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When the party at the university broke up, Laura realized she was in trouble. She had had fun - some drinks, but she wasn't drunk. She had been dancing, had been kissing a few, but now the party was over and everybody was heading home.

It was late - too late. To get home she would need the train, but to get to the train station, she had planned to go by bus. And by now the bus had ceased driving for the night. She could get a cab, but her finances didn't allow this. She had a pass-card for public transportation, allowing her to go whenever she wanted. But of course within the regular hours of the transportation.

Actually the train station wasn't far away - just a few miles. She could easily walk. She headed for the clothes, but then it turned out that her coat was gone. Somebody must have taken her coat instead of their own. She checked every remaining coat, but did not find her own. And she wore standard party-clothes: a tight, short dress, nylons and high heels. When she arrived to the party she had been wearing panties too, but as the queue to the ladies room was long and slow when she needed to go, she had peed herself and simply decided to dispose the panties. This had been no problem while at the party, but going to the train station dressed like that wasn't good. Nothing to do about it! She headed for the door - eager to go there as soon as possible.

She hadn't been walking long before the cold and windy evening in March started to bite. Even if she kept her pace up, she was freezing and getting to the train station seemed like just too much. Of course she didn't want to freeze to death! And by now she had only walked less than a tenth of the distance. Actually she was close to the department where she was studying. If only she had brought her access-card, she could have stayed in there. But she hadn't.

It was when she passed the building, she saw the large waste-containers and got an idea. The waste was seperated in cardbox, metal and general waste. The general waste was partly binbags and kitchen-waste, but often they contained foam-padding for the computer equipment and other kinds of laboratory equipment, which was used in the building. Freezing she slipped behind the wooden fences covering the containers. She opened one of the general waste containers and saw it was filled with foam-padding. She looking into another container, which was similarly stuffed. The third container, however, was filled with kitchen waste.

She started emptying one of the containers with foam - then refitting it with the foam packed tight. She filled the bottom and build sides of the foam. Then she took the contents of the other container and balanced it on the top of the filled container. She removed her shoes and crawled into the packed container. As she held the lid she pulled the remaining foam-fill on top of her and let the lid shut - held slightly open by the foam. The container was slightly smelly, but the foam was nice and clean - and as expected it insulated the container excellently. She soon had the container warmed up by her body heat and drifted off to sleep.

Laura woke up way too early - at least according to how fresh she was. The were voices outside the bin and noises from the bins being opened and closed again. Of course she hadn't done anything wrong, but being found in the bin would be terribly embarrassing. So she decided to be quiet and hope the men out there didn't notice her. There was a good chance for that - the foam on top of her should easily cover her. Then the lid of her bin was lifted and as expected there wasn't much light outside. Why did the men rattle through garbage-bins in the middle of the night? Laura smiled: maybe she wasn't the only one looking for shelter in the cold. Anyway this bin was full! Then the lid closed again.

The men opened the last bin - the one Laura had pulled packing from. "This one is good," she heard one say. There was some more noises from outside while the men apparently brought something to the half-filled bin. She heard them dump the stuff and close the lid on the other bin. "It's a close fit," one said. "But we still have a few bags," another replied. Laura held her breath.

More sounds of bags being retrieved and then her lid was lifted again. She felt the pressure of someone pushing the foam. "We'll put it in here!"

"No," Laura silently cried, "leave this bin." But then she felt two heavy bags being put on top of her foam.

"It won't fit," the first voice said. "Well - we'll empty the bag in there! There's lots of air in all that padding." Laura heard the bag being torn and then the content was filed on top of her foam. The men moved the foam around and finally yanked the bin to have the waste spread in the foam. Then the other bag was treated likewise. The lid was closed and Laura felt the pressure of the men trying to force the lid close. Then she heard a door slam and the men left in their car.

At first Laura was relieved - the men hadn't seen her, she was safe! Then she realized that the waste did smell pretty bad. And some drops started to wet her feet. Shit, she thought! Now what? She could leave the bin, but it was still in the middle of the night. Most likely colder than when she got in. And getting through the messy waste would definitely soak her dress, leaving her more vulnerable than before. And if she was covered in waste no taxi would take her - at least not without a substantial extra pay. And she really couldn't afford that.

Laura checked the time on her mobile - 3.36 am. She sighed and curled up once more - trying to get her feet from the waste dripping on them. And even in the humiliating situation she dosed off, having weird dreams about being thrown out as garbage.

Next time Laura woke up, it was 7.14 am. The stench in the bin had definitely gotten worse and more than that the waste had slipped through the openings in the packed foam and was now covering most of her body. She felt slimey and messy. Now what?

She knew that the busses was back in operation and actually a bus would pass by in just about the right time for her to catch it. But would she be allowed into the bus covered in smelly waste? Besides Laura really didn't want the busdriver to see her like this. Looking like a sleepover from a party would be ok - but looking like she had slept in a dump surely wasn't. And next stop would be the train station where lots of people could see her. Maybe even some of her fellow students. And finally having to walk home from the train station in her home town. When she got there, it would be bright morning and people would be in the streets. She couldn't let this happen!

Laura felt devastated and let out a small sob. Then she pulled herself together: Alternatives! Which alternatives were available? She went through her list of friends and set on Adam. Adam had had a fling on her some years ago and he really was a nice guy. From what she knew, he had a car. She hesitated a bit - having Adam to see her like this was extremely humiliating, but still better than having those she had a current relation with see her. She called Adam.

The call had the desired outcome. Adam would come to pick her up. However he was barely awake and it would take another hour for him to get there. In her mind she went through the conversation. After having gotten contact and having Adam wake up enough to understand her, she had had to describe her situation. This was so very embarrassing! Not that Adam had set up a laugh! But there was this soft tone of misbelief. Like if he expected her to set up a prank. And she had had to detail everything to make him understand her need for his help. Doing so stripped layer after layer of her laborishly built up surface and she felt bare. At least he would get there.

He would call her to get detailed instructions for finding her, so she curled up once more - trying to fall asleep to avoid taking in more of this terrible situation. And accidentally her hand ended up at her crotch which was strangely sensitive. Laura didn't understand this! She was in the bottom of a bin. With unknown but smelly and slimy waste on top of her. She had just told a friend about the situation, making her completely vulnerable to whatever he might want to do with the information. And she felt her body act as if this was a sexual experience!

While grinding her crotch she imagined him describing this on Facebook. Maybe he would even make pictures of her, leaving her opt for a kind of blackmail. Of course she didn't expect him to do such a thing, but thinking about it made her grind harder and faster.

When Laura woke up by the phone ringing, she had at first had forgotten where she was. She got crossed by someone calling this early! Then it came back to her, and she hurried to pick it up. Adam had actually found the right building of his own and was right outside the bin area. He asked for her to get out of the bin. She started working her way up. Even if the packing foam wasn't heavy, the waste that had been put on top, made it difficult for her to move. And while doing so, she got even more of this messy and slimy stuff on her - she felt her hair and face and dress soak. Finally she made it to the top and was able to lift the lid.

The first thing she heard was a 'Click'. Looking out the bin, she saw Adam with a camera happily making pictures. A wry smile on his face as he zoomed in and out, walking round the bin while making pictures. "Please," Laura said in a voice that was surprising to herself. This was not the voice of a confident university student. This was the voice of a little shy girl.

"Could you help me, please" she said more sternly. She handed the phone and the shoes to Adam, then pulled herself out of the bin. As he made more pictures of her, she looked down herself and was horrified about how she looked. "Good thing I brought some waste-bags," Adam said. Laura shook her head. He was right, of course. Getting in the car like that would mess it up and ruin the seats.

Adam took a bag and cut a hole in the bottom. "This is for your head," he said. Laura started shaking from the cold. "You'd better get rid of that dress," Adam continued, "it's so wet it will just make you more cold that without it!" Laura started to pull off the dress, then remembered she had lost her panties. And she was not wearing a bra either. She hesitated, but the large towel Adam held was so very inviting, and she dropped the last straw of dignity and pulled off the dress.

As the dress covered her face, she heard more 'Clicks'. And as the dress landed on the tiles she realized herself - garter, messy stockings and otherwise naked. 'Click - click - click'. "Can I have the towel, please" she said way more relaxed than she felt. Adam handed her the towel and she started rubbing her skin while he kept making pictures. Then she removed the stockings and garter and dried off her legs too. She reached for the waste-bag and pulled it over her head. It covered her body nicely exposing just her legs.

Adam put her ruined clothes in a shopping bag and they headed for the car. "I really don't want you inside the car," he said. Then he opened the boot and gave her another waste-bag to cover her legs. She sighed and let herself tumble inside the boot. As he closed down the lid, he said: "Now I'll drive you home to yourself - then later today we can talk about the adventure - and what to do with the pictures....."

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