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Alone on the Balcony

by Mélodie

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© Copyright 2009 - Mélodie - Used by permission

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04:03 am, there is a garbage bag beside me, inside of it, there is a layer of scrunched up paper. This time, I managed to get a whole pile of no print news paper from a local printing company they produce at the beginning of a new run saying it was for a kids project. That will prevent me from getting all black and dirty as I saw me when I got home after my first experience in a dumpster.

I am wearing a bikini and 2 dildos under it, plain dildos without any vibration. I don't want to orgasm and shake around as this would probably give me away, that would be very embarrassing. Inside the bag, there is more news paper, a huge tie-wrap, a ball gag and some rope. This time I plan to tie myself up while in the bag. I slowly open the door to the balcony of my apartment, trying to make the least noise possible, I pick-up the bag and go outside. My land-lord who lives on the first floor and half of the basement, is gone to his chalet for the week-end. The small apartment beside the garage in the other half of the basement is currently empty. There is only my neighbor who lives in the other apartment on the second floor. He should not be a problem as I rarely see him.

I walk to the end of the balcony farthest from my neighbors end, just beside the stairs. The sky is just starting to get color in the east. The forecast are for a warm 28 degrees sunny day, regular temperature for early July. Sun should not be a problem this time as the balcony is on the north side of the building. It is in the sun for about 40-45 minutes early in the morning and late in the evening only, in the shade the rest of the day.

I step in the bag and sit on the scrunched paper. I gather the side of the bag and almost close it over my head. I then pick that big pre-engaged tie-wrap pass it outside the bag and bring it down over my hand. Through the side of the bag, I hold the tie-wrap while pushing the rest of the top of the bag through the loop, pick the end of the tie-wrap and pull it closed through the bag. Not easy but after 40-45 seconds, my bag is sealed shut from the outside. This way, nobody will think that it was closed by someone inside that same bag.

I then pick up a length of rope, loop it around my torso, and behind my knees a few times, pull the cord as much as I can and tie it up. As I will spend the day on my balcony, there is no risk of a truck picking me up at the same time of a container. I try not to shift too much on the paper to limit the noise I make and tie my ankles with another piece of rope. I tie a rope to the one in my back then pass it under me, pushing the dildo in a little bit more at the same time then around the cord that ties my ankles. I pull it as much as I can pulling my feet to my butt at the same time then tie it up. I then prepare the last rope assembly and tie it to my ankle, this one will be for my wrists. I pick up the ball gag, put it in my mouth then tie it up behind my head. As my breathing becomes harder in this thickening air, I make a small hole with my finger in the middle of the bag on the side facing the wall.

Now the noisiest part. I carefully take some paper in the bag and slowly scrunch up the pages. I then lay them around me in the bag puffing it out more and more at the same time. It is almost impossible to do it without noise but I try to make the least I can by going slowly. As the time passes, I can see more and more inside my bag, the sun should be about to rise over the horizon now. After what seems to be a full hour, I finally finish filling my bag with paper except for a small area between my face and the bag near the hole I made. Now if someone looked at my bag, they should only see a normal, except maybe that it is a big one, puffed out garbage bag sealed with a tie-wrap from outside. Nobody should think that there is a person inside of it neither that that same person is the one who actually sealed the bag shut.

There is only one thing left to do. I pick up the rope that is tied together in a loop, do a figure of eight, passing it through the end of a hangman knot then pass my wrists into it. I pull on the cord tightening the hangmans knot around the figure eight. My wrists are now tied together. I then pick up the other end of the rope that I used for the hangman and pull it up. As this rope is going through 2 metal rings, I can pull my wrist tightly to my ankle. This way I can hardly move any part of my body except for my head and toes.

I am now stuffed, gagged, tied in a ball and sealed in a garbage bag. I plan to pass the day like this outside on my balcony. Perfect, I can now safely live my fantasy. Well, it is not the perfect fantasy as I am not in a container, I won't feel the pressure of other bags around me, and I can easily get rid of my bondage. Well, ok, I will need a few minutes for that but I can still remove them myself. But it is the closest thing that I can do by myself.

A few minutes later, the light inside my bag becomes brighter, the sun is now hitting my bag, it should be about 5:15. I almost immediately, feel the air getting warmer in the bag. This should last about 40-45 minutes. I should be able to stand it. If not, I will have to get out of the bag in broad day light. This will be embarrassing being seen by my neighbor getting out a of garbage bag while wearing a small bikini.

I imagine myself on the curb as the sun rises, within an hour, the garbage truck will start collecting what people don't want anymore. I am one of those bag getting warm in the sun light after a night by the curb. Early joggers start showing up running beside my bag. The news paper boy is going by on is bike. Cars are now passing by as the first workers leave for their day in a glass tower or manufacturing floor. The air in the bag is getting warmer, it is a nice feeling after a night nude in a garbage bag in the cool of the night.

I can't move at all as I am tightly bound in a ball. My boyfriend tired of me, wrapped me in a ball with industrial wrap, gagged me, sealed me in a garbage bag and put me on the curb before going to bed. He told me as he was doing so because I was not a good wife and that he was tired of me so he said he will throw me out like an old broken toy. That I was no longer desired and will simply end up in a land fill with the other garbage.

I woke up as I heard a loud noise, a neighbor is starting is lawnmower. For the next, 20-25 minutes, I can't go back to my dream with that loud noise. When it stopped, I can now hear other neighbors as they do their regular Saturday morning routine, washing the car, working around the house, kids playing around in the streets. I have no idea what time is it as I left my watch inside. Not knowing the time, just increases the anxiety and pleasure. The temperature inside the bag is just perfect as my bag is in the shade for some time now. I enjoy being stuffed, tightly bound and gagged in my garbage bag while other people have no idea that inside this big bag on the balcony nearby that a person is tied up inside of it. For them it is just a regular garbage bag.

I can hear in the distance, the garbage truck moving and stopping as it is picking up the garbage in the neighborhood. After about 4 or 5 stops, I can hear its hydraulics working to compress the garbage inside the truck. I imagine that soon it will be my turn to be thrown in that truck then slowly crushed to death. It is my destiny as I wasn't a good enough wife for my boyfriend. I should have pleased him more, kept him more happy. I try to get free but with my hands tied behind me with industrial wrap and my hands clasp together finger crossed, the wrap in multiple layers, there is nothing I can do. There is no hope of freeing myself. My only hope now is that my boyfriend will come rescue me before I am collected.

The sound of the truck is fading away as it is going down the other street. There is no more noise outside as the neighbors are all gone to work. I haven't heard my boyfriend since he disposed of me last night. I have no idea if he is still sleeping, gone to work or just waiting to see the garbage truck crush me. After a while, I can hear the garbage truck coming back, the sound is getting louder and louder as he is getting closer. I can tell it is in our street. I can clearly hear it stopping, bags being pickup and thrown in the back of the truck. The truck is moving forward, stop again as more bags are thrown in it. The hydraulics start working, the truck is getting closer.

It is almost at my level now, I hear it stop, bag thrown in. It moves forward and stopped right beside me, I can clearly hear bags being picked up on the other side of the street, I hope he is doing one side at a time, that will leave me more time to free myself. The truck is moving forward as the noise starts to decrease. Luckily for me it is doing one side at a time. I just hope it will take as much time as possible to come back. I don't want to die today.

I wake up to another sound. A second neighbor is mowing is lawn, this time using an electric mower. The sound is not as loud as this morning with the petrol engine. I have no idea what time it is, I am thirsty after many hours sealed in my bag, my mouth is aching from the ball gag, I start to have pains in the leg being bound in a ball but I am in heaven. My rear hole doesn't feel the pressure from the dildo anymore after all that time being stretched. Nobody has a clue that the huge puffed out garbage bag sealed shut on my balcony actually contains a human being, me in fact, all tied up. When the lawnmower stops, I can hear people doing different thing in their backyard.

The garbage truck is coming back this way, the temperature inside my bag is really hot, my mouth is dried and in pain from the gag but it is the least of my concern. My brain is focusing on myself being wrapped tightly in a ball, unable to move or make any sound, in this sealed garbage bag by the curb and the garbage truck is approaching. I know it is collecting bags this side of the street as the other side was done earlier. I have been placed in this situation by my boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend should I say know. He put me in this garbage bag to be collected as other refused being fed up with me for some reason. It doesn't look he will come to save me at the last minute. I have to break free but my hands are tightly wrap together behind my back. The truck is coming this way. It must be 3 or 4 neighbors down the street. I... must... free my... hand.

I try to struggle but to no avail. The truck is now at the second neighbor. I try to spread my legs but the wrap is too strong. The truck is moving forward, it stops, I can hear the garbage men talking together while pickup bags. The sound of the engine is getting louder, it is now in front of the house next door. I must get free some way. The hydraulics of the truck is activated as it starts moving forward. The truck stops just beside me, this muffled any sound that I can make with my gag is covered by the noise of the truck. I try to struggle but to no avail. The top of my bag is moving upward while the sides move toward me. I can sense the garbage man pulling harder on my bag lifting me. The sides of my bag are now sticking to me, I try to rock around to get his attention. No luck, he is dumping me in the mouth of the monster truck.

I almost have no time left. The truck is moving forward before stopping again, I hear more bag falling beside me. I must get free if I want to survive another day. The truck is moving forward again before stopping one more time. I feel bags falling on top of me, putting pressure on my bound body. This is my last chance to break free. The truck comes to another stop as the pressure on me increases with more bags being thrown on me. As the truck start moving, I hear the hydraulic starting. Not much time left, after a few seconds, I can feel the pressure increasing all around me, air being pushed out of the bags. My body is compressed as I feel moving upward in the belly of the truck.

I woke up with the smell of bar-b-q. The smell that emanate from a neighbors backyard is entering my bag through the breathing hole. It must be supper time, my belly reminds me that I haven't eaten since early this morning. I don't know what time it is but that should be over 12 hours without eating. No problem on that side, I can stand it without any problem. I also have a cramp in my left leg, this is the hardest part. I am delighted by the fact that I am stuffed, gagged, bound and sealed in a huge garbage bag while some neighbor just beside me are unaware of the fact that I am sealed in the exact same garbage bag that they surely think is full of refuse.

For the next hours or so, I can't go back to my dream as the pain in my leg is too heavy. Soon the light inside the bag increase by a foothold. The heat also started increasing at the same time. I realize that the sun in now warming my bag. This mean it should be about 8:05pm. The sun will set in about 40-45 minutes. This will be good as I am in that bag since right after 4:00am this morning. My mouth is dry and is aching from being stretched all day long by the ball gag. This as been a wonderful day tied up in my garbage bag outside to be seen by every one. Just thinking that no one has a clue about the contents of my bag.

The cramp in my leg is gone and the pain is no more. I had managed to stay in my bag for the entire day. I heard a door opening, it must be my neighbor getting out on the balcony. Yes, I hear him rummage around on the balcony as the light in my bag started to fade as the sun set. I don't know if he saw my bag. Just the fact that this handsome guy is just a few feet away without a clue that I am in that sealed garbage bag is so exciting. I never really met him since I moved into my apartment, just crossed him a few times while going out. The temperature inside my bag has cooled down a little bit making it really comfy as I fantasize on that marvelous body a few feet away. Not long after I hear him coming this way, I stay still making sure, I don't move a hair even if I can't really move all tied-up as I am. I would not be able to stand him finding me is this bag. That would be so embarrassing.

His foot step are getting closer, he will surely go down the stairs. Just the fact that he will pass beside me all tied up and sealed in my bag makes me feel warm. My heart is racing. As he passes by, I feel the top of my bag being pulled up and the sides getting closer. He stops and I feel him pulling harder on the bag. I realize that he probably thinks that I left a bag full of garbage on the balcony and wants to do me a favor by taking it down. I now hope he will just leave my bag here. I can feel his hand under my bag! This means he will lift me up. I just hope he don't realize that what is in the bag is actually a human being, me in this case. The paper scrunched up under me will make a poor layer of insulation, specially as it is damp with all the humidity from my breathing and sweat. He now has a hand under my bottom and the other under my bound feet.

He lifts me up. I stay still not even breathing, I can't have him find out what or who is in this bag. He tilts the bag toward his chest. This is so wonderful that this guy is carrying me sealed and bound in a garbage bag pressed on his chest. I wish that there was no paper between the side of the bag and me. I can feel he is going down the stairs, after what seem to be thousands of steps even if less then twenty, he stops. I can feel him put me and the bag on the hand rail. I can feel he is leaning to the side. He must be opening the wheeled bin. OH NO! he will dump me inside of it. I hope I won't get hurt or stuck in the process. I fell a short distance before landing on something soft. Must be another garbage bag. I soon feel slight pressure on top of my bag, he must be closing the lid. The pressure soon increased as the paper in my bag gets compressed, I try to bend my neck with the paper being crushed. Soon the pressure stops.

I am now in a wheeled bin, I have no clue if the hole in my bag is still free or not. But one thing that is sure, is the fact that I am in a closed garbage bin. I will soon have a breathing problem as I exhaust the quantity of oxygen in this limited air supply. I stay still as I hear him going up the stairs, soon after I heard a door opening then closing. He must be back in his apartment. What a nice thing from him to take my garbage out. The only problem is that I am that garbage and I am now in a closed bin with limited air supply. I stay still in order to listen if he is still outside. After about 30 seconds without noise, I conclude that he must have gone inside. First thing first, I need to free my hands. It is a little bit harder as I am not fully vertical. After about 50 seconds that seem to last eternity, I succeed him freeing my hand. I immediately check my breathing hole. It is still free but I can feel the side of the bin a few inches after. I clear the paper between my face and the hole. I should still have about 10 minutes of air, maybe less.

I manage to free my feet and remove the rope holding my knees to my breast within less then 2 minutes. I stay still for a while listening. Not a sound. My neighbor should have gone inside with the sun set. I remove my gag before ripping my bag open and try to push all the paper under me while making the least noise possible. It is a lot easier than this morning with the paper all damp. I stay still one more time, still no sound outside. I rise the lid a bit, look outside, nobody around. I fully open the lid, holding it in my hand so it won't make noise. I raise up and turn to the right to grab the hand rail. AHHH!!!!. I fall back in the bin the lid closing on me. My neighbor is sitting in the stair looking at me. This is sooooo embarrassing. He saw me coming out of a garbage bin. He must have known that I was in the bag.

I take a deep breath, get my courage, and open the lid before raising up again. "Hi!"

"Hello, how was your day?"

"Hum... great... could you help me out?"

"Sure", with that he pick me up in his arm and lifted me out of the bin before putting me on the ground. That was so cool being held by his strong arms on his chest. This helped relax me and get over the embarrassment of being found out.

"You must be thirsty and hungry... would... I can make you something to eat or drink if you wish."

"ehm, yes... that would be marvelous... just let me freshen up a bit and put something more decent."


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