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Addicted to Dumpster Bins

by Shaun Barnett

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© Copyright 2021 - Shaun Barnett - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; trash; dumpster; mast; messy; true; cons; X

An intelligent, educated and generally upbeat person, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would one day find myself laying happily in a commercial dumpster bin, covered in stinking, rancid, wet, slimy trash on a warm Summer's night, and loving every minute of it. And what’s more, I could never have known that I would love it so much that I would end up doing it at every opportunity. But yes, it became like an addiction and I’ve indulged probably at least 50 to 100 times over the past couple of years. Too many times to count actually. And I have no interest in stopping. 

The dopamine rush, the feeling of my heart pounding out of my chest, the sheer excitement – for so many reasons – is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It’s absolutely thrilling and exhilarating! And I'm always looking forward to another warm night so I can do it again. 

I couldn’t even tell you where I first got the idea from. It just came from somewhere and grew. I found myself seeking out trash/dumpster porn and watching it over and over, imagining myself experiencing that. I would go out walking and deliberately walk close to a dumpster bin so I could smell it and have a closer look. The smell turned me on massively. And the thought of having rancid, stinking waste all over me became deeply ingrained in my mind to the point that once it even crossed my mind once, I could not stop thinking about it. And finally one night I got the courage up to go out and give it a go for real. 

Late on a beautiful warm summer’s night that we often enjoy here in South Australia - a Sunday, when everything is closed early and few people are around – I venture out looking for the right spot. Must be secluded, dark, tucked away from street lights, preferably with no security cameras around, and of course there must be easy access with no padlocks. I searched and searched and eventually... Bingo! I find the perfect spot. Behind a restaurant, at the end of the car park. Two dumpster bins in darkness, surrounded by fencing. Nice and private. One bin is recycling/cardboard. And the other... general waste. And even better, general waste from a restaurant. 

I pull up and initially pretend to just be having a smoke so I can look around without suspicion. It is definitely nerve-wracking, considering the level of embarrassment if you get caught. I catch a smell emanating from the bin and incredibly, I’m immediately aroused by it. It’s the typical stale, rotten ‘bin’ smell and on a warm night, it's strong. And it excites me.

I’m ridiculously self-conscious and nervous at this point and although no one is around, it feels like a thousand eyes are spying on me, peeking through every crevice to see what I’m doing haha. But no, with a few minutes spent simply smoking a cigarette, and taking a few minutes to just look around, it becomes clear that I am indeed alone, no one is watching. The coast is clear. So I really can go ahead and indulge in my fantasy. And at that moment when you make the definitive decision to go ahead and do it, my god, the rush is incredible! It's an absolute heart pounding rush. You're about to do something that is just so 'wrong', so taboo, so inexplicable and it's something you'll always remember. 

I touch myself a little and with another whiff of the bin my mind is made up. There is absolutely no way I'm missing out on this chance. I decide to go for it. I quickly remove my clothes, putting them in a pile out of view. And then, wearing just my underwear, I climb into the bin. It’s only half full of rubbish bags so plenty of room. And the smell once inside..? Phew! It’s strong. And wonderful! I love it. 

No turning back now. I've crossed the threshold. The feeling of the bags beneath me is exciting, the horrible smell of rotting food and waste turns me on, but what is most exciting is simply knowing what I am doing. Understanding full well how taboo it is. How disgusting it is. How unacceptable it is. Here I am now practically naked, climbing around in a filthy dumpster bin in a public place, and I’m at the height of sexual arousal, fully intending to masturbate. I’m fully aware that my sexuality is taking a devious turn. I’m well and truly departing from what is considered normal behaviour, and a part of me is telling me to stop. But the desire, the urge, the sexual thrill is just far too strong. And I happily stay right there, rolling around in these filthy, stinking bags of rubbish. I'm enjoying myself immensely and am about to start masturbating, but then I hear a noise. I’m spooked. I freeze for a moment. Thankfully, nothing to worry about. But the spell is broken. And I suddenly feel appalled by what I’m doing. I climb out shaking my head and as I’m getting dressed I swear “I will never do that again.” Wishful thinking, as it turns out. Haha.

It’s perhaps only a week or so later and that familiar urge rises up within me. I start thinking I never really got to fulfil my fantasy (to masturbate in a dumpster bin covered in filthy rotten trash). The promise I made to never do it again fades into oblivion. I want my fill of sexual satisfaction, and I just can’t get my first little venture out of my head. It DID smell amazing being in there. It WAS incredibly exciting. I WOULD like to give it another try.

And before I knew it, there I was again. Same dumpster, same excitement, same intentions. I was on auto-pilot now. Being driven by a deep inner desire. And I was happy to just allow it to unfold. I repeat the process, climbing in completely naked this time. And on this occasion, I don’t get spooked, and I don’t hold back. I play around with the bags of rubbish and masturbate right there inside the dumpster bin. It’s phenomenally exciting and disgusting altogether at once. But it just so happens that night there was not much in the way of rubbish in the bin. Just a couple of bags of dry waste, and nothing like the soft, wet, squishy, rotting food waste that I had fantasised about. So I’m still not satisfied.

Only a couple of days later I try again. And then again. And again. When I can, I climb in and masturbate. But I just never get lucky. The bin is either full to the brim and I can’t climb in. Or it’s virtually empty. 

It becomes my mission to really make this fantasy a reality. So I start researching. Looking for other opportunities. I’m super excited, super sexually aroused, but also pretty smart, and although I enjoy the very slight risk of getting busted, I don’t want to ACTUALLY get busted. So certain requirements have to be met. I even hop onto Google Earth in the hunt for the perfect dumpster bin locale! And then one night... Bingo! I find it. All my hard work has paid off! Haha

A set of two dumpster bins behind a large hotel complex, set well away from the hotel. It’s amazingly close to my home, and tucked away in a dark corner of the car park, there’s no camera, no lights, and it’s even fenced off with a permanently open gate! It’s perfect. And I spend the next full year frequenting the general waste dumpster bin in this spot. With so many visits to this bin late at night, I have trouble recalling any particular night in distinct detail. They all blend together in my mind. But I had the most amazing times in that rubbish bin. Some of the most sexually exciting moments of my life. 

After a hot day, the entire contents of the dumpster is warm. Wonderfully warm in fact. And this not only makes the smell of the trash that much stronger, it makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Sliding down into the pile of bags, I feel the warmth of them penetrating my body. It’s like a warm cuddle, the soft caress of a lover. And in this dumpster bin is where I find my lover. Stinking, rotten, filthy bags of trash. They have become my lover. My sex partner. And I love having sex with them. It could be argued that I'm actually making love to them. Yes I happily have sex with them every chance I get, knowing in my mind that in front of me, underneath me, is not a girl but a rotting stinking bag of waste. And I absolutely love it. Utterly devious yes, and being aware of this just makes it even more thrilling. 

Pulling bags from the bottom of the bin that have been there for days let’s me get to the trash that is truly rancid and rotten. I identify the bags containing what I desire most... wet, squishy, smelly, filthy, rotten trash. I pull the bags up and lay them on top of my body. The weight alone is incredibly arousing. No different to having the weight of a person laying on top of you. I rub the bag against my pelvic area, against my penis. Laying naked in trash, with bags of trash on top of me, looking up at the stars on a warm night, it’s just bliss. I get more aroused and start pushing my fingers through the plastic to break the bags open. Poking holes in them at the bottom to allow their wonderful warm juices to flow out over my body. The sensation of having those rotten juices trickling down over my body, over my penis and then eventually pouring out all over me as I pull the bags wide open, is simply amazing! 

I become more and more excited, and more and more willing to be completely covered in rotten trash. 

I break bags open over my head and let the contents spill out all over my hair, my face, some even in my mouth. It’s indescribable. Occasionally, I'll come across a half rotten onion or carrot and immediately insert it into my bum hole. Pushing it in deep, as deep as I can, making sure my body is being exposed to this rubbish as intimately as possible. Completely covered in stinking, decayed waste and garbage, it’s time to go all the way. 

I find another bag that’s nice and soft and squishy. Preferably from the bottom. And I push a single hole in the bag with my fingers. I feel around to make sure there’s nothing sharp, make sure it’s nice and slippery, and then before I know it, I’m sliding my penis into a bag of rotting trash, and I absolutely love it. Back and forth, back and forth. I’m now having sex with a bag of stinking filthy waste. I’m having sex with it and my mind is going bonkers. “I shouldn’t be doing this”. “This is incredible”. “What if someone sees me”. “What am I doing?!” “This is the most amazing feeling in the world”. "This is not normal". My mind is no match for the sexual excitement I now feel. The animal instinct has completely taken over. I keep thrusting and thrusting. I’m holding the bag of stinking rubbish like you might hold a lover. And just to make the entire perverted indulgence complete, I say to the bag, “I love you. I love you bag of rubbish”. I’m not just having sex now, I’m making love. Making love to a bag of stinking rubbish. And it's precisely the perverse nature of this "love making" that pushes my excitement levels into the stratosphere. Maximum sexual pleasure. Much more than I've ever experienced with a girl. Then I climax. I actually cum deep inside the bag of trash, right there laying in piles of stinking rubbish in a dumpster bin late at night on my own. Having sex with bags of rotten garbage. And I genuinely love it.!!

I know without doubt that I will be doing this every chance I get for the rest of my life. Just thinking about it makes my heart race. And who knows? Maybe one day I'll even meet a special someone who is willing to give it a try with me!! Now that to me would be absolute romantic bliss! But if I never meet that special someone, no matter, I'm perfectly happy having regular sex with bags of stinking rotten rubbish. It genuinely makes me feel good about myself. 😊


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