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A Matter of Time

by Jcoop

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© Copyright 2017 - Jcoop - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; D/s; F/m; bondage; cuffs; zipties; collar; trashbag; closet; buried; tricked; mast; suffocation; cons/nc; death; XX

My first sexual, fantasy type thoughts after the news of intimate action between You and Your close, female friend. i'll just call her "kitty" for the stories sake. You've known her much longer than You've known me, i could see the attraction between the two of You all along, and it made sense to me even then. i could see the sexual tension for You in her posture. Makes even more sense to me now, i just didn't comprehend it then. her as Your femsub, and me being the even lower, all out Female dominated male sub, under Your control. As well as kinda being hers, under Your control. Your loving poly family. It seems so right to me. Even with poly having the second meaning of plastic to me.

WE/we all arrange to make the living conditions happen and it works out great together. With You leading the household and kitty and me serving You well. Often, You reward us for serving You with so much love. Although sometimes, You are not in the mood to reward me, and kitty is instructed to have a little fun punishing me with bondage, whipping, suffocation, and strangulation before bagging me up in my trash closet or the huge, household trash can for a bit of forced, submissive meditation to reinforce my place within Your household garbage. You both always tease about how i really WILL end up getting trashed by the two of You eventually.

"It's only a matter of time", kitty would often say, a bit selfish of Your attention. i can't blame her, You are that Awesome!

As We/we all become more comfortable, it becomes that much better. It is by far the best for me when we are all lost in lust, with me often ending up beneath the two of You, wrapped tightly in layers of smooth plastic. Struggling desperately and uselessly for air as i slowly succumb into the dark void beneath two beautiful, passionately dominating Women distracted by approaching waves of orgasm. We/we are all aware of the fact that with the intense play comes a risk. It eventually becomes the understood inevitable and i am made to repeatedly make the agreement during play. An understanding of my own doing. One that if anything should go wrong and i am solely unable to alert that i need air, that i am solely responsible. i will be deemed as garbage and will be bagged up and disposed of as such. No different than the rest of Your household trash.

"It's only a matter of time", You both keep telling me with a chuckle and seductive smile.

And so, time passes. And it's this existence, this time with You, that matters most to me.

Until one day, a day like so many before, i come home from work. kitty, Your sexy and sassy submissive, is there waiting for me in the living room. i'm told Your not due for a few hours but i am to be put away for the time being. i'm ordered to immediately go to my room and strip as she follows me in. i assume it is under Your command. Upon entering my room, i see that my closet door is open with my bagged trash pit ready to go with many bags of clean, recyclable trash sitting next to the closet door, ready to cover me over and bury me in a pile of cool, smooth, crinkly plastic. my stash of bondage cuffs, padlocks, rope, duct tape, zip ties, and trash bags are laid out upon my small bed and as i begin to undress, i notice my usual tremble with anticipation of what's in store.

As kitty sits watching, she hands me each item of bondage to put on myself, one by one. Doesn't take long before i am tightly collared with wrist and ankle cuffs padlocked in place. she then hands me a huge, extremely thick, and shiny black, garbage bag. One of my favorite bags, a Kleen-kart bag, big enough to line a 100gallon wheelie bin. i am well trained to accept my own undoing and fully understand what is expected of me and what i am to do as she smiles at me, snapping me out of my euphoric thoughts by saying, "What are you waiting for trash, get in your place".

i shake the fresh, wonderful smelling plastic bag open and quickly get myself settled within it's confines, on top of the heap of bagged recycling waste in my closet as kitty cracks a giggle here and there. Not a moment too soon either, because as soon a i sat down into the smooth, cool, dark plastic bag, my stiffening cock began to leak trash juice precum.

"It's only a matter of time now", she says with another humiliating laugh.

We/we all know how easy it would be, just another black, plastic bag full of garbage. Lost in a sea of gross, slimy, smelly trash bags. Tossed into a large garbage dumpster and covered over in disgusting bagged waste. Never to be seen again. Never heard. Never noticed as the garbage truck empties the dumpster. Just another bag of Womens' garbage, being squashed and crushed tighter and tighter by the unforgiving trash compactor, into the bagged rubbish within the back of the powerful truck. Like being fatally pushed by a massive cock into a dark, moist, and warm vagina. Lost forever in all the tightly packed garbage.

After i'm settled in, with my lower half bagged up in my heap, she approaches me to assist in the final preparations. she tells me that i am to seal the bag myself, from inside, with an air hose out the top, before i padlock my wrists to my ankles. "Yes Ma'am", is my only reply to the unusual request as i bind my now erect and dripping cock with paracord handed to me. she then hands me rope which i tie from my collar to my ankle cuffs, keeping me secured with my knees up to my chest, in a tight ball. she hands me two more padlocks which i place on my ankle cuffs but do not lock. Upon looking back up she quickly gags me with another trash bag that has been opened and twisted into a rope.

"All set", she states with confidence, handing me the breath tube and zip tie. i pull the crinkly, smooth bag up around me as she looks down into the bag at me with a grin. i think about how i will most likely be seeing You next, freeing me after a few hours time being bagged up like Your garbage. i am completely Yours here, in my place. i feel as though You can almost feel me, knowing i'm following Your orders given to kitty. i gather the bag closed around the small air hose and twist it tightly closed before using the zip tie to firmly secure it. kitty can hear the zip tie as she listens for her cue to cover me in, making sure my air hose stays unobstructed until i'm pretty well packed in the closet under the trash bags.

And after being closed into my bedroom closet, it would be up to me not to struggle too much or face the risk of having my only airway blocked completely alone. This was understood by Us/us all. After sealing myself in with the zip tie secured around the bags tight ponytail and air hose, i brought my hands down on either side of me and behind my bound ankles. i take hold of the first padlock and use it to secure my left wrist and both ankles together with a quick click. i think of You Ma'am, as i apply the last padlock to my other wrist. Snapping it closed as i sigh and moan in submission to You and my lustful, twisted, perversions. kitty hears my moan and knows i am totally bound, unable to escape without help. At Your, and her... mercy. Does she have mercy for me really? Or am i just another piece of garbage to her?

"i know you want to jerk off you piece of garbage. Go ahead, you have permission.", kitty announces to me, sealed in my complete darkness.

i don't have much room to work with but am able to firmly cup my bound balls with my left hand and stroke my throbbing hard on with my right hand as she begins to pile the bags of recyclable trash around and on top of me. Occasionally using her slender hands to push down on the bags surrounding me, packing them down in, tightly around me. i can hear the bag hissing at first as the bags are piled on and feel the bag close in around me. It's almost like being slowly vacuum packed in a thick, strong, plastic bag. The overwhelming smell of plastic mixing with my sexual musk is so erotically charging to me.

It's already messy between my legs and my hands are now slippery with my own trash juice. kitty keeps loading on all the bags until they're all packed in my closet. As she presses the bags down around me, i can feel the trash crumpling in almost like a really lite pressing in a compactor. Plastic and trash hugs me on all sides. The sounds are amazing to me and add to the whole experience. Crumpling plastic, air hissing from bags with a few smaller ones popping. Then after she is finished it gets fairly quiet except for the sound of the plastic rustling as i continue to jerk off, gasping the little air coming through the air hose near my face.

"Can you hear me in there", kitty asks. i respond with a faint grunt. "As loud as you can", she orders with a laugh. i moan and struggle with all my might and she can barely hear me buried deep and gagged so tight. She can only see the white air tube sticking out of the pile move slightly. "It was only a matter of time. Today, you are going to have a bit of an accident, and, tomorrow you'll be out with the garbage", she says to me. she smiles as she pulls on the air hose, slipping it right out of my self-sealed trash bag. i realize what is happening as the bags ponytail seals shut.

"MMMMMmmmmmmph!", is all i can manage faintly as i feel the bag, all around my naked body, billow in and out slightly with my breath. i struggle a bit, continuing to vigorously masturbate while suffocating, realizing it will indeed look like i had a problem playing alone when Ma'am easily, visually confirms that the bag was sealed from inside. It would appear as though kitty had found me all bagged up as long as she doesn't tear open the bag.

Bad kitty planned well. i picture in my mind the two of You tossing my bag into a garbage dumpster, as i feel an orgasm wash over me. Smiling at her thought of having me out of the way and You to herself, she closes the closet door, causing the bulging pile of trash bags to squash in even tighter around me as i begin to fade out in orgasmic spasms. Just at that moment You are tossing a crinkly plastic wrapper into a trash can somewhere when You think of me, as Your trash. i love You Ma'am!

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