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Amy Takes Me To The Trash Compactor

by trashbagme2

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© Copyright 2005 - trashbagme2 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; wrapped; bagged; gag; breathplay; dumped; trash; compactor; mast; climax; cons; XXX

I am bound before you and your friend on the ground, in a very tight foetal position. I am naked and gagged with a throbbing hard-on next to the trash compactor that you have taken me to. I moan softly to you through the gag in protest and wiggle trying to break free from the tight bondage you have put me in as you look at me with a sexy grin and unfold a huge, shiny-black, plastic, garbage bag. 

Without hesitation, you slip the smooth, thick bag over my entire bound body like you are just bagging up some trash as your friend begins to rub herself. You push me onto my side and then rub yourself on me, encased in a trash bag, pleasuring yourself sexually and forcing as much air out of the bag as you can before twisting the opening of the bag closed and zip tying it shut. 

You laugh at the sound of me gasping as I inhale through my nose and have the plastic wrap in around my face. 

You put your gloved hands around my neck and lightly strangle me so that you can watch me suffocate beneath the shiny, dark plastic. I struggle and grunt as you stare at me suffocating, like a worthless piece of trash as you continue to dry hump my bagged body. 

My struggling slows and I begin to sound and act as though I’m about to pass out so you release my neck giving me the little air left in the bottom of the bag. Your friend hands you another trash bag as she continues to masturbate. 

You open up the bag and slid it under me. Then you sit me back up and pull the bag up over my already bagged body, twist the opening closed and zip tie it shut. Your friend then pulls another bag down over my body as I begin to struggle again, gasping for air. Before I know it, the two of you have wrapped me up in several trash bags and are lifting me up. 

I feel a shove and then drop a few feet and land on a pile of bagged garbage. 

I know you have tossed me into the trash compactor and I am doomed. I thrash about suffocating trying to rub my cock against the smooth plastic. 

The two of you kiss and fondle each other as you watch my bagged ass struggle to break free or cum, in a heap of bagged trash. 

"This is it bagboy. Your ultimate fantasy ends right here in this trash compactor. Your nothin' but a bag of garbage now.” You say to me as the two of you feel your orgasms about to hit you. 

You push the green button on the control panel and the loud compactor motor comes alive. I feel the plastic bags begin to press in around me as I suffocate in ecstasy. You watch me disappear under the bags of trash as the pile of bagged garbage is pushed out of sight into the container of the trash compactor as your orgasms hit. 

My body goes into uncontrollable spasms as I cum with the rustling of echoing in my ears. I feel plastic tight against my entire body, crushing me as I black out from asphyxia. You hear the unmistakable sound of garbage being crushed from within the container as the compactor motor revs up, having to work harder. 

When it finally stops the two of you kiss again and walk back to your car talking softly to each other.


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