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Amy's Pleasures: Fun in the Compactor

by DumpsterLife

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© Copyright 2019 - DumpsterLife - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; compactor; waste; trash; messy; mast; compacted; buried; caught; M/f; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Amy closed the door behind her. She turned around, and there it was. The residential trash compactor, home to the garbage of the local block, consisting of 20 flats. One man, the caretaker, would bring everyone’s trash to the compactor at the end of each day. This meant Amy would be less likely to be disturbed, and didn’t have to worry about the potential of many different neighbours walking in on her.

Amy removed her clothes and placed them in a corner of the room. She walked towards the compactor and peered inside. There she saw a layer of garbage bags, yet to be crushed. Most of the binbags were black, but there was white bags and clear bags amongst the pile too. Determined not to waste any time, Amy climbed into the trash compactor. She deliberately made a mess of it and fell sideways into the garbage bags. She giggled to herself, and began to immerse herself amongst the thin, cold plastic of the trash bags. Amy felt dirty, disgusting, trashy. But if girls like her found garbage to be a turn on, then girls like her belonged in trash compactors.

As she sunk further into the garbage bags, she began to move her hand downwards towards her clitoris. Amy began to rub herself with delight, turned on by the amazing feeling of having garbage bags all around her. This was Amy’s happy place, where she felt she belonged, and which gave her the greatest pleasure.

Five minutes later, the door opened. Amy could hear something being wheeled in, and then the door closed softly. Immediately a black trash bag was launched inside the compactor, landing right on top of Amy. That just increased her pleasure. Another binbag followed. Then another. A further seven trash bags were tossed inside until there was no more room. Amy was completely buried under the pile of trash.

“Time to crush the garbage, full up in here!” said the caretaker. 

Amy’s thoughts took over her senses. ‘Go on then! Compact me with the rest of the garbage! Give me what I deserve!’

Her wish came true, and the compactor was activated. Immediately the compactor pressed some trash bags right into Amy’s body, and within seconds Amy was squashed between the garbage either side of her. The compactor moved with pace, and Amy was pushed into the depths of the compactor. The pressure increased as the trash (including Amy) was pressed into the previously compacted waste. Amy was massively turned on by this, from the sound of the compactor in operation, to the sound of the garbage being squished around her, to the fact that she herself was being compacted in the trash. This was perfection. 

The compactor soon retreated, leaving Amy deep inside, completely surrounded by the crushed garbage. Amy continued to rub herself furiously. Other girls, or boys for that matter, may never want to be in this situation, but this was Amy’s paradise. As the compactor returned, more garbage was dropping into the hopper, meaning the caretaker must have been loading it up while Amy was being crushed. No sooner had it returned to base, the compactor wall headed straight back towards Amy. The closer the compactor came, the hornier Amy got, and then to her delight more trash was pressed into her.

A couple of trash bags popped before the compactor pulled back, but yet again the return was immediate. Even more garbage was on its way, and Amy was yet again immersed in compaction. As the pressure grew tighter, trash bags started splitting all around her, and with that Amy hit orgasm. Her senses went through the roof, the timing was perfect. Her body was enveloped by trash,  from the mixed feel of bin liners to the slimy touch of loose waste. No wonder the orgasm was a fantastic one! After the incredible moment of joy had happened, everything had fallen silent. The compactor had retreated to it’s starting point and was now inactive. In the distance Amy could hear some more garbage being tossed inside, but the compactor was not to be started up again.

After ten minutes of pure relaxation lying amongst the compacted garbage, Amy made her move for the exit. She pushed her way through the tightly packed waste, and it didn’t bother her that some of the bags had split open, or that she was getting more and more loose waste on her body as she pushed through - it just added to her delight. Trash was trash, and it didn’t matter to Amy that the garbage bags were now ripped open. She was a dirty trash girl, and this was where she belonged. Eventually she reached the compactor’s hopper, once again flooded with fresh binbags awaiting their crushing fate. Amy placed herself amongst the trash bags, lying in amongst them until only her head and legs were on show. She even ripped open a couple of black bags, allowing the waste inside to slide over and cover her body. If she could live here, she would. 

Half an hour later the door to the trash compactor room opened again. This was followed by the sound of the same door being locked. Amy laid perfectly still in her trashy pile. The next thing she knew, the caretaker was peering into the compactor.

“Well, what have we got here?” queried the man, looking down at the rather attractive, albeit very dirty female who was lying naked in a pile of binbags. “Someone has tossed a girl in the garbage!” Amy smiled up at him cheekily. “I suppose I’d better check if there’s any use left in this piece of trash!”

Amy looked at him invitingly. The caretaker was damn hot. Thoughts ran through her head. “Seriously, do what you like to me, I’m at your mercy!” she wanted to scream out. But she was trash, and trash doesn’t speak.

“You are looking damn sexy in there! I have always had a thing for fucking trash you know!” the caretaker continued. Amy moved some of the garbage away from her pussy, then thrusted her pelvis upwards as if to say “I’m open for business, fuck me now!”

The man stripped off and climbed inside the compactor. “Look at the state of you... absolutely filthy!” he said. “Trashy little slut!” Amy looked up at him, and then brought his pelvis towards her face. She began to lick his cock. After a few licks, he forced his penis straight into her mouth. “Make it good and I might just let you escape here tonight... if I’m disappointed then you’ll be off to the incinerator tomorrow...” he said teasingly. Amy gave him a look of worry, and began to carefully suck his cock as if the threat of the incinerator was real.

He glanced down at his trashy slut as she continued to suck him off. She was absolutely stunning, with amazing natural features, long, flowing blonde hair, and being covered in trash just somehow made her even hotter. How could someone dispose of this? But then again, she looked like she belonged in here!

After a few minutes of having his cock sucked, he pulled out of Amy’s mouth. “Good, rather good” he said acceptingly. Amy gave him that cheeky smile once again. “Have something in return” he responded. He made his way towards her legs, and then up towards her clitoris, and began to kiss her fanny. He could feel the moisture already there before he even arrived at his destination. He paused, and said “Oh, is someone actually turned on by being in a smelly trash compactor? You really are garbage, aren’t you?”

“I’m a dirty garbage whore!” replied Amy, speaking for the first time. “And you are the garbage fucker! So do what you like with me, because trash can’t complain!” The man continued to give Amy oral sex, and it was incredible. She took in her surroundings... trash bags all around her, from the shiny black bags to the clear bags she could see the insides of... the fact she had already been compacted three times in here tonight... she herself was covered in trash... and the really fit caretaker was in amongst the garbage, giving her oral sex. After a few minutes of enjoying the pussy licking, Amy pulled the man back up.

“Am I trash?” she asked him.

“Yes you are. You’re a trash whore. A garbage girl. A dumpster slut.” Those words just turned Amy on more and more.

“And you like to fuck trash?” she asked.

“I love having sex with garbage. More pleasurable than normal women. And you know what the best thing is?”

“What’s that?” said Amy, smiling with that sexy, cheeky grin of hers.

“Once you fuck garbage, you don’t have to think about it again. Just toss it away, to be forgotten about. There will always be garbage to fuck, but once it’s had it’s use it will always be trash.” he answered with a delightful grin.

“Use me up then! No point disposing of me when there is still use left!” Amy said, knowing what was coming. And with that, the man plunged his rock hard cock into Amy’s dripping fanny. This was bliss, both enjoying their love of garbage together in a trash compactor. In, out, in, out... rustling against the trash bags. If heaven was to exist, this would be it. In his mind, fucking a hot girl in the trash was the ideal setting he so often fantasised about. In her mind, being fucked by a handsome male with a sexy body in the garbage, and being referred to as trash was just perfection. Eventually they hit orgasm together, the man filling up Amy with his cum, while Amy had the greatest orgasm you could ask for. Out of breath, they looked at each other, full of smiles, and lightly kissed. They cuddled for five minutes, peacefully and quietly, before the man made his move.

“Well, thank you trash, but here’s where it ends. Enjoy what’s left of your trashy life!” he said, and climbed out of the compactor. 

Amy screamed out in horror. “No, please, let me out!”

“You belong in there, trashy slut. That’s where I found you! You never know, whoever threw you out may come looking for you again! I’m sure there will be plenty of garbage for me to fuck again next week anyway! Goodbye trash whore!”

“Nooooooo!” shouted Amy in despair.

The man returned with a couple of full black garbage bags, deliberately tossed them onto Amy, and started up the compactor. The trashy female had been all used up, and now she’d suffer the same consequences as the rest of the garbage. The compactor pushed the fresh trash inside, and once again Amy had the delightful feeling of being compacted in trash. “I belong here!” she thought to herself. “He’s right, this is my place in life!” The whole experience just made Amy horny again. She loved the helplessness of being compacted, at the mercy of the machine. The fact that she was really being disposed of the feel of having trash envelope her body was fantastic. Once the compactor had retreated, everything fell silent. Amy lay there, surrounded by garbage, knowing this was the best place for her, where she belonged. She began to moisten up again, and started to rub herself. If she was going to be garbage forever, she may as well enjoy the time she had left before her date with the incinerator.

Ten minutes later, Amy had been so into her latest masturbation session she hadn’t realised someone had climbed inside the compactor.

“Hey babe!” said a man, startling Amy.

“Hey Luke! Didn’t even realise you were here! That was amazing... thank you.” Luke pushed some of the garbage out of the way so he could get to Amy.

“My pleasure as always, my beautiful piece of garbage. I was just going to come in and cuddle you all night as is the norm, but I can see... well it’s dark in here, but I can hear that you’ve been enjoying yourself again. One more round?”

“Fuck me now trashboy!” demanded Amy.


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