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Almost Packed

by Jerry Tiedinabag

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© Copyright 2006 - Jerry Tiedinabag - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/mf; wrap; bond; bagged; transported; disposal; garbagetruck; caught; stuck; cons; X

My fiance and I like to get into trash bags together. We have a friend that is into BDSM, so we asked him to be "the garbage man". We got ten of the very large 75 gallon bags (yes, seventy-five gallon!) and made them into one VERY strong bag. Little did we know he was going to take it so far!

It started out on Friday night a few months ago (still cold out). We got off work and went home, ate dinner and had "the garbage man" come by for a little help "gathering the trash". He tied us up with shrink wrap, and put us into the giant bag together. Little did we know he had other plans for us! (He found out from another friend that we BOTH had the weekend plus Monday off.) After we were "settled in" he poked two small holes in our new home. He then gave us some plastic tubing to breath from.

Then he called his friends over to help with some "heavy trash disposal". This made me very hard very quick! When his friends got there, they were talking about how they were going to "dispose of us"... there were lots of great, sure fire ideas floating around, and as they talked about them we were both getting VERY *hot*. They decided not to incinerate the trash (phew!), but to just take us to where one of them worked: a yard waste recycling plant, where people put their grass clippings and other such by the curb, and it is wisked away by the same kind of truck that takes away *normal* trash.

We were loaded into the back of a pickup truck and they drove off into the sunset. When we got where we were going, Marcus said to one of his cohorts, "Yo! Get this useless waste out of my truck, and put it over there by that giant wood chipper!"

Our hearts skipped about 100 beats when we heard that! Then, we heard a diesel truck slowly growl to life. We were tossed onto a rather soft pile of what felt like other trash bags, then someone drove the truck very close to where we were.

Marcus said, "They wanted us to 'take out the trash', so here we go, get those bags loaded into the garbage truck, and leave the the really heavy one till last."

We could hear the truck consuming the unfortunate bags, the hydraulics slowly forcing them down its steel unforgiving throat. After about ten minutes or so, Marcus hollers, "Now for the heavy one; hope you got your back braces on for this load of useless waste: soon to be gone forever!" With that, we were picked up and tossed into the mouth of the garbage truck!

More bags were piled on top of us. Then we heard the hydraulics come to life once more and then - all of a sudden - the diesel engine died and we heard, "Freeze, this is the police." At this time, our blood ran cold and we were REALLY scared to say the least!

The cops kept Marcus and his buds busy with all kinds of questions. Now, keep in mind, the truck had not swallowed us yet, thank god. Then, we heard the unthinkable from the police officer: "We must ask you to leave, NOW. Marcus, you are under arrest for tresspassing."

We are laying in these bags in this garbage truck and the cops are busting our friend, we wanted to cry out but were afraid to; can you imagine what the cops would do if they found us?!?!? So we laid there, hoping for the cops to leave, so we could try to struggle to get out. They finally left, and we started to fight to get out, but could not. We were really starting to worry by now. We thanked god over and over again that the truck had not swallowed us up and that we had the holes and tubling. I think when the truck was stopped from swallowing us, it let the other bags fall around us.

We got tired of struggling and decided to wait it out, hoping that one of Marcus's buds would come back for us. But we heard no more for what seemed like a day or so. It turned out to be late Sunday before we were spared from the hungry steel jaws of the trash truck, when we were awakened by Marcus, who was not very happy with the whole deal at all. He and two other buds got us out of the garbage truck (still in the bags) and loaded us into a pickup again for the trip home. He had to leave us in the bags so we would not be found out.

This was an awesome experience, but we all decided that the private property (the yard waste disposal plant) was a bad idea. Marcus thought the whole thing out, and wants to do it again; and he wants to be the one to get trashed!


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