. Sorry about that" said Santa. He could not reveal the previous Santa was drowned in the Pacific, so he added, "I think the elves got your address mixed up. That is why I am here, to make up for all those years you only got a lump of coal."

Hannah's eyes twinkled at the thought. "How exactly are you to make it up to me, you old fart ?"

"Well I can get you soft duvets and blankets, so you won't have to sleep in polythene trash bags any more, you poor girl." said Santa with a tear in his eye.

"Oh this." Hannah blushed, "I prefer sleeping in a large trash bag than under a duvet".

"Why ?" asked Santa. (You have to remember he had led a sheltered life at the North Pole, and only gets out once a year !  :)

"Because I have trashcan fantasies!" replied Hannah.

"Okay" said Santa, "lets see if this old fart can surprise you".

He waited for Hannah to get dressed and adverted his eyes. (Too late says Hannah !!)

Then he helped Hannah climb up the chimney. Not only does he get my stocking sooty, now all of my clothes are sooty. Cheers Santa !  Hannah thought. Indeed Hannah wondered how such a pathetic failure as him, even got this job !

On the roof, Rudolph and Santa's sleigh was waiting.

"You took your time Santa !" said Rudolph complaining. 

"I suppose you got stuck again in her chimney ?"  said Rudolph suggestively, then he added with malice (for he hated Santa) "You fat bastard. I told you to diet."  

Hannah was shocked that a reindeer could talk and even more shocked at its language.

"You see why I comfort eat?"  said Santa, "All the stress of delivering 8 billion presents on one single night, and you cannot even get the staff to be polite!"

The two of them flew to the North Pole in just 2 seconds. It was amazing how fast Rudolph goes. 

That night conspiracy theorists posted, "Proof that UFOs exist !"

Once at Santa's present factory at the North Pole, Santa showed Hannah around.

There were the usual toys that she expected to see, but through a door marked, "Do not enter. Fully automated processing" she thought she glimpsed more adult toys.

"What is behind there?" Hannah asked.

"That is the more adult section. Kinky presents for very naughty boys and girls". Santa replied.

Hannah watched one of the elves go back behind the scene. 

Santa got called away to deal with some emergency, and Hannah decided to follow the elf, into the forbidden part of Santa's factory. Hannah had always been a naughty girl.

To her amazement, she saw a production line, full of conveyor belts and machines. The one her eyes were immediately drawn to, seemed to be packaging sex dolls.

She stood there mesmerised, as she watched the sex dolls get placed on a conveyor belt and sent for packaging and wrapping.

Hannah watched the elf operate the machine, and the elf was far too busy to see her.

Then the elf was called away by phone. The factory emergency had become more serious.

Hannah walked over to the machine's controls. It looked simple enough to operate. You merely selected a sex doll form a line of plastic figures. The machine dropped the chosen model onto the conveyor belt. Then the machine gave the operator the options of make up to apply to the sex doll, what clothes it should where and then, it would be sent for packaging and delivery.

Hannah selected :-

Doll - Me
Make up - None
Clothes - None
Packaging Box - None
Wrapping - Breathable shiny black polythene
Destination - Mr Right

Then she walked over to the conveyor belt, stripped, and climbed on. The convey belt moved Hannah along, feet first. She passed under the make up applying machine, but did not stop. She passed under the clothing machine, but did not stop. Then the conveyor belt halted. Hannah was now to be sent for packaging and delivery. She could not wait.

To her surprise some suction cups descended and attached themselves to her breasts.

"What the fuck !" Hannah screamed.

Then more attached themselves to her groin, arms and legs.

Then the machine started sucking. 

"OMG !" Hannah said.

It was only trying to lift her off the conveyor belt and onto the packaging and delivery part of the process. But a human body, even one as beautiful and slim as hers, weighed heavier than a plastic sex doll.

So as the machine tried to lift her with the suction cups (because the machine was designed not to harm the sex doll and handling it too much risked smudging make up or moving the clothes) it started to pulsate as it sucked on her supple body. Almost like a milking machine.

The more it tried to lift this slightly heavier doll, the more the suction grew.

Hannah found her breasts responded well to the constant sucking as the machine sucked ever quicker and ever harder. The same was true of her pussy, which had already started to get wet.

Hannah struggled against the suction cups, but that only made them suck harder. 

Hannah feared being lifted off the conveyor, which was actually what the machine was attempting to do. So Hannah's struggles to get free intensified.

But so did the machine. It was determined to pick up the sex doll, and that was what it was going to do !

The sucking got harder and quicker still.

"OMG, I am being milked !"  Hannah screamed.

The suction cups on her breasts, pulled so hard it was like the machine was not just milking her, it was now eating her.

The same was true of the suction cup over her wet pussy. She had experienced guys licking her there, but the rubber suction cup seemed to nibble her, as her pussy lips were sucked inside.

"Oh I think I am going to cum" she squealed.

As she did so, the machine got its way with her, and lifted her off the conveyor and she slide down a chute for packaging and delivery.

Hannah landed on a thick sheet of black polythene sheeting. A press came down on top of her, and Hannah was sealed between two pieces of breathable polythene. Like meat in a processing factory. 

Hannah was now sealed inside.

A label was attached. It read, "Dear garbage truck driver, Happy Christmas. Love Santa".

And Hannah was sent for delivery.

The garbage truck driver was none too pleased.

"I normally get a lump of coal. But this year, bloody Santa has sent me trash. I'll take it to the truck after the holidays. It is Christmas Day, and I don't work today !"

Hannah laid there, in a what looked like a trash bag. She could not believe it.

What would she do next ?

It did restore her faith in Santa.


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